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Me encouraging my friends to make terrible decisions

You know how it’s like an instinct for wolves to protect their mate?

They don’t even think about it, it just comes to them naturally. Their mate is caught in a dangerous situation or is going to be in a dangerous situation and they’re ready to defend them.

It’s sort of like this scene.

Derek caught sight of Stiles getting ready to do something risky, something that posed a threat to his safety and he immediately came chasing after Stiles, trying to get him to stop and ready to protect him if anything were to go wrong.

Just like a wolf with his mate.


So after staring at this gif for a good 10 minutes I was giggling at how spastic of a runner Stiles is until I realized he’s not being spastic. Lydia’s legs are too small to go as fast as his. HE KEEPS ABRUPTLY STOPPING SO SHE CAN CATCH UP. This is one of the cutest discoveries I’ve ever made. So yah, brb I gotta go jump off my roof.

(Not my gif it belongs to @hollvndroden)

Me too Stiles, me too.