still 19 days

19 years later...
  • Ron: So that's little Scorpius.
  • Harry: Yes. He's quite adorable, actually.
  • Ron: How would you know?
  • Harry: He comes to our house a lot... to play with Albus.
  • Ron: He does?
  • Harry: Yeah. Draco usually accompanies him... to play with me.
  • Ron: Draco? Since when do you call him Draco? And what do you mean, 'play'?
  • Harry: Usually Quidditch.
  • Ron: Oh thank god! For a minute there I thought-
  • Harry: We usually do it in the shower afterwards.
  • Ron: WHAT?
  • Harry: *snickering* Ginny always chastises us for being too loud.
  • Ron: *turning to Ginny* How can you be okay with this?
  • Ginny: *shrugs* Who am I to stand in the way of true love?
  • Draco: *walking up to them* Potter!
  • Harry: Malfoy! *starts making out with him passionately*
  • Ron: *just stares*
  • James: Bloody buggar! Dad is making out with Mr. Malfoy... again! Guys, it's been like ten minutes since you last snogged! Get a grip!
  • Albus: Come on, Dad! Not on the platform.
  • Lily: Mum, I think it's time you found a boyfriend, too. Dad seems really happy.
  • Ginny: He really does, doesn't he, honey?
  • Ron: *still staring*
  • Draco: *grabs Harry's arse*
  • Ron: *getting close to a heart attack*
  • Me: *smiling contentedly* All was well.

Old先 is more than 19 Days and 19 Days is more than He Tian and Mo Guan Shan. I get that a lot of people love the tianshan ship, myself included, but there is so much more going on in the story than their relationship. I can’t even begin to explain how frustrating it is to go to the tag every few days and see people getting upset at her for not updating, for updating with a chapter of only Jian Yi and Zheng Xi, or updating Mosspaca instead. Her portfolio is so much more vast than people are giving her credit for. Read “Mosspaca Advertising Department.” Buy her art book. Follow her weibo. Buy “Joker Danny” and try to find a translation. “The Specific Heat Capacity of Love” is available to read online, translated and everything.

Be grateful that she even continues to work on 19 Days when she could have stopped after she lost her inspiration. Send her positive messages on her twitter or weibo with thanks for working so hard. I get the frustration of your ship not being included in an update, no matter how canon it is or isn’t. But Old Xian is more than 19 Days and 19 Days is more than He Tian and Mo Guan Shan.

day 19: identity slip up

out-of-context ladrien makeouts ahoy!!!

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Yeah so I feel like I sort of owe you guys a legitimate attempt at Snowbaz after spamming you with a torrent of Voltron garbage.

[mini fic] rising upside down: beginning [1/3]

he tian x mo guan shan

tags/notes: angst, swearing, allusions to sex, inspired by this song, artwork i commissioned by robnemmon, and a recent conversation with @19daysruinedmylife.

synopsis: jian yi disappears on the second day of high school. how does he tian tell guan shan that he’s going too? on ao3.

‘Let’s stop a second,’ He Tian says.

They stop.

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Noticed how He Tian changed during the manga. 

He started as a complete jerk. But he seemed really lonely. Emotionless. 

After his first meeting with Mo Guan Shan 

Anger is a first response. But He Tian started to notice the small details of his behavior. 

After the kiss he was confused. It was important for He Tian to know what Mo feels. 

Because he cares

He is not alone now 

And now he feels… happy?