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Inktober 6 - Sword

I don’t know exactly why and how, but this happened, and actually I like it? What is a strange, but  pleasent feeling. :)

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headcanon time!

ok this is me trying be nice pls i just think this is really cool and that i cant keep saying that i want to be active in the fandom if i never put myself out there so here goes nothing

It’s not that they decide to take some days off, more like they are both forced to leave the Unit’s office. Stiles drags his feet with a mutinous frown on his face, making him look like he’s a five years old; Derek does not say anything, just keeps the door open for him and lets him grumble all the way back home.

And ok, maybe their Boss was right, and they did spend a lot of their time working ― but their last case had been h u g e and far too similar to what used to happen in BH so. They might have been overly invested. At least now that it’s all done and archived they can both sleep better.

Which is what they do ― the first two days they basically don’t even get out of bed, not even to eat, and just cuddle and nap and maybe have really lazy sleepy sex if they feel like it (who am I kidding, they obviously feel like it). They’re too tired to even decide on some destination that isn’t the tiny cabin Derek still owns somewhere in the woods, but they both enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest surrounding them, the feeling of living in their own little world.

They cook together, wear only their comfiest clothes and walk around barefoot, catch up on books they wanted to read but did not have time nor energy to do so. Derek can finally leave all the hickeys he wants on Stiles’ neck, under his jaw, on his nape without having to deal with his boyfriend’s scowly face and grumblings about their lack of professionalism. Stiles, for his part, tries to do the exact same thing, even knowing the marks will fade in a matter of seconds (which only mean he’s gonna have to redo them, and neither of them is complaining about it).

When they feel like it, they take strolls through the woods, and usually Derek goes for his full shift, alternating between running ahead and walking at Stiles’ side, brushing against his legs. Basically, they just relax in each other company, all domestic and soft, even their bickering becoming more mellow.

Death Stiles King Derek AU (bonus)

“Derek,“ Death repeated for the fifth time the king’s name, same king who ignored him yet again “Dreeekkk” Death insisted, he floated closer to the desk, leaning softly on his elbow as if the air was one of the furniture in the room, Stiles sighed dramatically before saying “Your majesty king Hale“ and bit his tongue at the formality of the saying.

“Yes Stiles” Derek replied calmly as he dipped his quill in the inkwell.

“how is it that I, Death himself, get only a simple Stiles and not my proper title”

“your proper title means nothing in the world of the living” Derek replied sharply

“you hurt me king” Death rolled to his side hand clutching his shirt in pain.


“i should take your soul just for this!” he exclaimed

“you wouldn’t dare“ the king chuckled as he sealed his letter

“i will if you won’t entertain me right this moment!” death landed back on the floor and walked over to the king who was still chuckling.

“how about a walk in the gardens?” the king offered as he stood up.

“i am not a mistress, take me to the stables, i want to ride the fields” death pouted, yes death himself is a child.

the king rolled his eyes “well then lead the way, your excellency oh lord of the fallen and the guider of souls“

“now you are talking Derek” death grinned and walked ahead of the king who rolled his eyes fondly.

[a small bonus to that Death Stiles AU]

So, if Chess is Stiles’ game. Stiles making Derek his King meant that he believed Derek was to be saved at ALL COSTS, or the game was over. 

While under torment from a trickster spirit wanting chaos & strife, Stiles basically pleaded with anyone who knew him well enough to understand the board, to protect Derek at all costs.

The scene with Derek/Peter, about the board, Derek cannot fathom someone actually caring about him so much. Peter gets it.

If I die before my time, bury me upside down -  1.5k Words

The boy is all of sixteen years old, a too large crown of gold resting on his head.

The boy is sixteen years old, and Derek knows he would die for him.

Or the one where Stiles is a young King, barely holding onto power, and Derek is his most trusted knight.

ok but where is the fic we all deserve about stiles freaking out and doing everything that is in possibilities and MORE to clean up derek’s name and prove his innocence and overall just save him. because that’s what they do. save each other. and when he finally sees derek he just wants to smack him on the head cos ONLY HIM could end up being in this situation, ONLY DEREK FREAKING HALE but it’s ok. stiles will always be there to save his sorry ass.

If your heart wears thin I will hold you up 
And I will hide you when it gets too much
I’ll be right beside you
I’ll be right beside you

Also, have a 1366x768 wallpaper.

Everyone come marvel at this beautiful fanart based off my URL, created by my friend Reeta’s extremely talented friend over at drowsy-skies!! Thank you so much to both of you, I love it <3

Grumpy King Sourwolf being brought a chess piece offering by his favorite citizen.