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now that i finished constantine (hell of a good show 10/10 would recommend btw) i finally started re-watching knb and i’m already on episode 14 and i knew that aomine was gonna say “kagami taiga darou?” any second and then i saw his hand and i thought i would inwardly screech but i actually outwardly screeched when he said it oh my god anime ruined my life

Just... Let me try to explain...ok

I have deleted some of my art or a few of my post. Now before you ask why please note that I was looking over them and I just didn’t think it was good enough or look right to me. I wanted to start out fresh a bit and have a whole new me I will even probably change my persona idk…yet still debating on that choice. I just…didn’t want them on my blog when they don’t look the way I thought they would. Over the past I really didn’t appreciate the fact that my art was a little bit all over the place, and I’m sorry. I hope u guys could understand what I’m trying to put out and what I’m try to do. It’s just…wasn’t me when I look at it and I wanted that to change. If your reading this thank you for understanding I appreciate it I also wanted to thank you people for supporting through out the year or month too. Shout out to the following people: @livelox25 @kitzycats @pru-x-can @divagirl03-me @crazyartgirl101 or @crazyartgirl102 @adriana-bishop-alb @realdracotheshetposter @scribble-monster @opinion1534 and @dcverse2 you guys are the best…thank you I love you very much I’m glad to have each and everyone of you by my side and hear your hilarious jokes and c you enjoying your day as well you’ve have pushed me to become stronger and more determined and inspired that I don’t know how to thank you in a stronger way for that being said you guy a truly the reason why i became myself today and I hope in the future that I still have you guys around~ JayBay…out✌💜

Dramatic Madness

For this, I have thought very hard before even attempting to write. The last thing I want to do is cause offense to anyone but I am one who tries to avoid trouble in all forms. Feel free to message me over anything.  This post may lose followers, may gain followers. Who knows? And who cares? Should you unfollow over it, I wish you well. Its your choice. Also I’d like to stress that this is all my opinion on things and I know some will agree, some will not. We are all human beings and therefore we cannot please everyone. For every lover of what we say or do, there will always be a hater. So to answer the question “Why post something if you know its not all correct?” I answer with this. Its just an opinion. Opinions are both right and wrong depending on the topic of choice. Even within facts we can find lies and even within lies we can find facts, hence the term ‘half truths’ or exaggerations if you will.

Whats the point of this post anyway? Well, from what I have been told and what I have seen, there has been a lot of drama going on. Not just in RP (where it belongs) but overall drama. Recent example is the Aretha Franklin thing that happened. I won’t name names nor will I tag anyone but I want to make it clear that the post in question was made with love. And its personally one of my favourite Bowie moments. We stated that it wasn’t right that she appeared to snub him. I believe she didn’t mean to hurt his feelings but failed to think about how he might have been feeling. Anyway, that said, I have also seen recently how some people aren’t keen on Iman. Therefore they don’t wish to have pictures of her on their blog. Me personally? I’m not keen on her or Angie. Do I still have pictures on my blog? Yes. But that is my choice. Now there are anons asking a blogger the same question over and over again (albeit differently worded ever so slightly) and to quote Mod Bowie I just think it has to stop now. One of the phrases I always use is “Why bother asking a question you already know the answer to?”

Your blog is your blog and it should remain so. So long as its not hateful or hurtful, you should be able to post and reblog whatever you wish. Without people questioning it too much. This site has a lot of drama including (though I won’t go into it) Sexualities, genders, race and don’t get me started on politics! But as far as the Bowie fandom goes, there’s far too much drama. It never used to be this way not from how I remember it. We come on here to pay tribute to a great man who has helped us all in many ways, similar and different. Pictures get posted and reposted. A very wonderful person pointed out to me that they’re all online and therefore public domain. Though I do agree that its kinda silly to repost when you can just reblog. But over all we’re here to celebrate David Bowie. Shouldn’t really matter how we do so. And as someone else pointed out, not liking Iman does not make you any less a Bowie fan. We all have favourite periods of his career but that doesn’t mean we don’t love the rest of it. Like with me, I love Diamond Dogs/Thin White Duke era best but man, I can’t say no to Ziggy nor could I shy away from Reality if I tried. The bottom line is while there is clearly a love that grows more and more every day for a wonderfully talented performer, there is also a strange kind of dark cloud (for lack of a better description) growing over us too because of all this drama. 

Lets all just love Bowie in all the wonderful ways we do! Pictures, gifs, RP no matter how so, you be you and only post what you want! So long as nothing hateful is said about this person or that person in his life, there really shouldn’t be so much craziness like there seems to be. To quote Station To Station “Its too late to be hateful!”

*‘mcg*nji’s way better than mchanzo, hanzo doesn’t deserve jesse, genji>hanzo, mchanzo doesn’t even make since, etc’*

my petty, hanzo/mchanzo loving ass:

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I'm a neutral but have followed your blog for quite some time bc S&C are adorable together (for me, no matter the context) and I liked your posts. I hope you don't jump back on the ship. Not bc I think you're crazy or whatever other mean things people say, but bc I doubt the shenanigans will stop. Not to tell you what to do AT ALL. Your blog, your choice. I just hate seeing people bullied. I still love your blog and hope you get more positive messages than assholish ones.

Thank you! I have no intention of jumping back on board unless something substantial happens. It’s not worth the heartache otherwise.

Shouhei has a day off rehearsals tomorrow, so he wants to go and see a show!

Since they’ve been airing Ghibli movies on nationwide television lately in a Ghibli festival of sorts, he’s been watching them as they aired.  He was reminded that Howl is his favorite, and being able to see the movie, he’s fallen in love with Howl all over again.  

I’m sorry if my blog is all over the place (not rlly) but Tumblr is the only place where I actually talk about things I care about and where I can express myself cuz ppl irl really don’t care lol so thanks for putting up with my shit


Last year’s Vytal festival was the best night of Yang’s life. She felt like it should have been the day her parents got back together, or when she first met little baby Ruby, but it wasn’t. The best night of her life was covered in neon and fireworks, a woman in black with eyes made of gold, the title of champion, and enough alcohol to free both of them from their indecisive prisons.

I wanted to do something cooler but bleh, can’t.

Anyway, let me please direct you to this fanfic called Choice: A RWBY College AU by booking-and-blogging

[summary] After Ruby Rose lost her mother opportunities were slim until the Long family stepped in. Now in a new college, new country, new home, with new people she has all the opportunities in the world. All she has to do is chose.

It’s main ship is Whiterose and has a really great sidestory of Bumbleby.

It’s angsty, funny, fluffy, cute, and well written. Check it out cause it’s really worth the read.

Breeder: Ok so the puppies should be born around march 15th

Me: *Goes to check every day if there’s any news on their website since march 3th*

Thank you, everyone, for 2000 followers! To celebrate, here is a collage of Oku faces that I’ve drawn over the past year or so. (I like this collage also because you can see me getting my confidence back art-wise. :333) 

I know that not all of you are porn/spam blogs, because I’ve read all sorts of sweet tags and chatted with a lot of you and spammed appreciative tags on your posts. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have met so many cool and nice people on Tumblr! <3


ballet investigation, start!

  • ahiru, super high school level ornithologist!!! that’s why she has binoculars. some people think she’s so good with birds its like she can communicate with them. she just giggles a little at that and never denies it. then she launches into a long spiel about how birds communicate and she’s so bright-eyed and so excited that you can’t leave no matter how much you hate birds
  • fakir, shsl children’s book writer. parents go to his readings at public libraries and are like. wtf. i didnt sign up for this teenage boy??? how does he write such wholesome stories for my kids. and fakir just glares at the children. sit down. but then he reads and he’s ok. he softens up after a while to the kids he’s not terrible. (he’s tried writing other types of stories before but he can’t)
  • rue, shsl primadonna!!! she’s the only true ballerina. she’s beauty. she’s grace. she’s ms. united states (is ballet her true passion tho??? ooh mystery ooh)

(rue, why aren’t you transparent? ahiru is wondering. fakir is pissed. and rue refuses to answer)