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I participated in compiling a fanart and poetry book for George Blagden’s birthday last year (it was organized by the lovely Versailles fan group), and this was my contribution. My idea was to combine some of my favourite versions of him ^_^ I know that he got the book before his birthday and I hope this made him smile! <3 

Imagine you and Ivar love to raid and battle together (part 3)

Part I
Part II

Summary: Your seven months pregnant now and still no sign of Ivar. When Kattegat is under attack and you get threaten he hasn’t his own anger under control and kills you almost in the progress. Safe and sound again he give you all his fears in hope you can forgive him.
Notes: Voilence
Words: 2395

You didn’t behave like a normal pregnant woman, you still did the thinks you liked. When nowbody looked you where sparring against a tree or just working with bow and arrow. You still ride your horse, even with a belly that blocked half your movements. You discussed battleplan and raids with the brothers. But after a long day your couldn’t deny the fact that you were tired, that you used to much energy and you got emotional over little thinks. And when you laid in bed you stroke your belly, talking to the little man as if he was already born. The gods didn’t took away your son in those seven months, he kicked and turned and you knew he was healthy, cripple or not. Seven months, still two to go and you would finally meet the little guy. Your love grew, you loved him more than you loved his father on this moment. But you told the little guy his father loved him despite the fact that Ivar was hardly around. Seven months … you wouldn’t die in loneliness, you had Ubbe, Hvitserk, even Sigurd did a try to amuse you when you were moody again. But no Ivar, it felt like the Gods wanted you to leave so you could maybe die in loneliness.

You let your sword sink in your belt when you heard the noice. It was way to early for trading, the sun was barly up. You always were an early bird but your growing son maked it worse. You tilted your head a little, try to recognize the sounds you heard. It took you a while but then you heard the horn and that ment one thing, danger. Adrenalin rushed through your body when you grabbed your bow and arrow and ran outside. Your horse his ears were fixated on the noice he heard so you followed his stare. “This is a verry bad idea.” You said to yourself, your hand resting on your belly. But you couldn’t resist, you were and would always be a warrior. It took you ten minutes of walking towards the center of Kattegat before you saw the first since of voilence. A body on the ground … fruit rolled out of the baskets. The great Hall would always be the center of all attacks, this was about that, winning from Lagertha who was currently queen. Fighting soldiers was easy, fighting Vikings? No that much. But you had to protect not only yourself, you had to protect your son to. You felt him kick and you smiled a little. “Don’t worry little guy, it goes around that I’m the best female fighter of kattegat so you have nothing to,” You couldn’t finish your sentence because of the viking who stormed right at you. You drew your sword and coldy maked an end to his life. “See.” You said smiling, glad that you still had in you despite the seven month of pregnancy. You came out at the great hall, despite the conflict between Ragnar sons and Lagertha they agreed to work together on this one. You saw Ubbe and Sigurd fighting of some vikings while Hvitserk galloped by without even noticing you. It was chaos, half Kattegat was still sleeping when they were supriced by this attack. You weren’t sure if you would get into the find with them … because you were pregnant. Ubbe would kill you if he saw you even standing here, if Ivar wasn’t faster on the killing part.

You hided yourself and used arrows to take some of the vikings down. But when you aimed to take another one down you saw Ivar, crawling towards the great hall, yelling at his oldest brother. “Hvitserk is getting her!” Ubbe yelled back. Hvitserk wouldn’t find you home, you were already here. Some vikings turned there fight to Ivar who was to far from his brothers, or anyone, to get some help. You took a deep breath, prayed to the gods they would spear you or at least your son before you crawled out of your hiding space. You drew the string of your bow, aimed and shot the viking right in his head who was planning on killing the man you loved. It took Ivar a moment, he coldy killed to other vikings before his eyes found you.
“Y/n!” He yelled angry, always angry. “What are you doing?”
“Saving your life, what does it look like?” You yelled back. You take another one out and tried to get to Ivar.
“Don’t!” He warned you. Listening to him was not your strong suit. But you should have listened. A strong arm grabbed you from behind, almost smothering you by his grip. He pointed a knife on you belly and you felt for the first time fear during a battle.
“Y/n!” Ubbe yelled. That caught everyone his attention because all of the sudden they wanted to fight there way towards you.
“I kill her and this precious baby.” The man said. Ubbe stopted, the battle stopted and all eyes were on you and the man behind you who was probably their leader.  “Lay down your weapons.” He commanded. You eyes went from Ubbe to Ivar who was beyond rage.
“Ivar.” Warned Ubbe his brother. There was no stopping Ivar, he aimed his axe and trew it right at you and the leader. He missed and for once you were glad about it.
“Do you want uss dead?” You asked angry.
“Let her go.” Ivar said softly, to softly.
“Ivar the Boneless,” the man laughed. “is she yours?”
“I’m nobody’s.” You said between your teeth. He pussed the knife a little in your belly and you tried to escape the feeling.
“What do you want?” Ubbe asked. But then Lagertha appeared, strong and confident as always. You looked up to her, you admired her.
“Let the girl go.” She said. You wanted to protest on the girl part but Ubbe gave you a stern look.
“She is valuable.” The man behind you grinned.
“Not to me.” Lagertha replied. You stared at here before your eyes felt on Sigurd who looked in short moments towards the roof behind you. You narrowed your eyes, looking at Ubbe before looking at Ivar. But Ivar was to consumed in his rage to notice anything.
“Let her go.” He said again, slower, threatening.
“Ivar, leave this to me.” Lagertha said with a small smile.
“I still want to kill you to, don’t give me a reason to do it now.” Ivar said while looking back at the leader. “LET HER GO!” He yelled. Sigurd looked back at te roof, than to Ubbe and you followed his gaze. Ubbe nodded. Being together in battle all the time give you certain benefits. You knew the brothers, you knew what their face expressions meant.
“Now y/n.” Ubbe said. You pushed your elbow in the man his stomach, getting some distance but not without he cutting you. You felt his body colaps against the ground. You turned around, looked at the arrow and then to the roof were Hvitserk shortly smiled. “Get her safe!” Ubbe commanded his brother. Sigurd pulled you away from the fight but you only could watch to the cut in your belly. You were bleeding, a lot. Sigurd brought you to their house, the house of Ragnar’s sons. The blood loss maked you nauseous.
“I have to get Helga. Don’t go anywhere.” Sigurd said.
“Don’t think I would get far.” And you lost consciousness.

When you waked up you felt someone nursing the wound. You opened your eyes, still nauseous, a little light headed to. It felt like somebody smached something heavy against your head. You turned your head a little, looked at Ivar who was lurked over the edge of the bed to Helga and your belly. “Y/n?” “Hmm.” You turned your head towards Helga who smiled tender.
“You know what happened?” She asked. “We won?” You asked right away. Ivar chuckled softly but when you looked at him his face flattend again with anger.
“Yes, we won.” Ubbe said from in the dooway. Margrethe passed along him with a bowl of water. You smiled, not wanting to let your emotions get through. Ubbe nodded and walked away so you were along with Helga, Margrethe and offcourse Ivar.
“How do you feel?” Helga asked.
“Dizzy but fine, nothing I can’t handle.” You comforted them. You wanted to look at the cut but it was bandaged. “Will he be alright?”
“That’s up to the gods y/n. The cut isn’t that deep, you should still have to feel him move.” Helga explained. You  focused on your son but you couldn’t feel anything.
“Give it time, maybe he’s resting, you should to.” Margrethe carefully said. You nodded and turned your head to Ivar.
“Don’t start fighting you two. It’s not good in her condition.” Warned Helga.
“I don’t have a condition.” You protested softly but she couldn’t hear you anymore. The door felt shut and your closed your eyes. “Ivar,”
“Don’t start.” He wispered. When you looked at him his blue eyes almost spitted fire.
“I only wanted to get to the great hall.” You started to defend yourself. Having an arguiment with Ivar wasn’t fun, you didn’t care much about it, two stubborn people … you could do this the whole night if you wanted to.
“Do you have any idea what could happend?” He asked you slowly.
“Yes, you trowing your axe to my head would certainly solved everything.”
“Y/n!” He hissed.
“No Ivar, you don’t have the right to go all overprotective all of the sudden.” You hissed back. Dizzy or not, you felt good enough to fight him.
“I have all the right, he is my son.”
“Oh,” you felt silent, nodding for yourself. “so me dying in the process wouldn’t be that bad?” You asked. He gripped your wrist, his blue eyes almost looking through you in anger. You were calm, to calm and he knew what that meant.
“I would!” He almost yelled.
“What is it with you Ivar!” You yelled back, pulling your wrist loose. “The one moment you don’t give a care if we die or not and the next there isn’t a place you rather be than with me. I can’t follow you anymore,” He wanted to protest but you raised your finger. “You know what, I’ll pack my things and leave Kattegat so you can have your normal happy life.” You sarcasticly petted his head while trying to get up.
“Y/n, no.” It was almost a command for you to stay on the bed, or in this house, or in Kattegat. To be honest, you didn’t wanted to leave this bed yet, your body was to weak to travel but you didn’t want to give in.
“Why not? Tell me Ivar, why should I stay here?”
“Because I love you.” He reacted. You felt silent, staring at him while you tried to repeat those words in your head.
“You have a strange way of showing it.” You replied neutral. You still wanted to leave, tried to get up even but Ivar grabbed you back at your wrist, pulling you back on the bed.
“I’m afraid.” He trew out. You  chuckled, not that sincere.
“And now you want to talk, after seven months you finally want to talk about your feelings. If I had knew that a little sooner I would tried to get myself in danger earlier.” You said. He looked up at you, his anger slighty more under control.
“I’m sorry.”
“No, you’re not.” You reacted while you laid back on the bed again, your hand covering your eyes.
“Y/n, could you just be not that stubborn for a change?” He asked impatient.
“Now you know how it feels.” You murmured. You didn’t looked at him, the darkness you created what quit good.You were glade he tried that hard, it meant that not all hope was lost. It took him several minutes before he started talking again.
“I am afraid he will be a cripple like me.”
“I figured that one out.” You reacted. You probably were making him more angry than he already was.
“Please.” He begged. And something in his tone decided for you to let him talk and just listen for once. You pulled your hand away from your eyes and watch to him. He was all vulnerable, something you hardly saw with him.
“What is it that you want to say Ivar?” You asked quietly. His fingertips roamt the skin of your hand while he was thinking of the right things to say.
“Don’t go.”
“I was never planning to leave.” You wispered. He looked back up to you, nodding. His gaze felt on your belly, he streched his fingers and thought your skin. It was the kind of feeling that maked your heart warm again, that jumped all your love for him back in action.
“I don’t want him to be like me, to have the pain like me, the defects. He doesn’t deserve this and you certainly don’t derserve it to have two broken men in your life.”
“Your not broken Ivar.” You shook your head and looked how his fingers stroke your skin.
“I almost killed you today, out of anger.” He pulled his fingers back and you sighed.
“Out of love, not anger.” You corrected his words. He looked back at you, sad almost.
“I will never be a good father.” It were all of his fears, seven months he said nothing and here it was … all at once.
“You can’t know for sure without trying.”
“Can you forgive me?” He asked on a low tone. You tried to imagine Ivar as a father, tried to imagine him sitting on the steps before the great hall while his child runs around … or crawls around.
“Your destiny is to conquer the world, to raid, to battle, I don’t want that to change.”
“I can raid and battle with my son, with you. I love raiding with you y/n.” He wispered. You nodded, slightly smiling of the idea that you, him and your son would raid together. The seer told you he would be like his father and that was not always a good think but it would sure give him fame … and thats, all you could asked the gods for.

Resident Assistant!Jimin
  • (Pic: RA!Jimin with his fellow RAs, Hobi and Yoongi)
  • Imagine RA!Jimin
  • He introduces himself at the first floor meeting and your like, wow
  • He has a really nice smile, like really nice
  • And his arms look really nice in that standard res life polo, but anyway
  • He seems really sweet
  • All the other girls think he’s cute too
  • But you try not to look into this too much, because he’s your RA
  • But he’s only a year older than you so it’s not that bad, right?
  • You make it a point to introduce yourself separately, outside the meeting
  • Like, it can’t hurt to at least be friends, can it?
  • And when you do, he breaks out into that heart-wrenching smile of his, and did it get warmer in here?
  • It may or may not drive you a little crazy that you have to have this angel live in the same building as you
  • His room is right next to the laundry room, so there is always a chance you’ll run into him
  • Surprisingly, you don’t run into him much outside of the dorm
  • All bets are off in the building, though
  • You try taking showers at odd hours so you won’t run into him while he’s doing rounds
  • But it’s all futile because one time you leave your key in your room and need to get him to unlock your door because where the hell is your roommate
  • At least you brought a change of clothes to the shower, but your hair is soaking wet and whoops you’re not wearing a bra
  • He’s very good natured about it, though
  • His whole face lights up when you approach him
  • Come to think of it, he’s always smiling
  • Once he unlocks your door, he leaves you with a bright smile and a “Good night!”
  • Fast forward to a week later
  • He and another RA host an outing to the nearby city for a food festival
  • And you and your friend are like why not, because food and going into the city and, for yourself at least, Jimin
  • It takes a bit to get into the city, so you spend the trip talking to your friend and also Jimin
  • You find out he has a younger brother and enjoys dancing
  • When you get to the food festival, though, you split up, you going with your friend and him going with the other RA’s
  • And for the first few stalls all is well
  • But you kind of forget about your pesky food allergy
  • Your throat starts to feel scratchy
  • You tell your friend, but you say just need water and to sit down
  • But she insists on getting the RA
  • You think she’s just going to bring one of the female RA’s
  • Nope
  • It’s Jimin
  • Of course
  • He asks if you want to return to campus
  • You just nod
  • After all, you’re definitely not going to be eating more, since there’s the possibility that you might, um, lose it later on
  • But you don’t say that
  • Because nothing drives boys away like vomit
  • Moving on
  • You get up, and you feel a bit dizzy
  • He asks if you need help
  • And that’s how you end up holding hands with RA
  • It’s really nice, given the circumstances
  • Your fingers are intertwined and everything
  • You stop at a store and he buys you a huge water bottle and some Benadryl with his own money
  • He continues to hold your hand until you get on the subway
  • Then he starts rubbing soothing circles on your back
  • You start to feel butterflies in your stomach
  • No wait, you’re just getting queasy
  • Your heart’s beating faster is it because he’s so close or is it from the lack of oxygen
  • You remember the epipen in your purse because of course
  • You hand it to the nearest person and tell them to stab it into your upper thigh
  • And of course it’s Jimin and of course you’re wearing a skirt/dress
  • You’d rather he hike your dress up under different circumstances ANYWAY
  • He succeeds, but you still feel a little nauseous
  • Scratch that, a lot nauseous
  • Oh shit
  • You’re lucid enough to aim away from Jimin, but you still get some on your shoes
  • (You’re going to have to wash those)
  • You would probably be mortified but you’re too busy recovering from losing your lunch
  • Luckily the next stop is a hospital
  • He walks you there, and he’s still holding your hand as tight as ever
  • Somewhere in your mind, you’re in shock, but a bigger part of you is just glad to get to a hospital
  • Your friend talks to the front desk while Jimin goes with you into a room
  • You have to give your medical information to the attendant, and feel a little flustered when you have to give your height and weight but it’s all good
  • Through all this Jimin’s rubbing your shoulder comfortingly
  • He leaves you when you go to the back to get checked
  • Because someone has to call your parents
  • Oh god
  • Hopefully he’s talking to your mom, because your dad would be embarrassing for multiple reasons
  • Your friend keeps you company in the back
  • You have to get an IV
  • (Shit)
  • You don’t have to wear a hospital gown though, so that’s good
  • The drugs make you a little woozy
  • Jimin comes into the back while you’re getting settled on the cot
  • You apparently have to stay here for 4 hours
  • Which seems long but you’re starting to feel sleepy
  • Your friend heads back to campus because 4 hours hell no I have a bio test
  • So it’s just you and Jimin for 4 hours
  • Except you’ll probably just sleep
  • But it’s no problem because he brought some schoolwork
  • Because on top of being good looking and ridiculously sweet he’s also a good student of course he is
  • You’re awake for 30 minutes before checking out and the whole time he’s greeting the nurses and doctors with that adorable smile of his and checking up on you
  • Then you fall asleep because wow these drugs are strong
  • About 3 hours later you wake up because you’re thirsty
  • (No not like that)
  • Anyway
  • You find yourself with the sheets drawn up
  • Apparently you were shivering in your sleep
  • He looks really concerned because you just bolted up, but you’re just thirsty
  • He hands you a water bottle but still looks at you with concern
  • He tells you that you’ll just take a cab back to campus instead of the subway
  • Somewhere in your mind you’re like wow that’s at least half an hour in close proximity alone with him and it would drive you crazy if you weren’t so damn tired
  • A nurse finally tells you that you can go and they take out the IV and everything
  • He guides you to the cab still holding you bc you’re still tired
  • He even opens the door for you and helps you in
  • You’re kind of quiet the whole ride but he is chatting up the driver the whole time
  • You start to drift off and end up falling asleep on his shoulder
  • (The driver makes a comment while you’re asleep about you being cute and he just smiles but you don’t know that)
  • He wakes you up and when you get back all your friends and the other RA’s are so worried but you assure them that you’re fine
  • You just want to rest so you go to your dorm and sleep
  • You wake up to knocking on your door
  • Oh look at that it’s Jimin and you look terrible but he looks wow
  • How can anyone look this good in the morning
  • Anyway he asks how you’re doing and you say fine bc you don’t want him to see this hot mess for too long
  • He says that you can come to him for anything
  • But you probably won’t bc he’s so cute and you’re a little intimidated
  • You see at breakfast the next day
  • He’s with one of his friends and you kind of giggle at how small he looks next to him
  • Why is he so cute
  • Once again he asks how you are doing
  • You tell him he really doesn’t have to worry (but he still will anyways)
  • A few days later you get a care package from home
  • Oh look there’s cookies
  • Make sure to share them with the RA! Gee thanks mom
  • There might as well have been a winky face at the end of that note
  • The cookies look really good and you make a mental note to grab some for yourself
  • But then you see Jimin and you panic and just hand him the whole box
  • He asks if you want any, but you say it’s fine and start walking back to your room
  • But then a few moments you come back because you wanted cookies
  • You look at him sheepishly and he says that he expected you to be back
  • So you take one, but he keeps telling you to take more
  • You stay there talking to him for a bit, actually
  • Suddenly, one of the other RA’s passes by
  • Jimin offers him some cookies but the other RA looks between the two of you with this look and declines
  • The cookies were really good btw
  • He tells you that when he returns the box the next day
  • You take the box back and go to close the door but wait
  • Jimin stops you
  • He makes a joke about the cookies being sweet but you being sweeter
  • You blush and are like what??? bc wait you didn’t expect this
  • He starts talking about a good bakery of campus
  • They don’t have anything you’re allergic to, according to him
  • Basically he wants to take you out
  • He thinks you’re cute
  • You’re silent for a moment bc your gorgeous RA??? Just asked you out???
  • But then you smile and accept, telling him that he’s the sweet one
  • And he gives you that smile and you heart’s beating so fast that you might have to go the hospital again for completely different reasons
  • The end (for now)

(A/N: Fun fact, this was 90% based on real life events. Also, I will eventually write a full fic about this, but for now, here’s the headcanon)

Yesterday I got home from the ER with Lexie at 3am (waited 2 freaking hours in the waiting room, plus 1h30 in observation) to this 👆🏼
Thanks ‘auntie’ Ava, for being so helpful and lovely to my girls!
PS: Lexie got the flu. They say it happens a lot when kids go to bigger schools where they get to play with lots of kids, so we know what happened.
Right now she’s still a little feverish and nauseous but the doctors said that with medication it will go away soon. Thanks for all the well wishes! Me and her appreciate it very much.

Addition to the family (Park Jin-young)

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

The sun poked it’s way through the curtains of your bedroom and shone on your face making you slowly wake up, you roll over and look at the clock to see that it was only 7:00 am. You gave an exhausted sigh before getting out of bed…well attempting to anyway. Just as one of your feet hit the floor you were pulled straight back into bed by your boyfriend Jinyoung, he tiredly snaked his arms around your waist and lightly pulled you into him holding you close to his chest and showing no signs of letting you go. “Don’t leave.” he quietly whimpered, you chuckled to yourself at this big child since he was acting like he’ll never see you again. “I was going to make breakfast; do you want to join me?” He groaned lightly before tightening his grip on you. “Fine.” he sighed while finally letting go of you and kissing you lightly on the nose before you got out of bed.

You made your way to the kitchen when you were stopped in your tracks by a sudden nauseous feeling in the pit of your stomach. “Babe, are you okay?” Jinyoung asked as he followed behind you, placing a helping hand on your waist. “I’m fine just a bit nauseous I’m sure some food will fix this.” you replied with a smile and quickly kissed him. After you had your food you still felt a little nauseous but it wasn’t that bad and you felt you could deal with it but there was one thing you noticed that started happening that day that you really couldn’t deal with and that was the amount of times you had to use the bathroom. Jinyoung had noticed your unusual behaviour but didn’t think much of it and thought it was something to do with your stomach ache from the morning, but you on the other hand had a feeling it was something more than that so that’s why when Jinyoung went to work later that day you went to your doctor to see if your assumption was true.

When you got to your doctor he ran a few tests first and finally came back with the results you were for some reason dreading. “Y/n I’m pleased to inform you that you’re expecting a child, that nauseous feeling that you had this morning was morning sickness and it’s a common thing in pregnant women.” You didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or be shocked at this news, you’d always wanted to meet the right guy and have a child and family of your own and you thought from day one that Jinyoung was the one for you and this new child that you found out you’re carrying was proving your theory to be more and more true, but there was something that scared you … How would Jin young feel about this? He’s so busy with his career at the moment he may not be able to handle a baby and also what if he didn’t even want one in the first place, he was still young and had his whole life ahead of him did he really want a baby now? You started to panic to yourself a little as all these questions and thoughts filled your head but there was nothing you could do about it now and he had to find out somehow.

When you got home that nauseous feeling returned to your stomach but this time you knew it wasn’t morning sickness. You began to think of different ways to tell Jinyoung the news. Should you tell him straight away? Should you tell him over dinner? Or should you tell him after arranging a cute quiet evening in? Either way your night was going to end with him knowing about your new addition to the family. You heard the lock of the door click and the door open, your stomach suddenly dropped and all your nerves pilled on you. “Hey Y/n I’m home how’s your day been?” he called out being as cheerful as ever even though he was worn out. “It’s been … well very … eventful” you replied with a bit of hesitation in your voice as you try to think of what to say next. “Really, how so?” he approached you and wrapped his arms around your waist as he pulled you into a sweet kiss. “Well…” you began, “I needed to go to the doctor today.” His eyes widened and filled with worry as he thought it was something serious, “What, why, what’s wrong, why didn’t you tell me I would have been down there straight away.” You smiled at his concern and told yourself that he’d be fine with this news he loves you so much and a baby shouldn’t be able to change that especially for him. “Nothing’s wrong, Jinyoung I’m…” You stepped back a bit and out of his grip as your nerves hit you again. “Jinyoung I’m pregnant.” You said will a little bit of panic in your voice as you look at him, his expression didn’t change and that started to scare you, you thought he couldn’t be happy with it if he was acting like this. Before long he gave out a little chuckle, “You’re joking right?” he asked still chuckling, you shake your head nervously awaiting his official response. When he noticed you were being serious a wide smile found its way to his face. “Really, I’m going to be a dad?” he asked excitedly, you couldn’t help but smile with him and nod your head happily with a single tear of happiness escaping your eye. “This little bundle of joy in here is ours, this is our little baby?” He asked kneeling in front of you and placing both of his hands on your belly over where the baby was. You cover his hands with yours and nod again feeling even happier than you were before. “This is perfect Y/n I’ve always wanted a little one and now I have one with you I couldn’t have asked for a better life.” He brought himself to his feet so his eyes met yours, he closed the gap between the both of you with a soft but passionate kiss which you could feel was full of love. “Thank you,” He whispered as he pulled away. “Thank you for making my life perfect”


Mobile Masterlist

12 weeks

Starting these things again😊

How far along? 12 weeks 4 days

Maternity clothes? Nope, but I can’t button some of my shorts🙃

Stretch marks? No

Sleep: I can fall asleep fast but stay asleep? Not so much.

Best moment this week: Nothing has really stood out this week, it’s actually been annoyingly shitty😂

Miss anything? Not being exhausted

Movement: I thought I possibly felt something, but I could be crazy

Food cravings: Everything. Right now spaghetti

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really, but since I’m still recovering from a bad stomach bug I’m a little more nauseous than usual

Gender: Not sure yet

Labor signs: Nope

Symptoms: Fatigue

Belly button in or out? In

Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy

Looking forward to: Our vacation in 11 days😄 and finding out the gender.

~ clearing misconceptions ~ jar of imagines #47 ~

“Good morning, everyone.” You started off your vlog.

“I woke up this morning feeling a bit sick, like a throw-up kind of sick. I woke up with a headache, and felt really dizzy. So I had to sit down for a minute to get everything together.”

You were having some stomach cramps, but thankfully, you were not on your period. You went to the kitchen to find Dan making breakfast. You walked in, nearly becoming sick to your stomach as strong, overwhelming scents filled your nose. You held your stomach as you felt knives stab through your skin.

“You okay?” Dan asked, concerned.

“Yeah, just feeling a little queasy.” You reply.

“I made breakfast, maybe that’ll make you feel better?” Dan took out a plate from the cupboard and slid the eggs onto it.

“Yes it would, thanks.” You say gratefully as you took the plate from him.

After finishing your delicious food, you took out your camera again.

“Dan made me breakfast, which was very sweet of him. I was just so hungry, I had to take seconds, which I never do in the mornings. I guess it’s because I had less I eat last night.”

The day had gone by quickly and you uploaded your vlog. Your nauseousness disappeared, only to come back the next day.

It was like living in a loop. You still felt sick, you were getting headaches, and you were quite hungry. You tweeted saying ‘still feeling a little nauseous. it’s like living in a constant loop.’

You put down your phone and decide to get some rest. It wasn’t hard to fall asleep, but waking up was a small problem.

You had been asleep for three hours, only to be woken up by Dan. He never wakes you up, what would he need so urgently?

“(Y/N)?” Dan shakes you awake.

“What?” You asked, slightly annoyed.

“Why is everybody on twitter saying you’re pregnant?” Dan said with fear in his eyes.

You raised your eyebrow and made a face.

“(Y/N), please answer my question. Are you pregnant?” Dan said, his voice shaking.

“What the hell, of course I’m not. Why would you think that?” You say, with a hint of anger. You had no idea why he’d ask that.

Dan looked a bit ashamed. “Uh, cause everybody on twitter is asking me if you are.”

“Why on earth would they think I’m pregnant? Am I gaining weight?” You look down at your belly.

“No, (Y/N) you don’t look pregnant. It must’ve been how you were feeling ill yesterday. You know, with the nausea and stuff.”

“I guess I better clear that up. We are definitely not having children.” You say, wide eyed.

“Well, I’d like a few maybe when we’re older, but that’s a conversation for another time.” Dan trailed off.

“No babies.” You say to Dan quickly.

“Not yet.” He winked.

Request: Sick And Tired

Request: Hiya, I was wondering if you would do one where the reader is sick (food poisoning). And there meant to go on a hunt and she insists that they go ahead but she collapses/faints so dean stays with her and he’s really cute /good at taking care of her.

Word Count: 1,067

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

“I’m fine, honestly.” You insist, running a hand through your hair, “Just a little tired.”

As soon as you’d dragged yourself out of bed, the brothers noticed that something was wrong. Your face was greyish and your eyes bloodshot; you shuffled around the motel room with a pimping gait and almost went over head-first trying to put your jeans on. You’ve put it down to not enough sleep, whole they… well, you don’t know what they think and quite frankly, you don’t care.

“You sure?” Dean questions, “No-one minds if you need to drop out.”

You shake your head, “I’m good. Come on, we need to get this thing.”

The three of you head out and grab coffee before walking to the local library – usually, it would be a pleasant walk. Early spring in a little rural town like this usually ends up being quite warm, with colourful flowers springing up all over the place and kids starting to use the parks again. It would be pleasant, however, if you weren’t concentrating fully on not throwing up.

“Y/N, are you sure you’re alright?” Dean asks, leaning down to your ear, “Seriously, we don’t mind if you want to skip this one. It’s only a salt ‘n burn, we’ll be okay.”

“You know, if I didn’t know better I’d think you were trying to get rid of me, Winchester.” You tease, walking up the library’s stone steps, “I’m fine. Really. I’d tell you if I wasn’t.”

“As long as you do.” Dean says, his tone vaguely warning. You nod, swallow back your nausea, and head into the library to find out where the old geezer is buried.


By late evening, you’ve only gotten worse. You took a nap this afternoon and woke to find your head feeling like it had been hit by a hammer and your stomach turning with every movement. Nonetheless, you fight through it, keeping your hands on your stomach as the three of you head to the local cemetery to end this haunting.

Shakily, you climb out of the car, straightening yourself painfully. You swallow back a gag and ignore how horrible you feel, advancing on the wrought iron gates – one foot in front, and the other is about to follow when everything fades to black, the ground rushing up at you.

When you come to, you’re draped in the backseat of the Impala. You’re half sat up, leaning heavily on a duffel bag full of weapons. Your vision is still hazy around the outsides and your stomach remains in knots, but you’re awake again. You find a cold towel on your forehead and reaching up you discover that it’s a beer bottle wrapped in a plaid shirt.


You straighten up and place the bottle on the side, and you’re about to climb out of the car when Dean opens the door and dives in, stopping you in your tracks.

“Nuh-huh, sweetheart.” He presses a hand to your shoulder, easing you back into the seat. You sit facing outwards, though, and he lowers himself to your lever, “You okay? Need to throw up?”

You think for a moment, then shake your head. Then, typically, you retch and Dean hops out of the way just in time for you to empty the contents of your stomach into the mud.


You wipe off your mouth and groan, leaning back. Dean presses a hand to your forehead and sighs.

“You’re still running a hellish fever. No pun intended.” He decides, “And you’re sick… food poisoning. From that diner last night.” He concludes. You hate to admit it, but he’s right. He reaches in and snags the shirt and bottle from the leather seat beside you. He unwraps it and places it back in the cooler, before getting you a fresh one. When you shoot him a look, he just chuckles.

“You didn’t leave me much time to improvise, sweetheart.” He says, pressing it to your forehead. You take over, holding it there with a shaky hand. You’re too hot, but your whole body is trembling.

“Y-you should be with Sam.” You whisper, looking over for the younger Winchester. It’s a pretty big cemetery and you can’t see him, but you can see a small glow in the distance. Dean shakes his head, patting your knee.

“Sam’s fine. You, however…” He pauses, “Try to sleep, Y/N. You’ll feel better when you wake up.”

“You said that about the nap earlier.”

“It’s coming out of your system now. You’ll see, when you get up tomorrow you’ll be right as rain.” He promises, touching your shoulder gently, “Come on, Y/N.”

You nod, mostly because it’s easier to agree than to fight him. You curl up, closing your eyes – and, before you know it, you’re drifting off to sleep.


When you wake up, the fever’s broken and you can breathe properly. Your head is clear and though you still feel a little nauseous, you’re all but back to normal. You’re back on the road, you realise, racing down a highway.

“D-Dean?” You ask, blinking a few times to clear your vision. A bottle of water is thrust at you from the seat beside you, and you realise, as you sit up, that you’d been sleeping on him. You look over – Sam’s driving and Dean, by the looks of things, has been keeping an eye on you the whole time.

You crack open the bottle and take a tentative sip before trying to say anything else. Dean smiles slightly, rubbing your back.

“How are you feeling?”

“Good. Better. Thanks.” You nod, smiling slightly. He grins.

“Good, I was a little worried about you back there. That fever was bad.” He admits, “It took ages to break.”

“Well, you know me. It’ll take more than that to knock me out of the park.” You tease, poking his ribs. He laughs, nodding.

“Sure does. That’s my girl, huh?”

“Your girl?” You raise an eyebrow. He blushes a bright red, almost instantly and you can hear Sam sniggering from the driver’s seat.

“Well- if you- I-“ He stammers. You laugh, patting his shoulder lightly.

“Of course, babe. I’ll be your girl any day.” You lean in and press a light kiss to his cheek, avoiding his lips for fear of him getting sick too. He catches on and wraps his arms around you, pulling you in closer.

“How about every day?”

You Don’t Have to Worry

Originally posted by mimimochi

Request: Can you do a oneshot of you taking care of a sick Wonwoo? Thank you!
Member: Wonwoo (Seventeen)
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1103
A/N: This is super late and I feel bad but here it is! Also I feel like this is really basic and predictable but I didn’t know what to do pls forgive me T^T Tell me if it’s okay! Opinions are always appreciated! -Admin Madi =^-^=

Frantically pacing back and forth as you stared down at the phone in your hand, you anxiously bit at your nails. Why wasn’t he here? Wonwoo specifically said that he would meet you at 2:30 at your apartment and yet, here he was missing in action. Surely, nothing had happened…Could he have forgotten that fast? Sighing and tugging at loose strands of hair out of frustration, you decided to give him a call.

No answer.

“I swear to god Wonwoo…” Calling him time after time again, you were about to give up before you heard a weak groan from the other line.

“Wonwoo!? Where are you? Are you okay? Please don’t tell me you’re in a ditch somewhe-”

“Y/N-ah, I’m not in a ditch. Stop worrying!” Weakly laughing as he held his stomach, he continued. “I’m just not feeling great. I think I might’ve caught something, I’m really sorry.”

“Oh Won, do you want me to come over? Ah, don’t answer that. I’m on my way.”

“No no…Ah, would you mind?” Snuggling further into the covers and pouting, he whispered. “I miss you.”

Your heart fluttered as you ended the call, staring at the device that lay in hand. “I miss you too.”


30 minutes later and you found yourself on his doorstep, fiddling with your key. Finally hearing the satisfying click and turning the knob, you entered quietly. “Wonwoo?”

No answer.

“Why am I not surprised?” Laughing softly as you laid down your bags on his table, you tip toed through the hallway, heading straight for the one place you knew he would be; bed.

Being careful not to make too much noise, you held the knob as you pushed open the door, wincing at the creak that pursued.

Wonwoo turned ever so slowly, a lazy grin spread across his features, “You came.”

“Jeon Wonwoo!” Gently nudging his hips as you sat on the edge of the mattress, you laughed. “Of course I came! Did you think I wouldn’t show up?”

Watching his fringe fall into his eyes as he nodded made you frown and you felt yourself reaching out to touch his face. “Who’s the worrier now, hm?”

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Fall Into Place

‘You Hold The Key’ Imagine #8

Read Part 1 Here

Little Side Note: This imagine takes place about 2 weeks after my last imagine (linked above)…

You sat on your bed while Harry was brushing his teeth, gripping the purple box and staring at it. You weren’t sure if you even wanted to know if you’re pregnant, or if you’re not. Yet, the suspense was killing both you and Harry.

“Hey, are you alright, love?” Harry came and sat down on the edge of your bed next to you.

“I’m okay,” You leaned down and rested you head on Harry’s shoulder. He pecked your cheek and you sat there in silence. “We could have a kid, Harry. A real, live child…” You spoke after a while, a mixture of fear and excitement in your voice.

“Yeah, crazy innit?”

“I don’t know if I’m ready,”

“I don’t think anyone’s ever ready to be a parent, babe.”

“Yeah but I’m really not ready,” Harry chuckled softly. “I mean, what if our baby is sick, or unhealthy. What if there isn’t even a fucking baby?” Your voice cracked.

“Y/n, it’s okay. We’ll be okay. No matter what happens, it’s you and me, we’ll be okay,” You took a long breath and opened to box. Pulling out the test, you padded to the bathroom. Harry rubbed his face tiredly and laid back on the bed.

“I peed on it,” You said with a straight face when you returned from the toilet. Harry didn’t mean to burst out laughing, and quickly covered his mouth when he did. You started to giggle also and pretty soon you and Harry were both cracking up.

“What just happened?” You asked, wiping away the tears in your eyes.

“The way you said ‘peed’ just–” Harry continues his laughter once more and you hit his chest.

“We are actually eight years old, my God…” you laugh.

“Our parenting skills will be the greatest,” Harry laughed. You kissed his lips and pressed your forehead against his. Your phone timer went off, and you froze. Harry rubbed your shoulders and your mood switched. You started to panic.

“Harry, omigod, it’s done,” Your breath hitched.

“Y/n, baby, deep breaths okay. There is nothing to worry about.” You deep breathed until you were calm, and slowly walked over to the pregnancy test sitting on the marble counter in between your double sinks. Squeezing Harry’s hand, you flipped over the test. Your stomach dropped, and you felt a lump in your throat.

“We–we’re not…” Harry started. You shook your head. You let go of Harry’s hand and walk back into your room. You tried to wipe the tears in your eyes away before Harry saw them. You walked into Harry’s arms and stood there. Surprisingly, you weren’t sobbing, you weren’t doing anything. You didn’t know how you felt.

“I’m sorry, baby,” you barely whispered into Harry’s chest.

“It’s not your fault, Y/n. It just wasn’t meant to be right now,” Your fiance’s voice was low. He was upset. Walking over to the bed, Harry laid down. “We could always try again.”

*3:30 in the morning*

Your stomach lurched and you jerked awake. You hadn’t eaten a lot all day, but you felt like you were going to puke up everything you’ve ever consumed in your life. Running to the bathroom, you heave over the toilet. All your movement awoke Harry, and he was right behind you, rubbing your back.

“Let it out, love. Let it out.” You sat back, all your energy gone. Harry leaves to room and returns with a glass of ginger ale. You inhale it quickly, finding that you were all of a sudden extremely thirsty. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah…I just felt really nauseous,” Harry helped you up. “I think I just need to eat something,” You went to kitchen, deciding on some saltine crackers to fill you up a bit. You were only on your fifth cracker, when your nausea came back. You proceeded to throw up three more times, your stomach finally settling at six in the morning. You woke up to Harry bringing a tray in front of you.

“Lunch in bed for the sickly Mrs. Styles,” You smiled and kissed Harry’s cheek. “How are you feeling? Did you sleep well?”

“I’m a little better, still a bit nauseous. Thanks for this, honey.” You didn’t realize how hungry you were until you saw the homemade tomato soup in front of you. You and Harry ate in silence.

“So, how are you feeling after everything yesterday?” You asked Harry, stroking his cheek with your thumb. He shrugged.

“I’m alright, actually. You?”

“Me too. I mean, we should probably focus on the wedding and just starting our life together. Let everything fall into place.” Harry rested his head on your chest, and you hissed when it slightly touched your breasts. They had been strangely sore lately.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine…my boobs have been hurting though,” you shrug. “Probably PMS or something…”

“I could massage them for you,” Harry smirked and you shook your head.

“Nice try babe,” You stood up and carried your dirty dishes to the kitchen. Harry heard a crash in the kitchen and came downstairs.

“Hey Y/n what was that–” Harry stopped when he saw the broken glass on the floor. “Um, what happened?”

“I don’t know, I just felt really weak and sick, I need to lay down,” Harry took the dustpan from your hand.

“Here, baby I’ll clean it up. Go rest on the couch,” You slowly padded over the living room and Harry finished cleaning the mess. He walked over to you and crouched down. “I think you should go to the doctor, love.” You shook your head.

“Harry, I’m fine, just a little tired…plus you always say I need to go to the doctor and I end up being better in a day or two, I’ll be okay in an hour,”

“I don’t believe that,” Harry ran his thumb across your cheek, “Can you please go see someone, just to give your poor old fiance some piece of mind?” You rolled your eyes and sighed.

“Okay, fine, but I promise there’s nothing wrong,”

“You missed your period,”

“No, I didn–” Harry looked at you and raised his eyebrows. “How did you know?”

“You always put little stars on the calendar, love, and you didn’t.”

“That doesn’t mean anything, it could be late,”

“I’m calling the doctor’s office, babe.”

*The Next Day*

“Okay Miss Y/n, I’m just going to send you down to the lab so they can take some blood, and we should be able to figure out what’s wrong.” Your doctor typed something into the computer and swiveled her chair around to face you. “Results should be back within a two days. Any questions?”

“I don’t think so. Thanks, Dr. Carter,”

“No problem, and if you have anything else feel free to stop back in or call.” She scooped up her clipboard and walked out. You got your blood test done, and drove home, stopping to pick up a large fry from Mcdonald’s that you had been craving all day. When you walked in the door, Harry’s head popped up from his iPad.

“Hi, babe…how was it?”

“It was okay, actually. Dr. Carter said that it probably is just hormones and stress, but they took some blood just to be sure.”

“Oh, okay, that’s good,” You wrapped you arms around him.

“Told you I was fine,” You kissed his jaw.

“Yeah, yeah…” Harry pecked your lips. Your phone rang and you turned around to grab it from the coffee table. Harry rested his chin on your shoulder and gave small kisses on your shoulder.

“Hello?” You answered, trying to swat Harry off your shoulder.

“Hi, is this Y/n Y/ln?”

“This is she,” You stood up a little.

“This is Dr. Carter’s nurse. Um, we got your lab results back rather quickly and we would like to see you right away tomorrow if that’s okay,” You gulped down the lump in your throat.

“Oh, okay, yeah,” the nurse set up your appointment. “I’ll see you tomorrow, bye.” You hung up.

“Is everything alright, love?” You knew you should tell Harry, but you didn’t want him to worry.

“Yup, she just wants me to come in for a follow-up, nothing serious.” Harry nodded and kissed your nose, returning to whatever he was doing on his tablet. You hoped it really was nothing serious and tried not to stress about it for the rest of the night.

*The Next Day*

“So, Y/n, we got your lab results back, and it seems that you are pregnant.” Your eyes widened.

“No, no way, that’s impossible. Me and Harry just took a test a couple days ago, it was negative,”

“Store-bought pregnancy tests aren’t always accurate. It seems that there’s hCG present in your blood, the test just didn’t detect it.” You pushed back the tears in your eyes.

“Omigod, I’m having a baby,” You sighed out.

“Congratulations, honey.” You doctor rubbed your knee and stood up. “So I’m referring you to an OBGYN that I want you to see as soon as possible. Until then, get lots of rest, stay hydrated and don’t put too much stress on yourself.” You nodded, still in shock. “Tell Harry I said hello,” You got up from the table. Once she left the room, you buried your face in your palms. You were having a child, you were going to be parents. And Harry, Harry would be ecstatic. You rushed home and ran inside the house, almost crashing into your fiance.

“Woah, hello to you too,” Harry chuckled. “How’d it go?” Tears formed in your eyes, and you started to cry. “What’s happened, love, what’s wrong?”

“Harry, I’m pregnant.”

“For real?” Harry’s voice cracked. You looked up at him.

“Mm hm, yeah.” Harry wrapped his arms around you.

“We’re going to be someone’s mum and dad.” You cried tears of happiness into his shirt. You laughed a bit and sniffed.

“I wasn’t going to tell you like this, I-I was going to plan this big thing, but I got too excited…” Harry shook his head.

“You literally could’ve called me from the freeway and I’d still be standing here, crying.” You wiped underneath his eyes.

“I love you, I love you so much…” Harry kissed your chapped lips gently.

“I love you,” Harry bent down. “And I love you,” he spoke in a squeaky voice. You laughed and stroked his head.

“Harry, babe, he doesn’t have ears yet, he can’t hear.”

“Okay, but I’m pretty sure we learned in health back in school that they have–wait what do you mean ‘he’? Our baby is definitely a girl, darling.”

“We’ll see, Harry.” Harry kissed your forehead.

“That we will.”

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A/N: Yay for plot twists and babies! Enjoy lovies! - Ruby

Macaroni pt. 14 // Luke Hemmings

Originally posted by lipringsandsnapbacks

Requested; Yes
Summary; Luke is a struggling single parent and you’re his son’s teacher.

(part 1-13)


4 months, 4 long restless months have past.

Peering down at you small bump, you nudged it gently, “You’re so much work baby.”

Toby has gone back to school and Luke was now working full time at the studio, that left you all alone most of the time. Of course you eventually got tired of being cooped inside so you spent most of your time window shopping at the mall and even went to the movies by yourself. 

But it got old fast and as time went by your doctor told you you should be resting up and avoid doing heavy work or work just in general. It sucked being stuck at home all alone, you missed the kids. You missed seeing their tiny faces, feeding their youthful minds with knowledge, hearing their funny stories. You missed it all so much.

T-I-M-E. Checking the time, you noticed Toby was getting out of school. You put your word search down (it got so bad you were actually becoming obsessed with these) and left to pick him up.

Once you reached the school your heart filled with joy, seeing familiar faces running around the campus. A couple of teachers came up to you whilst you waited in the car for Toby, congratulating you and asking how you’ve been. This just made you even more homesick. 

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hey. i have bad sensory issues with brushing teeth. i haven’t brushed them really in most of my 25 years. i’ve never found anything that would make it remotely bearable and i could do. recently i tried brushing them again after years of not because they are in bad shape. 

i found out that if i brush my teeth in the shower it’s very helpful. bc the shower calms me down with cool/hot/cold water running on me like rain.

also i got crest kids stages bubble gum flavored toothpaste bc even most kids toothpaste is to strong for me and makes me start getting sick or reallly nauseous. this is much milder tasting even the bubble gum taste isn’t overpowering which i was worried about because sometimes actual traditionally flavored bubble gum is gross tasting to me and to strong and makes me queezy. i still felt a little nauseous after but it was a world of difference.

my dentist said that kids toothpaste was still effective and significantly better then nothing and this one even though it’s “made for” younger kids is still good. and much better then nothing at all.

thought i’d share bc this has been a huge issue for me and caused a lot of both physical tooth and emotional pain so if someone else can avoid it i’d be happy.tldr:

1. brushing teeth in the shower can help

2. crest kids stages bubble gum princess toothpaste is mild even for kids toothpaste and bubblegum

this is the toothpaste i use that’s really mild even for kids. and even for bubblegum flavor that i mentioned. using this while taking a shower is the only way i can handle it enough to brush my teeth at all.

englishblonde  asked:


15. High School / College AU

College AUs are my JAM but I’m drawing a blank here, which is probably because this AU gifset about literature teacher Derek and bad boy Stiles is still floating around my brain, clogging up my neural pathways, pounding on my myelin sheaths with its tiny tiny fists, screaming write me, write me— write about Stiles, who is young and angry and has just lost his mother and comes home every day to either an empty house or a house in which his dad is sitting at the kitchen table with a bottle of whiskey at his elbow, eyes swollen and red, saying hey kid, how was school today.

SCHOOL, high school is the worst, obviously, we can all agree on that, but it’s even worse for Stiles right now because he is YOUNG and ANGRY and has just lost his MOTHER, and how do you deal with that? No one knows. The first few weeks teachers offered him deadline extensions and sympathetic looks and kind words that made his skin crawl and didn’t make him feel any better at all. Then Jackson picks a fight with him in the cafeteria, and punching Jackson’s face in makes him feel so much better. It’s almost scary how much better it makes him feel. Even though he breaks a knuckle and his dad has to come pick him up and gets all weepy and apologetic on the drive home, which also makes Stiles’ skin crawl.

There’s not a lot that doesn’t make his skin crawl these days.

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Welcome Home (Part Three)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Series: Part one, part two

A/N: I should probably wait and post this tomorrow, but I wanted to show how much I appreciate all the enthusiasm because it was so un expected and it’s made me so freaking happy! So here it is, the final part of the Baby, Come Home series. Let know what what you think!

Originally posted by sassywiinchesters

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Today's Words

“Did you know that Tony made JARVIS?” he asked, nodding in the genius’ direction. Immediately, the man looked like a deer caught in headlights. “He builds lots of neat things.”

“Steve, the kid really won’t be interested in -”

“You build wobots?” Peter gasped, eyes wide with delight as he cut Tony off. “You builded JARBIS?”

Before Steve could get a proper hold of him, the boy had slipped off his lap so he could run around the table and all but cling to Tony’s leg. The genius in question looked like he was about to have a stress induced aneurysm, and glanced at Steve with pleading eyes.

“Steve, please -”

“It’s okay, Tony,” he soothed. “He’s just interested, is all.”

And then the brunet looked down at Peter – really looked at his rosy cheeks and puppy dog eyes – and seemed to realise Steve was right. Then, slowly – as though he was afraid Peter might bite him, or something – he reached out and drew the little boy onto his lap. He still looked vaguely nauseous with anxiety, but Peter just snuggled into his awkward embrace and stared up at him wonderingly. Not even the great Tony Stark could resist those eyes.

“So, you, uh… you like robots, huh?” he asked, scratching his beard absentmindedly.

“Uh-huh,” Peter replied immediately. “Silver ones.”

“Silver ones? Well, you should see my friend Rhodey’s suit. That’s a little bit like a robot.”

And, just like that, Peter and Tony became acquainted. 

Hot Soup and Tea

requested by @danger06​ -

“hello~ may i request for a fluffy taekwoon fic where he’s taking care of you when you got sick? thank you ^^”

“Hello? Taekwoon? Hey, I’m sorry, but I think I’ll have to cancel on our date today. I’m not feeling too well. No, it’s not serious! Yeah, really, I’m fine. I just don’t think I’m up for going out. No, you really don’t – ”

And with that, he was coming over.

You groaned as you rolled over in your bed. Of course you were happy that you’d get to see him, but you really felt like shit right now and you didn’t want to have him spend his free day with you lying uselessly on the bed when he could take the time to get some well-needed rest. Maybe you should call him back and tell him to stay home. You felt around your bed for your phone…

You didn’t realize when you had dozed off, but you woke up to the aroma of delicious food emanating from the kitchen.

You stepped toward the most beautiful sight you could imagine set right in front of you. Taekwoon, adorably sporting your pink bear apron, was busily concentrating on the bubbling pot in front of him. He pursed his lips to take a taste of his concoction but flinched from it being too hot which caused you to stifle some laughter. You watched as he blew on his spoon a second time and smacked his lips a bit to register the taste. He then let out a huge smile, satisfied at his work, and you felt yourself melt.

You couldn’t wait any longer and quickly ran up to Taekwoon and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“Oh? You’re up!” Taekwoon says, startled at your sudden appearance.

“Yeah,” you respond, poking your head out over his arm, “sorry I didn’t hear you come in! How long have you been here?”

“Long enough to make this delicious soup. Here, try it!” he says, as he slowly turns around holding a spoon full of soup with his other hand hovering underneath. He gently blows on it to cool it down for you before letting it reach your lips.

“Mmm! It’s good!” you say, excitedly. “You made this? I’m so impressed!”

“Yep, I told my mom you were sick and she told me to cook this for you,” he says before placing a kiss on your forehead. “How are you feeling?”

“I still have a slight headache and am still a little nauseous, but I feel 20 times better now that I can see you…and this soup! I’ve been feeling so sick I haven’t eaten all day,” you pout.

“Well then, let’s eat!”

After dinner and dishes, you were cuddling against your favorite pillow, Taekwoon. He was flipping through channels trying to find something decent to watch. You suddenly felt a shiver rush down your body.

“What is it? Are you cold?” Taekwoon says and he grabs a blanket from the armchair and tightly wraps it around your body.

“Haha, it’s okay. I just felt a chill, but thanks.”

“I’ll go make some tea. That’ll warm us up,” he says before setting you in place and heading towards the kitchen.

A few moments later, he comes back with two mugs of your favorite tea and places one in your hands.

“Thank you~” you say, sweetly. He smiles happily back at you.

“I was surprised you still had these mugs,” he says holding up his lion mug.

“Of course! These were one of the first couple items that we bought! I’d never lose them, especially after you specifically left yours here after you caught Hyukkie using it at the dorm.”

“Exactly, it’s tainted. I told you to toss it out.”

“Oh, stop. Plus, I gave Hyukkie his own duck mug, so you could still use it there.”

“But I want to keep it here. Plus, there are four other guys who could violate this mug.” You couldn’t help but laugh at his concern for his precious mug.

Before long, it was getting late and Taekwoon suggested you get some rest.

“But I want to spend more time with you…can you stay?” you whined while tugging on his arm.

Taekwoon smirked. “I never said I was leaving.”

After getting washed up, the two of you climbed into bed, pulled the covers over, and faced each other.

“Sorry I got sick and we couldn’t go on our date,” you say as you look into his eyes.

“Don’t be silly, I enjoyed spending time with you, regardless,” he replies, running his finger down the bridge of your nose.

You smile and scoot closer towards him and bury your face in his chest.

“Thanks for taking care of me tonight,” you whisper.


Taekwoon wraps his arm around you to hold you closer and the two of you drift away into dreamland.

Heehee, I hope you love Leo fluff as much as I love writing it ^^ As always, thanks for requesting!