stilinski twins

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Been thinking about sterek with stilinski twins where you dream about your mate. Derek sees Stuart and think it's him but Stuart has already a mate Heather. So derek is bitching about it to laura. And the whole family is worried. Just fluff and laura

Derek only started getting the dreams a few years ago, and he knows what it means, his soulmate is younger than him. Laura teases him incessantly about it, but Derek doesn’t pay her any mind. The dreams are fuzzy at best, he only has a fleeting glimpse of plaid shirts and laughter and a pink mouth. 

Laura and he start on their roadtrip back to California from New York, the dreams start to get clearer. Every state they cross, Derek can see the outline of his soulmate get more defined, knows that he has brown eyes, a gorgeous smile and fluffy hair that looks soft to touch. 

“He must live on the West Coast,” Laura muses when Derek tells her about it over a hasty lunch when they stop for gas in Texas. 

They’re in Arizona crashing in a motel on the last leg of their journey when Derek hears his soulmate’s voice for the first time. It’s a clear timbre, ringing like a bright bell in Derek’s mind, and it fills Derek with ache and longing. He wonders if his soulmate dreams of him too, can feel him getting closer and closer to wherever he is. 

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Stilinski Twins: Studia AU (+ Sterek)

➸ in which Lydia accidentally walked in on Stiles and Derek being busy — not that she’s ever questioned Stiles’ affinity for beardy grumpy werewolves. But the real issue that has been bugging her is the other twin. He’s a nerd, probably takes his distasteful beanie with him to bed (or takes a shower wearing it, but she wouldn’t think about him being wet.) and, worst of all, he’s never been one of the boys chasing after her, never asked her on a date or tried to make a move on her. Instead, he’s ridiculously rude and solves integrals and equations as fast as her and Lydia Martin can’t have that. But of course, it’s just a minor bother, really. or is it?

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