teen wolf au: chuck :: a very late birthday present for amanda 

stiles stilinski was leading a normal, boring life working a dead end job in beacon hills, ca.; when one night he recieves a mysterious email, and the next thing he knows, he’s the Intersect, some super mental computer created by all those government agencies that have acronyms. now, he has two handlers from two agencies that don’t trust the other and he and his best friend, scott have found themselves shoved into a world of adventure that they had only dreamt of before. 


Scott  - “Lock Your Doors”

You’re Stiles’ sister who he’s quite protective of. For a while now, you’ve been dating Scott secretly, behind your brother’s back. | GIF credit to scottiles and stilinskimoles |


Once you heard the doorbell ring downstairs, you smiled happily, running down to go answer it. You and Scott head planned a nice evening together to watch movies and hang out. Lately, with everything going on, the two of you hadn’t had time to just be alone together. For over a month, you two had been in a secret relationship. Well, it wasn’t exactly secret, because Lydia, Isaac, Allison, and basically all of your friends knew about it, except your brother Stiles. Stiles was Scott’s very best friend. The three of you had grown up around each other. You’d always had a crush on Scott, and just a month ago he had admitted to liking you as well, and alas, the relationship. It was almost impossible to be alone, because Stiles always wanted to hang out as well, meaning that you and Scott had to be “just friends.” If Stiles figured out, then he’d freak out, you knew it, because you were his little sister who was apparently too good for any man, even his best friend. Plus, the two of you were pretty sure Stiles would feel third wheeled or left out, and that was the last thing you wanted; you loved your brother, after all.

                Your hand was on the doorknob, ready to open it. It was exciting; your dad had a late shift and Stiles was spending time catching up on homework with Lydia, meaning you’d have the house to yourself for a few hours without your family ever knowing. Scott stood on your doorstep, his classic dopey grin spread wide on his face, his eyes lighting up as he saw you.

                “Hey,” he said, holding up a bag of cookies. “When my mom heard I was coming over, she made me take these. So, yeah, we have some cookies.”

                You smiled, lightly pulling him inside by his coat zipper, “Tell your mom, thank you, later.”

                He closed the front door, and you unzipped his coat for him. “My mom loves you,” he smiled. “She also said sorry that she doesn’t invite you over for dinner more often. She just is so busy with her work shifts.”

                “I understand. She’s like a mother to me, so she shouldn’t feel bad.” You took his hands in yours, welcoming him into your home, making sure he felt comfortable like he usually did. It’s just that you hadn’t had alone time in over a week, and not kissing him was sort of hard.

                Fortunately, he walked closer to you, his arms moving around your hips while his hands rested on the small of your back. He slowly leaned down to press a long awaited kiss on your lips.  You let your hands move to the back of his head, your fingers playing in his hair as he kissed you. “Want to watch that movie?” He muttered against your lip, before kissing you quickly again.

                “Yea. Sure,” you nodded taking him over to the couch, but you don’t even get the movie on. Instead, you pushed him down on the couch cushions, and then climbed on top of him to kiss him again.

Stiles’ POV:

                I forgot my notes and half of my science project at home. Who forgets a whole half of a science project? Me, that’s who. I couldn’t get anything done without the notes and everything, so I had to go back home quickly to grab my things. Lydia was a little annoyed, but she would get over it. Quickly, I parked my Jeep in the driveway, almost crashing into Scott’s motorbike that I did not notice sitting in the driveway. Hmm, Scott was visiting, how come I wasn’t invited?

I shift around the cap on my head, walking to the front door. I go to grab the keys from my pocket, but crap, they weren’t there. Wow, was I on a roll. I decide on going for a knock until I look inside and see them on the couch… Lips connected and on top of each other, oh god oh god. My eyes widen. Scott and (Y/N)?! I step back quickly, but trip on the front porch’s stairs, knocking over one of my mom’s flower pots, which causes it to shatter, loudly.

                Obviously, they heard me, as Scott was standing by the door in a panic, flashing his wolf fangs at me until he realized that it was just plain old Stiles, being an idiot. I waved awkwardly from the ground as (YN) cut past Scott, opening the front door to run down the steps and help me to my feet.

                “Stiles, what are you doing?” She asks, going to pick up what was left of the flower pot; I knew I’d have to clean that up later.

                I wipe off the dirt from my butt, not wanting to look at her nor Scott, “I um, I was coming to grab the parts of my project that I’d left at home, and uh… I fell… and I, um…”

                “You saw us, didn’t you,” Scott groaned, not asking it as a question because he already knew the answer.

                I nodded, touching my face in frustration. “Uh, yeah. That’s not exactly what I’d expected to come home to, I guess?”

                “I’m sorry,” (Y/N)’s eyes widened. “We wanted to tell you, just-”

                “Oh my god. You wanted to tell me, as in this was going on for a while now?” I rolled my eyes, thinking about all the little signs I’d been oblivious to. “God, you’re my little sister! And you,” I pointed to Scott, “That’s my little sister. Mr. Uneven Jaw Line, what do you have to say about yourself?”

                “My jaw line is not uneven!” Scott sighed, completely ignoring everything else I had to say.

                “Yeah, it kind of is. But don’t worry, I like it,” (Y/N) smiled, her fingers intertwined with his.

                “Ew. Oh my god,” I made a face.

                They quickly moved away from each other and mutter in sync, “Sorry.”

                “Okay, so, listen, I just want to grab my project. You can continue with whatever you were doing, but please, dear god, don’t you ever, and I mean ever, kiss or hold hands or be all… weird… around me, ever again.

                (Y/N) smiled hopefully. It would take some getting used to, but I guessed that I could get over it eventually. They would make a sort of nice couple. “So, you’re fine with this?” (Y/N) asks.

                She really did look happy. Scott smiled down at her; I recognized that smile, it was the same one I’d given Lydia for years, it was the “hopelessly in love, puppy dog eyes” smile, except Scott was actually receiving one back, unlike me. “Yeah. Just seriously-”

                “No kissing or being "cute” around you. Of course,“ Scott nodded at me.

                "I’ll be home in three hours. And Scott, you need to get the hell out of here before I get home. Alright, have a nice time you two,” I gave them a lame thumbs up.

                (Y/N) smiled like an idiot and run towards me, embracing me in one of her sisterly hugs. I can’t help but hug back. There was no reason to be mad about anything; Scott was a good guy, my best friend, and (Y/N) was a smart girl, there was no need to worry about the two of them. “I’ll see you later, alright?” I mumble into my sister’s hair.

                “See you tomorrow, Stiles,” Scott smiles awkwardly, giving me a little fist bump. “And uh, thanks.”

                I nod back, “Yeah yeah.”