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Well when I was in second grade I was out on the playground and I found a nest of caterpillars in a tree. I was super interested in it, but this dick in my class decided to pop the nest with a stick. Caterpillars poured everywhere and (I wont lie) I started bawling. My teacher came over and reprimanded him and tried to calm me down but I was trying to save all the caterpillars and I was convinced I could take them all home and raise them. The teacher then, being an angel, decided to let our class raise the caterpillars in the classroom. Everyone got a caterpillar, and the teacher raised all the extras. It was super fun.

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top 5 favorite blogs that dont follow you

imogeli - idk why but i thought she did follow me but i looked and it says no. but omg i love nicole. her blog is my favorite degrassi blog. she ships drimogen just like me.

tylersposey - Everything about Hunter’s blog is absolute perfection.

stilesass - Hannah is flawless and she makes me ship stallison so much. :)

maskank - Probably my favorite James Maslow blog. She’s awesome and such a sweetie. 

berryhudson - Tori is such a goofy and lovable sweetie. I love her finchel gifs and her love for cory and lea. She’s amazing.