happy holidays everybody!!!! :)))) it is currently 03:18 AM and I am finishing this off as my eyes shut because I really wanted to get this up today and not have to worry tomorrow with sense8 and that. I know the header’s crappy but it’s prison mike and the office has taken over my whole year and I love it so much and it’s not very christmassy and it’s quite ugly (i tried to get the picture of the whole office trying to jump for the christmas picture, if u know the office you’ll know, but that was impossible so prison mike will do) and if you don’t know prison mike i think it’s well worth your time a quick google. I’m sorry if there are any mistakes or if I’ve left anyone out, I know I fucked up somewhere in the S section but I’m too droopy to fix it (no matter how many times I sing the alphabet in my head I’m still somehow doomed to fail). I love everyone here, all my mutuals, feel free to message me any time I’d be delighted to talk to any of you, your posts never leave me without anything to reblog and ur all so amazing so happy holidays everyone, I love you all and enough rambling here’s the frickin list of people (holy bejeezus ming-na that was a long ramble, I’m tired okay. I think I’ve reached the delirious phase) I LOVE U ALLLL !!!!! :)))))

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so i hit 1k (!!!!) and wanted to make an ff and spread the love a little. faves are bolded! im probably forgetting a lot of ppl bc of url changes but w/e ily all

♥  lovely mutuals


@addictedtonightlock | @aleclightwode  | @allyaisbae  | @amysntiagos  | @arahgorn  | @akhillus  | @akielosrises  | @bbuckyybarnes  | @bicalebhaas  |   @biparrish  | @bisexyrogers  | @blackthorny  | @bluesergent​  | @buccy-barnes  | @cabeswatre  | @calebwells​  | @capsteev  | @captainbvrnes


@differentstartsdifferentends  | @emmaslovebug​  | @felixfelics  | @feministnico  | @feyresardothien​  | @firebotts  | @firedwhiskey  | @gatsvy  | @glenodwer  | @greenberg-lives  | @harperjanestark​  | @hedahodnes  | @helenblackthorn  | @hernandorodrguez  | @hopkirks


@infinitywaar  | @itscasuallycruel  | @izzylightwoo  | @jaces-mangoes. | @jamiexclairefraser  | @jokerxx  | @katnissvrdn  |  @laurantofvere  | @laurelsscastillos  | @lemonhairedboy  | @leofihtz  | @levlines  | @lunarqueen  | @marvoloriddlc  | @morozovasraven  | @mylovelysummergirl


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@sarrgentblue  | @sgtfucky  | @stcvebuck  | @stilesnky  | @stilinskiiksnilits  | @thetransparentring  | @thewinterdaredevil​  | @thirtysevengoats  | @umhawkguy  | @vicerys  | @wysmack  | @y0ung-avengers  | @ycurbcuky

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@adamparrisih  | @adampurrish  | @adarkling   | @arthurpendragonns | @ashryvaer  | @attackoneyebrows  | @believeinprongs  | @bisexualbucky  | @buckypupbarnes  | @buckysbae  | @bxckythewintersoldier  | @cabeswatehr  | @captainbuckybarness  | @captnbarnes  | @chainsaw-assassin  | @claryisabelle  | @connorscobalt  | @czynchs 


@eathons  | @emmawayland  | @finnpoed​  | @forassgard  | @gcneroe  | @heronduck  | @ilnhcinder​  | @inejj  | @infinitehogwarts​  | @izsophialightwood  | @jemherondale  | @katmcnamara​  | @katyswartz  | @klausloveletters  | @ksica  | @legilimen


@maggnusbane  | @marvelouskatie  | @minyards​  | @mlightwood  | @mnyrds​  | @mockingswan  | @neiljosten  | @noahczerns  | @noahczerny  | @noahczry  | @noahhhczerny  | @originalgroupie  | @pahtrohclus  | @peggycarterogers  | @pynch


@ravnnboys  | @romnovs  | @sageskov  | @sainteverdeen | @sebastianstans  | @sinyhale  | @skyesgrants  | @smolperalta​  | @stevenrogered​  | @themoonoversoho  | @tonystahrk  | @transalec  | @wolfbangkala

hey guys so i recently just reached 700 followers and cannot believe it!! you guys all voted for a follow forever but i think i’m gonna do tumblr awards as well cause it looks fun, ANYWAY let’s do it :))

my main squad:

@kayahumprey, ❤ @rubylucqs,  ❤ @stxdias,  ❤ @allisonagrnt,  ❤ @maliawerecoyotes

mutuals are bolded


@aarontaylorjonhson, @actual-stydia-trash, @adamparrisih, @agcntbarnes, @aleclightwode, @allaesonargent, @allyaisbae, @always-olicity, @alxparrish, @amorremanet, @argentchris, @armieshammcr, @balle-en-argent, @bansheequeen, @beacon-hillshigh, @bifortheblakes, @blakesmilitia, @bloodclawsandfangs, @boldbellamy, @brandibees, @braveheartbellamy, @brodiesngster, @brosciles, @cabeswter, @capitolfalls, @cearsei, @cedricdggorys, @centralpeark, @charliekelllys, @chrisevasn, @clarke-grifffin, @clarkesgriffin, @coltanhaynes, @commanderbellarke, @commanderbanshee, @daenarystorms, @dammitjimkirk, @darhkswan, @deputyperrish, @derekhail, @derekhoe, @derrekshales, @destiny919, @dontgostakinmyheart, @dreaminghart, @drkhales, @dyllinski, @echoespatienceandsilence, @egertontaron, @emmvskillian, @ephemeralls, @ervdeen, @fahrkle, @feministlydia, @fierymccall, @forgedfoxes, @fuckyeahstydia, @fvcksobrien, @fyeahstilinskis


@ggrinted, @ghostlymalia, @ghostlystydia, @ghostobrien, @ginevra17, @gwenstacye, @halesanchor, @harleensquiinn, @hauntcdhogwarts, @hauntedmachinery, @haydnromero, @haydxnromero, @hollandrod, @hollandroden, @hopefulwinchester, @hustlepuff, @hxlsey-s, @idontgiveaneffie, @ihaveplentyoffiremyself, @isaaclaheytrash, @issaclakey, @itsdunbar, @jamespottxr, @jchnmurqhy, @jilyolantern, @karapalamas, @kiramccall, @kirayukimurra, @kirughyukimura, @kissunes, @kitsunaye, @komtrashkru, @laurel-castiilo, @leaderblake, @liaamdunbaar, @liamsdunbahr, @liamshayden, @liamshole, @liayden, @liaydens, @liemdunbars, @lilylunapottxr, @llaracrofts, @lost-in-this-place-we-call-home, @lscottmccall, @lushcola, @lydamartin, @lydia-martinz, @lydiahs, @lydiamarntin, @lydiamartkn, @lydiamcrtin, @lydiamrtun, @lydiaparrish, @lydiascotty, @lydiastiles-stilinski, @lydiastilinks, @lydiastilinsik, @lydiastilinski, @lydiras, @lydsstillinski, @lydvia, @lydxsmartin


@madgesgoldpin, @maliateta, @maliatie, @martinlaheys, @martinskki, @martinsskiss, @masonhewixx, @matthewmorduck, @mattmurvdock, @mazonhewitt, @mcallin, @mcmartinskis, @melissamkcall, @mircallasquad, @moccingbird, @murphys, @natalieevasquez, @natashasromanof, @notanotherkitsune, @obriensbutt, @obrienstrash, @octaviusblake, @ohmystydiaheart, @ohmyweasleys, @ohstydia, @papastilinski, @pauleski, @peggycarthr, @peterrquills, @pickpocketpadfoot, @prettylittlegreene, @princessclarkes, @pumpkinraeken, @puppyparrish, @purebloodraco, @qleclightwood, @quakesfire, @queermartins, @raekenscody, @rantsofafangirl, @redstringbanshee, @rick-grimess@rielymatthews, @rivendell101, @rockingstydia, @rongasm, @rvnwiththewolves, @rxmansoff


@sassmestilinski, @sassystiles, @savingsciles, @scallydia, @scottmcboo, @scottmccalle, @scottmkcall, @scottstlles, @scxttmccall, @sexmeupstiles, @shhadowhunter, @silverrargent, @siriusblague, @skelekru, @skeletonstydia, @skyedaisyquake, @skyemaximoff, @snowbvz, @snurphy, @spookymartinskistilinski, @spookymcbrien, @spookyobriens, @sprayeberry, @stdiastlnski, @stiles-lydia, @stiles-stlinskis, @stilesbanshee, @stilesbuttt, @stileslydiamartinstilinski, @stilesnky, @stilessdylan, @stilesxmartin, @stveroger, @stydia-xo, @stydiaah, @stydiabond, @stydiaislove, @stydiatrash, @stydiaxoxo, @sydbull, @team-stydia, @the-gateway-to-eternity, @theoraelken, @theoskraeken, @trashstiles, @trcystewrts, @trueposey, @trulystydia, @tw-stilinskis, @tylrpozey, @uhmurphy, @voiidstiiles, @vukimura, @wardskye, @weslehgibbins, @wildvainobsessor, @winterwidowh, @wolfedhale, @wolfieimagines, @wsetallen, @xoeternalflamexo, @yeahstydia, @you-make-me-wander, @zetakirsch, @zombiemaximov, @-starrynight

sorry if i forgot anyone!! love you all  ❤ ❤

Hi there so I just recently hit 1,000 followers so I decided to do a follow forever  I really do appreciate all of you.  These aren’t all mutuals but i do recommend following them. Everyone on the list is amazing and I’m sorry if I forgot anyone.


@alecmagnuss || @alecsliqhtwood || @actual-stydia-trash || @allisonmccalling || @allisonscott || @allisvnargent || @allvdia || @always-stydia || @alphabetaballsack || @an-unspoken-connection || @bansheemrtin || @banshuman || @bluesargeant || @brokecrayons || @blakemorley || @brogitsune || @captainnwolf || @claudia-allison-stilinski || @claudiastilinski || @codychrisitan || @corashales || @coyotecrackers || @clarkesbellmy || @crystalreed || @deputydylinski || @desertwolv || @dobrens || @draeden ||  @dramaticdunbar || @dvlanobryan || @dyalnobriens || @dylanobrienbr || @dylanobriensaf || @dylans-obrien || @dylans-obriens || @emeraudtoubias


@falsealpha || @fierymccall || @flawlessbanshee || @fuck-my-addiction || @fuckyeahstilesandlydia || @fuckyeahstydia || @fvcksobrien || @gxnnyweasley || @glenn-rhee || @goldenlydia || @haydenmartinski || @holladnroden || @hollanddroden || @hollandrqden || @hollandsdylans || @http-stydia || @humansbanshee || @hushgirl || @irisvwest || @isaaclahy || @itsdunbar || @kirayukimura || @kira-yukumira || @kirayukiura || @layden || @liam-dunbar ||  @liamduxbar || @liamdvnbar || @lovelyargents || @lvdiamartyns || @lydia-martins || @lydiamartinly || @lydiamccall || @lydiamcrtinski || @lydiamxrtn || @lydianski || @lydias-stiles || @lydiaskiss || @lydiastilinski || @lydiastiliskis || @lydiastlinski || @lydmrtn || @lydsstilinski || @lydxamartin || @lysdia


@madgesgoldpin || @martinnski || @martinskki || @martinsti || @martinxki || @masonhevit || @mccalspack || @mcrievalet || @obrcden || @ohennig || @ohkira || @ohnomyobrien || @pansexualwill || @peaceandcows || @perfectstydia || @persephony || @pocketfulloftyler || @poseytsune || @praise-stydia || @protectmccall || @punkmccqll || @queenlydiastilinski || @qvkeward || @radiantlydia || @raekenpack || @redstringbanshee || @rhaeken || @romerohayden || @rongasm


@savingsciles || @savingstydia || @scottmcfluffy || @scottmkcall || @shadowslydia || @shadowstydia || @simonclarys || @simonlewi || @sleepy-skittles || @smokesforwolves || @sstydiiaa || @stallisxn || @steos || @stiilesstiliinskii || @stiles-lydia || @stilesbanshee || @stilesbansheequeen || @stilesbbat || @stileslydiamartinstilinski || @stileslyida || @stilesnky || @stilesstolemyblanket || @stilestilikeslydia || @stilinski-loves-lydia || @stilinskislyds || @stilless || @stilydiax || @stora || @stvlinsk || @stydi-uh || @stydiamarin || @stydiaxoxo || @stydiot || @stydsia || @sunshinemccall || @sxxttmcall || @team-stydia || @the-banshee-spark || @thosestydiafeels || @trashstydia || @truealqha || @tylerpose-y || @tylerposet || @voidalqha || @voidlydiia || @weeping-banshee 

My first follow forever! its crazy that there’s over 4000 of you? like wow. Thank you so much for following me and my blog! This was probably the hardest thing ever tbh, and if i forgot anyone i’m so sorry and you should let me know and ill add you in! <3

# - C

@-beaconhills @adelaidekanie @alec-lightswood @allirica @allisnargent @allisonarrgent @allisoncrgcnt @allvdia @alphabanshee @alphacoyotes @alphalewolf @alphasmalia @alqhamccall @amyskhaleesi @aplaceforstydia @appreciatederek @ardenscho @argentie @argentless @argentwolvs @arthurpaindragon @anothersideofstiles@authorkurikuri  @augustuswaters@arkkenstone @baelydia @bansheemrtin @banshiequeen @bansnee @becauseofsterek @bellarke @bellemy @benpearish @bilesobrien @bistiles @blakesbellamy @blakesgrffin @blyedeeks @bobmorleyisking @bootymccall @boyrunningwithwolf @brogitsune @brosciles @cabeswter @capitolfalls @captain-snark @captianstydia @claudiastilinski @clexxa @codychristian @corashales @coyotequeens @crossroadswrite @crystalreed @crystalmreed @crystals-hollands @cutie-stiles @cystalreeds @castiell @chewbbacca

D - G

@daily-dylan-o-brien @dailytylerhoechlin @dailytwolf@daily-stydia @dailyderekstiles @dan-sharman @darkvaders @derek-x-stiles @derekandstiles @derekeyebrows @derekhalee @derekhals @derektit @derrekshales @desertwolv @draeden @dvnbarliam @dyalnobriens @dylanandholland @dylanhoechlin @dylanosourwolf @dylanxbriens @dyllinski @drunkonstiles @dylanslilnugget @dylans-obrien@effingstiles @eichenlydiamartin @erciareyes @eternalhobrien @fairchilds @fallenangcl @falsealpha @felicitysmock @fierymccall @fireryhale @frostyvernon @gabytllrs @ghostydia @grounderstiles 

H- K

@halecupcakes @halekingsourwolf @halestilinskis @haletostilinski @halewithstilinski @hashtagstydia @haydenromreo @hellastydia @herobansheenw @herosterek @hisbanshee @histerek @hisyoda @hocrien @hoeched @hoechlbutt @hoechliiin @holanrodens @holland-roden @hollanddroden @hollandroden @hollandrodcn @holydia @http-voidposey @iamderekhale @ianshardin @irisvwest @isaacmccall @isaclaehys @itsalwayslydia @itsdunbar @itsstydiaduh @jadorehale @jamespottxr @jazewayland @joshzaga @jscajones @katmcnamara @kingmccalled @kingroans @kira-yukimura @kiramccall @kirayuimura @kirayukimura @kissunes @kitsunaye @kkiitsune

L- O

@layden @lexagriffins @liam-dunbar @liamdnubar @liamdubnars @liamdvnbar @llydias @llydiastiles @lydamartin @lydiastiliskis @lydixstilinski @lydia-martin @lydiahs @lydsstillinski @lydiamartinsbat @lydiamrtn @lydiaskiss @lydiastiles-stilinski @lydiastilinski @lydixmartiin @lydmrtn @lydvia @lysdia @maliahales @maliatatertot@malialovers @maliasbae @maliasfur @maliatate @malydira @mamamccalls @martinskki @marystaurts @masonhewixx @mccallsscott @mcmartinskki @mcsstydia @muliatate @newtmasplease @niggletsune @obrian @oh-my-stydia @ohstydia @oodair 

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@pale-silver-comb @panicattackkisses @papastilinski @perfectstydia @pooperposey @poseytsune @protectmccall @queenclrk @queenstilinski @qvkeward @radiantlydia @raekens-theo @redhoodedwolf @redstringbanshee @rhaeken @richrdganseys @rodensobrien @rongasm @sarahslance @sassystiles @savingsciles @savingscott @savingstydia @scira @scottmartinski @scottmcccall @scottmkcall @scottsobrien @scruffysterek @shhadowhunter @shut-up-and-sterek @softlycanthropy @sourwife @sourwolfsparking @sowrwolf @stallisxn @sterec @stereka @sterektrashbag @stilesbanshee @stilesnky @stilinskislyds @stora @stydia @stydiaislove @stydiaah @stydiamafia @stydias @stydiva @stydiuhs @styvdia @stydia-xo @stydialovin @stydiaa-martinski @stydiablr @stydiadaily @stydiafate @stydiasroden @stydiaxoxo @stydixa

T- W

@tacoposey @targayrens @taylorsuift @team-stydia @teenwolfiiies @the-banshee-spark @the-red-alpha @thecsraeken @themartinskis @themightygladerss @thescreamingbanshee @thesparkandthewolf @trashstydia @truealqha @twinkwolf @tylerposey @tylerdylans @tylrpozey @tylerobrien@tylerposet @veronboyd @victoria-moroles @vividstilinski @voidstiles @voidsmalia @volldemorts @war-boyfriends @weprotectthose @wickedstilinski @wickedstiles @wolfemalia @wolvesouls

X- Z

@xohollandroden @yastiles @yeahstydia @yu-kimura @yukimuramccall @zaynmalek

Hey guys, sorry about the extremely shitty graphic I made it on picmonkey bc I don’t own/can’t afford photoshop fight me. I’m just grateful for all 850 or so of you who follow this trashy blog, and here is my second ff! Happy holidays! Mutuals // favs

**Edit: it forgot to italicize a bunch of ppl on mobile! blame tumblr lmao it’s a hot mess. Anyways if I forgot you or something let me know so I can add you in! Thanks again guys i love you all!


@aelinashrver @ahglionby @ahslydias @aleclightwode @alisonsdliaurentis @allihsonargent @allisenargent @allisonagrnt @allisonargient  @allisonmccalling @allyaisbae @allydiasparrish @allydiea @always-olicity @amyskhaleesi @arielyds @autumnkira @awilddavidoff @badlanlds @banshuman @behindthesstars @bellamyblakeish @bellamysgirl @bellarke-stydia-olicity @bellarkemas @bellarkerevolution @belliamy @bellsblakers @betamyass @bilesbilinksi @blanketskeepmesafe @bllankrose @blueegansey @bobbigriffin @bonesrnccoy @brandibees @braveheartbellamy @cabeswter @canon-stydia @castiell @clarissafray @clarke-grifffin @clintonbartoff @closetedmichael @codvchristians @coloursam @coltanhaynes @commanderbellarke @condescending-when-possible @coyotes-tiptoe @crankyangels @czereny @darhkswan @deaconhills @declanlvnch @derekhail @derekhaledeserveslove @derekhoe @dereksnowflakes @domssherwood @drkhales @dylans-sprayberry @dylanxbriens @dylaohbrien @dyllinski @eichenlydiamartin @empressof1000galaxies 


@fckndunbar @ffloralsky @fightlikeabanshee @finncresta @finnickseas @firelemonade @firelitcas @freckleshadowhunter @freekanima @frostyhermione @fuckyeahstydia @fvcksobrien @fyeahstilinskis @gabriellesdelacour @gallifreyanwolves @ggrinted @ghostydia @ginevra17 @ginweasleys @goldenlydia @grffinblake @groskis @grryffinder @grxffindors @gryffyndor @halecupcakes @halfwaytoasphodel @halvbloods @haydcn-romero @haydcnrmero @haydxnromero @hazeweb @heather-rivera @hermrione @heroickillian @holidayhale @hollandobae @hollyrodens @hunterxbanshee @hustlepuff @impossiblyamelia @iphoneabuser @isaacscott @izzylightwoo @jamespottxr @jessica-jonvs @jinglestarks @joshutchersno


@kai–parker @karezorel @katsmcnamaras @keltoncandy @kingfinnick @kiramccall @kirughyukimura @kissedbyflames @kissunes @kitsunaye @knightbellamyy @knockturnallley @laurel-castiilo @laurenswriting @lehdzeppelin @liamdvnbar @liamssprayberry @liaydan @liaydens @liemdunbars @lil-ericka044 @linzzmorgcn @llydiastiles @lohgbottom @lovebelievemusic @lovelybanshee @lqdiamartin @lukephrodite @lunalily @lupintrigue @lvdiamartyns @lxdiahmartin @lydia-martinz @lydiahs @lydiamarntin @lydiamqrtin @lydiamxrtn @lydiareindeer @lydiaskiss @lydiastiles-stilinski @lydiastilinks @lydiastilinski @lydiastlies @lydiastlinski @lydiasvoices @lydlia @lydsstillinski @lydsweston @lydvia @lysdias @madgesgoldpin @maliahalias @maliamittens @maliatatemas @maliawerecoyotes @maltheo @martinskimistletoe @martinsskiss @masonhewixx @masons-flight-attendant @matthewmorduck @mcmartinskis @melissadelgado @merlinn @morganapendragons


@narcissablaq @nathanshales @nevillelongbottomn @newtsilinski @newtslife @noahczeriny @nogitsexy @nxrcissamxlfoy @obrein @obrian @obriengifs @obrienslydia @ochocolate @octavih @ohmyweasleys @overcastphil @patroculos @pclyjuicepotion @perfectstydia @petercapaldis @pinkclara @poseytsune @princessgrounder @protecteresagnes @purebloodraco @puresciles @queentrials @qvkeward @ravnsclaw @ravynflight @redstringbanshee @reindeerronan @reindeerstilestilinski @reindeerstydia @rockingstydia @romerohaydns @ronaldweaslay @ronvnlynnch @royalclaire @rudolphmccalll @runaway-owl @runningwteenwolves @sammeme  @sarcasmandwolves @sassyblake @scottmcfluffy @scottmcsciles @scottslydias @scottstilinskis @scxsaac @scxttmccall @shadowhuntingwerewolf @shelleyhennigg @shelleyshenning @shhadowhunter @silvermartins @snowballison @snowballstiles @snowingsciles @snowyallydia @snowyminho @soliloquuys @souffllegirl @sprayberry  @squlbs @-starrynight @stewartvalois @stiilesstiliinskii @stileslydiamartinstilinski @stilesnky @stilesreindeer @stilessdylan @stilesxmartin @stveroger @stydiaah @stydiaangel @stydiaforfvckinlife @stydiatrash @stydiaxoxo @stydiuhs @styduhmartinski @swimmy1999 


@tardislight @targayrens @taylorsuift @teamhales @tebbylupin @teennoodles @the-banshee-spark @thebittenbanshee @themightygladerss @thirstyforobrien @thominho @thraeken @tomfeltin @travellinginfictionandreality @trueposey @verymerrypotter @voidalqha @wailiingwoman @wearyheads @werewolful @winterblues @wolfedhale @wolfittude @wollfsmoon @wonderfullycruel @wulfganges @xiarahernandez @xmccallspackx @zetakirsch

AKA a festive appreciation list of my favourite beautiful mutuals that never leave me out of things to reblog and brighten up my dashboard daily (and will also hopefully forgive the shocking excuse of a banner I have) I love and appreciate all of you


@agentsofsheild @ahslydias @ailaikmonti @alisonfields @allisonargrrnt 

@allisons-malia @allydi-a @allydiasparrish @alphaclarke @argentless @argnthunter @arkstation @arlamontgomery @arrystarrk @ariasxmas 

@aprohdites @banshee-cheekbones @banshee-stilinski @barneswalds @barryoftheallens 

@beautyinfiction @bellamiyblake   @bellamyblqke @bellamybutts @bellamyheartsclarke 

@bellamyscllarke @bellarke-olicity @bellsblakers @bellslarkes @betasbark 

@bilesbilinksi @bisexualscottsmccall @bitchcankeepasecret @blakemccall 

@bleusargnet @blvesriley @bobbimmorse @bobbimorxmas @bobs-morley 

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Hey everyone! In honour of so many things, namely bc I’m almost done with high school, I’m so close to a follower goal, exo and bts are winning so many awards, teen wolf’s final season and also because I’m going to change my url soon and I really wanted to do a ff with this url, ANWAYS! This is my first follow forever and I want to deeply thank every single one of you, I love all your blogs and you guys really make my dash a better place. I don’t talk to some of you (bc I’m an awkward turtle with the conversation skills of a piece of bread) but I admire you all. This is probably so long and y’all are getting irritated by now hahaha but I’m such a sap, sorry ^.^

Special thanks to my stydia fam, I love you guys so much and I am so grateful for your support and love: (y’all are gonna kill me for being sappy aren’t ya hahah sorry guys) 

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Special thanks to some of the great friend’s I’ve met along the way, I love y’all:

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I am so, so sorry if I left anyone out, please shoot me a message if I did and I will definitely add you. Thank you all so much, don’t hesitate to ask or message me for anything, I’m always here if you need someone to talk to. I hope you all are having a lovely day/night and I love each and every one of you ♥♥♥

hey guys!! i can’t believe i reached 1.2k on christmas!! honestly thank you so much everyone for following me, i only started this blog in july and i cant believe its come so far!! i love you all ♥♥ so without further ado… 

EDIT: i reposted this cause i was spamming everyone’s notifications, let me know if it works!!

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my baes:

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Hi everyone! Since it’s the end of the year i decided to make my first follow forever!! I’d like to thank all my followers for being such cuties and following me (even though i’m trash)! And thank you to all the amazing blogs i follow for making my dash a better place!

♥ ♥ Special shoutout to Darcy ( @llydiastiles ) for making this beautiful banner for me! If you’re not following her already then you should!! ♥ ♥

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Thank you to everyone again! You’re all my favs and i love you!! Sorry if i missed anyone, and let me know if i did! Hope everyone has a very happy new year!


HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! I’ve recently hit 1.3K and I would like to deeply thank each and every single one of you lovely people. This is my first follow forever and I want you guys to know that I just love all of you very very much, especially the scream and teen wolf fandoms (you guys mean a lot to me). Even if I don’t talk to most of you but I admire most of you from afar (bc I’m mostly always scared to start up convos with anyone). I’m always here for anyone, message me any time, I would love to talk to everyone and I love making friends, I promise you I’m a dork and really easy to talk to (maybe a little awkward but yeah).

If I forgot anyone (which will probably happen) I’m deeply sorry and I want you to know that I really appreciate you by all means ♡

Also, A follow forever doesn’t feel like enough so I’m planning to make URL graphics for anyone of my followers who asks for it. Just check this post :)


@christoph-waltz is my real life best friend. We’ve been best friends sisters for almost 16 years now and I just want to thank her for everything she’s done for me, for always being there, for being her amazing lovely self. for being a wonderful, incredible friend to me and I’m so blessed to have someone like her in my life. IF YOU’RE A FILM GEEK YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER, HER BLOG IS AMAZING AND YOU WOULDN’T REGRET IT. (also tv shows)

@harry-tisdale we’ve been close friends for almost 5 years now, we got so close so quickly, we met on twitter first so we were originally internet best friends but then turned out that we lived in the same country and we got to meet, go out, hang out at each other’s places and well now we’re real life friends and it’s been nothing but lovely and fun. I love her a lot and I hope we stay close for many more years to come, she’s amazing, sweet, funny and adorable and I’m lucky to have her. Her blog is multifandom trash and I promise you’d enjoy it and she’s a lovely person to talk to/be friends with!

(You’re all my special cupcakes, but bolded urls are my cupcakes with sprinkles)(stole this sentence from @redstringstydias​)


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Again, I’m deeply sorry if I forgot anyone, I literally appreciate each one of you and have unconditional love for everyone. Thank you again, I hope everyone has a lovely day and I love you all! :) ♡

omg sorry for the trash/weird header but hey it’s sciles :’) i love you all so so so much, thank you for following my blog and being so good to me. it also turns 1 today so that’s cool. sending you all virtual hugs and your fav dessert or whatever :-)

f.r.i.e.n.d.s & pals


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Happy Holidays everyone!! The time has come for a follow forever (my first one yay!) First I would like to thank llydiastiles for this amazing gif because we all know my only talent is dragging others. Next I would like to thank all of you who make my experience on tumblr so amazing (this is a huge list of people but i don’t care because i love you all):

 ♥♥ A special shout-out to Harley @liaydens who is my best friend on tumblr. She is the first person to be friends with me and I am so happy that we are friends. You are so amazing and your blog is as well! You and I will be together forever #Sharley ♥♥

 I did not bold faves because you are all my faves (that is why you are on here) :


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hey guys!! i honestly can’t believe i’ve reached  2k followers, i never thought this would happen so exciting!! i wanna thank everyone who follows me for putting up with my shit, hope you’re having a great day :)) without further ado:

EDIT: reposted because it wasn’t posted in people’s notifications so sorry if you got mentioned twice :)))

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sorry if i forgot anyone!! here’s my blogroll just in case ♡ ♡

hi everyone!!! so i hit 2.5k recently which is so crazy to me, honestly i don’t know why you all follow me and how you sit through my constant complaining and poor attempts at using photoshop (this header being an example of that) but thank you, i seriously appreciate every single one of you. SO i figured i’d give a little s/o to the people i follow since it’s been a while since i’ve done one of these and having you guys on my dash makes being on here that much better THANK YOU!! i love u all!!!

gotta start off with a honorable mention to my squad aka the blakes chat (who all have amazing blogs and you should definitely be following them) i talk to you guys everyday and you guys have become my closest tumblr friends and if i wasn’t lazy i would write a lil note for you all but i’m just gonna leave it at this, love you guys!!!: @mavahart  ★ @samvenger  ★   @maximoffpietro   ★ @blakeoctavia ★ @alecjace  ★ @lukeskvwalker  ★ @poedameron  ★ @buckybames  ★ @stevesam  ★ @msizzylightwood ★ @dunbarliams 

and here are all the other lovely people i follow ((they all have amazing blogs also and you should be following them all)):




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