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What are the best episodes of MST3K for someone who hasn't seen anything of the series to watch? I want to watch the upcoming reboot, but since I have no familiarity with the old series, I'm afraid I might not be able to fully appreciate it.

It’s not a reboot, but a continuation. =)

And 9 times out of 10, the good news is you don’t need to know anything walking into it, because the theme song gives all the backstory. Season 8 had an ongoing plotline (which I quite enjoyed), but you don’t really NEED to follow it closely to know they’re parodying sci-fi tropes. I can’t think of a single dud in season 8 (although some of the movies are just more unpleasant to sit through, like Invasion of the Neptune Men). Still, generally-accepted good ones to watch are: Manos the Hands of Fate, I Accuse My Parents, Space Mutiny, and Pumaman. ^_^

Season 1 has a different voice for Tom Servo than the rest of the show, in the middle of season 5 the main human host changes from Joel to Mike (their riffing styles are a bit different - the Joel era on average was generally more laid back and relaxed, like a few friends just BSing while watching the movie together) while the Mike era was about zingers and getting the jokes really in there. In season 8 Crow’s voice changes and I’d really recommend watching all of season 8 in order because of the storyline that introduces a bunch of characters, but it’s okay if you’re more interested in the riffing.

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Well, I'm certainly not going to start watching Steven Universe at this point, know any better cartoon?

The first season or two of SU are still worth watching imo, bc they are actually pretty good!

I don’t watch a lot of other cartoons as regularly as I do su, but I like to dip into the amazing world of gumball and adventure time, as they’re always entertaining. I’ve heard a lot of good things about star vs the forces of evil, but I’ve yet to watch it myself.

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Every person in the States needs to watch Hidden Figures.

Because holy shit that movie is incredible.

The way it portrayed racism in the civil rights era is chilling. Not just because of how unjust segregation was, but because of how it does not shy away from showing that segregation was a matter of white complacency. There are plenty of Well Meaning White People™ in the movie who are likeable, whose failure isn’t that they are bad because they are racist but who uphold a racist system because they never consider that it’s unjust.

Like, there’s no Racist Boss the protagonists have to overcome and then Things Are Great and Not Racist. It’s just continual people-to-people interaction and step-by-step push against the great jello-like weight of systematic racism.

It’s just a really good movie, okay? I cried a lot.


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.

  • the guests from westworld: finally, a place where i can harm, assault, and kill everyone i feel like doing this to! living up to all of my darkest, most violent fantasies!! fuck the robots, they have no feelings!!!! westworld is the best!!!!!!!
  • me, a person who is unable to hurt a fictional character's feelings in a choice-based videogame without feeling like a complete monster: sorry, can't relate

Matching icons for you and your almost forgotten bf/gf

Look at those faces they make, it’s gradually changed. So cute! So painful!