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Pennywise x Fem Reader Fan Fiction In Your Heart Shall Burn

“Hello all my Claddy fans! As promised I have at least two full chapters of my darker Pennywise fan fiction finished, and i’m super excited to see and hear what you guys think. And as I stated before in my earlier post, if you prefer the cuddly, fluffy, and cute Pennyboi, then this fan fic will more than likely upset you. I don’t want to do that so, please be aware of this and read at your own risk. I will admit however that it took me a minute to get back into the swing of writing, so please excuse any typos or errors you may find. I have a full time job, and i also attend school. ^_^; Other than that, please enjoy.”

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Chapter One: ‘It Follows’

There was nothing worse than the feeling of something constantly watching you. Let it be on your way back from school, or from your part-time job, or even from a friend’s house. Moreover, nothing could ever come remotely close to how it felt when you were home alone. This feeling of sinister eyes always on you has only been a resent occurrence. Starting back from when you and your best friend since childhood, (yf/n) decided to attend your first collage mixer together back in August of 2017. In addition, each of you having several drinks and or in this case shots later, more so on your friend behalf. You and a group of people you barley knew, besides that of the party, found yourselves standing before the dilapidated house on the corner of Neiblot Street.


“Come on, (y/n)! We need to go check this shit out!” Said the one guy with the dirty brown hair, who’s been eyeing you all night but was now all buddy, buddy with your home girl. You did not remember whether he said his name, not that you really gave a shit. Nevertheless, judging how grabby he was becoming with your best friend as she had way more to drink then you. The now horrible idea of all of you going into this crack head house to explore started to pull you back from your buzz.

“I don’t know my dude… This doesn’t seem like a good idea, now that we’re here I mean.” You noted with a slight slur, as the last shot of fireball you had was somehow stronger than the previous ones.

You knew your drinks had not tampered with or anything and the same could be said for (yf/n)’s. Before moving to Derry and subsequently attending college there, your parents and hers were all over you two about the risk of sexual assaults while living on campus, and what to lookout for, do’s and don’ts. So considering everything before agreeing to go out that night, you and (yf/n) both decided that you would be the one watching any drinks the two of you had. Limiting yourself to just a few shots, which you could handle, you let (yf/n) have a bit more seeing is how she just turned twenty-one a month ago. She begged you to come out with her so that she could celebrate her 21st properly, as she so put it. And to be perfectly honest, that’s how this night started until you and she found yourselves caught up in the urban legend surrounding Derry.

“Oh please.” Then said the presumed leader of the group of boys scoffed. “You weren’t saying that back at the house? What’s wrong? Afraid you’ll break one of your claws?” He mocked with an overly obnoxious laugh as he referred to your perfectly pointed stiletto nails. Turning to you as you glared over to your friend as the person with the brown hair, her held onto your friends’ waist a little tighter in the wrong kind of way. You had to now, think of a way to get you and your friend out of this situation, before it became a situation.

“Fine! We’ll go inside and play Scooby fucking Doo, but after this (yf/n) and I are leaving.” You stated firmly before stealing your friend from that other creeps arms. “And if any of you try something while were in there, I’ll personally show you what my claws do.” You warned as (yf/n) embraced you lovingly with a seductive purr. Even while intoxicated she still manages to blurt the words out of how much she found you dominating tone sexy, unfortunately so did the guys.

“Damn, she went from Scooby Doo, to Mike Tyson Mysteries, is it sad that I’m still turned on by this?” You heard one of them ask under his breath as you proceeded to walk towards the front door.

The feeling you starting getting in the pit of your stomach was increasing to the point of pain by the time you reached the porch steps. Like coiling knots, being kneaded and folded all together before stretching back out again. You felt a cold sweat trickle down your temple as you tried to swallow the sudden impossible dryness stuck and your throat. There was something about this place that made the fine hair in the back of your neck stand straight up. The crushing sense of foreboding made your knees shake slightly with heaviness, and the red alarms in your head sounding off with deathbells ringing with each passing second. It was not too late for you to back down, but after making it this far, and making such a fuss, you cursed yourself out as had to press on. So going against your better judgement, you disregarded the nauseating feeling you had and thought of nothing other than getting whatever the fuck you were doing over with.

Lightly knocking on the door for any signs of life, you waited for what felt like ages before doing it again, all the while feeling more uneasy as not a single sound was heard. Now that you actually thought about it after a few seconds of absolute nothingness. The entire damn block was unusually quiet, way too quiet for your liking. You could not detect any signs of life all around, not even crickets, and you could not escape those annoying little shits no matter where you lived. No, there was defiantly something not right about this place, more importantly you knew that you were the only one noticing this at the time, and that made the whole situation even worse.

“Are you two going to go in, or nah?”  Said one of the members of the peanut gallery behind you, which had somehow snapped you out of the snare of dread, let it be temporally. However, instead of listening to your own reason and logic nagging at you to implore them, you again disregarded the notion of common sense. To irrationally followed through with pushing open the aging front door, and walking inside with your friend in tow.

“Well…shit…” You muttered grimly as the outside of the home looked immaculate compared to the state of the inside. With torn and battered furnishing, peeling wall paint, spider webs, vines, tree branches, and the harsh odor of molded piss to which you never once thought could actually be a smell you’d ever come to process. The overall appearance of this place made you want to vomit the entirety of your stomach, and perhaps all of your other organs.

“Sister Mary and Francis, it smells like the deep end of a tuckers ass crack in here!” (Yf/) exclaimed with her nose crinkling in disgust. “Why does it smell so bad in here? Like it’s awful, it’s like breathing in sulfur mixed with death, I can practically taste this shit!” Letting go of her waist as the assault to her nostrils slapped her nearly sober, you then took this opportunity to examine the space around you. Taking out your android cell phone to record this little adventure on Facebook Live, you followed and documented (yf/n) as she pointed out the many scattered missing children fliers and newspaper clipping thrown throughout the living space.

“We’re going live with this bullshit, just in case something happens to us while we’re looking around this shithole.” You announced to your friend and to the people who were tuning in on Facebook. “Ya’ll see this right?” You asked while staring intensely into the camera.

“Do you think that they can also smell what we are unfortunately smelling right now?” (Yf/n) asked with a meek chuckle.

“Fuck, I hope not, otherwise I think my phone will melt if that was the case.” You replied as you used a part of your long sleeves to cover your burning nose. Looking over to the opposite sides of the open living space, while loosely referring to living space, you talked to your phone as she highlighted the scene around you. Picking up a few oddities to give the on lookers a better picture as to what kind of shit you got yourself into this time with the help of your friend. You had to firmly promise the virtual world that you would be reconsidering you and (yf/n)’s, life choices once you two made it back safely home.

“Hey, (y/n) check this shit out!” Carefully avoiding the many gaping holes in the hardwood floors, and trying to avoid the obvious piles of animal fecal matter littering all over the place on your way back over to your friend. You grimaced to the notion of how many creatures passed through here, and if all of them were even animals as some of the piles resembled what humans normally produced.  Standing silently next to your friend who was reading another newspaper heading whether intensely, you paused to her grim face as she held up what she was looking at for the virtual world to see too. The Heading of the paper read; ‘Missing Children in the Heart of Derry’, the article goes on to say that between the years of 1988 and 1989, a few dozen people went missing and that even more children mysteriously vanished as well. Reading further along the lines, you spotted something that not only stuck out to you, but also made the red flags and your head twirl in frenzy.

“Some eyewitnesses say they spotted what appeared to be someone dressed as a clown in period dated attire, talking to a few of the children just before they vanished. There has been no word as to whether or not these claims are true, given the fact that the description of the person of interest was never consistent. However, the local police suspected that the perpetrator or perpetrators must have been using some sort of ruse, to lure unsuspecting victims away from their parents and or guardians, before kidnapping them. But with no bodies and no physical evidences, the investigation has run cold with no leads or suspects in sight.” At the bottom of the article were pictures of some of the missing kids, and what made the heated mass in your stomach turn over to the point of vomiting with more velocity, was the fact that all of their filers were plastered all over the walls of this house. “(Yf/n), I think we’ve seen enough, it’s time to get the fuck out of here!” Moving as fast as possible to the door as this ominous urge started to flush over the two of you, more so on you, the dread only intensified as both pulled and pulled to the front door and it was not opening. It was as if someone had barred it shut from the outside, then it clicked. “Those no good sons of bitches.” You mouthed through a hiss.  

“You don’t think those assholes locked us in here do you?” (Yf/n) asked with a strangled panic taking over her demeanor. Nearly crushing your cell phone in a violent rage, you almost did not want to answer her, as you knew that had to be the case. However, before you could even try to fathom something calming to say to attempt to put her at ease, you and she both suddenly jumped when you both heard something crashing down from upstairs. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?” Your friend screamed with tears now started to stream down her cheeks. “(Y/n), I want to go home!” She cried as she held onto you tightly. Instantly grabbing ahold of her to keep her as quiet as possible, you tried your best to remain calm, as the tension building around the two of you was enough to suffocate an elephant.

“It’s going to be ok, (yf/n) I’ll find us a way out of here, ok. I just need you to stay with me here.” You ensured her with the best smile you could muster. You have always been the brave one, but that did not necessarily mean that you were not afraid. Throughout most of your and hers childhood, you had to be the strong one, the courageous, and fight kind of girl. Fear was something you fought, but there were times where fighting was not an option, and this was certainly one of those times.

After finally calming your friend down as she was on the verge of a panic attack, you devised a plan to get you and her out of this hell house as quickly and quietly as you could. Whatever made that noise upstairs was something you and her wanted to avoid at all cost, so taking painfully slow and calculated steps to prevent storing the thing above you. The path leading to what you hoped was the back door seemed endless and daunting as you passed a few rooms that made your skin crawl. There was writing on the walls that looked as though was written in blood, messages incoherent in nature and feral. ‘You’ll die if you try,’ you’ll float too!’, and ‘kill them all!’ all scattered out, and written on things besides the walls themselves. This house was a place of nightmares and with every step came the sickening, and fretful realization that someone or something was somehow watching the two of you. Something lurking within the dark shadows of the house, closely watching your every move you and (yf/n) make, and simply laying in wake for one of you, if not both of you to make a single fatal mistake, or in this case a misstep.

It almost came as a heavenly sign of relief once the two of you made it to the back door and an even greater sense if solace, was the fact that it was unlocked and lead to your freedom. Quickly circling back to the front of the house, you yourself greeted the one who pushed you and your friend into that house with a mean right hook to the jaw. Busting the thin layer of skin on your knuckles to the shear force used, and knocking the person out cold, you give the rest of them the most vicious look, as they stood petrified. Even though the whole ordeal was over, and you got (yf/n) safely back home. Ever since that night you felt like that same presence has been following you around, all because you dared to enter that unholy house…


Stiletto heart tip nails for Valentine’s Day! I’ve never had this shape of nail before because my nails were never long enough, but I absolutely love it! I would definitely recommend it! And I loved these because I always wanted to use my bare nail for negative space designs, but I didn’t like the white tips showing, so this one makes that a non issue.