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“Hey (Y/N) you wanna help Isaac out?” Derek asked and you stopped your search for your brother as you spotted Derek rearranging what looked like a box of chains.

“No offence I don’t think Mr Grey was a werewolf.” You told him and he chuckled.

“Yeah but werewolves are better, let me tie Isaac up and show you.” Derek smiled when your eyes widened and you blushed.

“Oh wow Derek that was just bad.” Isaac mumbled as he rubbed the back of his head. “Besides, (Y/N0 should be tied up so I can roam freely.”

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when teen wolf ends they need to release every deleted scene and sell them in an extended version pack because i need to see all 12 angles of the 6x10 kiss and everything else they’ve ever deleted

TW Preferences: When You Kiss Them First pt. 1

Scott McCall

Scott’s grin would widen, and he’d be all smiles for the rest of the day. 

Jackson Whittemore

Jackson would try to act all cool and play it off, but in reality, he’s screaming with joy. 

Stiles Stilinski

Stiles would casually leave the room and then celebrate by himself. 

Isaac Lahey

Isaac would get all shy and flustered, but he’d want another kiss.

Peter Hale

Peter would pull you back in for another hard kiss. There’d be no warning. 

Theo Raeken

Theo would act all smug. Only when you leave the premises would he touch his lips and smile softly. 

Derek Hale

Derek would try not to grin, but his mouth betrayed him.

author’s note: i split the guys and girls. hope you enjoy!

gif credit: all mine except derek hale’s.

gif came from: Teen Wolf ~ not listing all episodes sorry. 

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McCall Pack x Reader

Requested by @calpalkenzie

“I dunno what’s wrong with her Scott, she’s acting like she’s nervous.” Stiles rubbing his hands together as he thought over catching you last night, he didn’t know what you were doing but you screamed at him for checking in on you like he normally did before he went to bed.

“Maybe she’s just out grown you tucking her in?” Scott offered, waving at one of their friends who had begged the entire pack to support them at the school’s talent show, Malia had been curious to the pack ended up agreeing.

“Scott, when there’s a thunder storm she gets in my bed and makes me call Derek!” Stiles sighed. “Also, have I told you that he never picks up but he seems to always tell when it’s her calling, even on my phone!”

“Well he did save her from getting eaten by me… Peter, Isaac, Boyd and Cora so she’s going to trust him I guess.” Scott chuckled but Stiles shook his head.

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Melissa McCall appreciation week

 Day 5: Melissa + Stiles

 "Thanks, mom.“

Hate (Derek Hale)

Warnings: None?

You sighed as you realized you had to go to another pack meeting. Don’t get me wrong, you love pack meetings. Except for the fact that Derek has to be the biggest jerk to you almost 24/7. You never knew why but he always seemed to hate you. He’d take any chance to hate on you when he could.

“Y/N? Y/N? Are you ready?? We need to go” your brother, Stiles shouted from downstairs. You walked down the stairs to see Stiles with his girlfriend Malia. Malia was like a sister to you, that’s why you couldn’t find it more pleasing to see your brother and your best friend together.

“I don’t want to go” you grumbled. “What’s wrong? You love pack meetings” Stiles said walking to the car. You got in the back seat while Malia took shotgun.

Malia slapped Stiles in the arm and sighed. “Maliaaaaaa what was that for?” He whined. Malia gives him a look and says “she obviously doesn’t want to go because of the sourwolf” She trailed off looking at me knowingly.

Stiles looked at me from the rear view mirror “You don’t want to go because of Derek?! Why?”

“Because it’s the highlight of my day to be insulted by the Alpha” I said with sarcasm lacing my voice. Malia giggled at how sarcastic I was while Stiles glared at me. “I’m still older than you, you know”

“Please a dork like you doesn’t deserve to be an older brother” I snorted. He laughed at our little sibling banter then soon we arrived at Scott’s house. “We’re here” Stiles says getting out of his car with Malia. “No Stiles, we’re in unicorn island” I say following him

“Shut up” he says rolling his eyes. Malia laughs at us then rings the doorbell. We get in to see the whole pack there.

“Finally you made it” Scott smiles. “Sorry we’re late” Stiles apologizes sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. Everyone in the room laughs except a certain sour wolf. “Don’t be, it isn’t your fault” he says almost too nice. Then he continues “it’s that idiot sister of yours. Always such a slow poke aren’t you y/n?”

You glare at him annoyed. “At least I take time to look presentable” you scoff.

“Please? You? Presentable? Don’t lie to yourself we all know you’re a low life piece of shit of a teenager” he fires.

You were stunned. Sure Derek was a jerk to you but he was never this mean. Tears welled up in your eyes as you ran to Scott’s room. You could hear Stiles scolding Derek downstairs. You sat in the bed and cried.

~with Scott and the others~

Derek’s POV

“How dare you say that to her?! I get you’re a sour wolf but would it kill you to be nice to people? Even the Stilinskis?” Stiles shouts. “Not my fault she never helps that free loading shithead” I shrug. Stiles wasn’t angry anymore no, he was fuming. “One more insult about my sister and you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna break and extra large branch of mountain ash wrap it around in wolfsbane and roll it in mistletoe and shove it up your freaking-”

Scott interrupted him “Stiles, Stiles, that’s enough. And as for you Derek. I get that you like y/n and all and it’s hard for you to control your feelings. But seriously, stop breaking the girl’s heart”

Everyone in the room goes silent and stares at me in shock. Yes I like the girl but can you blame me? The way her hair flows perfectly. And how her eyes sparkle when she smiles. “I don’t like her” I say lying my ass off.

Isaac looks at me “You definitely like her” he grins. “No I don’t” I glare. “Aww is the big bad wolf afraid to admit his feelings?” Lydia coos. “I don’t like her” I say frustrated. “Please, we can hear your heart beat. Tell her already” Scott says obviously annoyed at my stubbornness.

“What’s the point? She probably hates me” I say sitting down and putting my head in my hands. I can feel someone’s gaze on me as someone speaks. “If I know my sister more than anything, she definitely loves you. She always had and always will. She doesn’t give up easily” Stiles says patting my back. I look up at him with hope, then sigh again remembering all the things I said.

“Go get her” Malia say pushing me towards the stairs. I take a deep breathe and walk towards Scott’s room.

~Back to you~


You hear someone’s footsteps walk in to Scott’s room. You lift yourself from the bed to see Derek then you scowl and hide under the blanket.

“y/n, I need to talk to you” he says gently. “What? To insult the fuck out of me again? No thanks” you answer annoyed. “No y/n listen to me, I’m sorry. I guess I got caught up in my feelings for you and I just didn’t know how to respond” he says looking down.

I give a sarcastic laugh “you think I’m stupid? Stop trying to prank me I’m feeling bad as it is”

He looks at me with hurt etched upon his perfect face. “I’m not lying y/n, ever since I saw you, you made me feel different, you made me feel like I was a happy wolf. And we all know what I really am. I really like you, I’m sorry I was a big shithead” he apologizes his head hanging low.

Your heartbeat speeds up upon hearing the confession. Your frown slowly turns into a smile as You walk up to Derek. You wrap my arms around his neck and give him a tight hug. “I love you too” You smile.

He looks at me shocked “so you forgive me?” He asks hopefully. “Hmm. I don’t know, I may need some convincing” You say smirking at him.

He grins then leans in. Next thing You know his lips crashed with yours sharing a soft, yet passionate kiss. Soon we hear clapping coming from the door and we pull away seeing the pack at the door.

You giggle looking at them as Derek puts his arm around my shoulder. He grins at Stiles saying “I got the girl”

Stiles smiles and then he quickly makes an angry face “if you hurt her I swear to God I will-” Derek cut him off “you’re gonna break and extra large branch of mountain ash wrap it around in wolfsbane and roll it in mistletoe and shove it up my freaking-” Lydia cuts him off. “Okay that’s enough of that! Now let’s go down for the pack meeting” she chirps.

Derek looks at you at smiles as he kisses your forehead “I love you so much” he mutters. “And I love you too my sour wolf” you say grinning then both of you start walking down the stairs as a new beautiful couple


Aiden x reader

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You smiled at Aiden when he walked over to you, looking as if he was going to say something until you felt the heavy weight of Stiles’ arm around your shoulders.

“Move along fur ball.” He muttered, glaring until Aiden left.

“Stiles that was mean.” You pointed out but the boy just shrugged.

“Hey you don’t know what he wanted, he could have attacked you.” Stiles warned with a brotherly tone which made you roll your eyes.

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