still a creature in my heart man

Albert Camus for the Signs
  • Aries: "Deep feelings always mean more than they are capable of saying."
  • Taurus: "There is so much stubborn hope in the human heart."
  • Gemini: "That’s why I like you so much. Your heart isn’t dead."
  • Cancer: "Yes, be patient with me. My heart is heavy."
  • Leo: "Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is."
  • Virgo: "I am on your side. But you have no way of knowing it, because your heart is blind."
  • Libra: "I am strangely tired, not from having talked so much but at the mere thought of what I still have to say."
  • Scorpio: "I didn’t like having to explain to them, so I just shut up, smoked a cigarette, and looked at the sea."
  • Sagittarius: "How can it be that, linked to such suffering, her face is still the face of happiness for me?"
  • Capricorn: "Words that come from the heart are always simple."
  • Aquarius: "Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being."
  • Pisces: "I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world."
Seeing Claire smile again

I’ve been trying to articulate this all day, but I’m just going to throw it out there in the most basic terms. 

The woman that was onscreen in 3x06 was so far away from the woman who muscled through those decades in the 20th century after Culloden. Her smiles in that period were often forced, designed to keep up appearances, or to keep the marital peace. We saw her eager and excited for her work, true, and we saw her smile at Brianna, genuinely. 

Still…the woman that we saw here was a different creature. She was ALIGHT. We—and even Claire, herself—had not seen that lass for a very long time. 

She’ll be a healer, now; she’ll be a mother, always; she’ll love once more, for real and forever,  the man her heart has grieved for and yet cherished for twenty years. With all three in hand, she’ll feel whole again. She’s feeling it already. 

I’m so devastatingly happy for her. 

horizon zero dawn // inspired starters

❛ you know what? when we met, i thought i was a big shot talking to a pretty girl hidden away in the middle of nowhere. ❜   
❛ try not to forget about me while you’re out there changing the world. ❜  
❛ i’m already under some heavy divine pressure. but i’ll try to live up to it. ❜  
❛ after all that’s happened, all you’ve done…i feel like i should drop to your knees and worship you. ❜
❛ for you sake, i must go where you will never find me. this is goodbye. ❜  

❛ i’ll always have a minute for you. maybe even two. ❜  
❛ i knew there was something about you. hammered from the stuff they make leaders out of. ❜  
❛ he’s smiling at us. ❜  

❛ i remember yelling that i didn’t care. ❜  
❛ you have to use your smarts to count for something, to serve life, not death. ❜  
❛ if you had had a child, what would you have wished for him or her? ❜  
❛ do you really not hear how ridiculous that sounds?  ❜  
❛ confidence is quiet. you’re not.  ❜  

❛ ha. it was just an instant, but i knew. i knew we’d be forever. ❜  
❛ i’ve done all i can. from here on out, the rest is up to you. ❜  
❛ there’s so much more to discover before the world ends.   ❜  
❛ the way you smiled…i had to look away or you were going to see. on my face. what had just… blossomed inside me, you know? ❜  
❛ as it turned out, it was your world all along. i was merely… trespassing. ❜  
❛ you just can’t leave me alone, can you? ❜  
❛ turn your face to the sun. ❜
❛ why is it, every time something terrible happens, everyone tells you the worst thing that ever happened to them, as though that makes it easier? ❜  
❛ no —- you don’t need to bow. ❜  

❛ the strength to stand alone is the strength to make a stand. ❜  
❛ what’s that now? don’t like the cold? ❜  
❛ welcome to my ravine of death.  ❜
❛ keep moving or you’ll die!  ❜        
❛ hey. my eyes are up here.  ❜  
❛ you defeated it…alone?  ❜  

❛ today i speak your name - but will the goddess speak it back? ❜
❛ you must be humble and respect their power. ❜  
❛ i’m here and wherever you go, i will follow. ❜  
❛ even a king can learn his lesson. ❜  

❛ we can still have a party, right? sure we can. ❜  
❛ what is that on your face? ❜  
❛ the wilds can be dangerous. you need to stay close and do as i say. ❜
❛ so? what do you say? how about we try and kill each other?  ❜  

❛ you’re still scratched up from the fall you did yesterday. ❜  
❛ what do you think i’m doing? taking a nap?  ❜  
❛ guess we can’t have everything.  ❜  
❛ so that’s what this is? a tantrum? a cry for attention?  ❜  

❛ never celebrate a victory before it’s earned. ❜  
❛ you’re bleeding. let me have a look. ❜  
❛ you’re an idiot. a dangerous idiot..but an idiot.  ❜  
❛ you were only chosen because you were a fool, too stupid to realize you were being used. ❜  

❛ not everyone follows the law like you do. ❜  
❛ take this, to … remember. ❜
❛ my fight. i can’t ask you to come with me. ❜
❛ you survived! i thought you were killed. ❜
❛ we have more important things to do than ask questions.  ❜  
❛ that could be the least creepy thing you’ve said to me.  ❜  
❛ rough going but you survived.  ❜       

❛ this attachment to me will only hold you back. ❜  
❛ you will turn back - or bleed. your choice. ❜  
❛ you can sense it. you already know you’re going to lose. ❜  
❛ i need to catch a breath.  ❜  

❛ you know, i often think of the day i gave you that scar. it’s a cherished memory. ❜  
❛ are you going to shut your mouth? because that would be a surprise. ❜
❛ it’s time to make your first kill. ❜  
❛ why are you talking like we’ll never see each other again? ❜  
❛ you can be a real lard sometimes. cut it out. ❜  
❛ i’m not afraid of you. i’m not afraid of anything. ❜  
❛ now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to get some sleep. i plan to be well rested when i run you into the ground tomorrow. ❜
❛ not all comforts are bad. ❜  
❛ better dead last than dead altogether. ❜  
❛ no witnesses! no survivors! ❜  
❛ are you crazy? you’re going to kill yourself! ❜  
❛ i suppose you leave that part out of the story when you tell it, don’t you? ❜
❛ ugly and ancient? like your mother? ❜
❛ to answer for what i’ve done, the lives i’ve ruined? yes. i am ready. ❜  
❛ they can’t shoot if they’re dead. ❜  
❛ hello, old friend. remember me? ❜
❛ i’m more than a threat. ❜   
❛ i don’t think either you or i are ready for that. at least not yet. ❜  

❛ i’ll take that lunch. alone. ❜  
❛ i could use someone like you by my side. ❜     
❛ we still have so much to discuss. so much you never revealed. ❜

❛ you’re lucky i happened by. one half a heart beat more, and that creature would’ve torn you in half. ❜ 
❛ i crave vengeance, do you? ❜
❛ a bold claim. i wonder if you’ll live up to it. ❜  
❛ hmm. i love your hair. ❜  
❛ still alive. good. i have a more suitable death for you in mind. ❜  
❛ knowledge has its rewards, don’t you think? ❜

❛ he was a better man than what you’d ever hope to be! ❜  
❛ i’ll remember those words when i watch your corpse burn. whatever’s left of it. ❜  

❛ i will not be worshiped! i don’t belong to you! ❜
❛ impossible. i am chosen. this was not meant to be! ❜

❛ you don’t approve? well, i have a secret for you. neither do i. ❜  
❛ well, to start, you’re strong, shrewd and capable.  ❜  

❛ we must be patient. change doesn’t come in a sunrise.  ❜  
❛ they tried to break me. shows what they know. ❜  
❛ i should have been with you. why didn’t you come for me? ❜  
❛ may the dawn find you, the day warm you, and the dusk have light to guide your path.  ❜  
❛ the better man is the one who doesn’t end up with their steaming guts on the ground. ❜
❛ once one threat is dealt with, another one looms. ❜
❛ if i live or die, they’ll call my name. ❜  
❛ i don’t usually fight if i don’t have to, but if i have to, i want to. ❜  
❛ we’ve only met a few times and yet you know me so well. ❜  
❛ i thought you just wanted tea and conversation. ❜  
❛ i wasn’t expecting to find a half clad soldier singing like a drunk.  ❜    
❛ you don’t hear me laughing.  ❜
❛ i came prepared. have arrows enough to take down armies. ❜  
❛ it’s settled. i’ll fight by your side. my only request. ❜  
❛ the wrongness here jags at me like a ❜  
❛ tomorrow, may the sun rise on a better world. ❜      
❛ you can’t ask me to stand by and watch. not when i have the power. ❜    
❛ this isn’t home anymore. ❜  
❛ my will is like the oldest ice! ❜  
❛ your whole life was a failure, and soon no one will even remember you. ❜     
❛ will change happen, if men continue to live in palaces? ❜  
❛ i did say not to break anything, didn’t i?  ❜
❛ you should sleep, if sleep comes.  ❜        
❛ i kept thinking of the moment my knife pierced your throat. one twist, a simple tug of the blade, and you would bleed out. ❜  
❛ how can you sleep, with a weight like that pressing on you? ❜  
❛ i’m not here to intrigue you. ❜  
❛ no more playing around. you’re going to have to grow up. ❜
❛ no rest for the weary, huh? ❜  
❛ don’t worry. i’ll be there for you. ❜  
❛ to say you have my gratitude feels woefully insignificant. ❜  

@tremendousdetectivetheorist and a bunch of other guys gave such lovely feedback on my angst vs fluff question yesterday. So while I’m editing the next chapters for both categories, I hope you’ll enjoy this little piece of silliness and fluff I wrote a couple of months ago.

John Watson was nothing if not a creature of habit, that much I had learned in the initial weeks of our acquaintance. He preferred mealtimes at regular intervals, enjoyed a pipe and a brandy after a particularly trying day and liked to engage with his writing in the evening only. He had great respect for holidays and special occasions and took offense if others treated them with carelessness that bordered on indifference.

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One Last Bite Epilogue: The Problem Pt. 2

Kim Donghan (main) x OC ft. Kim Yongguk, Kwon Hyunbin, and Kim Taedong

genre: Vampire AU

summary: already starting to accept your fate, you suddenly get hit by reality that being a vampire isn’t what it seems. having to adjust to your new, eternal life, you begin to become nervous as you face a couple of obstacles that bothered you. with the help of your boyfriend and his brothers, you come up with ways to help solve everything or else you will have to keep yourself hidden from everyone you loved, including your family.

W!: a bit of profanity, a lil straightforward/suggestive conversation lol

A/N: this marks the end of the One Last Bite series~ will start on the other vampire’s stories soon. c:

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Change of Heart

Authors notes: I’m not really sure where this angst came from tonight…. well, I call it fluffy angst. :) I don’t think I could hurt Newt if my life depended on it. So, I’ll just take it out on Theseus instead. ;) Though he would probably be impossible for me to hurt either. Ugh! Precious little darlings. Anyway, not my BEST work but I stayed up writing it - and I’m posting it as a thank you to all those who have supported me so far. :) You’re amazing. Enjoy!

Oh, let’s be honest: I blame @hiccuphaddockswife


Warnings: none really - just some mentions of war and a bit of a broken heart. 

If there was one person in your life who had never let you down it was the man sitting in front of you right now, sipping contently on his chocolate shake. His name was Theseus Scamander and he was a well known and highly esteemed wizard. During the war, he had become a famous hero — however, you had always seen him as one. For as long as you could remember, Theseus had been your best friend and greatest support. Your paths crossed rather accidentally at the Ministry of magic where you were both employed. You bumped shoulders often, as they say, but it was not until he asked you to coffee that your friendship finally bloomed.

Everyone thought you were dating but they could not have been more mistaken. You were friends, nothing more, yet you were always together. You took walks, shared inside jokes, and attended several events in each other’s company. 

You counted on him - and he was always there. However, during the war, you had drifted apart. What a soldier witnesses on the field of battle is often a life altering event - so depressing and demoralizing that the very man comes back a shadow of what he once was. 

This was Theseus Scamander now. 

He was strong. He was resolute. He was courageous. He was a hero.

Yet, he was broken. 

Deep down within himself he had lost too much. Seen too much. 

This is why the wide smile that crossed his features at the moment surprised you. 


“Yes, dear?”

“Thank you for meeting me today…I…”

“It really is no problem. I was in the area. It has been a long time since we have spoken. How are you?”

You sighed. Now would be time in the past that you would have spilled out every little worry of your heart. Yet, so much had changed. He had changed dramatically and as you fiddled with your straw the realization came - you had changed too. He had his own distress and you had yours. There was no common ground anymore. Just a loss of friendship that was eating you alive. You felt your heart fill with dread. Even though his words were friendly; there was an air of awkwardness above you that had never been there before.

“I’m really… I’m fine.” You stammered, chugging down a large gulp of strawberry shake. It was a lie. He knew it too, but wouldn’t press you for more.

You finished your shakes and stood up, exiting the diner in silent agony. How? How could the years of laughter be gone? How could everything that you had worked for fallen apart? How could the memories of catching fireflies and stargazing just disappear?

You shoved your hands in your pockets and clenched your fists, the tension in your chest felt like it would leap out at him like a fiery dragon.

“Theseus? What happened to us?”

The look on his face surprised you - instead of remorse or remembrance it was cold and unapologetic.

“What did you say?”

“What happened to us….? All of those things we shared… all of those memories of happiness and friendship?”

“The war.”

“Yes… I know. The war!” Your words came out a little harsher than you intended, “A lot of people fought in that war, Theseus. You are not the only one who had to sacrifice and suffer. Maybe I wasn’t on the front lines but I was here - back home - living my own personal war. I received horrible news every day… heart shattering news.”

“What do you want?" 

These four words shattered your heart. You turned away, hot tears burning your cheeks, as you wiped them away with the back of your hand.

"What do you mean – what do I WANT? I want you. I want my friend, Theseus. I NEED him." 

His voice was low and void of emotion, "I am no longer that man.”

Every fiber of your being felt like it was on fire - the atmosphere seemed to fill with black smoke - and the roaring in your ears might as well have been a dragon. You fell to the ground watching the last bit of hope - the last flicker of joy - pivot on his heels and leave you in a dark alleyway, entirely alone. 

Or, so you thought.

“Some hero.” You spat, tucking your knees into your chest and letting the tears flow freely.

“Ex….Excuse me…” A timid voice pierced the darkness and your heart leapt in fear. Your hand wandered to your side, grasping onto your wand. 

“Who - Who’s there?” You replied, “Lumos!” A small glow came from the tip of your wand as you waved it towards the direction of the sound.

“Apologies… you may have sat down on… erm, something of mine.”

Instantly, you realized that the “something” you were sitting on was a leather bound case. How had you not noticed this before? The shock of the moment was enough to send you springing from your sitting position.

“Have you been here long?”

He shook his head, smiling, “No.”

“Oh, sorry. I meant no harm…to your…case.”

“Quite alright. I just have a stray Niffler I am on the hunt for and he is terribly incorrigible, you see.”

“What’s a Niffler?”

“Well - it is a fluffy, black, long-snouted, burrowing creature that has an unhealthy obsession with anything glittery. I can not seem to contain him no matter how many times I find him.”

Amusement filled your heart as you tilted your head, taking a closer look at the man before you, “You’re Newt. Newt Scamander.”

“Yes. Yes. Do I know you?”

“I know - well, I knew - your brother Theseus.”

“[your name]? He used to talk about you. You worked at the Ministry together, right? I thought you had moved to America.”

You smiled slightly, “No. I am still at the Ministry.”

“I never see you.”

“My job is not very glamourous. I mostly deliver messages and make tea.”

“Well, I should probably be off home. It is getting late.”

“Allow me to escort you.”

“It is only a small distance.”

“No lady should be alone at this time of night - especially around here. Who left you alone anyway?”

You shook your head. You were mad at Theseus but had no intention of turning his brother against him too.

Newt grasped his case in one hand and offered you his other arm, which you took gratefully. You were able to take of yourself but it was late and the broken heart you carried weighed heavy on every inch of you. The support of a steady arm was most appreciated.

The walk home began in silence and you wondered if Newt would ever speak. His sea green eyes peered up at you through a mop of cinnamon curls. Millions of freckles dotted his skin and the scent of warm tea and mint entranced you. You swallowed the lump forming in your throat. The two brothers looked so much alike.

Since Newt was silent you finally mustered the courage to ask the common question everyone inquired, “Did you serve in the war?”

Newt smiled gently, “Yes… yes. Mostly on the eastern front. I worked with dragons.”

Dragons. Of course. 

“Dragons? That must have been… quite the experience.”

“It was.” His tone convinced you not to press the subject. 

“Have you enjoyed your work since being home?" 

"Immensely. My greatest joy comes from my creatures. I recently discovered a pair of Billywigs in the south of France. Little buggers are hard to catch but I was successful eventually.” He smiled wide, the wrinkles by his eyes becoming pronounced, and you could not help but smile in response.

“Well, this is it.” You motioned to the door of your apartment, “Thank you for the company. I hope to see you again.”

“He… he does not deserve you.”


Newt rocked back on his heels and held the case in front of him with both hands, nervous eyes darting everywhere but to yours.

“Whoever left you tonight.”

“How did you - ?”

His eyes met yours finally, “I take care of creatures who have been abandoned, beaten, and neglected. I know a broken heart when I see one.”

The rush of a thousand emotions permeated your soul, striking your heart in the very center. You wondered if he had seen Theseus. You wondered if he had heard the words and the crying. His demeanor and eyes gave no clear answer.

“Darling, do not let the experiences and the memories of the past hold you back from making memories of happiness in the future.” Newt chewed on his bottom lip nervously before continuing, “Perhaps tomorrow you will let me introduce you to Frank the Thunderbird?”

This tender wizard melted your heart.

“I’d like that.” You beamed, nodding your head, “I’d really like that.”


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anonymous asked:

How would Bokuto react if he hears his crush say that they can't believe someone would be interested in them like, "me? who would like someone like me?"

I’m getting into the conclusion that Bokuto might be one of my favorite characters to write about. I don’t know why, but I just shamlessly enjoy writting about him.

I think you asked for a formal text describing only his reaction, but I read this and the idea just popped in my head… and I wrote a whole big ass scenario.

Sorry ?

I was between angst, and fluff, and I decided an unexpected-fluff would do. 

So get ready for some Bokuto fluff.


February 14th, better known as Valentine’s Day, one of the most overrated seasonal celebrations known to man. It was such a scam that it didn’t even count as a holiday. You still had to go to school, and go to work.

And despite all of that, Bokuto had become another victim. Cupid had him good. The mythical creature had got its arrow right through his heart. 

He had his own way of doing things. He didn’t do anything halfway. Whenever he did anything, he went all the way. And if he was going to do something romantic, he was going to be the greatest knight with the shiniest armor in the entire kingdom.

That was what made Valentine’s Day the perfect occasion for him to finally give a big hint of his feelings. He had bought an ostentatious bouquet of red roses, and had put a little note with her name, and his signature so she could know who was the bold gentleman behind such gesture.

He was going to arrive earlier than usual to school. He didn’t want anyone to see him with the bouquet. He wanted it to be a surprise. He wanted to make everyone wonder about the flowers. He wanted to make the girls wish someone would do something like that for them. He wanted the boys to wish they had come up with the idea.

Then, she would arrive, all eyes on her as she entered the room. He would witness her face as she realized what was placed upon her desk. Whispers everywhere. She would take the note, and with that voice he had grown fond of she would say his name.

That was the plan in his head, but as he putted the flowers on her desk he felt nauseous, and a wave of shivers took over him. All of a sudden he didn’t feel as confident as he did ten minutes ago. He had never thought of the most important factor of it all.

What if she rejected him?

Suffering of what felt like a panic attack, he took the note and ripped the part where his signature was, and got out of the classroom as fast as his long legs let him.

He waited defeated for a whole hour before heading back to his classroom, and putted on his best poker face. Just as he had imagined, everyone was talking about the mysterious bouquet. He went straight to his seat, and didn’t look back at it. He fixed his eyes on the board ready to leave them there for the rest of the day.

But yet again his plan was ruined by no one else than himself. Someone stood by his side, and a soft voice whispered.

“But what the…”

He lifted his head finding the reason and cause of his current problems. Her face showed nothing but bewilderment. And even with an unpleasant expression, she looked lovely to him.

She walked to her desk, and his heart drummed harder, and harder against his chest with every step she took towards his present.

She inspected the flowers while her expression stayed the same. No smiles, no gasps, only confusion.

“Looks like someone is really into you,” said one of the girls in the class that Bokuto recognized as her friend.

“I’m not even sure they’re for me,” she said. “It must be a mistake.”

“Oh, no mistake. They’re for you. I look into the note attached to it,” said the friend. She only shook her head looking at the note herself. “It seems you have a secret admirer.”

Bokuto had sworn he would keep his gaze straight forward avoiding the mess he had made, but as soon as she had appeared in front of him he felt hypnotized, and his eyes suddenly had their own will and demanded the sight of her.

She slightly frowned. “This is ridiculous.”

“Why? It is cute.”

“Yeah, the flowers are extremely cute. What I mean is that it’s ridiculous someone likes me enough to do this,” she said. If she already had Bokuto’s eyes trapped on her, now his ears were all hers, too.

“Come on, don’t put yourself down like that.”

“Seriously, me? Who would like someone like me?” she bitterly said.

His heart went from beating hard and fast to a sudden stop. Hadn’t she noticed the longing looks he gave to her, and only her? Hadn’t she noticed how much he smiled whenever she said a simple ‘good morning’ to him? Wasn’t she aware that right in that moment he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her? He was in shock. If she was so unlikable, then why was he so head-over-heels for her?

“They even ripped their name from the note,” she continued. “Whoever bought me the flowers regret it instantly.”

The abrupt and loud noise of a desk crashing agasint the floor echoed in the room making everyone jolt in their places.

“That’s not it!” Bokuto blurted. He had stood up so quickly, he had knocked off his desk. She looked at him completely surprised. “The note is ripped because I got too nervous because I really like you!” He couldn’t stand it. He couldn’t just stay there letting her think she wasn’t as magnificent as she was to him.

Her eyes opened wide, and her jaw slowly dropped as a group of gasps filled the room. In matter of seconds both of them registered that he had just confessed to her. Their cheeks tinted crimson red.

“Everyone go sit right now,” said the teacher as she entered the room. Every student quickly moved, but them. Their eyes were locked together. The friend pulled her skirt taking her back to the real world. She picked the flowers with such carefulness Bokuto could feel it as well by only looking. She sitted down. She was still blushing.

“Bokuto-kun, please put the desk in its place, and sit down,” the teacher insisted when she saw he was not moving. He nodded, and with not much effort picked up the desk.

He was still restless. He couldn’t believe he had confessed in such a hurry, and in such a lame way. He felt a couple of taps on his shoulder, and discreetly turned his head. The classmate behind him offered him a small folded paper. He quickly took it, and guarded him between his hands so the teacher wouldn’t see it.

He unfolded it.

‘Let’s talk at lunch time,’ the note said with her name written down the little sentence along a smiley face.

His hands started shaking, and the corners of his mouth widened in what could be the biggest smile he had eve projected. He was no longer on earth. He had gone to space, and was now floating with other celestial bodies.


Thanks for the request! I hope you liked it!


You angrily threw your dead cell phone down onto the dirt.

It was clearly not your day as your car had stopped in the middle of the road earlier. Luckily you were able to steer it to the side causing no accidents, but now you were stranded. Giving up, you sat down on the curb of the sidewalk, watching all the noisy cars pass you by. Your head started to feel heavy from the heat of the bright sun.

A old red convertible stopped right in front of you.

“Need a lift my dear?” A man said with a slight accent.

You looked at him trying to remember where you had seen him before.

Trusting him, you walked towards the car.

“I would really appreciate if you could, kind sir. But I need to get to Lestallum.”

“What a coincidence. That’s where I’m heading as well. Please have a seat” he said leaning over, opening the door of the car for you.

You sat down into his car, the cool air conditioning refreshing you.

He gave you a warm smile and started to drive.

“What brings you to Lestallum?” He asked, glancing at you as he steered the car.

“My work does. My current assignment is to write about the power plant powered by the meteorite. And I would have never reached there on time if weren’t for your help sir.”

“My pleasure, and please call me Ardyn.”

“Chancellor Izunia?”

“Why yes, you have heard of me?”

“Of course I have, in fact I….nevermind.”

“What is the hesitation my dear? Go on,” he insisted.

You had a idea and decided to ask.

“I would be honored if I could write an article about the prestigious Chancellor of Niflheim. If you don’t mind can I interview you?”

He instantly smiled.

“Well, the drive to Lestallum is quite a distance. Perhaps we can start the interview here in the car?”

“Thank you!” You were thrilled he had accepted your request, quickly taking out a pen and notepad from your handbag.

You began to ask him several questions, his witty replies impressing you each time.

Although you thought him being the Chancellor would make it hard for you to talk to him, but that was not the case.

You were noting down all his words until Ardyn suddenly put his foot down on the break stopping the car; almost making you fall forward.

You saw several creatures crossing the street.

“Forgive me my dear. I usually do not get distracted so easily.”

“That’s ok. These creatures love to pop out right when a car is near” you respond, turning towards him. “Ok last question, so being the Chancellor, when do you have time for your wife and family?”

“That is not a problem, as I do not have a spouse or any children.”

You were surprised how a handsome, charming man of his position would still be single.

“I have been alone a very long time.” He said wistfully, opening up his heart a bit to you.

“Oh, I know the feeling” you said relating to him.

“Do you now? Perhaps there is a reason our paths crossed together” he said placing his warm hand over yours, his golden eyes meeting yours for a moment.

It was too quiet all of sudden but you liked what he suggested.

He chuckled and took his hand off of yours.

“Ah, it is just a wish. On we go” he said driving off once the creatures stopped crossing.

You wondered what he just meant but decided not to ask.

Occasionally, you watched him as he drove. His kind face concentrating on the road ahead; his eyes always bright but at times showing a sadness he hid so very well. Remembering his words, you were more then ready to befriend him, if not more.

After a while you both reached Lestallum. The Chancellor parked and you both got out of the car, seeing the majestic meteorite from far away.

“And here is where we both say goodbye. I truly enjoyed our little road trip together” Ardyn said.

“Me too. I would still like to stay in touch” you offered, handing him your business card.

Ardyn was pleasantly surprised, taking the card from your hand.

“Careful my dear. It is not wise to play with fire. I would hate to see you burned” he replied.

“It’s a risk I’m willing to take” you said bravely.

He raised his eyebrow, smirking at you.

“My, my aren’t we eager” He teased.

You looked down, embarrassed. That was not the impression you wanted to give him.

He took your chin between his thumb and forefinger; lifting your head up to meet his gaze. “It is a risk I will most certainly not allow you take” he said firmly.

“Farewell my dear” he said slightly bowing to you and started to walk away.

He was leaving and you had one more chance to get his attention.

“Doesn’t it hurt to be so alone!?” You said raising your voice making sure he could hear you.

Ardyn stopped for a moment, his back still towards you.

“Yes, more than you could ever know” he whispered and left the parking lot.

You didn’t hear any reply back from him, but at least you tried you thought, trying to reassure yourself for just being rejected.

The next morning you were in your hotel room, ironing your clothes for the day. You heard your phone buzzing and quickly walked over to the sofa picking it up. The number on it you didn’t recognize but you still took the call, putting the phone against your ear.


Don't Kill Me. (Bucky Barnes/Winter Solider Imagine)

I was inspired by another imagine, but I do not remember the title/the author because it’s been about three weeks since I’ve read it. 

Soulmate AU: On most people, their soulmate’s first phrase that they say to them is on their left arm, but not Bucky’s. 

I hope you guys enjoy!

Originally posted by sophie-in-the-tardis

When Bucky was younger, he always felt as if he was different from anyone else. Not because eventually he will be different than everyone, but because his soulmate tattoo is on his right arm. Everyone had theirs on their left and had already met their soulmates once they gotten older, but Bucky’s never came around. And what made everything worse was the phrase written on his right wrist. 

But when he was taken by HYDRA, he couldn’t help wonder if the reasoning as to why his tattoo was on his right arm was just fate’s plan. He recalled moments when he would ask his master, “Will you make me hurt her?” But the question was never answered or acknowledged. 

You had been working for Tony Stark for as long as you could remember. You had been working as his personal assistant even before he became Iron Man. When you began being, somewhat, a part of the Avengers Team, you began to wonder if you were taking one more step closer to meeting your soulmate. Tony would tell you that you were delirious but the phrase, “I won’t hurt you,” printed on your wrist said otherwise. You would tell your boss that the phrase seemed to be linked to your job, as your life was often put in danger. 

When you imagined who your soulmate was, you always pictured him to be a man who would save you and assure you that he meant no harm to you. But what you got was something completely different. 

The sirens blared loudly in the Avengers compound. Tony’s face appeared on his hologram video chat. “You need to get to safety immediately, (Y/N).” 

Your first instinct was to lock down your computers. “FRIDAY, security lock please.” You instructed the AI. “Mr. Stark what’s happened?” 

“An intruder. Go to the safe room now!” You got up to your feet, grabbing the gun that was hidden under your desk, and followed his instructions, leaving the room. 

Bucky’s head was cloudy. He had orders. He had to fulfill them. That was how he was trained to do. Kill anyone in your way

There was a soft tapping on the tile flooring. He stopped in his tracks as he registered it to be a woman’s heels. Then you finally came to view. Something felt wrong to Bucky. Seeing you across the hall, looking like a deer caught in headlights, felt wrong. He raised the gun, readying to shoot. But it didn’t feel right. His finger was on the trigger, but he didn’t pull it. He was stopping himself from killing this woman in front of him. 

But you were keen on staying alive and seeing a man with a metal arm and guns pointed at you made you feel like you were about to meet your creator in a few moments. You aimed the pistol as best as you could, granted you weren’t Hawkeye aim approved, and began shooting. His arm raised up, blocking the bullets, and he charged towards you. 

Next thing you knew, you were pressed up against the wall, your gun kicked too far away, and another barrel pointed at your face. Tears were streaming down your face as you said, “Don’t Kill Me.” 

Bucky’s eyes widened. That phrase it seemed familiar to him. His eyes wandered to his flesh arm and saw the words imprinted boldly. He had his finger on the trigger and you closed your eyes, waiting for the end… But it never came. 

He pulled the gun away from you and you opened your eyes to meet his blue ones. “I won’t hurt you.” He whispered. 

It was your turn for your eyes to widen. You looked down at your left wrist and saw the phrase staring at you. “You’re my.-”

Before you could finish your statement, Tony Stark as the Iron man flew by, knocking the super soldier away from you. “Mr. Stark wait!” You called out before Tony was able to shoot a beam at the Winter Soldier. 

“Okay, I knew you loved every living creature out in the world, (Y/N), but he tried to kill you and you seriously want him alive?” Tony questioned, his eyes still on Bucky. “Oh, Cap, is gonna have a heart attack, we finally found his missing person.” 

“He’s my soulmate.” You stated as you went in front of your boss. “Don’t rob me of him, please, Tony.” 

He put his arm down and the Iron Man mask lifted off from his face as he nodded understandingly. You looked back at Bucky and smiled. He returned the gesture. 

Okay maybe you didn’t get the savior you were dreaming of, but maybe you got something much more…

I Just Don’t Know

Originally posted by hardyness

Request:  Okay since you’re flooded with requests, mine is pretty small :). Basically let’s pretend the reader is in the cell with Newt and he’s a nervous wreck (in tears) because of his creatures, so the reader comforts him and gives him so much love?

Notes: This is very short

You had been caught with a Niffler in New York and were being held in a cell until your execution. You heard the door being opened and a man with a blue coat being thrown in with you. He looked very upset and immediately went to sit in the corner.

“Hello there.” You said softly. You just heard soft cries coming from the man. You felt your heart cry out for him and so you went over and sat next to him. “I’m Y/N and I got put in here because they found me with my Niffler Harold and I have a little bag that’s filled with magical creatures that was also taken from me. I’m really scared of what they’ll do with them and you also look like you could use some company.” You rambled. The man turned to face you.

“My creatures were taken too.” The man said tears still falling down his face. “I’m Newt. Newt Scamander, I’m writing a book about magical creatures.”

“Well Mr Newt Scamander, when we get out of here, I think we should team up, help each other.” You said, putting an arm around Newt. He lifted his head.

“When?” Newt questioned.

“I’m currently practicing being an optimist. See there’s so many creatures out there who need our help so we have to live long enough to give it, and I think we will get out.” You said, placing your head on his shoulder. All your emotions just hit you like a truck as a realisation just hit you. “What if they’ve already killed Harold, Newt?” You asked, tears falling down your face. Newt looked at you.

“I don’t know Y/N, I just don’t know.” Newt said helplessly, you turned to each other and jus held each other for dear life. “We’ve just got to keep hoping.” Newt said. Any other magizoologist was a friend to him.

“Do you think it would be okay if we just stayed like this until they come for us?” You asked shyly.

“N-no it would be absolutely fine.” Newt said, caressing your hair. Somehow he just knew that would calm you down a bit. You were tracing circles on the back of his neck which was helping him.

Two-part harmony

Requested by Anonymous: Could you write something about a human narrator singing to the company around the fire and a dwarf (Thorin or Fili or Kili or any dwarf or all of them idk) falling in love with her??

Here you go, my dear anon…I hope it’s what you imagined!

“Blow the Candles Out” – Traditional English folk song. There are probably a hundred different versions, but if you haven’t heard it, you can listen to one here.


The sun was setting as you helped Bombur and Bifur lug the cooking pots back to camp from the riverbank where you had worked together to wash them. The calm, cool, lavender twilight was refreshing after a long day of traveling, and the crackling campfire invited the company to gather around and rest their weary bodies in its warmth.

When at last you went to join the circle of lounging dwarves, Fili caught your eye and quietly spoke up as you approached. “You can sit here if you like,” he gestured to the fallen log where he was seated next to his brother, “it’s close to the fire.”

“Ori! Budge up.” Kili sprang into action, shuffling Ori to a precarious perch at the very end of the log to make room beside Fili, but Ori, already sulky because Kili had accidentally knocked one of his journals into a damp streambed earlier in the day, was having none of it. He scooted himself forcefully against the combined weight of the Durin brothers and huffily reclaimed his place.

“It’s all right,” you said placatingly, settling yourself on a large tree stump beside Dori, who gave you a companionable smile. “I can sit here, it’ll be quite warm enough.”

You could have sworn you saw Kili throw his brother an apologetic look, and you dared to hope that Fili might share your disappointment, but the incident was quickly forgotten as Bofur began a rollicking song, and the small assembly broke out in approving hoots and clapping hands in time with the beat. The rousing dwarvish tunes had been entirely unfamiliar to you when you’d first joined the company as a guide and the lone human among Thorin Oakenshield’s ragtag band of followers, but at this point in the journey you often found yourself quietly humming them as you trudged through the wilderness, and you enjoyed the cheerful evenings at the fireside as much as anyone else.

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On the Anniversary of IRTABFY:

An Open Letter to the Inception Fandom

Hi everyone! Today is a very special day for me - a day where I want to thank all of you. Today, the 24th of January, marks the one year anniversary since the first posting of I’d Rather Take A Bullet for You (Than See You Hurt Again), better known as IRTABFY!

IRTABFY was not my first venture into the Inception fandom, however it’s been the plunge that has submersed me feet first. Since then, I’ve enjoyed where the waves have taken me - and have met a lot of amazing people in the process!

My first-ever fic was actually posted last year on the 22nd of January. It was titled Cat Memes and WonderWall - A.K.A The Phone Mix-up (very high-class, I know). It was a simple texting short that began with this summary:

Eames: My mother wants to meet you, Darling.

She keeps referring to you as, “That nice man who talked to me on your phone, dear.”

I expected no one to read it. Then, overnight, I was overwhelmed by the response. 32 comments, 9 bookmarks? I was stunned. Looking back, I don’t think I would’ve believed you if you told me what I was in for. But we’re getting there.

I’ve read Inception fics ever since the inception (ha, I couldn’t resist) of the fandom. I actually began with Ariadne/Arthur (shh, shh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry) and branched out when I saw the much more popular tag, Arthur/Eames. Needless to say, I fell in love. “You musn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling” has been a quote I’ve touted since 2010, and I’m gratified it’s something I get to share with all of you. I can’t begin to describe how you all have changed me.

It’s not only the AUs, although they are good - Arthur celebrates Hanukkah, runs a coffee shop, does lapdances on the side. Eames is a waiter, then a musician, then a policeman. (Was there artistic cheese and shirtlessness at one point??)

Their relationship morphs through a blur of wonderful reincarnations and twisting red-hot dynamics - always leading toward the breathless singularity that is Arthur+Eames.

It’s not just the headcanons, although they are amazing - Arthur hogs the blankets, Eames has a secret (or not so secret) fascination with dogs, Arthur may or may not keep the apartment ten degrees warmer for a certain lover of Mombasa.

It’s not just the fanart, although all of your postings continually dumbfound me.

It’s the community.

I wrote the first chapter of IRTABFY after I got comments on Cat Memes and WonderWall (sidenote: I have a problem with long titles. I need therapy.) saying how much they liked the portrayal of Eames’ mother. After that, I posted the first chapter of IRTABFY, wrote the ending right after, and wondered what the heck was going to come in between.

And now, after 23 published chapters, 78748 words, 288 comments, 305 kudos, 67 bookmarks, and 6355 hits, I don’t even know what to say. Surprised would be a gross understatement. Nonplussed, perhaps. Flabbergasted. Mystified.

This has already become a dissertation of my love for all of you and this fandom, so I’ll stop here. I am not sure how to convey how much each and every one of you have affected me. You have spurred me to keep writing when I wondered whether I was good enough. You have inspired me with your works. You have provided insight and cute GIFs that reminded me why the Inception fandom is still alive and thriving seven (!!!) years after the release. You have irrevocably altered my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you.

-randombitsofstars <3

A special thanks to a few of the many who have inspired me: @orangebug13 @a-forger-and-a-point-man @briaranise-star @fiamac @corinnetags @pinkys-creature-feature @la-belle-laide @earlgreytea68 @deadbeforeithappens @thingsbeginningwitha @iamanonniemouse @involuntaryorange @inceptionkitties @tweed-and-paisley @youcantsaymylastname @malfunctioningtotem @redtotems @geekasaurus-me @trynx @silverukiss @dreamin-reader @inceptiversary @fuckyeaharthurandeames @dread-pirate-westley @dailyjosephgordonlevitt @freudhood @weltenesche @inceptiversarysocial @nerdherderette

A very special thanks to @domlerrys for her continual support, encouragement, and fanart represented above.

Happy 37th Birthday to my favorite painfully obvious yet still closeted bisexual.

Happy Birthday to that young child who was made to grow up so fast. 

Happy Birthday to that genius who made an EMF reader out of an old Walkman. 

Happy Birthday to the man whose soul shine so bright even in the darkest of places. 

Happy Birthday to the man who is seen as the embodiment of humanity. 

Happy Birthday to the man who can act as brother, guardian, and friend all at once.

Happy Birthday to the guilt ridden mind of a hero who has seen battles enough for two lifetimes.

Happy Birthday to the broken hearted man who has faced so many losses and yet still finds a way to smile. 

Happy Birthday to the man who has made bad decisions for the sake of saving what he had left in the world. 

Happy Birthday to the man who sees himself as nothing but is everything to the holiest of creatures. 

Happy Birthday to the man that sings to classic rock tunes by can get down to some Taylor Swift. 

Happy Birthday to the man who is smooth as can be with the ladies but fumbles like a blushing idiot with the fellas. 

Happy Birthday to a man who looks a his best friend like the world disappears around them. 

Happy Birthday to the man who is still so young at heart. 

Happy Birthday Dean Winchester. 

Love ya man.


She came again,
Sneaking under well manned defences.
Brittle cold fingers
Poking at a sleeping heart,
Finding a piece of dark.
Stirring up the bottom sludge
Until she cried to be held.
Even still I must cradle it
Repellent though she be
I must sit with her
Whining voice and skin
I recoil to touch,
to find beauty beneath
The ugly and love it.
It is the only way to ease
Her mournful mewing.
My friend You speak of beauty
Yet this creature Belongs to me,
Dwells within the murky place
And needs attending to,
Demands feeding and nurturing
To be listened to
To be noticed
To be loved.

Venus Crow.

Who you are (Harry - Requested)


Hey guys! It took me a hell lot of more hours to type this then I actually planed to. I had to take a break every 15 minutes to rest my eyes because they’re falling out haha. Tomorrow I’ll post two Niall stories, another Harry  and my first Liam story, so yeah lot of work, but hey it’s Saturday and I got no life woo!

And I’m not the one who asks this kind of things but can you please tell me if my stories are okay? Because I don’t feel like people like them that much (sure there’s couple of you who send me such a wonderful comments, and I’m beyond thankful), I have so many ideas for stories now I just wanna be sure that there’s someone who actually likes them.I love you guys <3

Huge thank you to my “bestest” friend in the world who helped me with Harry’s monologue at the end of the story since she’s more the romantic one and I’m more…..whatever I am hahah

Since I was a teenager, I (for some reason) was shy around boys. Every time a guy passes by me, I get anxious and near to panic attack. Maybe it’s because I was one of the “nerds” back in the days, but that shy side of me still remained the same. I never had a relationships longer then few months, I was living in fear that I wasn’t good enough, that my partner will find someone prettier, with better body, social, someone who can easily open up to him. I‘m (still) so scared that will happen, even after all this years, I just build up this kind of wall because I don’t want to give my heart to someone and for him to return it in pieces. But that somewhat change that I met him.
Harry is the real model of what the perfect man is for me. Not just for his beautiful green eyes, long locks and that gorgeous smile, but for the person that he truly is. His charm, humor, love for every living creature and life in general, wisdom, intelligence, kindness, adventurous spirit and many more things is what attractive to me. He’s true modern Prince Charming.
We’re not official yet, but I can feel in my bones that this is going to last as we both shall live.

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