‘I used to have the worst crush in the world on you Stiles.. And you never once even noticed me.’

Those words had been echoing in his head for three days.

'I have beautiful everything.’

Stiles didn’t understand, but he began to see she was right. She did have beautiful eyes. And bouncy blonde hair.

Stiles began to notice the way she bit into her bottom lip when she focused. When she smiled her whole face lit up. 

He sat at his desk in his bedroom and twirled a coin between his fingers. He dropped it, frustrated. He didn’t like her, but he could not remove her from his mind. 

He went to school and tried his best to stay out of her way. But he would find himself pausing to watch her walk down the hallway, her hair bouncing as her hips swing. 

'Stiles!’, she called.

He backed up into the row of lockers. 'E-Erica!’, he stared. She was so close.

'Close your mouth honey. That’s not a good look.’ She smiled at him and his heart fluttered. 

He regained his composure and pushed himself up so that he was standing above her. 

'What do you want Erica?’, he licked his lips to chase away the dryness. 

He watched as her eyes followed his tongue out of and back into his mouth. She took a step back and frowned. Her brows furrowed, creating a ridge in her forehead. 

'Look, tell Scott to answer his phone. Derek needs him.’ She took one last look at him and walked away. 

Stiles spun and pursed his lips. He ran his hand over his head and slammed his locker door. 

That very night before he fell asleep, the last thing to run through his head was.

'Stiles, you make a good batman’

Stiles/Erica. Now that she’s said something, Stiles can’t stop noticing her.
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