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i will never get over how obvious even's annoyance/jealousy of emma is in retrospect

hands down the FUNNIEST thing to me, the funniest thing of the whole season is watching even’s face the few times he interacts with her. I feel like, on first glance, he maintains his cool politeness well enough that you can breeze over… his utter disdain for everything she stands for or says around him.

but when you look, it’s sO OBVIOUS

h e l p


When the Skam notification bings and you leave all your responsibilities to go and check the NRK website.

The sign of four is even worse than the sign of three pining wise because Holmes hasn’t done anything to betray Watson’s trust yet, but Watson still leaves him. And all the while Watson is falling for Mary Morstan, Holmes is like pacing all night, can’t eat and Watson is concerned for him but just. Totally misunderstands what he’s seeing. And the end is positively dire with Holmes saying right in front of Watson that at least he has morphine left to him.