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Style Blog: 3 Must Have Heels

Hello Loves!

Is it your first time shopping for ladylike shoes? Have you ever shopped for heels and had no idea where to start? Well today’s post is a simple guide to the 3 MUST HAVE heels that every girl needs in her life! I know shopping can be overwhelming at times, whether it may be for makeup, clothes, shoes or any other necessities us ladies need, which is why I’ve decided to start a “3 Must Have” series in order to lend a helping hand to the basics every girl must know. If it’s something you guys agree on and want to see more of, let me know what you guys want to read up on next!

Since I moved to Paris, I’ve had to reestablish my wardrobe because I came here with just 1 suitcase and minimal stuff. This is what inspired me to create this series. If you’re like me, a girl trying to start up her own closet, or a sneaker girl in transition into becoming a young stiletto lady, then this is the post for you!

I’ve created a list of the tops 3 colours and top 3 styles each woman should have. You don’t necessarily need to follow what I got to the T (meaning you can mix up the colours and style that I got to match you preference) but at least this will give you an idea of where to begin. Let’s get started!

Fun Fact: High-heels improves/changes a woman’s posture. It force the body to tilt, emphasizing the butt and breasts, highlighting a woman’s sexuality.

Color Must Have #1: Black
Black is such a staple. It’s timeless, versatile & slimming! A pair of black heels can go with absolutely anything and you will be able to use it until it’s last dying step! You may think black is boring but it’s not! It’s the BEST! And definitely the #1 must have every girl needs!

Style Must Have #1: The Classic Pump
Just like black the Classic Pump is another staple! You can dress it up with a nice dress for the office or a night out and even dress it down with a pair of jeans and a casual top. It’s sexy yet conservative at the same time! Just find you perfect heel height that’s comfortable to strut with and you’ll be wearing this for years and years to come!

Here is what mine looks like on me:

I got this from forever 21. They have very affordable heels that are surprisingly comfy! I chose to go with a classic black pump because absolutely everyone needs a shoe like this!

Color Must Have #2: Nude
Nude is a colour that you can match with absolutely anything! If you’re unsure with what colour shoe to wear, you can never go wrong with a nude heel. I like it better than white because sometimes white heels can look a bit tacky but nude is just the perfect subtle colour.

Style Must Have #2: The Sexy Strappy Sandal
The name speaks for it self is sexy and sassy! A definite must in a girls closet! Make sure you have a nice pedi and moisturised feet though to make it the full package!

Here is what mine looks like on me:

Again, from forever 21. I love this pair! I actually found it accidentally. It was shoved under one of the table displays and I said to myself if this is my size then it’s definitely meant to be! Please ignore my veins. I’ve been wearing heels ever since I can walk and this really happens. The price you have to pay for style and grace!

Color Must Have #3: Brown
Just like the other 2 colours I chose Brown is versatile. I know I sound like a broken record but the purpose of this it to share tips on the basics that can go with everything. And brown is such an easy colour to match. If you can’t wear black with your outfit the second choice would be brown!

Style Must Have #3: The Perfect Wedge
Wedges are the most comfortable heel design ever made! There’s less strain on your ankle and legs that makes walking in them like a breeze! If you’re new to heels try a wedge and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Here is what mine look like on me:

This pair came from one of my favourite stores here in Paris, Pimkie. I have a loyalty card that gives me 10% off on all purchases plus other private discounts for members only. I chose a pair of brown wedges because its spring/summer time and a weekend wedge is just what I needed.

And that’s pretty much it for my first “3 Must Have” series featuring heels. I hope this helped you loves in even the smallest of ways and if you enjoyed this post then let me know what topic you want me to do next. I was thinking of tops, but what do you loves think? Also if you want me to do a styling post for these shoes then let me know as well!

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @cescamandigma and on instagram @cescamandigma it would truly mean a lot to me! All of the love and support is very much appreciated! Until next time!

With Love,

The shoe story

When you have big feet
Not all shoes fit

So I looked for a bigger size
Everywhere, under the skies

I found clogs and sneakers
Heels and flats
Stilettos and wedges
And a pair made for cats

All the pairs of shoes I found
Stay in the closet, safe and sound

Now I have a pair for every meet
But I like it best when I go bare feet

Intro to Upper Class Culture, Part 2: Equestrian Sports

Ahh, equestrianism. It’s a topic I reluctantly know more about than I ever cared to because my boyfriend is obsessed with horses. He owns seven of them now: two Thoroughbreds, two Arabians, one Andalusian, one Appaloosa, and one Quarter Horse. They’re all fairly versatile breeds and pretty popular breeds, often used in equestrian sports. If you’re like me you’ll probably think “A horse is a horse, does it matter?” and the answer is that it matters greatly as horses come in varying sizes, shapes and have different talents specific to their breed.

Although horses have been used in everything from plowing fields to herding cattle (and still are!) I include equestrianism in “Upper Class Culture” because horses are a very expensive investment. I asked D how much it would cost at the very minimum to take care of a horse per year and he estimated at the very least three or four thousand dollars. I asked him how much he spent per horse every year and he laughed and declined to comment, but when I asked if it was more than ten thousand he laughed and said, “A lot more”. I did a little research online and found some sources saying 15K was a decent chunk of change to spend on a horse, so I’ll assume D is spending more since spendthrift isn’t one of his many good qualities. Let’s estimate he spends 20K/year on each horse. That’s $140,000 per year on a hobby. When is the last time you dropped over a hundred grand on a hobby?

So, now that we’ve established how grossly expensive this is, it’s time to learn what people do with these walking money pits! I’m going to focus on a few different activities you can do with horses that are particularly “upper crust” and there are a lot more but as it is this is going to be a pretty lengthy post. The horse industry in the US alone is a $102 billion+ industry so there’s just a lot of facets, and if I don’t cover one you’re interested in message me and maybe I’ll do a “Equestrian Sports Part 2”.

Horse Racing

The one that’s on everyone’s mind right now! For the first time in 36 years we have a Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah, the beautiful thoroughbred who beat the odds and won it all. Horse racing is a massive industry, mainly because of the gambling that goes along with it, and is probably America’s favorite equestrian sport. There are thousands upon thousands of horse races across the US per year but they vary from very seedy to very classy, and I’ll assume if you’re reading this you’re going to the latter.

Horse racing is pretty straight forward. The gates open and horses, ridden by a jockey, run for a certain distance. Races are generally limited to one different breed of horse (or a couple types) because otherwise there would be unfair advantages between breeds. The most common types of race horses are Thoroughbreds, Arabians and Quarter Horses. The Triple Crown, a set of three races that begins with the Kentucky Derby, then goes to the Preakness and finally Belmont Stakes, is for Thoroughbred horses.

Now, if you’re attending a big fancy horse racing event such as a leg of the Triple Crown, you’re free to dress up like you’d imagine people do. Colorful Lilly Pulitzer sundresses and over the top hats are completely acceptable. For men, tailored suits, bow ties and flower lapels are always classic. If you’re with someone who is upper class, generally you won’t be sitting in the stands but will be seated somewhere more comfortable, so although everyone will be cheering at the end of the race, don’t get too rowdy lest you scare the bourgeois.


Nothing says preppy quite like Polo. It evokes images of men on horseback, bright grassy fields, and, if you’re like me, Ralph Lauren. Polo originated in Persia and was brought to India where it was eventually taught to British military officers and brought back to the UK and via the UK much of the rest of the world. It’s most popular today in Argentina, the US and the UK. Polo is played on horseback with a small, solid plastic ball on the ground that is hit by riders armed with wooden mallets who try to shoot the ball into (weirdly large) goals. There are four players on each team (3 in arena). The riders ride “Polo Ponies” who are frequently rotated out and look absurdly small to be carrying full grown adults. It’s more fun to watch than you’d assume, and actually really fun and a little bit scary to play (10/10 would recommend).

Event Dress: Dress nicely, but don’t look too fancy. A nice sundress, trousers and a good blouse, something flowy, light and summery is all good. Keep it classy, preppy is always a good option. And for all that is good and decent in this world do not come dressed as stereotypically western or British-no top hats or cowgirl boots. No. A word about heels: don’t wear stilettos. Wear wedges. Why? You’ve all seen “Pretty Woman”, don’t feign naivety with me. During the halftime and at the end of the game, it’s tradition for the public to be called onto the field to help fill in the holes left by the horse hooves. If you’re in stilettos you’re going to make walking in the grass harder on yourself, one, and two, make the grass even worse, and three, not be able to participate in the fun part of the game for the spectators. Also, no big crazy hats. I saw some American women do this on a British reality show and cringed. Don’t be those women. Keep things simple and classy, fashion wise.

I’m going to limit this post to those two things because I think those are the most important to touch on. If you’re ever being brought to another equestrian event (dressage, eventing, show jumping, etc.) then you can never go wrong with a nice tight pair of jeans, riding boots and a good cashmere sweater. If you get invited to go riding with someone, do take the opportunity because it’s a lot of fun and less scary the more you do it. Horses are wonderful, very loving and intelligent animals so it’s easy to see how people get roped into pouring their hard earned cash into them.

A little vocab and then we’ll almost be done

Foal: A baby horse

Filly: A female baby horse

Colt: A male baby horse

Suckling: A baby horse still nursing

Mare: A female adult horse

Stallion: A male adult horse that isn’t castrated

Gelding: A male adult horse that is castrated

danseusesarabande  asked:

How would fem! Mikoto, Yata, Munakata, Saru, (+ Shiro and Kuro if ya still like) be able to carry themselves well when walking in high heels ~ like who would rock at stilettos/wedges etc? ;)

Fem!Mikoto - She would easily walk in them and look super sexy when doing so since she wears high-heeled boots daily. She has the body and height of a model (the average height for a model is between 5′8″ and 5′11″) so she can make almost anything look sexy.

Fem!Misaki - She’s actually really good at walking in heels, she prefers wedges over anything else. They’re easier to walk in and she looks super cute in them (especially if she wears a spring/summer dress with them). She really likes wearing them actually since they make her feel taller, though she hates how they make her feet hurt after.

Fem!Reisi - She also wears heels daily so she’s perfectly fine. Besides the usual boots she wears to work, she occasionally wears pumps or ankle strap heels. She looks like a business woman 24/7 rather than a super sexy chick.

Fem!Saru - Surprisingly, she fricking sucks at walking with heels, one of the reason is that she very rarely walks in them. The only heels she’s able to wear are kitten heels and French heels and even then she still wobbles a bit.

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Tinkerbell Syndrome

I was prompted to write this article when browsing through the fashion and model tag on tumblr; I found that many of the clothes being modelled were on long, slender tall women and while they are, of course, beautiful, it got me wondering - what would these look like on a shorter more petite frame? I myself am only around 5ft tall and weigh rather little and always, always have trouble looking good in clothes otherwise modelled on taller women. Read on to find out more about styling your wardrobe for a more refined ‘tinkerbell’ appearance!

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High Heels

((Oh, would you look at that! Second Seventeen scenario up and it only took me too damn long! It’s significantly shorter and something I came up with on the spot, so do forgive me if it’s not fantastic. With that said, enjoy!))

Pairings: Woozi/JihoonxReader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,754

Summary: You love to wear heels and Jihoon loves to see you in heels. So…why did you suddenly stop wearing your heels? 

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