Lazy Days with Cody Christian would include…

-endless cuddles

-resting your head on his chest so you can listen to his heartbeat

-his arms wrapped around you

-watching Netflix and Hulu all day

-getting chipotle

-Athena resting on your thighs

-Cody realizing you’re the only thing he needs in life

-passionate make out sessions

-that leads to some steamy sex

-showering together (non-sexual)

-shampooing each other’s hair

-giggling because he’s such a softie


-“Yeah babygirl?”

-“I love you”

-“I love you too princess”

-playing with his hair while he’s asleep

-waking him up because it’s like 3pm

-“can we get more chipotle?”

-“what kind of question is that”

-getting more chipotle

-stealing his spot on the couch when he gets up to go pee

-“babe scoot over”

-“but I’m comfyyy”



-“get off you giant man!!!”

-“I asked you to move, you said no. This is your consequence.”

-he eventually pulls you on top of him

-falling asleep watching Netflix


Sooo yeah

thanks @cohdychristian for inspiring me to write this. Hope you liked it (:

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Up on the Roof

For @inkandblade​, my awesome @sterekwritingroom​ pal!

Prompt: Rooftop bar and a fancy cocktail

“That glass is so overly large, it looks like you could swim in it,” Derek said.

It was true; their waitress had arrived carrying Stiles’ drink not on a tray, but with both hands.  If anything that had just added to his excitement upon seeing the slushy drink with all the straws. “You’re just jealous you could drink this entire thing and still be sober.”

Derek quirked an eyebrow. “You’re absolutely right, and that’s a good thing. Someone has to make sure you don’t go over the edge of the bar.  Now stop being a little shit and enjoy your drink so we can get out of here. Everyone’s staring at us.”

“Everyone’s staring at you. I warned you if you wore that suit it’d happen.” When Derek had put on the black suit paired with a black shirt, Stiles’ heart had nearly given out.

“What was the alternative?” Derek asked, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Gym shorts and a t-shirt?”

Flashing a shit-eating grin at Derek, Stiles said, “Only if it came complete with the backwards baseball cap.”

Finally cracking a smile, Derek said, “Yeah, I can see how that’d have been better. Drink your drink.”

“Okay, God, you’re being such a grump.” Stiles took a long drink, only stopping when it was either stop or get brain freeze. “I don’t think I’ll be rushing through this,” he admitted.  "Unless you plan on carrying me out of here. Besides, the party’s for you, ‘Mr. I Got The Promotion Everyone Wanted Because I’m Brilliant.’ Try to enjoy it.“

“I’m enjoying it,” Derek insisted.

“You’re such a liar.”

“I don’t like everyone looking at me!”

“Derek, the sooner you accept the fact that half the people here want to take you home and the other half want to be you, you’ll be happier.”

Dropping his face into his hands, Derek muttered, “I’m married to a crazy person. You’re actually 100 percent insane.”

Stiles let the straw slip from his mouth, his smile showing all his teeth. “90 percent at most. You’re constantly exaggerating.  But you love me. Admit it.”

“More than anything,” Derek agreed. “Now please, I’m begging you. Drink faster.”

Breaking the Chains

SUMMARY: After a mutual breakup with Brett Talbot, things have been rocky. And as his first full moon away from you appears in the sky, he seems to lose control and the McCall pack calls for your help to calm him down.

WORD COUNT: 1,254 words


NOTES: none, I think… enjoy!

Six days. It had been six days since she had last seen Brett, since they had broken it off. A mutual breakup, she told her friends so they wouldn’t worry, one where they had both decided it was best to call a quits. But that was the top layer, only some of the truth.

They both had felt it for a while. They were drifting, and she could tell. They talked less, hung out less often, and the certain spark was gone. Maybe it was the fact that they went to different schools or were in different packs, but it led to the feeling of longing for what used to be.

She snaps out of her thoughts, looking down at the chemistry textbook in her lap. She shuts it quietly, biting her cheek as she sets it on the other books next to her. With a low sigh she leans back, pulling her phone out of her pocket as it begins to ring. She frowns when she reads Scott’s name, quickly answering as she looks out at the full moon.

“Hey, Scotty,” she says, crossing her arms.

“(Y/n), I need you here right now,” he says quickly, a sense of urgency to his voice.

She sits up, frowning. “What?” she asks, slipping her shoes on. “Where?”

“Lakehouse,” he says. “Brett is losing control.” She grits her teeth, grabbing her car keys as she runs to the car.

“Why?” she asks, starting the engine.

“He just can’t calm down and the mantra isn’t working,” he explains, and she can hear the growling in the background. “Hurry, these chains aren’t going to hold.”

“I’ll be there in five,” she tells him, throwing her phone on the other seat and pressing on the gas pedal hard.

She makes it there in record time, jumping out of the car and sprinting into the house. She stops when she sees Lori on the couch, hands over her ears with her eyes gleaming yellow. Lori looks up at her, running and wrapping her arms around (y/n).

“Make him stop,” she whines and (y/n) nods.

“Go out to my car,” she says, dropping to one knee as a loud growl goes through the lakehouse. “You know how to start it?” She nods quickly. “Good. Start the engine halfway and turn the radio up as loud as you want it.” She kisses her forehead and the girl runs out to the car, (y/n) standing back up. She runs across the living room to the basement door, going down two steps at a time as the growling becomes louder.

“About time,” Stiles snaps, holding a bat up in front of Brett as he thrashes against the chains. The cement on the wall cracks, making Lydia jump back with Malia and Kira. Scott and Liam hold the chains, trying to keep them grounded as Brett puts up a fight.

“Put that down!” she growls, moving Stiles back as he protests about how she needs to stay back. She ignores him, kneeling in front of Brett slowly. He looks up at her, canines out with eyes glowing yellow. His eyes look hurt, growling lower with pain as he looks away from her.

“Brett, listen to me,” she says calmly, placing a hand on his face, brushing the hair away from his eyes with her thumb. He growls in defiance but doesn’t move back.

“Listen to my voice,” she says to him, looking over at the other girls. She nods to the stairs and they nod, quickly running up and shutting the door. “Brett, listen.” He trashes against the chains, Scott and Liam struggling.

“Brett!” she shouts, her voice deep with warning. He stops as she scoots to him, wiping the sweat from his forehead as she does. She pulls his chin up, forcing him to look up at her. His eyes look dangerous, a certain expression of struggle on his face which makes her frown.

“You need to calm down,” she whispers, keeping her eyes on his as he ceases to fight the chains. His breathing is deep and shallow, a growl lining each movement of his chest. “Listen to my heart and calm down.” She pulls him to her, resting his head against her chest as she runs a hand through his hair.

He listens to the slow beat of her pulse, her steady breaths training his to match them. Scott and Liam step back as his shoulders slouch, letting (y/n) support his weight as his claws slowly retract into his fingers.

“There you go,” she whispers, running her hand through his hair still. She sits down, Brett following with his head still on her chest. “Just listen to me.” Her eyes flash to the boys and she nods, signaling for them to leave. They get the message, Scott pulling Stiles up the stairs as (y/n) stays seated with Brett.

“Just stay calm,” she whispers, removing her hand from his hair. She carefully lifts his wrists, unstrapping the chains and letting them drop. He quickly wraps his arms around her, burying his face into her neck as she sighs in relief.

“I’m sorry,” he says weakly, making her pull him back. He watches as his eyes change back to normal, his fangs disappearing as her heart seems to crumble.

“For what?” she asks, pushing the hair out of his face carefully.

“For leaving,” he says. “Nothing’s changed, I still need you.” He pauses, (y/n) watching him closely. “I still love you.” She nods with sad eyes and plants a kiss on his forehead, the two leaning against each other for support like before.

“Lets get you some rest,” she whispers. She takes his hands and helps him stand slowly so he can gain some balance. He stumbles a little, his knees giving out, and falls against (y/n). She quickly catches him and stands him back up, his hands gripping her hips for support as they balance each other.

She takes his hand and walks him to the stairs, keeping him pressed against her, and they slowly walk up the stairs. She keeps him at her side as they walk into the living room and Lori shoots up when she sees her brother calmed down.

Lori stands and runs to him, barely giving Brett enough time to get on one knee to hug her. He drops, letting her run into his arms as everyone whispers quietly amongst themselves, watching him closely. Brett kisses his sister’s cheek as he stands and (y/n) nods at Scott as she leads him down the long hallway of the lake house.

“Come on,” she whispers, pulling him into a spare bedroom. She shuts the door and slips her shoes off, Brett doing the same as she pulls the covers back on the bed. She climbs under the blankets and Brett follows, pulling her to him as she covers them up.

“Sleep,” she says quietly, kissing his forehead as she keeps him close. He scoots down and lies his head on her chest so the sound of her heartbeat can keep him at bay. She runs a hand through his hair and another up and down his back, letting him lie on top of her so that their bodies fit like gears. And not before long, they fall asleep.

hello, heartbreak

Prompt: Y/N breaks up with Stiles, because she’s never loved before.

A/N: so here’s a second imagine! please send in requests!

Not my gif! Credit where it is due!

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Loving never came easy to me. Why couldn’t he understand that? I couldn’t love nor knew how to. It was all becoming to much for me to handle. I felt so much pressure to not mess up and that is exactly what I did. When he uttered those three words to me I flipped and didn’t know what to say. Granted, breaking up with him wasn’t the best choice but I had felt like it was the only option.

Two weeks into the breakup I realized I was hopelessly in love with Stiles Stilinski. My heart felt heavy, I felt lonely while not being alone. Without him I was only half a human, half a heart. Seeing his face in the hallway broke me in to pieces. Hearing his voice absolutely shattered me. I was in love, something I taught my self never to do and I was doing it.

The sad part is, I was right. Love only hurts and this, this hurt more than any physical pain I’ve ever felt. I was so in my emotions I didn’t even realize the tears streaming down my face.

Scott turned to me in his next to me and noticing my tears gave me a look of pity.
“Don’t do that.” I scoffed and focused on the board.
“Do what, Y/N? You’re crying.” He replied softly as if he thought if he spoke with anymore force I would break.
“Don’t look at me like I’m the dead girl’s family on the news, I am fine.” I retorted, still not looking into Scott’s eyes.
“You love him.”
“Shut up.”
“You do and thats why you’re crying. He misses you too.” He stated with a quasi-smile on his face.
“He misses me? Did he tell you that? I though he would hate me and never want to see me.” I spoke as my voice grew quiet and I focused my attention on my hands.
“Well he thought he hated you at first but then,” his voice trailed of and his eyes wandered to my hands as well.
“Then what?” I pushed him on, eager for an answer.
“He realized he could never hate you, he loves you too much for that. He hates what you did but he wants you to be happy. Mostly he didn’t get it. He thought he did everything to make you happy, he-“
“He did make me happy.” I interrupted.
“Then why did you do it?”
“I was scared, okay? I’ve never been in love and no ones ever loved me. Then he had to come in with his goofy smile and stupid remarks and make me feel like I was six years old again and about to get a new collectible, something shiny, beautiful, and fragile. Something so easy for clumsy me to break. I wanted it but I didn’t want to mess it up. I have let down nearly everyone in my life. If I let it become real, when I screw up it’ll hurt one hundred times more. I don’t want that for him.”
Scott sighed and looked up at the chalkboard “Tell him that.”

It was that night when I called him. Hands trembling and voice shaking I heard him through the other line.
“Y/N? Are you okay? Is everything alright?” He questioned sounding worried.
“No.” My voice quivered as I broke into tears.
“I’ll be right there.”

Opening the front door and looking at this sad boy with a beautiful face I lost it. I started sobbing and he engulfed me in the warmest of hugs, drawing small circles on my back with his thumb, cooing softly in my ear.
After shutting the door he pulled me to my couch, the place where our arms and legs would intertwine, where I would listen to the slow rhythm of his heart beating. It was my favorite song.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized lifting my head up from his chest.
He slowly pressed his had against my head forcing me to find comfort in his lungs.
“I know” He whispered.
“I love you.” I admitted.
“I know.”

Dream a Little Dream of Me (Stiles x Reader Oneshot)

Stiles is struggling to sleep and y/n tries to help him nod off. But something feels a little off.

Characters/Pairings: Stiles x Reader

Warnings: Foreplay/close to smut, choking.

Word Count: 1181

Notes: My first Teen Wolf fic! This is set during season 3, from Stiles’s POV, there’s probably something like this already out there but I’m new to TW fiction so be nice. I’ve just finished Season 5A, so close to catching up – I’ll be open to requests soon!


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I let out a heavy sigh, I’d been staring at the ceiling for what felt like hours. My eyes wandered to the right of me, where y/n lied. She was curled up in a ball under the blanket, sleeping softly. I decided to attempt sleep again, rolling on to my side and draping my arm around y/n. She gasped at my touch, quickly rolling over to face me.

‘I’m sorry y/n.’ I whispered, her face scrunched up at me.

‘Can’t sleep?’ She muttered, rubbing her y/e/c eyes.

‘Mhmm.’ I stroked up and down her arm. She smiled at me delicately, bringing her hand to my face.

‘Have you tried all the usuals? Hot cocoa? Sleeping pills?’ I nodded automatically, although I struggled to remember doing those things. The memories were vague and misty.

‘I know something that usually works.’ She raised an eyebrow at me, I could see the mischievous glint in her eye. She leaned in and planted her lips on mine. I immediately kissed back, roaming my hand through her hair. She nibbled at my lip, knowing how much that tempted me. I rolled over on top, barely taking a moment for a breath. Her hands started to wander from my hair down my neck. Y/n pulled at my shirt, I helped get it over my head. We were being clichéd teenagers and I couldn’t have cared less, normality wasn’t something that we had a lot of around here.

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Season Finale

Alright, first, WHY did Lydia and Jackson have a better reunion than Stydia???? I liked the finale, it was alright but, they baited us with Stydia for the ENTIRE season and didn’t give us anything? Once they didn’t make Sterek a thing I was like… ‘Alright, I guess Stydia will do’. Why you do this Jeff? ALSO, lemme tell ya, Dylan O and Tyler H, were NOT against Sterek and they never made it canon for some fucking reason, like what’s the problem? (But Jackson and Ethan being together made my little bi heart so happy). ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW STILES WAS DAYDREAMING ABOUT SAVING DEREK??????? BITCH I’M SHOOK. But okay anyway, I’m low key happy that TW is over because they really didn’t know how to continue with the show and it was running for far too long. Lemme know what you think about TW and how it ended. 

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It was not supposed to happen.

You hadn’t lose control in years, and now here you were.

Roaring left and right to protect that skinny boy who left a mark so strong in your heart that you didn’t think twice when that werewolf attacked him.

Scott wasn’t strong enough, he got knock on the ground almost istaintly. You burned your cover for Stiles, your family didn’t want to have problems with the other werewolves even if you knew you could trust Scott and Derek.

You groaned loud showing off your teeth at the werewolf who was looking at you in surprise, in his eyes you could see your reflection: a big and aggressive wolf trying everything to protect his friends.

<< Now that’s what I call a plot twist. You seem strong, girl. >>

You snapped your teeth at him, growling louder.

The werewolf grinned and without wasting other words he jumped towards you, you couldn’t dodge because Stiles was right behind you.

So you did the only thing you could do: attacking him.

You bursted on him and managed to took him down, you bit him and felt the blood on your muzzle. You whined in pain as you felt his teeth on your neck, tighten the grip.

<< No… No, Y/N!! >> you heard Stiles screaming.

“How disappointed they must be. I hid the truth from the beginning.”

The werewolf thrown you aside, you felt his limped walk getting closer to Scott and Stiles.

You couldn’t let him, you stood up on your paws and jumped on the enemy. You let the animal inside rule you and seconds later, as you were attached to the werewolf’s neck, you heard a snap.

The creature fell with you on top.


You looked to the boys, Scott was holding his hurted arm but he was smiling and Stiles was looking at you in astonishment.

<< Y/N… you saved us!! >> exclaimed Scott with a sigh of relief.

You tilted your head, moving unsure on your wolf limbs. 

Then Stiles smiled too << Yeah Y/N…! You saved us! What you did was…! >>

<< Amazing!! >> completed Scott << And you can turn in a complete wolf! >>

You shook your head and felt your body turning to a human again << You’re not angry? >>

<< Are you crazy?! >> mumbled Stiles, he took off his jacket just to place it on your shoulders trying not to look at your naked body << You were impressive! And wh- >> you didn’t let him finish, you jumped on him letting your lips press strongly on his.

<< Oh well… >> whispered Scott << That’s a plot twist. >>

SHH... Scott McCall x Reader

Requested by; anon

This is about a girl who joins beacon hills who seems to find herself crushing over Scott McCall but can’t do much about it as she’s not allowed to date because of her strict parents. This will be FLUFF and SMUT but in the next few parts. please let me know what you think. x


A bit of bullying and really awkward but cute Scott Mccall

The bell rings indicating it’s the end of the school day and everyone chatters and rushes out excited to leave school for the weekend. I see Lydia Martin the beautiful green eyed strawberry blonde, she’s one of the most popular girls at school, she’s talking to Scott McCall the hottest guy in school and the captain of the lacrosse team along with Stiles Stilinkski, I’ve never really spoken to any of them other than stiles and from the short moments we had together he was goofy and sweet as we had been science partners last term.

I feel awkward approaching them as I’m the new girl and they’re the popular gang. Lydia looks worried and is whispering something now and I can’t help but stare at Scott, yes it’s true i have been crushing on him since the day I started Beacon Hills High school I don’t realise how close I am to them when stiles clears his throat “ahem” Lydia stops and looks at me with raised eyebrows

“can I help you new girl!” She says harshly

“I’m s-sorry I just-I - I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop I just” Lydia cuts me off

“you was just what? Clearly trying to listen to our conversation” I just freeze not knowing what to say or do without making her even more angry

“What do you want” she widens her eyes getting impatient by the second

“I needed to get to my locker… you’re leaning on it” I quickly explain Lydia looks up in disbelief guilt rising over her face and she closes her eyes

“I’m so so sorry I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that, I’m having a really bad day” she apologises smiling I knew her apology was genuine because unlike other popular girls she wasn’t cruel so I smile back

“I-it’s okay honestly” I say while opening my locker and grabbing my books. “You’re in our history class right? It’s Y/N isn’t it?” Scott asks trying to lighten the mood He knows my name and I squeal in my mind trying to play it cool

“Y-yeah it’s uh Y/N Y/L/N” I smile awkwardly at the trio

“Again I’m really sorry for being a bitch I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings” Lydia apologises again feeling terrible no doubt I laugh it off and tell her I didn’t take it personally and leave on my way home.

~~~Next day ~~~~

I walk in the cafeteria to find a empty seat, earning glares and whispers, truth is I never managed to make any friends or even acquaintances and being the new girl meant everyone was talking about you. I ignored everyone and walked out with my lunch in my hand,

I find a empty stairwell and sit down on the floor glad to finally be alone and not having to hear people “whispering” about you. I cross my legs and grab my sandwich taking a bland bite my hunger disappearing at the mean comments I just heard,

“her hair looks funny”

“she’s such a loner”

“ew that weirdo just looked at me”

“don’t make any eye contact she might sit with us”

“what is she wearing”

all the words float around in my head, usually I just ignore stuff like that but for some reason right now I felt really lonely and hurt and I feel my emotions get the best of me as tears start to drop down my cheek. I hear a corridor door open and footsteps but don’t bother moving, too upset to care if anyone sees me crying. I don’t look up so only see a pair of light brown male shoes, he walks past me slowly and stops, he turns towards me and slides down next to me bending his knees upwards and his back against the wall. I still don’t look up at this stranger sniffling and wiping my tears away facing opposite to him.

“Hi?” I hear his voice peak awkwardly and my mood instantly lightens up as I recognise this strangers voice. I turn to look at Scott sitting next to me.

“Hi…” I whisper back wiping tears off my face We sit in a awkward silence until Scott speaks up

“Teenagers can be cruel”

“Yeah tell me about it” I scoff

“And you may think I’m just saying this because you think I feel sorry for you but I genuinely mean it….. you can talk to me about it” his voice full of sincerity I look at him to see if he really means the words he just said searching his eyes for a piece of doubt and look down when I don’t find it.

“Why do you care?” I whisper, returning my eyes to his. He doesn’t speak for a while but the silence is anything but awkward

“I just do” he simply replies smiling

“Do you want to maybe just ditch last period, I can show you some cool places I usually hang out around town” he softly queried

“Skip class?” I whisper raising my eyebrows He leans in removing the small space between us and whispers back mockingly

“yes skip class”

“Noo, I’ve never skipped class”





“You’re a miss goody two shoes”

“Am not”




“What if we get in trouble?”

“I’ll get stiles to cover for us”


“You’re right ill tell Lydia”

“So what now we just walk out?” Scott gets up and helps me up his touch making my heart skip a beat, as if he knew this he looks at me raising a brow “Yeah as easy as 1..2..3” he explains

We leave and walk to the parking lot trying to hide away from any teachers lurking around and quickly get to Scott’s bike the adrenaline rushing through my body at this new and rebellious inner me. He hands me a helmet and grabs the other fitting it on his head while climbing on his bike revving his clutch, he notices my nervousness and gently grabs my hands around his torso,

“make sure to hold on tight yeah” he nods and I nod back and with that off we go.

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Request : Can I request a void stiles imagine where void stiles kidnaps the reader for ransom against the pack and stiles is in love with the reader so void exploits that

Summary : Void!Stiles kidnaps Y/N and reveals Stiles’ feelings for her while holding Y/N for ransom.

Warnings : Swearing, angst, small bit of fluff, verbal abuse, physical abuse.

A/N : Hi, anon! I REAAAALLLYY hope you like this. Also, sorry about the delay! It’s been a very busy week. I tried my best with this one, so hopefully it’s alright! Also, Y/N is switching places with Lydia in this fic during the events of 3x23 - Insatiable. ALSO: THIS ONE-SHOT DOESN’T FOLLOW THE EVENTS IN THE SHOW. And when speaking about the Nogitsune, I didn’t use any pronouns. The Nogitsune is referred to as an ‘it.’ This could potentially turn into a 2-3 parter. Anyways, I hope you like it! x

Playlist : Trouble - Memorecks (ft. Jenna Pemkowski) 

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A chill ran down your spine as you leaned your head in your palms. The dead silence was killing you, leaving you to your thoughts. You didn’t know where you were, but you knew who had taken you. Stiles. Well, it wasn’t really Stiles. It was the Nogitsune wearing Stiles’ face. You knew that. Half of you was absolutely terrified, but the other half wasn’t. You understood the part of you that didn’t feel afraid. You had been in love with Stiles for as long as you could remember. It wasn’t like he had romantic feelings. His feelings were platonic and it killed you. He was far too infatuated with Lydia Martin to develop mutual feelings. But you understood. She was Lydia Martin. Queen of Beacon Hills. You were just Y/N. There wasn’t anything special about you. 

A harsh breath was pushed from your lips as you lifted your head from your hands and looked around. You were in a long tunnel that seemed to have no end. The sound of footsteps coming closer and closer caused your blood to run cold and your heart rate to pick up. The footsteps echoed across the walls, taunting you. Finally, the Nogitsune came into view. You gulped, scuffling as you struggled to push yourself to your feet. A sadistic smirk rested on it’s lips as it neared you. You backed up, stumbling over your own feet as you walked.

A dark chuckle filled the air. The part of you that hadn’t been afraid had slipped away as you finally accepted that this wasn’t Stiles. Stiles was safe. Right? The thought of him being anything but okay made terror run through your bones. The Nogitsune stepped closer to you as your back collided with a wall. It tilted it’s head to the side as it observed you. 

“You’re thinking about Stiles.” It stated, a cold finger began to trail across your cheek which caused you to flinch. You refused to answer, but the Nogitsune already knew. How did it know? “He’s thinking about you too.” 

This statement caused you to look up to meet the eyes of the Nogitsune. You wouldn’t let it’s looks deceive you. Stiles’ eyes would make you melt under his stare. You would not let the Nogitsune have the same effect on you. 

“You don’t know that.” You said. The same dark chuckle rumbled from his chest, filling your ears. 

“Oh, but I do, Y/N. Don’t you know how the feels about you?” It said, stepping impossibly closer to you and placing it’s soft lips beside your ear. “Don’t you know about how much he worries about you?” The voice coming from Stiles’ lips was menacing and cold. Although the Nogitsune had his voice too, it sounded nothing like Stiles. Stiles’ voice was warm and calming. This one made goosebumps raise on the back of your neck and arms, and not in a good way.

“H-He doesn’t.” You stuttered, turning your head the opposite way.

“Yes, he does. In fact, I can guarantee that he’s crying over you at this very moment.”

“Stop messing with me. Just let me go.” You pleaded, clenching your teeth together. 

“I’m only telling the truth.” It sneered, its lips trailing down your ear and to your neck. 

“He’s in love with you.” You clenched your eyes shut and took a deep breath as the lips belonging to Stiles brushed across your neck. You knew you couldn’t believe anything the Nogitsune said.

“Stop. Please.”

“In fact, if Scott and the rest of your pack doesn’t show up within the next hour with the money, I think I’ll kill you. Just for fun.” You could feel as it’s lips curled up into a smirk and it made your blood run cold. 

“You mean you’re holding me for ransom?” You asked.

“Don’t be an idiot. That’s what that means.” The Nogitsune snarled, pulling it’s head back and grabbing your wrist. You yelped in surprise, head turning to look back at Stiles’ face. “Maybe I should just kill you now. What could the pack want with you, anyway? It’s not like you offer any valuable assets.” 

It’s fingernails were digging into your wrists as you whimpered in pain and you struggled to remove your wrist from the stone hard grip.

“Stiles would be a wreck. That’s the only use you have for me. You make him weaker.” It snarled. Stiles’ face was only inches from yours and hot breath made contact with your face as the Nogitsune spoke. 

Finally, the Nogitsune released your wrist and you sighed in relief.

“They should be arriving any minute now.” The Nogitsune said, a smirk returning to it’s lips. It grabbed your arm forcefully and began to drag you in the other direction. 

“Let go!” You yelled, thrashing in the Nogitsune’s grip. This only caused it to grab you tighter than before. A whimper of pain escaped your lips. 

“Shut up.” It growled. You struggled harder than before as an amused chuckle rang through the air. Suddenly, everything went black as you were hit across the head.


The sound of tires on gravel caused you to stir, squinting your eyes before opening them. You had been thrown over the Nogitsune’s shoulder and you panicked. 

“Right on time.” The Nogitsune hummed, tightening it’s grip on your legs. “Try and escape and I’ll bash your skull in.” It whispered just as the sound of car doors being slammed shut could be heard.

“Ah, Scott,” The Nogitsune said, fake pleasure lacing it’s tone. “And Stiles.” HIs name caused you to lift your head.

“Oh god,’ His voice. It was Stiles’ voice. The real Stiles. “Stiles!” You called out, your voice somewhat weak. 

“Let her go.” Stiles growled. The same sinister laugh filled your ears and you winced. “Hand over the money for the stupid girl.”

Footsteps travelled across the gravel slowly. “Here,” Scott’s voice rang out. You couldn’t see what was going on but you could imagine what was happening. “Now, let her go. You got what you asked for.” Scott calmly said.

“Fine.” The Nogitsune said. Suddenly, his arms let go of your legs and you began to slip. A surprised gasp left your mouth just as your body collided with the hard ground. 

Just as quickly as it had appeared, the Nogitsune was gone. Your eyes were squeezed shut, a tear leaking from one of your eyes, your ribs aching. 

“Y/N!” Stiles called out as he ran to your side. You were lifted into his lap as you opened your eyes to look up at him.

“S-Stiles?” Your voice cracked slightly as you spoke. He nodded quickly, hands framing your face.

“Yeah, it’s me.” He said. Without thinking, you threw yourself into his arms.

“Oh god, I was so scared.” You cried, instantly feeling comforted as his arms wrapped around you.

“You’re safe now. I’ve got you. I’m here.” Stiles said, his words muffled by your shoulder. You smiled through your tears and pulled back, looking into his golden brown eyes.

“Are you okay? Did it hurt you?” Stiles asked, his voice panicked. “Not really.” You shook your head. “It lied. That’s all. It was playing tricks with my head.” You explained.

“What did it say?” Your cheeks reddened. “I’ll tell you later. I just want to go home.” Stiles nodded, helping you to your feet. Your legs shook as he supported your weight, helping you to the car and into the backseat. 

“I can sit back here with you if you want and-” “Stiles, it’s okay. I’m fine.” Stiles frowned.

“Y/N, you were just captured by the fucking Nogitsune. How are you fine?”

“I don’t know.”


“Okay! I’m not fine, alright? I was so scared, Stiles. I-It kept lying to me. Messing with my head.”

“What did it say to you?” You shook your head, unsure of how to tell him.

“It doesn’t matter-” “Y/N, tell me.”

You took a deep breath. “It told me that… It told me that you loved me, Stiles. And not just as a friend.” He took a deep breath and his eyes searched your eyes as you looked down at your lap.

“Y/N, hey,’ He said, taking your chin and tilting it upwards so you were looking at him. “It - It wasn’t lying.” Stiles admitted.


“I love you, Y/N. I always have.” Stiles said. Your heart swelled.

“I love you too.” You said. You thought the amount of butterflies in your stomach as impossible. 

Stiles looked at war with himself for a few moments as he opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, unsure of what to say. 

“Oh, fuck it.” Stiles muttered before pressing his lips to yours. You were surprised at first before you kissed him back.



Let Me Help You-Stiles Stilinski

Teen Wolf Imagine:#62 Prompt:#…None

Word Count: 930

Warnings: NSFW, this is smut. Oral Sex

A/n: This was originally for my project I’m working on but things changed. Besides it’s more Thanksgiving themed anyway.

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