But to everyone talking tw ships and especially those being all ‘can we get stalia back together’.

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      erica had gotten herself into trouble. her family had been on her back for years about settling down so she told them she had a boyfriend. she’d thought it would be the end of her problems but after one particularly annoying phone call with her stepmother she’d blurted out that she was engaged. now they were all coming back to beacon hills and erica needed a fake fiance fast. “so stiles, i need a favour and remember that last time your jeep was having problems i got a friend to fast track you the part that was needed to fix it..”


Despite the plan failing, Allison ran with Victoria from the house fire to the only safe place she knew.

She probably looked a mess knocking on the door to the McCall’s, crying baby wrapped in a blanket, burns and soot on her face, but she didn’t want to go to some hotel. Be monitored by some guard, with her every movement reported back to Dimitri. This was the last place they’d look, after all. Plus. Scott had been very clear to tell her to get Victoria and come here as soon as she could.

But it was Stiles that was the first person she saw, and still she hurried inside, pacing the entryway.

“Dimitri’s house…. Gone.” She muttered, keeping her eyes down to the ground, enough emotions going around in her head that she wanted to just scream.

Do you think that maybe Lydia has some weird immunity from the Wild Hunt? The Wild Hunt has often been referenced as a group of faeries and Banshees are regarded as a type of fae in a lot of mythology so I could definitely see her seeing through their tricks or even just been unaffected.  

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Brett heaves the loudest sigh ever, making sure that even the Sheriff downstairs can hear. His shoulders drop, but not the pair of jeans in his hands, and he makes sure the deviant one knows why he is so defeated.

“Mr. John! I can’t get Stiles to wear pants!”

So begging didn’t work and he is moving on to shaming.

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      “i understand that scott is your best friend. i would do anything to get boyd back. but you could have lied. you’re smart, you could have said anything to buy time until you figured out a better way. but instead, you were totally okay with letting them hurt me. i almost died. you have no idea how much it hurts knowing that you’d be willing to let me die when..” she paused, her breath catching in her throat. “i would have done anything to save you if the situation were reversed.”