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Carlijah; Friendship or implied feelings. When Klaus gets too much for Caroline to bear, she finds solace in Elijah, and he hates and loves it.

He smiled as he watched her. He tried to pretend that he didn’t notice the way the sun dance along her blond curls, almost giving them an illusion of spun gold. Or the way her cheeks reddened when she was in the midst of a rant of great importance to her. Or the way her scent, a hint of rose and sandalwood, lingered on his jacket long after she left.

No he didn’t notice it at all. Especially not the adorable way she would bite her lips as she waited expectantly for him to answer one of her questions.

He knew she never saw him as more than a friend or a confidante. He knew she never noticed the way his fingers lightly traced the freckles on her shoulders as he helped her put her jacket on. Or the way his eyes would always sought her out whenever he entered a room. Or the way he would smile stoically as his brother kissed her in front of him.

She noticed nothing. But Klaus did.

Klaus always noticed the way. That’s why he took great pleasure in rubbing in the fact that she chose him. The smirks, the knowing glances, the possessive glint in his eyes as he looked at her all screamed his claim at Elijah.

Elijah was a man of honor; he never stole anything that didn’t belong to him. He didn’t do it with Tatia & as much as he was tempted to, he wasn’t about to break his code for Caroline.

But there were days that his control ran thin. Those days he had to stay far away from her, far away from the temptation that she presented to him. Family above all. He wasn’t about to betray his brother for her. Or would he? The days he didn’t know that answer were the days were his emotions showed throw the cracks.

That was when he would go for days because there would be some unruly hybrids stirring up trouble somewhere and he was needed to bring them in line. Having finally regained his control, he would come back. Those days he would think he was over her, that any feelings he had for her were long gone but all it took was one glance or one squeal from her before she dashed into his arms welcoming him home, her scent wafting over him for him to know that those feelings would never go away.

He loved her.

And he hated the fact that he loved her.

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Caroline randomly calls Klaus when he's in NO. A bittersweet conversation between the two where they still dont say what they really wish to! write it bitch

“Apart from me wanting to rip off the head cheerleader’s hands off and Stefan actually starting to have a little fun, life is alright,” Caroline gushed into the phone, her fingers nervously picking on the edge of her skirt.

The low chuckle resounding from the other end of the phone, made her grip her phone tighter.

“Sounds like you have a handle on your situation love.” His velvety voice with a just enough hint of roughness soothed her.

“How’sNew Orleansand your plans of conquering it?”

“Love,New Orleansis already mine; it just needs a little reminding.” Klaus lounged comfortably in his arm chair staring at the flickering flames of the fireplace. “Soon enough they will all bow down to their Original King.” He tried to ignore the pang of loneliness that hit him at the thought of being all alone, without her by his side. Maybe if he tried a bit harder she might have come. Just maybe…

“Great!” Caroline enthused, her voice too chirpy trying to cover up the twinge of hurt she felt at the thought that he didn’t need her anymore.

“Yes, it would be glorious,” just like you are, Klaus bit back his words believing they would be unwelcome.

The conversation continued for a while. Both of them saying this that they thought they should, not saying the things that they wanted to. They hid it. Hid all their feelings behind a vault, for fear of it not being retaliated.

Maybe their tentative friendship was what they needed right now but it was certainly not what they wanted.

Day by day Caroline fought her feelings for him, the growing sense of unease that she was made for bigger and better things. Things that he promised her. As much as she tried, she couldn’t ignore that little corner in her heart that craved for him.

Klaus’ jaw tightened whenever he heard the happiness radiate from her. Would she ever find such happiness with him? Elijah was right, it was a hollow life he lead. If he ever brought her into his life completely would she be lost to him like his family, the only people he loved.

So many things unsaid, so few things said. This was the story of their lives. Would they ever be ready?

“Bye Klaus.” Caroline said softly. Was that affection he heard in her voice?

“Bye Caroline.”