Teen Wolf AU: Stiles has always felt drawn to dangerous guys. It’s inevitable, really, that he falls hard for the new kid, Boyd, who’s got animalistic magnetism rolling off of him in waves. When Stiles is woken up by a howl one night, he decides to investigate (there are no wolves in California)—unprepared for what he will find.

jen's vernon boyd/stiles stilinski fic recs

vernon boyd/stiles stilinski

  • untitled by halfhardtorock [Boyd's still getting used to his nose, the wolf’s sense of smell. He always finds himself getting lost in scenting new places, sniffing around, learning what his nose can tell him. ]
  • untitled by the1001cranes [Accidental baby acquisition.]
  • untitled by rrrowr [If there’s anything that irritates Boyd the most — and let’s be real, even when he doesn’t show it, there isn’t a whole lot that doesn’t irritate him — it’s the assumptions people make about him.]
  • Amber Courage by night_reveals [After the pack defeats the Alphas, Boyd and Stiles lay low together.]
  • untitled by rrrowr [it’s good, boyd decides eventually. it’s not an easy thing to admit to himself. when he’s got a say in it, boyd lives his life to a consistent, steady beat.]
  • informed consent by imakegoodlifechoices [Boyd does more than google bondage when he accidentally sees Stiles browser history.]
  • untitled by rrrowr [Boyd’s big. It’s just one of those things that Stiles has always noticed. He doesn’t mention it because he’s fairly sure that it’s something Boyd’s self-conscious about — not that Boyd is all that self-conscious since becoming a werewolf. Most of the time, Stiles doesn’t even think about it.]
  • Cornered by blumvale [“I reject your reality and substitute my own.”]
  • Shh, it’s a Secret! by erikaehm [Stiles is totally the best Batman ever. The Pack goes trick or treating.]
  • I Keep Looking For by BoysShouldKissBoysMore [“I keep looking for meaningful one-night stands.”]
  • Untitled by saucefactory [Guard!Boyd/Concubine!Stiles.]

and more to come! <3

Stoyd Week starts on Mon, September 29 and ends on Sun, October 05! Every day of the week comes with a prompt for you to fill, either with a fanfic, a graphic, a manip, a drawing—whatever it is that you love doing. Like Boyd himself, we’ll be really chilled about this. Just do your thing and be sure to tag it with “stoydweek” so I can then find and reblog all of your amazing creations! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an ask!

Day One: Be Happy!
Let’s kick it off with some tooth-rotting fluff. #stoydweek:monday

Day Two: Favorite AU.
Canon is overrated, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s make some amazing AUs for our boys to play in. #stoydweek:tuesday

Day Three: Favorite Werewolf Trope, Stoyd Style.
Whether feral!Boyd, mates, or scent marking, just pick your favorite wolfy trope and get creative. #stoydweek:wednesday

Day Four: Throw Back Thursday.
Just reblog all your old Stoyd stuff that’s gathering dust somewhere on your blog so we can all enjoy it once more! #stoydweek:thursday

Day Five: Seasonal Stoyd!
Autumn is such a wonderful month, let’s make it even more so with some ginger-spiced Stoyd artworks. #stoydweek:friday

Day Six: Poem/Song Lyrics.
Pick a couple of lines of a poem or a song you think just fits Stoyd perfectly. #stoydweek:saturday

Day Seven: Do What You Want Sunday.
After six days of prescribed Stoyd labor you can finally just do what you want. Awesome! #stoydweek:sunday

Let's Go Get Lost (Stoyd)

For Stoydweek Monday.

Starts angsty but ends with fluff?


The bus ride home from Glen Capri was unusually subdued. Boyd was still shaken from what had transpired at the motel even though Scott’s human pack members had tried to explain.

Somehow the rest of the lacrosse team seemed to pick up on their lingering unease and exhaustion or maybe they were just equally weirded out by spending a night at a motel that could be the shooting location of a horror movie—in any case, in comparison to the noisy ride yesterday everybody was now quiet and dwelling on their own thoughts.

Boyd himself spend the first half hour of the trip staring out of the window, taking in the never changing details of a boring landscape.


“I’m gonna talk to Scott for a bit,” informed him Isaac after a while. Boyd nodded in acknowledgment but didn’t comment. Maybe he should have, though, maybe he should have intervened, because a moment later Stiles dropped into the vacant seat next to him with a quiet “yo” spilling easily from his lips.

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Random Boyd/Stiles thing. 

Spoilers for S3. Mentions of fleeting Stiles/Erica and Erica/Boyd. 

meet you on the back of a post card, 505words

“You’re back.”

Boyd grunted, wiping the sweat from the back of his neck. Of course he was back, his mom had cried at the police station when Boyd had turned himself in, still dirty from the forest. She’d made a scene and he’d hated her for it.

Sneakers tapped quietly against the worn cement, the ice all gone. Boyd was closing down for the summer.

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bxdcubes asked:

Stiles is out of it the first few days; body weak, mind vulnerable, his sleep disturbed and short. Broken with memories of the blood on his hands. There's always someone to catch him though, someone to hold him through the screaming with a gentle rumble, someone to curve around him and help him hide his tears. It's on the third day that he manages to finally come to enough to see that it's Boyd there in bed with him, his strong arms gentle, his soft smile welcoming, body a barrier from the dark.

Stoyd (´∀`)♡