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I’d like to say I drew these around a year and a half apart from each other and boy look at that difference. Lex, sweetheart, I’m sorry I drew you so awkwardly, I promise to do better from now on love.

Little One: High School Proms

Reader x Kol Mikaelson


Imagine: You and Kol are hooking up at Mystic Falls High School when your siblings, Damon and Stefan, followed up by Klaus and Rebekah Mikaelson, burst in and almost ruin the night.

*Requested: “I love Little One. It would be great if you write the next part. For example a school party. Klaus and Rebekah want to hurt Elena. Stefan and Damon looking for Elena. But they in one of the classrooms found Kol between thighs their sister. They just prefer to each other than family drama.


So if you had a great time writing the request, may I ask a follow-up romance Salvatore-Mikaelson? I would be delighted :D

Word Count: 1859

“This is so stupid!”

Caroline Forbes, one of Elena’s best friends, had organised a huge event at the Mystic Falls High School to celebrate something you did not bother to know. People were talking about it all over town, most of them going crazy over clothes, shoes, drinks and all that teenage crap. You always found those things extremely lame and boring. But, of course, Damon and Stefan forced you to smile and accept the invitation to go to the party. Ever since they found out about your relationship with Kol Mikaelson, they were following you around, just to make sure you would never be one second alone and go off to meet him.

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” Damon said, winking, and you scoffed. “Look, I like this just as much as you do. But I’m doing it to protect Elena. Klaus is still chasing after her and he could be really dangerous.”

“I know that, Damon, I lived with him for over twenty years.” You said, while putting on a pair of high heels.

The vampire narrowed his electric blue eyes, gazing at you annoyed. Almost as if he did not want to remember you spent so many time with the Mikaelsons.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes.” You smiled, spinning around in front of him. “What do you think?”

Damon swiftly lost the angry traits and quirked an eyebrow, analysing your choice of clothing. As you did not care nor have enough time to go shopping, you had to pick one of your old dresses. It was nothing extraordinary, but did a pretty good job on flattering your every curve; plus, the gown had a considerable cleavage. Definitely the kind of dress it would make Kol freak out and be all jealous over you.

“Too sexy for the teenage boys to handle.”

“Well, thank you, mister. You don’t look bad yourself.”

“As much as I love spending time with you, we need get going. It’s almost nine.”

“You’re right.” You giggled. “Off to the car.”

Damon offered his arm and you gladly accepted, marching to the car as a couple of old friends. While he drove to the school, you could not help but think of how much you loved your siblings. Although you hated how overprotective they were, in the end of the day, Damon and Stefan would always have your back, always helping you in anything you needed and understanding your choices, even the ones they did not approve it. Dating Kol was one of those.

You sighed, placing your hands in your knees.

“Are you okay, Y/N?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Why do you look like somebody died or so?”

A laugh came out of your lips and you faced your brother, stroking lightly his face.

“I just missed you. And Stefan too.”

“Who knew Y/N Salvatore had real feelings?”

“Oh, come on Damon! Don’t spoil the moment.”

“I missed you too, sis.” He kissed your cheek. “How about we get inside? If I’m right, things will get wild in a little.”

“Oh, fuck, the blood smells so yummy from here!“ You said, jumping out of the car.

“Just be cautious and don’t let anyone see you, okay?”

“I will, don’t worry.”

Inside, you could see couples dancing to a soft ballad, it was actually kind of cute. It got you remembering how much Kol loved to spin you around and pull you close, singing in your ear. A smile grew in your face and you walked towards the bar, anything with alcohol seemed a great call for the moment. However, before you could get there, a guy stopped you.

“Hi there, gorgeous.”

“Do I know you?” You asked, awkwardly.

“No, I don’t think so. But I’d love to.” He took your hand, kissing it. “I’m James, by the way.”

“I’m Y/N.”

“How about I pay you a drink?”

How about you be my drink?” you thought, flashing a wide smile.

“Sounds nice.”

James turned out to be a nice lad, even though he was definitely not your type. Nearly got you guilty for seducing him just to feed. You had to shake your head to focus on what he was saying and not demonstrate you were annoyed to be there. The only thoughts in your mind were that you had to get him out of the crowd, finally enjoy the time you lost on him by tasting his blood and make it fast enough so your boyfriend would not catch you with him. Kol could be really nasty when he was jealous and, since his siblings, Klaus and Rebekah, were after Elena, the family would probably show up.

“Can we go somewhere private?” You questioned, wearing your best smile.

“Sure. There’s a bunch of empty classes we could use.”


It took only a few minutes to escape the noisy party. The teenage boy placed his hands on your shoulders and kissed your neck. You spun around and faced him. He pulled you closer, squeezing the skin of your waist. You felt like a snake, watching your pray approach to finally attack it.

“You’re so beautiful…”

Before he could lean in and kiss you, somebody ripped him off and threw him on the ground.

“You do not mess with somebody else’s girlfriend, mate!”

Kol!” You yelled, pulling your boyfriend away from the other guy. You knelt before James and looked deep in his eyes, compelling him to stay there and not scream.

“What were you doing with that guy? Why he had his filthy hands on you?”

“I was just going to feed, darling.”

“Did you have to let him touch you?”

“I’m not going to argue with you over this any more. What are you doing here?”


“Your psycho siblings are after my brother’s girlfriend.”

“Jackpot!” His devilish smirk showed up, as he slowly walked to you to place a kiss on your lips. “I missed you, babe.”

“Me too.”

“So, do you still fancy a drink?”

“Always, honey.”

Kol chuckled and pushed opened one of the classroom, quickly getting inside. With the door completely open, you dragged James through it and sat him on the teacher’s chair. The boy whimpered scared, but the compulsion did not allow him to do any further, just await to a likely death. You parted his legs, placing yourself in the middle and bending to get the best spot on his neck. He smelt so good and the alcohol on his blood would only make it better. Ultimately, you sunk your teeth on him, spilling the red liquid and calming your thirst.

“You look so sexy when you’re feeding, love.“ 

The brown haired Mikaelson caressed your hair, observing closely your movements. Eventually, you dropped the young man, pretty much dead, on the floor and stood up, facing your boyfriend. The blood was dripping, leisurely staining your chin and slithering through your cleavage. You knew how much Kol loved to see you like this: dominant and strong. A lethal weapon against his sanity.

"Don’t you want have a taste?” You whispered in deep, filled with lust, voice.

“Oh yeah.” He replied, claiming your lips with his. “Shit, your mouth tastes so good, darling…”

You only hummed against his mouth, your hands pulling a lock of his hair aggressively. Kol laughed, kissing the soft skin on your neck, his tongue wiping out the traces of blood from it. Your body was way more responsive than usual and a couple of small strangled noises slipped.

“This is not, oh…” He found your wet core, circling small figure eights on it. “Fair!”

Mikaelson stopped the movements beneath your skirt and firmly grabbed your hips, turning you around and bending you against the table. You struggled to breathe, feeling his length hard on you.

“You drive me crazy, Y/N.” He smacked your ass, making you groan. “I just want to fuck you until you’re senseless.”

“Damn it! Stop teasing me!”

“Y/N.” You glanced back, staring at him. “Can you stand up for me?”

“I can try.” Both of you giggled.

Kol gave you a hand, helping you to get back on your feet again. He smashed his lips onto yours one more time before sitting you on the room’s desk.

“Now what are you going to do?”

“Stick my head between your legs and eat you out until you beg.”

“Uh, you had me on the eat out part.”

The sweet chocolate eyed Mikaelson smirked, a hint of mischief infused in his irises. He knelt in front of you, grabbing your feet and rubbing it softly. Small shudders spread across your form. You screwed your eyes shut and let out a girlish moan.

“I want to hear you screaming my name, love.”

“I thought you were supposed to make me beg.”

He opened your legs, kissing your inner thighs. Kol pulled playfully your panties’ waistband, which made you bit your lips. Your core was so warm and wet that got you anxious for his direct touch. It was almost hurting.

“Stop fooling me around, Kol Mikaelson.”

“Couldn’t you wait, love? Such a hurried kitten!”

You rolled your eyes, shaking your head. Mikaelson took of your knickers and went for it. He darted out his tongue throughout your entrance, suckling your folds and placing delicate kisses on the soft skin. His touch was simply delicious. Kol always got you desiring more and more.

“Oh, Kol.”

“Y/N?” You heard Damon’s voice calling out. “Are you here?”

You have to be kidding me!”

“Y/N?” It was Stefan’s time to reach for you.

Kol stopped what he was doing and raised his look to meet yours. But, before you could say anything, Stefan and Damon bursted into the place. Followed up by Klaus and Rebekah. “Oh, God, why can’t I have sex with my boyfriend? Is this some kind of punishment?”, you thought coming down from the table and facing the astonished look from the trespassers.

“What do you want?”

“We need to find Elena!” Stefan said, worried out and ignoring the whole situation you were in. “She’s gone and doesn’t answer her phone.”

“This is all your fault!”

“I need her, mate. I wouldn’t bloody hurt her.” Klaus retorted Damon’s statement.

“But Rebekah would.”

"Oi! Don’t talk like I’m not here!”

You exchanged a look with Kol. Both of you hated that family drama and could not care less about Elena Gilbert’s whereabouts. You sighed, hearing the fight become louder.

“Can you just shut up?” You yelled, narrowing your eyes. “This is not the place for that kinda argument.”

“But Y/N…”

“For fuck’s sake, I want to shag my boyfriend. Am I asking too much?”

“Ew!” A chorus emitted, whilst frowning. “OK, this is entirely irrelevant.“ Klaus snorted. "Are you going to come with us and look for the doppelgänger?” “I’m sorry, Nik, but I’m with Y/N. I couldn’t care less about Elena Gilbert.”

“So, all of you, leave. Right now.”

You are not bossing me around!” The Original Hybrid growled.“I’ll do what I want.”

“Niklaus, I’m not going to argue with you.”

He raised an eyebrow and Rebekah opened her mouth to say something.

“Nor with you, Rebekah. Now, go off to find Elena or whatever, just leave us out, okay?”

“I’m not leaving you alone with him.” Damon pouted.

“We already had that conversation. He’s my boyfriend, suck it in.”


“No “but”! Out of here.“

Kol was standing against the table, arms crossed and a proud grin on his lips. After everyone left, you ran to his arms, hooking your legs around his waist. The man laughed and you kissed him.

"Now, where were we?”

Request: Deal breaker

Request: Can you do an imagine where you and happy are married with 2 toddlers and you find out he cheats on you so take the kids and leave and he can’t find you the ending fluffy?

I named the kids, I hope you don’t mind. Another sad imagine, please don’t hate the writer.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: cheating

Originally posted by samcroimagine


I began to hang around Samcro in one of those rare calm phases, when club was doing good and just working hard. Despite all the warnings about his nickname, reputation and the fact he didn’t do romance, I fell for Happy Lowman. I couldn’t help it, there was just something about him that attracted me like a magnet. No, it hadn’t been love at first sight though, and we weren’t that close in the beginning. Happy wasn’t looking for romance and I wasn’t expecting flowers and serenades. We were looking for a partner, just someone to walk by our side after disappointments and getting tired of solitude.

We were in the same page, and when we realized it, our relationship evolved. We began to date, open up to each other and Happy showed me a new side of him. I understood then; he was capable of romance, but his own kind and shown by his actions. We were in love and got married in a beautiful spring night. A year later, our son, Gabriel, was born to become his dad’s proud and a while later Penelope came to be Happy’s joy.

Our life was simple and good, and we were happy; but nothing can remain untouched or not affected by the Samcro life forever. Happy tried to keep me in the dark for a while, but an old lady just know, on her heart, when something is going wrong. My husband spending less time at home wasn’t helping either. I had never put my feet at Redwoody, but there I was, looking for my husband after two nights that he hadn’t come back home. I also had nothing against Lyla, but as the person running the place and the first one I saw, she was an inevitable target. Her eyes, big as plates, told I wasn’t supposed to be there and something would hurt me if I kept walking inside the studio.

“Where is he Lyla?”, I kept my voice down. One thing I had learnt from Happy Lowman was that a low and monotonous tone not always means calm. She begged and tried to stop me, but I ignored Lyla. I found them. The girl, asleep on a couch, wearing his shirt and my husband’s clothes on the floor as I heard the shower in the bathroom next door.

“Y/N”, Lyla followed me as I turned around and marched out of that place. She was talking, but I wasn’t listening. All I wanted to do was go back home, pack my things and take my kids with me to far from that town. As I said, nothing was perfect around Samcro and neither was my plan, because I bumped into Jax and Chibs on my way out.

“What is going on?”, the MC President creased his brow as he noticed the angry me and the desperate Lyla. I took off my weeding band and put it on Jax’s hand.

“Please, give it back to Happy”

Happy’s POV

“What is this?”, Happy asked as Jax put a ring on his hand.

“She told me to give it back to you”, his brother grimaced as he recognized the ring as Y/N’s wedding band. Happy looked around, confused and met Lyla’s sad eyes.

“She wouldn’t listen to me or stop”, the girl whispered, “Y/N saw you and…”

He didn’t listen the rest of it, Happy stormed out the studio and hopped onto his bike. Jax and Chibs followed him as he rode toward his house. This wasn’t him, Happy had let things get under his skin and he couldn’t regret it more. Club always had come first and it had been overwhelming lately, he had been hiding his clothes covered in blood from Y/N, not wanting to bring it inside his house, close to his kids. However, he had done it, in his attempt to stay away from home to protect his family, he had made a mistake that could make him lose everything.

“Y/N!”, Happy yelled as walked upstairs. He haven’t heard his children’s voices and the rooms were a mess. She had packed in a hurry. He went downstairs again; Jax and Chibs were standing on his living room and watching as Happy dialed Juice’s number, “Track down Y/N’s phone. NOW!”

“What do you wanna do brother?”, Jax asked, watching Happy closely.

“Mom”, he barked and stormed outside. They rode, as fast as they could, to Happy mother’s house. Y/N was close to his mom and kids absolutely loved their abuela. He just had parked his bike when Juice called back.

“No sign of her man”, the boy said, “I’ll keep trying for the phone and her credit card”

Happy didn’t answer and his mother was already coming to meet him, followed by a worried caretaker, trying to get her inside again. He had no choice but to tell her what had happened. As much as his mother loved him, she wasn’t blind to her son’s mistakes and scolded Happy as he was a little boy.

“You bring mis nietos back!”, she just barked and went back inside. Happy, Jax and Chibs tried everywhere; Venus’ and Donna’s houses and even Gemma’s. Y/N was nowhere to be found. He was getting desperate as the night fell, wondering if his kids where asking for daddy and if their mother already had taken them miles away.

Happy haven’t slept and Gemma was sadly looking at him as she poured a cup of coffee. Juice hadn’t had success in tracking Y/N and he was out of ideas where she might have gone. Happy opened his wallet and looked at the pictures; one of his family, Y/N, Gabriel and Penelope, and another one of him and Y/N in front of their house. They just had moved from her first apartment to a bigger house to start their family. Y/N still had the apartment though, she had rent it, but nobody had been living there in months. Suddenly, Happy had an idea and without telling it to anybody, he hopped onto his bike again.


My old apartment was a good place to hide. Happy had moved in as soon as we got married and the place was perfect for us, but our family would grow with Gabriel and we needed a bigger house. Happy wanted a yard for his son to play and maybe a dog too. I had insisted in keeping the apartment though, it had been a present from my father and I didn’t want to sell it. I rent it, but it had been empty for months. It only had a bed with an old mattress, but it would be enough for us until I decide what to do.

I had thrown my phone away, so Juice couldn’t track it and I had money, I wouldn’t have to use my credit card so soon. I bought food and kids were still sleeping. I had been staring at my new burner phone, thinking if it was a good idea to call my mother, who lived in Nevada. I was about to get up and wake up the kids when someone opened the front door. I looked around for my purse and the gun inside it, but I stopped when I saw my husband standing there.

“Y/N”, Happy let out a relieved sigh and walked toward me. I held out a hand to stop him.

“Kids are sleeping”, I whispered and he nodded. We never had been the kind of couple that would argue for the neighborhood to listen. Actually, we weren’t the kind of couple that argued at all.

“You worried me, I had been looking for you”, Yes, I could see the signs of a sleepless night on his eyes. I wanted to hug him, feel those arms around me again, but Happy had hurt me.

“I saw you with that girl”, I crossed my arms and walked backwards, putting distance between us. I saw his jaw twitch, Happy had said once that he never wanted to scare me, make me run from him.

“Y/N”, he begged, letting me know how desperate he was. Happy Lowman never begged.

“Were you drunk?”, I cut him off.

“No”, he answered. I had to ask, it wouldn’t make me forgive him, but I need a reason, anything to help me understand, “I have no excuse for what I did. Club business had been taking the best of me, I didn’t want to bring it inside our house, to our children lives, so I stayed away. It had been a tough day again, I was pissed off and then she was there, pushing me and I… I…”

“I’ve never thought you would do something like this to me Hap”, my voice was breaking, I hadn’t cried yet, I had to be strong for my children, “Trust is so damn important to you”

“You have no idea how sorry I am”, Happy grimaced and he looked almost in pain, “I would give anything to go back in time and undo this”

I couldn’t hold back anymore, I let the tears flow. Happy pulled me to his embrace, held me close and tight. I felt his lips brushing mine. In the past, it would have been enough to lead us to our bedroom. In the present, it just made me feel a lump on my throat and I pulled back, “You know I can’t forgive you Hap”

“Babe”, he whispered, still holding me, “We always have been able to talk and work things out”

“Not in this case Hap”, I opened my hands over his chest, feeling his heart beating fast and I gently pushed him away, “I can’t, cheating is a deal breaker”

“The kids”, I heard Happy’s voice break for the first time since I had met him.

“I’m not taking them away from you”, I assured him. I couldn’t do it, my children need their father. It would be a mistake to run away with them, I realized it when I saw Happy’s misery, “I just need time”

“You can go back to our house”, he swallowed, “I’m going to the clubhouse”

“Hap…”, I started.

“No, no arguing about this babe”, he sadly smiled, “I won’t let you or the kids here. You deserve a good place. I’d be damned if I not provide for my family”

We looked at each other for a moment, both breathing deeply. Happy pulled me to him and hugged me tight again. Our children woke up and we took them back to our house. Happy told them he had to work. We had decided to wait and explain to them what was actually happening later. He packed as I distracted Gabriel and Penelope on the living room. He kissed both goodbye and I walked him to the door.

“You can come over to see them anytime”, I hugged myself, as I was trying to keep me from breaking into a million pieces.

“I will”, Happy reached for my arms and caressed them, “You can call me anytime if you need anything, absolutely anything”

“I know Hap, I know”, I nodded and stood on my tiptoes to kiss his cheek, “I’m still your friend you know, I care about you”

“I care about you a lot too little girl”, he whispered and kissed my forehead, his lips lingering on my skin, “I’m still your best friend and I will always be here for you. Always”

do you think that Dean sometimes thinks about Cas completely sub-consciously? like he’s not even aware of it? like maybe some nights he’s tossing in his bed, half awake, half asleep, for hours on end, one second he’s thinking about burritos, the next about Cas, the next he has no idea what he was just thinking about. you know that state.

and the next morning he’s pumping himself up with like three mugs of coffee walking around the Bunker’s kitchen like a zombie and when Cas walks in he says, ‘couldn’t sleep at all last night’ and Cas is like, ‘I know’ and they just look at each other and they just know.

and then Dean blushes the most outrageous shade of red and tries to hide behind his mug because dammit, even if he tried to stop thinking about Cas, his thoughts always run to him anyway and he can’t help it, okay?!

His Mates...Your Ex?

“Maybe we can just do this another day…” I glance at the door nervously.

“Y/N, you’ve put this off three times. The boys are going to think you hate them,” Joe chuckles, giving my hand a squeeze.

“Caspar knows I like him.”

“Caspar is only one of them. You need to meet the others.”

“But what if they don’t like me?” I ask, eyes wide.

“They’ll love you. Now, can we knock?” My boyfriend asks, and I finally nod, biting my lip as he does.

A moment later the door swing open, revealing a tall ginger.

“I’ve been waiting for you to knock for like five minutes.” He laughs, stepping aside so Joe and I can move into the flat.

“Sorry, she was a bit nervous.” Joe explains, and I shoot him a look before smiling up at the other man.

“No need to be nervous.” He reassures me. “I’m Josh by the way.”


“Come on in, the others are waiting.” Josh leads us further into the flat, and I feel my nerves escalate as I walk into the living room to see four other boys sitting on the couch, three of who are unfamiliar.

“Y/N!” Caspar jumps out of his seat, rushing over to hug me tightly. “You’re finally here!”

“Hi Caspar.” I laugh softly, patting his back.

“Remember buddy, she needs to breath.” Joe’s voice carries over to me, and Caspar pulls back, an apologetic smile on his face.


“It’s fine.” I tell him before he bounces back to his seat.

“Boys, this is Y/N. Y/N, these are the boys.” Joe begins to point at each one, naming them. “We have Josh, who you just met. Conor, Mikey, Oli, and of course, Caspar.” Then he looks around, before turning back to Conor. “Where’s your brother?”

“Right here!” A voice calls out, and its familiar to me, one I hadn’t heard in nearly two years.

I spin around, and my eyes widen as they fall on the person entering the room.



I blink in surprise before Jack moves forward, laughing as he sweeps me into a tight hug. “Holy shit.” He mumbles into my ear, and I can’t help but laugh as well, hugging him in return.

When we pull apart, he steps back, his eyes moving up and down my body.

“Still looking good as ever, I see.”

I feel my face grow warm and roll my eyes.

“Still a charmer, I see.”

“Always, babe.” Jack winks over at me.

Someone clearing their throat behind me draws my attention back to why we’re here, and I turn to look over at Joe, who’s watching the two of us intently.

“You two know each other, then.” He steps forward, his arm snaking around my waist. Jack’s eyes drop down to the movement before he meets Joe’s gaze.

“Ah, this is the girlfriend you wanted to introduce to us.”

“Yeah. This is Y/N. But you know that.”

“Yup. I do.” Jack chuckles lightly, and I feel Joe’s grip tighten on me slightly.

“How do you two know each other?” Joe asks tightly.

“Well, Jack is actually my ex.” I explain, watching Joe’s face for his reaction.

“Wait, this is the Y/N that left you?” Conor calls out, glancing from Jack to me. “Shit.”

Jack just shrugs, an easy smile still on his face. “This is her.”

“You left him?” Joe asks, glancing down at me, but I can feel his body relax slightly.

“Yeah, we just didn’t mesh.” I wrinkle my nose as I think back to when Jack and I dated. “We stayed in touch for a while, but then he moved.”

“And now you’re dating one of my best mates! How small the world is.” Jack shakes his head.

“Small indeed.” I reply.

“It’s not going to be weird, is it?” Joe questions, glancing over at Jack.

“No worries.” Jack tells him, “Unless you hurt her. Then you’ll have to worry.”

“And you?” Joe asks me, but I just smile up at him before I lift on to my toes, kissing him softly.

“Not weird at all. Besides, you are much better looking than Jack.”

“Oi, I heard that!”

“Good.” Joe and I say in unison, the rest of the group laughing.

Day 2

This is my second drabble for 30 days of writing, based on the prompt “You took medicine for your allergies that made you all loopy”. (cue adorably snuggly Liam)

(help me by sending me prompts!)


It’s one of those early days of spring, weather just above too cold, the crisp air easy to breathe. Well, for Zayn at least. Liam? He’s having troubles.

Zayn,” Liam whines, hanging on Zayn’s shoulder. “Why are we still outside?”

Zayn sighs. “I’m writing, babe. You know good weather always inspires me. Gotta make the most of it, yeah?”

Zayn’s sitting on a bench in the small park across from their apartment complex, Liam by his side. The notebook in his lap weighs heavy, as though the words he’s written the last forty minutes added several pounds. It would make sense, Zayn thinks, because his mind feels significantly lighter.

“I’m about ready to go inside, though. Wanna move?” he asks Liam, but Liam only groans in response. Zayn can hear him sniffling, almost in tune with the birds chirping around them. “You okay, Li?” Zayn asks, concerned.

“Ugh, no.” Liam rubs his nose with the sleeve of his hoodie, squeezing his eyes shut. “Can’t breathe.” He burrows further into Zayn’s side, humming gently.

“Forgot your allergy meds this morning?” Zayn runs his hand through Liam’s hair, and is awarded with a sweet sigh that tickles his throat.

“Nope. I took them. Took a double dose, actually. ’S just bad today.” Liam groans and sits up straight, grabbing Zayn’s hand. “I hate pollen. I hate trees and flowers and grass and the sun. Fuck the sun for making shit grow.” He stands up and pulls Zayn’s hand impatiently. “Get me inside, Zayn.”

Zayn laughs at him, but stands up as well. He gathers his things in his arm, before turning back to Liam. He nearly laughs at him again, when he sees the faraway look on his face. His eyes are half closed, a soft smile grazing his lips. He’s adorable with his messy, unkempt hair and red nose. There’s a shine to his eyes, no doubt caused by his strong meds (and he took a double dose, the idiot, no wonder he’s looking all woozy).

Liam clings onto Zayn’s arm the entire walk back, smiling lazily and humming under his breath. As soon as they get back to their shared apartment Liam flops down on the sofa opening his arms wide.

“Come snuggle with me, Zed.” Zayn sighs and shakes his head, fondly.

“You’re ridiculous, babe.” He settles down in Liam’s arms, shuffles until their legs are tangled and foreheads brushing. “You remember what the doc told you when he gave you prescription drugs?”

Liam doesn’t even bother to respond, simply buries his nose in Zayn’s hair and exhales sleepily.

“Prescription drugs, babe. Twice as strong.”

“Love you too, Zayn.”

Sick Little Puppy

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Request//  Hi! Can you you write an imagine were Liam is sick and the reader looks after him, just lots if fluff? Xx

Dancing around the kitchen to my favourite song Castle by Halsey, I was making my breakfast. Pancakes, I decided to change them up this time by making Chocolate Pancakes, I grabbed the Flour whilst spinning round kinda making a mini snow storm, I took the coco powder and placed that with the flour, Sugar to make them as sweet as possible even though it wouldn’t be healthy you loved making them, I also grabbed the eggs whilst juggling them trying my best not to drop them and make a massive mess, I gathered up all the other ingredients and mixed them up into a bowl still dancing, I turned up the music loud. The smell out chocolate filled my whole house, I could live off the smell of them, it was the most delightful smell ever. 

I placed them on to a red plate and grabbed myself a glass of Water and sat down at the dining table. I was eating alone as both of my parents were both at work. I eat my wonderful pancakes I made as read though all my social media, Nothing good had happened while I slept, so I locked my phone and let my breakfast settle before I started cleaning up the kitchen. After 5 minutes I grabbed my plate and headed into the kitchen to realize the mess I had made, there was flour everywhere, I had no idea how I could make that much mess making a few pancakes. I started to tidy up but I felt my phone buzz in my jacket pocket. It was a message of you boyfriend Liam.

Message: Baby I think I am Dying! Xxx

This was the message I read. My breathing felt like it stopped, I panicked, the mess could wait till later, Liam needed me right now, and I am not going to let him die. I grabbed my shoes and ran out the door, nearly forgetting to lock it. I sprinted to Liam’s house with a million thought flying through my head. What happened to him? Why was He dying? These thought’s scared you even more, I shook my head and kept running without stopping. I reached Liam’s house and grabbed the spare key what he gave you and ran straight up to his bedroom, and he was curled up under his duvet on his bed.

“Baby, i’m here, It’s okay, Where are you hurt?” I rambled on going out of my mind.

“I’m not hurt babe, I’m sick” Liam replied, as he sounded as he was losing his voice.

“So your not dying?” I questioned slowly catching my breath after I ran for what felt like 100 miles. 

“You could at least elaborate on what was up Li, I literally thought you were dying, I was preparing myself for the worst” I laugh, not being able to stay mad at him at he looked so cute wrapped up in bed.

“Anyway, I am here to look after you, so what seems to be the problem babe?” I asked, placing the back of my hand on Liam’s forehead to find that he was burning up.

“I have this pounding headache, my throat is so sore, I think I have a cold and my stomach is killing me” Liam complained, now seeing his whole face, his nose was so red like Rudolf . 

“Well don’t you worry baby, I will take care of you and make you all better” I tell him kissing his forehead. I went down to the kitchen and made him some soup, it was nothing compared to my chocolate pancakes I made this morning but it will help him get better, and that’s what we both wanted. I poured the soup into a Blue bowl, and poured him a glass of orange juice. The I carried them up begin extra careful not to spill orange juice on me or even worse the scorching hot soup. But I succeeded, and didn’t spill one single drop, as you walked into Liam’s room, he was beginning to unravel him self from his covers to sit up.

“Here you go, this will make you feel a little better” I handed him the bowl whilst placing the glass on his bed stand. I sat on the side of his bed.

“Babe?” Liam asked as he began coughing.

“Yeah?” I asked back 

“How am I suppose to eat this?” Liam questioned and I began to get confused, I swear he still had a brain.

“Babe, with your month, like you always eat” I told him.

“I know that silly, but you forgot the spoon” He laughed.

“Ohhh, I will be right back” You got up off the bed and kissed his forehead.After I realised what I had done, I went back to the kitchen, and grabbed him a spoon, I also grabbed some pain killers and some cough medicine and cough sweets.

When I went back up to Liam’s room, I saw him shot into the bathroom about to be sick,I put down everything that I got and went to him. I stayed with him rubbing his back and handing him tissue. Then I helped him get back into bed, fluffing up his pillows and making him comfy then I handed the spoon to Liam, and asked him if he needed anything else.

“Could you lay with me please baby?” He asked giving me the puppy dog face and I couldn’t resist,I kicked of my shoes and got into bed with Liam. When he finished his soup we swapped the bowl for the orange juice then I gave him the medicine I got him. He then snuggled up to me and I turned on a film. We lay there in quite watching the film, We had it on quite so it didn’t make Liam’s head worse. The odd couple times Liam would blow his nose making it better to breath again, but I would just pull him back into my embrace, and we would both snuggle together, just relaxing not wanting to do anything.

I began to feel Liam drifting off to sleep. His eye lids kept shutting,but he kept trying to fight it.

“Baby, you would feel a lot better if you go to sleep” I tell him as I kissed his forehead. I scooted down so we both were lay down and comfy and Liam rested his head on my chest and I ran my fingers though his hair. Before I know it, the only thing to be heard was soft snores to be heard, but before Liam fell fast asleep he said “Thank you for looking after me Y/N, I love you so much” Then he finally fell fast asleep.

“I love you to Li”

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How you doing honey? You're blog is still as beautiful as always btw :)

well, hey there, babe, i’m doing okay. i just finished the semester and moved back home, so things are going alright. :-) thank you so much, i’m so glad you still enjoy the blog. i hope you’re doing well, sweet pea :’)

A Date (Jimin Fluff)

You were in the midst of getting ready for a night out with Jimin. You finally got to spend time with him while he was free. You slipped on your dress, the dress long and draped.

You feel self conscious about your dress, fearing the shape wasn’t good on you. You were searching for something else when Jimin walked in.

“Babe, have you seen- Y/N are you looking for something else?”

He walked up to me, probably enjoyed the height difference we still had and I just spoke simply.

“I just thought this dress wasn’t nice enough, so I’m gonna-”

He put a finger on my lips and I looked at him, confused.

“Babe, the dress looks perfect- you look perfect. If we had the time, I would show you how perfect you are but that’s for later.” He added a wink at the end.

“Here.” You grabbed his cuff links off the side table and he smiled. He kissed your forehead and you beamed.

“You know me so well.” He finished getting dressed and you checked over yourself one more time, Jimin never forgetting to say how beautiful you are.

The drive to the restaurant was short which you both appreciated as you were hungry and so was he.

“Shall we?” He opened your door for you and helped you out before locking the car.

The restaurant was huge, the foyer itself was impressive. Jimin hadn’t left go of your hand when he was talking to the hostess. She seemed bugged by it but he ignored it.

“This way.” She said, dully and gave us a table on the balcony. Jimin had a hand on your back, cautious of you tripping or falling.

“Thank you.” You whispered to him in which he replied how he was supposed to protect you.

“You really do look beautiful.”

“Jimin, you flatter me too much. You, of course are as handsome as ever.”

He reached for your hand again, rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand. His skin was soft, and it made you feel at peace with him rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand.

He always did that to make you feel calm.

“Welcome to Annisa, may I have your order?” A waiter came, his eyes were on you. Jimin cleared his throat, taking notice of the waiter’s wandering eyes immediately.

“I’ll have the beef Wellington. Baby, what would you like?“ He emphasized clearly, shooting down the waiter for me.

“I’ll have the angel hair pasta with chicken, please.”

The waiter nodded, going directly to the kitchen. You kicked him under the table, seeing him wince in pain.

“Ow. Y/N, your kicks already hurt but why did you have to wear heels?” He whined.

“Jimin, you were so assertive with him. Relax a little.” You weren’t going to admit that you loved when he was overprotective of you but sometimes it felt like any male looking at you made him a bit jealous.

“You still have me, remember that.”
“I’m not going to lose you, I promise.”
You two kept talking until your food arrived. He kept staring at your pasta, making little comments at how good it looked.

“Here.” You fed him some which he happily ate.

“So it’s fair.” He fed a bite of his beef Wellington and enjoyed how well done it was.

The atmosphere was perfect, you and Jimin felt like it was only you two here. The music playing throughout the restaurant changed to your favourite piano arrangement of Nocturne Op.9 No.2 by Chopin.

“May I have this dance, Y/N?” He smiles cutely and you took him hand. He led you down the stairs and you two made it to the empty dance floor.

You followed his lead, with every step. You both moved with such grace and elegance. The music was dulled out by how invested you were into Jimin.

You focused on how he looked at you, his eyes never leaving you for a second. Your heart felt like it was being churned and you returned his longing stare.

You remembered where you were when you heard loud applause.

“Look babe, they noticed us.” He said nonchalantly and you playfully hit his arm.

“Why is my face so hot? Ah…” You were fully blushing, you haven’t danced outside of those last night dancing you did with Jimin to all the music you both loved.

“So cute.” He kissed your cheek before taking you back up to the balcony. Couples leaving the same balcony complimented how well you two looked together and how graceful you both were.

“You were amazing.” You blushed again, to his satisfaction and your inability to properly take compliments.

“I just followed your lead, Jimin that’s all.” You meekly responded and the waiter came back with your bill along with your dessert of red velvet cake.

“This cake isn’t as sweet as you” You said, taking the first bite. Jimin gave the waiter his card quickly, not letting you see the total.

“Feed me some, please.” You fed him some and he smiled. The richness of the red velvet was something you both loved very much.

Upon finishing the slice of cake, the waiter returned with Jimin’s card and you left.

“Wasn’t tonight perfect?”

“Not as perfect as you.”

“Do you plan on drowning me in compliments to make me blush permanently?”

He helped you out the car again, holding your hand as you walked inside the condominium. You pushed the elevator button and waited with him, still continuing the conversation.

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t love the pink shade your cheeks turn when you blush and how clumsy you become. You have such a cute stutter.”
“Why do I love you so much?”

“We can’t leave without each other. Or at least, I can’t live without you.”

You kissed his cheek, the elevator doors opening as you did. You two were close together in the empty elevator.

He unlocked the door to the condo, your living room seeming more inviting than usual.

“Is my baby tired?” He said as you yawned entering the room. He locked the door behind him and followed you to the bedroom.

“You’re staying tonight?” You asked, he would sometimes go back to the dorm with the boys but he nodded.

You wiped off all your makeup and started removing your jewelry by them.

“I’m spending all my free time with you, of course.” He said, taking off his shirt.

“Babe, I still have work.”

“You always support me, I’ll support you.”

“Don’t make anything, please. I don’t want the fire department to remember our number.” He pouted when you said that, last time he tried cooking. That day, he tried to make you some pasta and burned it badly.

“I wanted you to relax.” You were now both in your sleepwear, you in one of his old shirts that covered you and him in just his boxers.

“I know you did. You always do.”


He kissed you, putting a hand in your hair. Your lips moved in sync to his, not missing a single movement. It was pure bliss when he kissed you.

The taste of red velvet was still on his lips, making you hungry for more. The thought of that made you blush and he pulled away to caress your cheek.

“I love you.” He said sincerely, looking you directly in the eyes. He kissed your lips softly before pulling you closer to him. Your head rested against him and you fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

It was perfect.

Singer’s Automotive (Part 7 of Mechanic!Dean)

Ever have a day, or week, where everything that can possibly go wrong does? Ever get rescued by someone you can’t resist?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Summary: You and Dean manage to work it out, but does that actually mean smooth sailing from now on?

Word Count: 3100ish

Warnings: smut, angst

A/N: I’m still sorry. As always, thanks to my Mishka ( @abaddonwithyall )  , the babe-iest babe on Tumblr, for letting me use some of her real life events in this story. Again, I encourage you to wonder which parts are Jess’ life and which parts are made up. It’s a fun game!

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