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Hell and Silence || Chapter Nine


Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Rough Sex, Oral (male receiving)

Word Count: 5,228

A/N: AH YES MY DEREK VANESSA FLUFFY SMUT CHAPTER! Who am I kidding with “fluffy smut” though, these two bang like sex-starved werewolves. 

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I turned, peering behind my locker and saw Scott coming down the hall, grin wide across his lopsided face. His kind of smile is contagious, so even in my sour mood I managed a smile back. I shut my locker, slinging my bag over my shoulder.

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Imagine Being Derek’s Twin Sister and Being a True Alpha Part 2

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You had finished eating, and then you walked back to the training room to find them all sitting around. They were talking and you cleared your throat and tilted your head.

“And what do you think you are doing Scott? That’s not how you practice am I right? Do you have a discussion with the enemy before you beat their ass? Or more like they beat yours?” You asked, almost rhetorically. You stared at him harshly, before he got up with wide eyes. You saw him gulp, and you laughed. “You haven’t experienced true rage and frustration until you go up against me. Another True Alpha, and a Hale. But, that’s what you will use to your advantage. You channel your anger and pent up frustration into that roar, and then whoever you are against, will be forced to back down for a short while, as they have been intimidated by a True Alpha. Now, come on. I figure my dear brother wouldn’t want his pretty little place all messed up. Because it can get ferocious and violent very quickly training with me. Okay?” You walked out of the house after that, and had them all following after you. This time, Scott knew better than to try and attack you from behind. Once you were both facing each other, you shifted. Scott did as well and you started to attack each other. You dodged most of his attacks, and when you finished rolling the last time, he had you pinned to the grass.
You grinned before saying, “Now, roar and try to get me to shift back.” He tried two times, before he tried a third time and it was louder. It was stronger, and your eyes widened before you were forced to shift back. Right after he finished, you rolled out from under him, while he had collapsed onto the ground. You nodded your head from Derek to Scott, and he went and picked him up and took him inside. After a minute of catching your breath, you walked in after them, and you were immediately bombarded with questions.

“What happened?”
“Why did he pass out?”
“If he doesn’t wake up I’m gonna kick your wolfie ass”
“You’re lucky you’re Derek’s sister.”

You ignored them, and went to the living room and sat next to Scott. And after a few minutes, he woke with a gasp.

“Welcome back  to the land of the living. And congratulations. You made me shift back.” You said smiling.

“Okay, but why did I pass out? What happened?” Scott inquired.

“You passed out because it was your first time. And you did wonderfully. You’re different from any other True Alpha I have encountered. Which is good. You’re stronger than most. We can practice more tomorrow if you’re up to it. But I won’t make you exhaust yourself even more just to practice something that is already exhausting.” You replied, and he smiled and nodded at your words. “Now, let’s get you some food, as I am sure you are hungry from the energy exertion.” After you said that, you went to the kitchen and made him some, which you swiftly brought to him. Once he ate it, you left and went up to your room, which Derek had always had ready for you. You quickly took a shower and went to bed, exhausted.

Hell and Silence || Chapter Six


Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Drinking

Word Count: 5,002

Authors Note: Chapter Six! Horray! I know this chapter is considerable shorting than the proceeding ones, but it’s action packed. Hope you guys have been enjoying this so far… and what do you think of Derek and Vanessa? What’s going on with them? Well….

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I can’t believe I fucking brought up Isaac when she was about to go down on me. How stupid am I?

I feel like such a stereotypical horny guy thinking this- it’s selfish, really- but I can’t help thinking about Isaac’s words, telling me how amazing she is with that sarcastic mouth of hers. I was about to know just how good she really is, but I just had to bring up the boyfriend. Is it even about that, though? Cause I would have been perfectly fine just holding her in my arms for just a few minutes more. 

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Imagine Being Derek’s Twin Sister and Another True Alpha

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Part 2

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You had just arrived at Derek’s place, and knocked on the door. The door opened and you saw an unfamiliar face, and you narrowed your eyes.

“Guys,” the boy said, “Come here.” You heard someone coming to the door, and all you saw was your brother’s face, before he engulfed you into his arms. You wrapped your arms around his back and grinned.

“Hey Der.” You said, muffled against his chest. He had one hand around your back, and another on your head, holding you in place.

“Sorry to break up the lovey-dovey reunion, but who the hell even is she?” The boy who opened the door asked.

“Can’t you tell? I’m his twin.” You replied, and then he let out a drawn out, ‘Ohhh’. When Derek finally released you from his bear hug, he reached over and flicked the boy on the head.

“So, who are they?” You asked your brother.

“Well, the one a hit, he is Stiles. Human. Annoying as hell. The other one, that cam to the door with me, he’s Scott. True Alpha. Gonna be good at it. Also, annoying. The red haired girl is Lydia. Banshee. Strange, of course. This blond is Isaac, my beta, reckless. And the dirty blond is Liam, Scott’s beta. Anger issues. That help?” He replied, and you nodded your head, before going over to Scott.

“So Scott. Wanna go up against another true alpha? Get a feel for how it feels to get taken down a few notches?” You challenged with a smile. You saw the competitiveness in his eyes once you said that, and withoout waiting for a verbal response, you kept walking through the house, and made it to a training room. You moved to the side once entering, and saw Scott come barreling past you, and fell flat on his face. You raised an eyebrow, before shaking your head.

“Nice try. But you cannot seriously think that would work. Now, before we begin, let me turn on my playlist. Otherwise, I might tear you to shreds before we even begin.” You say, and hook up your phone. Not catching the look of disbelief cross his face. Demons by Imagine Dragons came on, and you couldn’t hold back  the snort of humor at the song. You then shifted, and roared in Scott’s direction. He shifted as well and roared back. He came after you first, and you put him flat on his back. “You think these attacks will work, yet you surely are wrong. ”

“Yeah. But it’s distracting you.” He responded before you felt a force hit your side and force you off of him. You saw it was Liam, his beta. You growled, and they attacked simultaneously. You dodged each of their attacks, while landing few attacks yourself. Then, you roared again, even louder than last time. And it caused them both to shift back, unintentionally. You turned your head and shifted back as well.

“That’s one of the things you will be able to do when you are more trained. You can shift anyone back into their human form, just by using your voice. No matter who they are. I will teach you. And then, maybe you will be able to make me shift back. Hasn’t ever happened before, but anythings possible.” You said, and walked off. They were staring after you in disbelief, before you heard Scott come running to you.

“How soon before you can show me?” He asked.

“After I eat some food, then we can immediately begin working on that.” You said, and enjoyed his reaction of a huge grin and jumping up and pumping his fist in the air.

Hell and Silence || Chapter Ten


Word Count: 5,001

Warnings: Swearing, Fighting, Heavy petting

A/N: CHAPTER 10! We’ve reached double digit chapters, guys! Unfortunately, that does mean I’ll be taking this party DOWN TO MY WATTPAD ACCOUNT!!! Fear not, loyal readers- I’ll still update this account letting you guys know if a new chapter of Hell and Silence has been posted there and link the chapter, maybe even update here with imagines but Hell and Silence is my primary focus pretty much. And as I post the chapters, even if you’ve read Hell and Silence before- you might want tor reread. I’ve changed up quite a few things that may seem little, but they have a big impact. OTHER THAN THAT, ENJOY CHAPTER 10. ENJOY MY BBYS VANESSA AND DEREK!!!!!

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The sun had started to come up, yet I haven’t slept a bit. I’d spent the whole night awake watching Vanessa drift in and out of consciousness, eyelashes fluttering and body twitching every so often. Sometimes she would even hum little melodies- and I didn’t want to miss a second of it.

I ran my fingers through her messy mane of wavy dark hair, watching as the sunlight hit it making it flash a deep reddish color, and making her necklace reflect shimmering bits of purple light into my wooden floors. My thumb had moved to start rubbing the outline of her cheekbone when she started to stir under me. Slowly, Vanessa’s eyelids fluttered open, revealing those gorgeous amber iris’.

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Hell And Silence || Chapter Eight


Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 5,009

A/N: YESSS IT’S ME I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD WITH A NEW CHAPTER!!!! Unfortunately, it’s just a filler nothing interesting is really happening but IT’S SOMETHING I’M PROUD OF MYSELF. I was actually going to finish and post this last week but forgot I would be on a cruise for spring break with NO WIFI. it was torture. ALSO! Hell and Silence is coming up and double-diget chapters and I think once that happens I’ll have to move this party to my wattpad account! I would highly recommend if you read it on my wattpad to go back and skim through the new versions of the chapters because I have been making a few changes and edits and I might even switch a few chapters to a third person point of view? Change things up a bit. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!!! I love hearing from your guys!!!! NOW ENJOY CHAPTER EIGHT.

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I knew when I came back to Beacon Hills that the pack was going to find out about me turning Vanessa at one time or another- I just thought I would have more time to get myself back on their good side. The fact that it happened this quickly completely destroyed any sensible plan I had for them finding out. I’m the Hale alpha, I shouldn’t be scared of Scott- true alpha or not- but when it comes to his family or his pack, he becomes a different person- someone capable of taking down Deucalion, the alpha of all alphas.. It’s like he turns into the beta everyone thought he was going to when Peter bit him- ruthless and uncontrollable. If she told him what I said to her last night on top of the fact I turned her and abandoned her… Vanessa’s just as much his sister as she is Stiles’.

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Hell and Silence || Chapter Three


Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Peter being an asshole

Word Count: 6,093

A/N: Yay! Chapter three! What are these feelings Derek and Vanessa seem to be having? Quite confusing, wouldn’t you say? Sorry I haven’t been active, I’ve just been working VERY HARD ON THIS FANFIC. I think it’s great, might publish to wattpad soon. 

Chapter One   Chapter Two



Scott and I must have fallen asleep on the porch, because when I woke up, I felt an arm around my shoulder and the brisk breeze of spring air against my face. My eyes fluttered open, the sunlight burning a bit. As soon as I moved, Scott woke up, his arm quickly moving from behind me. 

“We fell asleep,” I muttered, my voice scratchy. He groaned, stretching his arms.

“Yeah I can see that, Vin.” He stood, rolling his neck. “What time is it?”

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Hell and Silence || Chapter Five


Warnings: Swearing, Innuendo, Heavy Makeout Sesh

Word Count: 6.369


Chapter One     Chapter Two     Chapter Three     Chapter Four



Vanessa was still pretty out of it by the time I got her home, but at least she was able to form coherent sentences. When I pulled up to the house, there was a familiar police car sitting in the driveway, meaning the sheriff was home, and the living room light illuminating through the window meant he was probably up and waiting for his kids. I groaned, rolling my eyes as I picked Vanessa up from where I laid her in the backseat, starting to carry her to the house.

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