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Defense against the Dark Arts by Snowjob

It’s their 7th year at Hogwarts, and while Stiles is looking forward to Quidditch matches and kicking ass on his N.E.W.T.S., the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is becoming quite the distraction.


So we think we (Kedreeva and myself) figured it out. Riddled, that is (and kind of everything Stiles/nogitsune related thus far).

First, “Barrow used foxfire created by me to jump the nogitsune inside Stiles.” This wording is very deliberate. What was Derek doing when he figured it all out? He was jumping Roscoe. Giving it a kick start, giving it power. That was a hint. (also the spark thing he did, seriously what is with Derek and Stiles and “spark”??). What they figured out is not that the nogitsune was moved to Stiles during that surge, it’s that it was already in him and was essentially awoken during the surge. And it had to be in him before, seeing as before the electrical surge/foxfire, Stiles left the message for Barrow on the chalkboard.

So, when did the nogitsune enter? I think it was during that very first scene, when Stiles is dreaming and thinks he needs to close the door “so they don’t get in.” (remember the they). The thing is, he didn’t close the door, he opened it wide and went through it… to the Nemeton (remember that, too). I think that’s when the nogitsune entered Stiles’ mind. I think this because later that episode, Stiles has a hallucination about “when is a door not a door?” and when he comes to, there is a page full of the command “Wake up!” Except, he wasn’t sleeping. So who was?

I think it was the nogitsune. Yes I know I said last week that I thought there were three Stiles bc it must’ve been an aware version of him writing on the notebook, but alas new information breeds new epiphanies. I think he might have a dream self, his subconscious, because it wasn’t the conscious version of Stiles that was trying to protect everyone from himself. That was something that wasn’t the nogitsune and wasn’t the Stiles we saw interacting with Scott and his dad. Some part of his brain is actively aware of the intrusion, but it may not be a part of himself that remembers after waking.

But I also think in the classroom, the nogitsune got control of his body, but not his mind, and it was trying to wake up, to take control over Stiles completely. But it didn’t have enough power. So it manipulated Barrow, a master of electricity, to use Kira to jump the power inside of him, to give the nogitsune a kick start. This is what Derek and Kira figured out.

So, now, the “Are you threatening us?” Most people seem to think the “us” referred to Nogitsune + Stiles, but I don’t think so. I think this was a throwback to “don’t let them in.” Multiple entities trying to enter Stiles’ mind.I don’t think Stiles was home at all at that point, and I don’t think the nogitsune would take him into account. He’s just the host, as Mrs. Yukimura referred to him. And remember this post? Young Chris witnessed the Oni obliterating that nogitsune like it was nothing. And then we see shadow!Stiles/nogitsune!Stiles taking out three Oni single-handedly, he never even looked worried. We see him smirk in the face of Mrs. Yukimura and the Oni, totally unafraid. Meaning this nogitsune is different, or has something different than the one before it.

So, option one, the Nemeton (told you not to forget it) has teamed up with the nogitsune. The nogitsune is hopped up on Nemeton juice and whatever consciousness that tree has is working with the dark spirit. Thus, the “us.” Most likely it was Mrs. Yukimura that released the Oni from the Nemeton, but are the Oni a part of the Nemeton, or were they trapped in it? Did she, by pulling that sapling, damage its power enough to release them? Or did they come out to protect it after being damaged? The other option is that there are more nogitsune inside Stiles (think Leviathan!Cas). Multiple nogitsune entered his mind.

Also no one, and I mean no one, will be able to convince me that the brain atrophy on the MRI isn’t a false-positive due to the presence of the dark spirit in Stiles’ mind. And that’s as much for my own sanity as show logistics. This post also mentions lore about how nogitsune possession can present as psychological illness. 

All in all, Ked and I are really worried about Stiles, ok.

Merry Christmas, stileslovesderek!

It’s a few hours into Christmas morning before Stiles manages to slip out of the house. Waving Derek’s present at his dad while he runs out the door, he yells, “Remember, dinner’s at 6!” His dad’s affirmative reply is muffled but still easy to make out, making Stiles grin as he bounds down the steps, and he stuffs the brightly wrapped gift into his bag while heading towards the Jeep.

“Stiles!” The teenager actually skids on the pavement before turning around towards the front door. His dad stands with a familiar box in hand and a wry smile on his face. “You forgot the cake.”

“Crap! Thanks, dad!” Stiles jogs back to accept the bakery box. “What about the candles?”

Rolling his eyes, the Sheriff nudges Stiles back down the steps. “He’s a grown man. He can do without the candles.”

“You can never be too old for candles on your birthday cake!” Stiles declares over his shoulder, slipping on the final step but still landing on his feet. He hops into his Jeep, gives his dad a quick wave, before pulling out and driving away to Derek’s.

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Sunday Six

Six paragraphs from the Sterek Two Weeks’ Notice AU that I’m writing for @stileslovesderek, who won my @fandomtrumpshate auction!  The auction was for 5k words, but I’m at 8 chapters and 13k words and Derek *just* gave his two weeks’ notice, lol. 


“At least stay until you can train your replacement.”

Derek let out a long breath.  This was what he had wanted, but it was odd how relief felt a little more like…disappointment.  “I’ll find you an amazing replacement.  Someone great.  Much better than I ever was.”

Stiles turned away, but his voice was thick when he spoke.  “Good, because you’re horrible.  Just awful.”  He pulled in a breath that sounded a little shaky.  “The absolute worst.”

“Stiles.”  Derek put a hand on Stiles’ shoulder, squeezing.

And he was not sure exactly how it happened but suddenly they were hugging, Stiles’ arms wrapped tight around Derek, his forehead buried in the crook of Derek’s neck.  Derek hugged Stiles back just as hard, breathing in his warm, comforting scent.  It felt unbelievably good, to have Stiles in his arms, fitting against him just right.  Derek closed his eyes and breathed him in, squeezing tight.  

It was Stiles who pulled out of the hug first, blinking rapidly and clearing his throat.  “All right,” he said, his voice hoarse.  “I’ll tell HR to send up some resumes for you to screen.”