still a great watch

A former friend really liked Once Upon a Time and got me watching it. I just started Season 4 and my god this is so… unspeakably awful and I can’t stop watching it.  A blogger I once enjoyed described actors as ‘chewing the scenery’ and I am pretty sure everyone on this show is nomming the set.

… but I can’t stop watching it. O.O


Cool goblin, cute goblin, crazy goblin, shy goblin, sad goblin,cheeky goblin, dumb goblin, ahjumma goblin, smile goblin. All make a great Goblin.

[Wadanohara and the great blue sea - TRUE ENDING ]

Good ol’ days of amazing games.. 

look up to skies -
every 10,000 years they emerge
climbing, lithe, from the claw marks the devil
has strewn in air like petals on deathbeds

dragging tails like zippers to other worlds
mirrored like peacocks, razor sharp quills,
brains like snakes slinking across the land

- catching us unawares -
manic with laughter from mouths fresh from kills

always wondering why we stand by
as they coil around us, always
stand still and watch one after another
letting the great fragmented beast ingest
it all



15.10.16 // 13oC 🌤

12/100 Days of Productivity

Today was, miraculously, productive. I got through the majority of the reading I wanted to, started my International Security essay and read a bit of Sun Tzu’s Art of War in the bath 🛁

Also, here’s what’s in my bag: dictaphone, pencil case, laptop, notebook, bullet journal, purse, earphones, hand sanitiser, tissues and a pouch filled with (prescription) drugs. 

I’m still not feeling great, so I’m going to watch some Netflix and paint my nails this evening. 

🎧 Matt Nathanson - The Last of the Great Pretenders

Trump winning sucks, but:

Your pets still love you
You can still play video games
You can still plant flowers, make art, cuddle with a loved one, enjoy great desserts, watch funny youtube videos.

Don’t harm yourself because of this. The president is important, and you’re in the right to be scared if you are, but Trump can’t take away these every day pleasures from you. Your local government still has a lot of power. You still have control over aspects of your life.

We’ll be fine.

My Problem With SuperGirl

The show is incredible for having so many STRONG female leads but they’re all WHITE female leads.

As a black girl who watches and adores the show, I can’t help but wonder why no one looks like me.

This show is suppose to inspire little girls right?

If I am being honest, shows like this don’t inspire little black girls like me in fact I spend my time wondering why black women aren’t good enough to be amazing shows like this with a strong lead.

Please don’t hate me. I am just stating my opinion and it’s valid.

If you’re a white girl, watching this show, it’s amazing because you have so many people that look like you, doing amazing things, and I can’t share that same experience that I wish I could.

I will still watch because the show is great and I support ALL women but fuck, for once can POC be part of this too!??

the signs as people at your thanksgiving dinner

Aries: mom, who popped two xanax after messing up the mashed potatoes 
Taurus: sister’s boyfriend steve, who has the personality of mashed potatoes
Gemini: cousin tom, the only millennial who has managed to move out of his parent’s house and get a job. all the adults love tom and he gets to sit at the grown up table
Cancer: the friend of a friend looking through all the prescriptions in the bathroom cabinet 
Leo: dad, who is drinking beer, watching a game and still wearing his “Make America Great Again” hat 
Virgo: aunt laura’s “roommate” of 10 years, maggie
Libra: aunt laura, who is not speaking with dad after the election and personally holds him responsible for florida
Scorpio: drunk uncle david who said he was going to “bring the turkey” and then showed up with a half empty bottle of Wild Turkey 
Sagittarius: racist grandma
Capricorn: obnoxious kid cousin sarah who won’t stop playing chopsticks on the piano
Aquarius: hot cousin sam
Pisces: the elephant in the room that is your gender identity