still a good show though


get to know me meme [1/10] male characters
↳ John Constantine (Constantine)

«I want to tell you something about me that nobody knows. I wake up every morning, and for the first five minutes of the day, I imagine that everyone I care about is dead. I lie there, and I meditate on that. So that when it inevitably happens, then it lessens the blow.» «Then what do you do?» «I spark a ciggy and fry an egg.»

So I just started watching The Boondocks and Huey is just so cool. I’m pretty sure he’s the only sensible character in the show (which is probably why he’s the narrator/main character).

Starts a new promising show that has the same number of women as men (seems promising and its an international cop procedural)...Good chance of badass women plus people from different countries nice...

After 2 to 3 episodes

1. Self assured, confident, wry and brilliant Scotland Yard Officer who specializes in interrogations (how fucking cool) DEAD FIRST EP STABBED BY A WOMAN HATER

2. Brilliant, shy, unique analyst and parisian officer who specializes in human trafficking and has a form of OCD/Photographic memory to retain multiple details GETS TAKEN VIOLATED BEAT UP AND CUT IN THE FIRST EP AND LATER HAS A COLLAPSED LUNG ALONG WITH MAJOR FORESHADOWING OF IMPENDING DEATH 

3. Tough experienced Vice Italian officer who specializes in undercover and loves guns ONLY WOMAN STANDING AFTER TWO EP (Jfc of course the overtly sexualized one still remains though sex/how one carries themselves is different in Italy)

So I’m watching Wallander and, though I only started because of Tom, I’m on the second episode “Firewall” and I just couldn’t help but get a little flutter of butterflies when Wallander hesitantly types out a reply to the woman who contacted him :3 He’s semi-separated from his wife and just wants some company. He’s older but a cute man at times, quite like Watson from BBC’s Sherlock if I think about it… I have doubts, but I’m hoping it works out between him and this woman, anyway. 

And you know, I thought I would be skipping through the series for snippets of Tom, but have become almost attached. It’s certainly not a bad show. It’s like CSI (which I liked until William Petersen left) which is nice :) Though it’s inherently British, and that does mean sparsity when it comes to music, but it is good in general. And when Tom comes on it’s absolutely lovely.

edit: Well, maybe next time I should wait until the episode is actually finished before I write about it /sigh

There’s a lot of things Adventure Time does right in their female characters compared to other shows but there’s still plenty of things it does wrong in their male ones. We need girls to be exposed to feminism, but more importantly we need boys to be. And they support the whole “guy pursues girl” and “women are passive in relationships, men are active” mentalities too consistently.