Closer look at the Pokemon nails I did over the weekend. I had soooo much trouble with Pikachu. I redid him like 3 times, and still not totally happy with the result but oh well…still love the mani as a whole! Complete inspired by @tres_she!

Used in this mani:

Essie - Sugar Daddy

Sally Hansen - Disco Ball

Pokemon done with acrylic paint

HK Girl Topcoat

last night me, ademska, stilettoed and breenwolf decided we wanted to go hookah and went to this place about 30 minutes from where we are and just as we step outside we see that holy shit it closed down

coming out of the liquor store next door was a guy in a full body finn from adventure time onsie pjs and a guy in like stereotypical punk raggedy jeans, leather vest covered in anarchist patches etc and they’re like hey they closed down bc the guy was selling alcohol to minors

we’re like omg wtf why are they friends why are they talking to us

out comes a girl who is like an offbrand juggalo or some shit and she’s staring as they continue

there’s this place called hookah palace and the punk guy goes NO don’t go there they dont want to go there becuase the guys are awful and they grope on girls and you wouldn’t be safe there, go to this place called chill place it’s better

and finn is like yeah that’s right do that

and then they all wish us well and get into a car and we’re like

did socially conscious punk and finn from adventure time just tell us where to hang out

so now i want socially conscious punk to be a thing