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Grant Gustin

I’ll Still Love You No Matter What

But You’re Gorgeous

But You’re Still My Favorite  


Wait, They’re Dating?!

Wouldn’t Plan On It

My Little Nerd

I’m Glad I Caught Feelings

I Want To Fall For You More Every Single Day For The Rest Of My Life

Bless The Soul Who Made Twitter  

In Sickness And In Health

I Love Her Just The Way She Is

I Love Her More

All That Matters Is That I Love Her

Celebrity Crush

Tom Holland

Just Friends 

Tidal Wave (personal favorite)

Beat Of Your Hearts 

Best Gift (warning: this imagine is a little crappy okay. Just putting that out there)

Harrison Osterfield

I’m A One Guy Type Of Girl.

Daniel Sharman

It’s Ice To See You Again

Barry Allen/The Flash

It’s Going To Be Okay   Part Two

Getting Jealous When Iris Is Around Barry

Those Are Just Stories, This Is Your Reality

Cisco and Barry after Barry Just Successfully Asked You Out On A Date

Two Lightning Bolts (personal favorite)

That’s My Daughter, Allen  

I Can’t Help That I Love You

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Just In Time

I Do  


I Remembered That I Love You  

I’m Not Jealous!   

Dangerous  Part Two  Part Three

It’s Better This Way

I Can’t Bare To Lose You

I’ll Take You Up On That

The Chair Isn’t The Only Thing That Fell For You

Can I Say Something Crazy?

Why Can’t You See That I Love You?

The Proper Term Is Boyfriend

You’re Not Alone

Along The Way

I Lost Her

You Aren’t Dying, You Idiot

I’ll Always Come Back For You

Speedy Recovery

Stop Denying What I Feel

Didn’t See That Coming, Cupid

When Two Worlds Collide


Don’t Let Go

You Already Did

In Any Timeline and In Any World, I’m In Love with You

As Fast As You

Engage Into An Argument

Try Harder To Be Discreet

Ray Palmer/The Atom

Likewise, Raymond

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Then Let Me  

Harrison Wells

But I Can’t Love You Anymore (Eobard!Wells)

Sebastian Smythe 

Then Ask Me

I Thought I Was The Mean One

Harry Potter

Jealously Suits You

That’s My Boy

Immature, Jealous, Lovestruck Twit

Bucky Barnes/Winter Solider

I’m Not Crazy


Please Remember Me

Don’t Kill Me

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Captain’s Log

Peter Parker/Spiderman

Was He Hot? Very

For How Long?!

Show Me The Ropes… Er… Webs.

Stuck In Her Time Of Death. 

Liam Dunbar 

Wait You Kidnapped Him? (Also a Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

Derek Hale

Protecting what’s His (personal favorite)

Are You Seriously Proposing Right Now? 

Peter Hale

Demon’s Got Game

Dating The Devil

Numbers Don’t Define Mate

Isaac Lahey

I’ll Never Be Her

Scott McCall

It Was Perfect

Still Beautiful

That Should Say McCall (personal favorite)

Jordan Parrish

You’re A Banshee Now

Theo Raeken

Let Me Clear Something Up Then…

Why Do You Keep Apologizing!  Part Two

I Promise.

Stiles Stilinski

I Just Care About You

Wait You Kidnapped Him? (Also a Liam Dunbar Imagine)  

Why Hello There… (Void!Stiles)

I Don’t Need A Love Spell To Fall In Love With You

This Isn’t You

I Remember

A Lonely New Years

Candy-(Peter Hale)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Prompt no. 8: “Please, let me scare some kids. Just a few I promise.”

Quick drabbble!

Word Count: 715

Pairing: Peter Hale x Reader, Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski

I do a little twirl in front of the full-length mirror, admiring the way my cape flows down to my ankles. Peter refused to let me wear heels, not wanting me to be taller than him, so flats it has to be. I thought I’d have to beg him to do Halloween with me this year, to decorate the loft with cobwebs and fake tombstones, and to welcome trick-or-treaters. But turns out, he’d already planned everything out.The two of us have decided to somehow co-ordinate costumes this year, me going as a vampire and him going as a, well, a werewolf. Which is not fair, he literally is one. 

“It’s going to be hard keeping my hands off of you all night if you look like that.” Peter’s voice comes from the doorway of our room, his arms crossed over his chest and a smirk on his lips. He’s wearing a white shirt and jeans, nothing out of the ordinary. He’ll probably pull his werewolf face when needed, I don’t doubt it. 

I walk past him and send him a quick wink, before heading down into the kitchen where Derek and Stiles are talking quietly by the fridge. Derek isn’t dressed up, but Stiles is dressed as Luke from Star Wars. There’s an unopened chewbacca costume on the counter. I put two and two together. 

“You promised, Derek.” Stiles huffs, glaring at his boyfriend who looks less than amused by Stiles’s choice of costume. 

“Stiles, for the last time, I’m not going to dress up. Period.” Derek huffs and turns around to face us, rolling his eyes. The two barely have arguments, but when they do, it’s about petty little things like what toaster bread to buy.

“(Y/N)! The voice of rationality and reason. Tell Derek he won’t look like a hairy ape in that costume.” Stiles raises his hands above his head, eyes begging me. The thought of seeing Derek in that costume would be pretty amusing.

“I think you should dress up, it’ll be fun! And I’m sure you don’t want to disappoint Stiles.” I grin at Derek teasingly, knowing fine well he’ll do anything to keep his boyfriend happy. 

“Thanks a lot, (Y/N).” Derek glares at me and snatches the costume off the table bitterly before stalking to his room, Stiles following. 

Peter comes up beside me, looking at the bowl of sweets with heart eyes. But no, they’re for the kids that decide to come to the door. Good costumes get extra candy, and the ones who don’t run away screaming at Peter’s werewolf self get the whole bowl.

Just as Peter’s about to take one, there’s a knock on the door and hushed laughing. Ah, the first batch of kids are here. 

Peter turns to me with an evil smile. “Can I scare them?” He asks, giddy like the children awaiting their treats. I raise my brows at the older man. Is he for real?

“Peter, I don’t think you’ll scare them. You’ll give them a heart-attack!” I grin at my boyfriend, who’s almost jumping up and down with joy at the thought of scaring little kids. 

“ Please, let me scare some kids. Just a few I promise.” He begs, literally whining. It’s kind of adorable, in a way I wouldn’t expect it to be. 

I roll my eyes and nod for him to go ahead and he basically bounces to the door. I turn around to watch.

Peter swings the door open, normal face, and when the kids yell trick or treat he flashes his fangs, eyes changing and all. He roars as he transforms his face into the one of a wolf, and the kids begin screaming. They shriek as they run away, dropping their candy. 

He turns back to me, a proud smile on his face. Before closing the door, he picks up the sacks with candy and sets them on the counter triumphantly. 

“Look at that, we got free candy!” He exclaims in excitement, already sorting through to see what he’s managed to steal. A proud smile appears on my face, I’m glad he’s enjoying himself, with the Alpha pack in town and all the other problems.

Maybe doing Halloween wasn’t such a bad idea after all. And we don’t even have to go trick or treating to get free candy.

Fill the void (Pt. 3)


*Sorry this is kinda short but I got back really late from vaycay and I wanted to get you guys an update as fast as possible and this was all I had finished. I’m working really hard on getting the series completed and I’m working on two other fics and a request. Please let me know about anything you want me to write. I love writing for you guys.


Originally posted by arma-gedon

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kirst’s future sterek fics

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Teen Wolf

Derek Hale

 Baby Steps

Stiles Stilinski

I have your Superman underwear  


Bucky Barnes- ( Trigger Warning- Anxiety and Panic Attacks) Hold Me Closer


Jughead Jones

Sickly Sweet Part 1 Part 2

I Think I Love You

Birthday Treat

Helping Hand

Study Session

Oh How The Seasons Change

I Adore You

Saudade - Part One. Smut

Author: mystic-biscuit
Rating: 18+ NSFW
Words: 3051

Notes: YAY! New series. I’m not sure how long this will be, as of right now it might be a long one. The smut in this is pretty mild compared to some of my other stuff and I get kinda sappy. @dumbass-stilinskiis amazing, she past tensed my flashback cause i’m a turd.

I hope you guys like it. I think its gunna be alot of fun to write :)

Saudade: a deep emotional state of melancholic longing for a person or thing that is absent

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#39. I believed that nothing could ever replace it. And that belief lasted for forty eight hours.

Teen Wolf: Stiles Stilinski

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I’m no longer writing for The 100 and The Flash because I haven’t seen the latest season. I’m not writing Teen Wolf at the moment, but I’ll be writing for them again once the season 6 started.

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Sciles through the seasons - the pilot

withinofdreams  asked:

Do you have any theories of why Coach had drinking problems and what or who helped him with it?

Not really. Nothing solid at least. However I do find it peculiar that most of the non-supernatural male adults seem to have abused alcohol in the past. Sheriff Stilinski, Agent McCall, Coach Finstock and Adrian Harris. I hesitate to label them all alcoholics. I don’t think we have enough evidence to give all of them that diagnosis. 

But it’s a pattern, and we know how much Jeff likes his patterns after all. And if one’s an incident, two’s a coincident and three’s a pattern, then what’s four? 

Just for kicks let’s run through them. I do like to ramble on about these kinds of things :)

Sheriff Stilinski

I don’t think sheriff Stilinski qualifies as an alcoholic. But he clearly has gone through a period in his life when he drank more than he should. Probably it’s in relation to Claudia’s illness and death. 

We have the moment in 2x09 Party Guessed where Stiles, high on Lydia’s wolfsbane punch hallucinates his dad crashing the party, bottle of whiskey in hand and accusations raining over him. 

Sheriff: Why am I wearing black? What are you, an idiot? I just came from a funeral. You know, people wear black at funerals. 
Kid: Dude, chill. It was just 
Sheriff: Get out of my face. It’s you. It’s all you. You know, every day I saw her lying that hospital slowly dying - I thought, “how the hell am I supposed to raise this stupid kid on my own? This hyperactive little b*st*rd who keeps ruining my life?” It’s all you. It’s you, Stiles. You killed your mother. You hear me? You killed her. And now you’re killing me.

The wolfsbane gave them all visions of things that scared them, that they feared. I think this particular hallucination came to stiles not because it really happened, but because this is what he fears his dad believes. That his dad blames him somehow for his mom’s death. That he’s a handful that he doesn’t know what to do about. 

Remember the sheriff had just lost his job because of Stiles and his shenanigans, so he already feels rotten about it. And the time after his mom’s death was probably traumatizing in itself, and if the sheriff sought comfort in some alcohol, he might just had said some stuff that he didn’t really mean. Or perhaps he meant it, but didn’t mean for Stiles to hear. I’m a mom -  sometimes when my kids misbehave i think awful thoughts and mean it in the moment, but I keep it inside. 

Stiles fears abandonment more than anything. He’s terrified of loosing his dad. Both literally and figuratively. This is his worst fear. This is his Boggart. 

Back to the point. If the Sheriff really was an alcoholic I don’t think for a second Stiles would get him deliberately drunk. And another point to think about in relation to the hallucination - in it the sheriff is portrayed as an angry drunk. In 1x10 we see that he’s actually a calm and morose drunk. he gets sentimental and opens up about feelings they normally don’t talk about - particularly Claudia. 

In 3x11 we get this exchange between Agent McCall and Stiles

Agent Mccall: Where’s your dad, and why’s no one been able to contact him? 
Stiles: I don’t know. I haven’t seen him in hours. 
Agent Mccall: Is he drinking again? 
[Sighs] Stiles: What do you mean, again? He never had to stop. 
Agent Mccall: But he did have to slow down. Is he drinking like he used to? 
Stiles: All right, how about this? Next time I see him, I’ll give him a field sobriety test, okay? We’ll do the alphabet, start with “F,” end with “U.”

Another hint towards a past with too much drinking but not actual alcoholism. Stiles’ “he never had to stop” indicates this. 

In conclusion - Sheriff Stilinski’s unhealthy drinking in the past is most likely connected to Claudia’s death and he pulled himself out of it after a while. 

I can see that this will be a long one. Hit the read more for more about drinking problems. patterns, what they might have in common and it all ends up in lots of military conspiracy theories. You’ve been warned… 

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Oh what, you mean like, “Hey dad, Derek Hale is in my room, bring your gun?” - Stiles Stilinski

I love this quote, but it gave me a lot of trouble so please excuse the mismatched fonts and just remember the beautiful moment that gave us this quote.

Now that Teen Wolf is back I guess it’s time to post these babies. I also take suggestions for new quotes here. They are NOT commissions, you guys don’t have to pay me but likes and reblogs are appreciated :)