still 19 days

Noticed how He Tian changed during the manga. 

He started as a complete jerk. But he seemed really lonely. Emotionless. 

After his first meeting with Mo Guan Shan 

Anger is a first response. But He Tian started to notice the small details of his behavior. 

After the kiss he was confused. It was important for He Tian to know what Mo feels. 

Because he cares

He is not alone now 

And now he feels… happy?

Remember when Jian Yi and Zhang Zheng Xi used to looked like this?

Our main gays that made us fell in love with the great 19 days series. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

That time when we all thought He Tian would be the third person?


And who would ever forget Momo’s nonexistent brows?

We’ve all come a veeeery long way~ 

(Especially Momo, overcoming those under developed brows (♡´艸`))

I just couldn’t resist after the new update. I loved it so much and I hope Old Xian knows how much her work means to us. 19 days is a fucking blessing, my heart jumps whenever I re-read it.

(Have an older He Tian and Mo Guan Shan cuz I hope they’ll end up together, stay a (gorgeous stupid bitch ass) couple for the rest of their lives and love each other like idiots. I have this headcanon that Satan-Tian has this scars on his neck and hand and proudly shows them off cuz he protected his property back then. Btw, dunno what He Tian did this time to piss Momo off, but I bet it wasn’t just a dick pic XD )

And a Niffler in a Gold Tree


I’ll give Jessica credit, she really goes all out with Christmas cards. She’s doing howlers that sing “12 Days of Christmas” with the next verse mailing each day.

“But Jonathan,” I hear you saying, “We are still 19 days away.”

I know, she’s been sending them since the first, and the verses are progressively getting stranger and stranger. I’m almost afraid to see what gifts the two fictional “True Loves” are getting for each other in the last few days.

more than an analysis of the new chapter this is just me screaming about it because i loved it and i need to talk with you guys about it, so let’s go!!

  • i don’t know where to begin with the flashback, i loved it so so so much and i don’t think i will ever recover from smol he tian saving puppies from danger [clutches chest], but im very grateful to old xian for showing this part of he tian’s character, because it helps us see where he comes from and the motivations behind some of his actions. we’ve actually seen him trying help guan shan with the money issues before, and i think that this might be what he really wants to do, to help and save people, but he often doesn’t know how to do it, so he ends up making mistakes, and while this is not an excuse for the way he acted sometimes, it also makes us see that it comes from a good place
  • im going to need so many more flashbacks about he tian’s past from now on, because srsly, he is such an interesting character and i want to understand him so badly, and see how his relationship with his brother was in the past just made me even more curious. what happened between them? what pulled them apart? i wonder if it’s possible that it happened because he tian’s brother decided to get involved into mafia affairs while he tian didn’t want to, and maybe he felt betrayed by his brother’s choice?

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Imagine She Li about to dodge He Tian’s fist but then he spots Jian Yi somewhere in the crowd and wow he can’t take his eyes off him and He Tian punches him like ‘where the fuck you looking at, my hand is here’. And She Li just sits there on the ground, palming his painful cheek all disappointed in himself ‘shit he just saw how uncool I am, there goes my chance’.