stiles stilinski one shots

Me too Stiles, me too.

Me encouraging my friends to make terrible decisions


author; @redstringlovers

characters; stiles x reader

request; by @myrandomzshit to use two quotes from teen wolf (they’ll be bolded along with some catwoman quotes) ty for requesting and for bringing me out my shell!

warnings; fluff, language, little bit of angst and *drum roll* smuuuuut

word count; 8,377 words (wow look @ me)

a/n; um yes hello i am back from the dead lol did yall miss me? i know, i’m the worst at updating but hopefully this will make up for it! if you read the warnings, then you are about to read my very first smut *cheers and whoops* anyways, a big huge gigantic thank you to @minhosmeanhoe for proofreading and for always telling me to go for it and write smut, half of this wouldn’t have been done without her so thank you lilcammy ily. also, a bear hug to @mischiefandi for also hyping me up with not only this but with everything i do, ty! & last but certainly not least, @itsbilescallmebiles for continuously showing me what a great friend she is and for always being my number one supporter, you’re the best loverbutt! okay well, i hope you guys like it! please let me know what you think and feedback is always welcome :)

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“This is stupid. Remind me again why I agreed to do this.” Y/N yelled to the outside of her dressing room, making sure her best friend Allison had heard her. Y/N was currently trying on costumes for a Halloween party Allison had got invited to and decided to bring Y/N along. So far, she had tried on a cowgirl costume, a nun costume, and a hippies costume and all of which were not Y/N’s style.

Being in college was stressful, but those days when there’s no homework to be done and it’s the weekend, parties are the only things that anyone can think about. Y/N had met Ally two years ago when she was running late for class and was not paying attention to where she was going when suddenly a body had bumped her, the scorching liquid dumping onto her shirt. Y/N could still hear the endless apologies from Ally as she reassured her multiple times that it was no big deal. They’ve been best friends ever since.

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hey fic writers it would be cool if you used woc and thick girls when picking gifs and stuff for your visual aids because news flash not every reader is a skinny white girl

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UPDATED AS OF 09/21/18

looks like cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: scott mccall 

looks like he could kill you but is actually cinnamon roll: theo raeken 

looks like cinnamon roll and is actually cinnamon roll: liam dunbar 

looks like he could kill you and could actually kill you: derek hale


the chemistry of us — stiles stilinski

summary: in which stiles and y/n have chemistry. [010418]

warnings: nothing but fluff, and one bad joke.

word count: 1.4k


IT LEFT YOU feeling breathless, the sight of him in the sunlight. The gracious rays filtered in through the windows of the classroom, hovering across his features with a warmth of light, and it was almost blinding. The specks of moles and freckles dotting across his skin like shining constellations, the gleam in his chocolate eyes, the gentle curve of his nose, the unaware pout of his pink lips.

He was looking over at you from his seat, his lips shaping into a formation of words addressed only to you. You were sat on the other side of the classroom, your elbow resting uncomfortably on the desk in front of you and your head propped up by the palm of your hand. It was sweet, the way you couldn’t stop stealing glances all throughout the dreaded Chemistry lesson. Whether it was making faces at each other, mouthing things to one another, staring competitions - neither of you could look away for more than a few minutes.

Your eyebrows furrowed, confusion held in your eyes in regard to his unknown statement. “What?” You mouthed back silently, glancing swiftly to the front of the room to ensure that you wouldn’t get caught by Mr Harris. He was facing the blackboard, writing instructions for an experiment with chalk, so you turned back to the brown haired boy.

Stiles shook his head at your perplexed persona, snatching his pen up from the desk and quickly scribbling something down into his notebook. After a couple seconds, he held up his notebook for you to see. Across the whole page, in thick black biro, was his scribbled handwriting.

you’re so pretty

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So soft🌸

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That smile✨

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Request from anon:: Do you think you could make another Stiles Stilinski one or Dylan O’Brien?? Honestly anyone from teen wolf lol

dating scott mccall would include...

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- holding hands in the hallway 

 - being the power couple 

 - loving each other wholeheartedly 

 - cute kisses 

 - him waiting for you at your locker 

 - protecting you at all costs 

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dating nolan holloway would include:

  • having such a Soft Relationship™
  • seeing him as your whole world and him seeing you as exactly the same
  • him sending you a ‘good morning rise and shine ily’ text every morning
  • running your fingers through his hair
  • cuddles
  • so many cuddles
  • your whole relationship being built on cuddles
  • “come over?”
  • “to cuddle?”
  • “to cuddle”
  • him feeling safe and loved and not at all anxious or nervous or on edge when in your arms so it’s his favourite place to be
  • him always facetiming you because sometimes he misses your smile
  • date nights where it’s just the two of you and it’s quiet and you can be yourselves because no one else is around and you hold hands and kiss and be extra cute
  • heart eyes all round !!!
  • you keeping him calm and level-headed when he works himself up over the supernatural and working with monroe (unwillingly, in the end)
  • “you don’t have to do this; they’re good people. just please, try and see that - for me”
  • “but she’ll kill me if i don’t work with her”
  • “we’ll fix this. i’ll fix this. you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. you’ll be okay, i promise you”
  • being so supportive of one another
  • kisses kisses kisses
  • Soft™ kisses tho
  • forehead kisses
  • neck kisses
  • shoulder kisses
  • hours long phone calls late into the night
  • bumping noses
  • sleepy!nolan being your ultimate fave
  • “y-y/n… mhmm you’re really… really… pretty”
  • “you’re pretty too, now go back to sleep”
  • promise rings
  • study sessions (makeout sessions)
  • his parents loving you for making nolan so much happier
  • the two of you taking such cliche couple photos or your instagram
  • there’s way too many of him kissing your cheek as you squeeze your eyes shut and smile adorably
  • him squishing your cheeks between his hands when you’re grumpy 
  • “well, aren’t you a ball of sunshine today?”
  • not judging each other when you both cry when watching the lion king
  • despite the fact it’s a date night movie regular
  • buying each other flowers !!!
  • slow, soft sex
  • hickeys (despite the feign of innocence painting both of you)
  • “nolan, no, put them in places that no one sees”
  • you never missing a lacrosse game and always showing up to support him
  • usually dressed in his spare 68 lacrosse jersey that he let you borrow once and you never gave back
  • him being over the moon when he sees you cheering for him in the stands
  • spontaneous, out of the blue, nose pecks
  • “i miss you”
  • “nolan, baby, you saw me an hour ago”
  • “that’s too long, y/n, come over”
  • sitting next to each other in all the classes you have with each other
  • hand holding under the table (!!!)
  • you basically being ready to fight anyone wanting to hurt your angel of a boyfriend
  • you helping and being so caring and understanding when it comes to his anxiety
  • “i’m so lucky to have you”
  • the two of you being each other’s first everything
  • having never felt the way you both do about one another and while it scares both parties, neither of you want it to change or fade away
  • “i love you i love you i love you”

i absolutely adore nolan holloway pls send more requests

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Several times we all identified fully with Stiles motherfucking Stilinski

Yeah me too boo, me too…..

You know that thing? That totally ruined my life? Yeah that.

Oh yes can’t possibly forget about those fun things that tend to seep into your life and ruin every part of it it possibly can!

Literally me. To everyone. All the time.

Broken and miserable. Got it.

Anxiety, anxiety and more anxiety, like everyday!

Literally never related to someone more…

*SPOILERS* Why do all my favorite characters die?

Can we talk about this? Today I was watching the latest episode of Teen Wolf and one of my favorites, Brett Talbot, dies.

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I feel like Brett is such a sad but wonderful character. His parents died in a fire making him and his sister orphans. Then he was taken in my Satomi. He was an ass to Liam, especially when he was first introduced, but he still cared enough to make sure Liam was ok. He cares so much for his sister that he got a scholarship through lacrosse to Devenford, made them take her if they wanted him, just  so she could make friends at a new school. He’s smart, caring, protective and just so, ughhhh! 

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On a more personal level he is one of the few bisexual characters on TV and probably the only one on Teen Wolf. I really liked that they had him be bisexual not only because I myself am bisexual but because you typically see bisexuality more commonly in females than male which adds to him being a pretty great character. 

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Though he was only a minor support character that cocky little shit was able to make his mark on me and so many other fans. The reason why he died was to bring forth more drive for the pack and reveal more of this season (the final season ‘que the waterfall of tears’) plot. As a student in video production I say, development wise, that it was a good call but the emotional side is just screaming “WHY JEFF DAVIS?! WHY?”

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My point is, I know why the writers did it. Hell, I’ve done that in the screen plays I’ve wrote for school but being on the other side is just sad. 

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But on the bright side we can still look at Cody Saintgnue (the actor of Brett)

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Our Little Secret (part two)

Requested tagged -   lilithmouse - golddagger-s -  go-teeha -  nefeliwinchester1 -   ssa-banshee -  inumorph 

Part one 

a/n: Like 5 people at least requested this so I finished it since it’d been in my drafts for months, but I hope you like this mess! x


Her boots clacked harshly on the hard floor as she raced down the hallway, her hair flying back, chest heaving with every breath. The lights in the hall flickered dangerously from white to blue to pitch black. Somewhere nearby, she heard a muffled cry.

“Scott!” she screamed, skidding into the nearest classroom, where her friend lay a mess on the ground, clutching at his bloodied stomach.

He blinked his fiery red eyes open as he groaned out in pain.

“I’m-” he panted, his body shaking lightly, “fine.”

“You don’t look fine,” she panicked, touching her fingers to his chest and pulling black with ruby red stained flesh.

“I’ll heal,” he tried weakly.

The smell of pencils and whiteboard cleaners hung thick in the air, the building eerie with its ominous lighting.

“I’m gonna get you out of here,” she sighed softly, grabbing for his hand.

“(Y/N),” he said, eyes going wide,

“Shut up and stand,” she laced her fingers through the werewolf’s.

“(Y/N),” he tried again.

“I’m not letting that son of a bitch come near y-”

“(Y/N)!” he barked, making her jump.

“What?!” she hissed.

He pressed a finger to her parted lips, her brows furrowing in confusion.

“I need you to get out of here,” he worded very softly.

Her heart sunk, head spinning, “he’s not- I mean he can’t be-”

“Please,” Scott urged softly, “be safe.”

She stared defiantly at her friend, tugging nervously at her black skirt, “no.“

“For god’s sake,” he begged, clasping at either side of her face, “now is not the time to be brave, okay?”

“He’ll kill you,” her voice broke.

Scott’s big golden eyes glowed fondly at her, “but he won’t hurt you.”

She nodded lightly, squeezing his palm.

“Go, Scott,” she urged.

He stood up, unsteady on his two feet, his lips bent. With a nod, he turned towards the forced open window. Then he stopped, a whooshing noise coming as a sharp blade went flying through his back, and a pool of blood spurting from his lips.

“Not so fast,” came a familiar and hoarse voice.

The perpetrator stood in the doorway, his chocolate brown hair a mess over his pale skin, his heavy eyes lidded with dark circles. He shoved his crimson soaked hands into the pockets of his black jeans, his pink lips twitching dangerously.

Scott went crashing to the floor as her scream of shock met the air. She snapped around, chest fiery as she met her eyes with the void’s darkened orbs, “stop.”

“Now why would I do that, sweetheart?” he cooed, stepping over to her crumpled friend. “This idiot has been a particular nuisance as of late, I wouldn’t mind putting him down.”

“Please,” she begged, stepping between Scott and Stiles, her voice desperate. She reached out a hand to push him away, but left it hovering inches from his  chest.

He let out a slow breath, his eyes flickering to her slender fingers and back to her trembling lips.

“Afraid to touch me?” his throat rumbled as he walked forcefully into her palm, his chest forced to her skin, its muscular curves harsh under her fingertips. She could feel the thrum of his heartbeat pulsating lightly beneath her touch, could absorb his drawn out breaths.

“You promised,” she urged softly beneath her breath.

A mutual connection was shared between his lusty eyes and her terrified ones.

“I said I wouldn’t come near you, not anything about you running to me,” he hummed.

Scott writhed a bit on the floor, trying to pull himself up with no luck, “what the hell did you do?”

Her heart raced in her chest, eyes falling on his parted and chapped lips as she ravenously recalled how good they’d tasted on hers.

Stiles’ eyes darted over her innocent face, his lips twitching, “but part of you wanted to find me, didn’t you?”

Her eyes locked to his, voice fierce, “no.”

He drew out a long sigh, pulling her hand down from his chest and looming over her so that she was forced to stare into his unblinking gaze. He towered over her body, his minty breath fanning across her doe like eyes.

“I don’t like it when you lie to me, sweetheart.”

“(Y/N)-” began Scott.

“I need you to go,” she turned her cheek to him.

“N-” he began.

“Please,” she shut him off. “I know this doesn’t make sense, but I need you to trust me.”

His gaze softened, and he nodded lightly.

“Just, one thing,” he reached for the bloodied knife that had been in his chest moments ago, flinging it across the room and watching it fly through Stiles’ side.

The boy cried out in pain, face alight with rage as he hit the ground.

Her heart dropped in her chest as she watched him go sinking to the ground, and she saw no mercy in his expression.

Scott dragged himself beside her, watching as Stiles’ head lulled and vision blurred black.

“You’re okay,” he rubbed her wrist soothingly, “you’re okay.”

His eyes blinked open to a hazy classroom, and she could see the memories flood back to him. He focused on her, making out her white blouse and dark skirt, her legs which swung over her chair, hair water falling over her pretty face. And he screamed, but no sound came.

“Would you look at that,” she slinked over to Stiles, turning her chair backwards and wrapping her legs around each side as she came inches from the boy.

“Now you’re the one who’s gagged and helpless,” she sighed.

He groaned against the fabric in his mouth, wrists bound behind him.

“As much as I’d love to hear you scream, I’d pick the binds if I only had one choice,” she recited his words from the last time they’d met.

His eyes flickered over her face, brows arching.

“I was going to blindfold you but I thought it was overkill,” she placed her chin in her palms, leaning so close to him their noses almost brushed.

“And now you can watch as I give you what you deserve for hurting my friend,” she growled.

She reached forward, gently hooking her thumbs into his gag and pulling it from his chapped lips.

Stiles ran his tongue over them, laughing softly and maniacally.

“What?” she hissed.

“You could’ve let Scott finish me off, so why are you doing this?” he breathed.

.”I wanted to be the one to make you suffer,” she bent towards his face.

“But you won’t,” his cool breath fanned across her skin, dark aroma filling her lungs, “or you would’ve already.

Her heart skipped a beat, breath catching in her throat, “or maybe I wanted to hear you scream.”

“But there are other ways you could make me do that,” he smirked as she reached for the bloodied blade from earlier, not afraid of her in the slightest.

“Shut up,” she hissed, running a hand through her hair with agitation.

“You’re angry,” he cooed, “it’s hot.”

“Shut the fuck up,” she paced, running the edge of the blade lightly on her palm.

“Angry at yourself,” he continued. “Is it for what you did last time? Does that mean admitting to yourself that you’re not the sweet little girl everyone thinks you are?”

She stopped, feet planted, back to the boy.

“Or does it mean admitting you wanted more?” he mumbled.

The churning in her stomach practically ripped her to shreds from the inside out, her blood rushing through her ears.

“Come on sweetheart,” he soothed. “Torture me.”

She snapped around, knife pressed to the void’s throat, his heavy lidded eyes drifting down to her trembling hand and back up to her face.

“Do it,” he growled, pressing his skin into the blade.

Her chest rattled as she struggled to maintain her breath, tears clawing at her eyes.

“Spill my blood, show me how alike we are,” he said.

She chewed at her lips, a tear hitting her cheek, every instinct calling her to slit his throat, every nerve telling her it was what he deserved.

“DO IT,” he screamed, leaning forward in his chair and helping the edge of his throat meet the metal, a thin line of crimson trickling down his neck. He tried again, pushing his flesh into the knife, but before he could hurt himself further, it went clattering to the ground, and so did she.

“Fuck,” she cried, falling to her knees, hands grabbing at her hair as she felt crystal droplets hit her cheekbones. She could feel his gaze on her as she cried, and he wanted nothing more than to embrace her then, not that he could. She sniffed and wiped at her glistening eyes, raising them to Stiles’.

“Don’t look at me like that,” she whimpered.

“Like what?” his dark orbs flickered over her face.

“Like you’re right about me,” She clenched her jaw, watching as ruby blood spilled down the boy’s front.

“That’s not what I was thinking,” he sighed, his voice softening.


“So I want to stop denying myself that part of me that aches for you.”

Her eyelashes fluttered, her heart sinking low in her chest.

“And I want you to do the same thing,” he breathed. His pained gaze settled on her features, chocolate hair messy atop his forehead. “Kiss me, or kill me,” he dared.

She stared into his darkened eyes, a broken sigh emitting from her lips. Her pulse went crazy as she breathed shakily, “I want….”

“What?” he urged huskily. “What do you want, sweetheart?”

Her gaze flickered over his face and perfect body before settling on his bloodied neck.

Stiles’ breath hitched in his throat as she wrapped a leg over each side of his own, her body pressed to his as she straddled his lap. She brought her shaking fingers down his freckled cheeks, eyelashes fluttering as she crawled her fingertips under his jaw and tilted his face to the side.

“I want-” she tried again, her words not coming as she bent her lips into his exposed flesh and attached them gingerly to his neck.

Devouring him slowly, Stiles let out a soft groan as she ran her tongue in circles over his ruby stained skin and sent little vibrations into his body. Her mouth traced patterns down his flesh, her fingers forcing his jaw up so she could access every piece of him. She growled softly as she forced him roughly aside, grinding lightly into his body and staining her lips bright red. She pulled from his neck with a heavy breath, her bright eyes blinking into his hungry ones. He flickered his orbs down to her lips, a soft rumble emanating from his throat when he saw his blood dripping from them. He bent forward into her mouth, grumbling impatiently when she tilted her head out of his reach. His brows came together as he tried with no luck to rip his hands from the binds that held him to the chair.

“Not so fast,” she cooed, bringing her thumb to his lower lip and dragging it softly down.

She slung her arms around his neck, combing her fingers roughly through Stiles’ soft hair and lifting her neck to his opened mouth. He took her flesh between his lips immediately, but before he could taste, she’d pulled away again with a little smirk.

“Stop,” he growled hoarsely, the bulge in his pants prominent as it pressed harshly against her.

“I am still gonna punish you,” she breathed quietly, hooking her fingers into his jeans, “just differently.”

“Untie me,” he barked, edging for her lips again.


And then she was climbing off his lap, taking the fabric from his legs as she did so. Stiles shifted in his chair but she dug her nails to his knees and forced him down. She removed her skirt and top excruciatingly slowly until she was stripped to her lacy black underwear. Her cheeks flushed under his eyes, fully aware of her exposed sate and only making Stiles crazy with how bashful she looked. She felt his fingers twitch longingly for her skin, his breathing coming in faltered cracks, hating how unaware she was of her own effect on him. Then she locked her eyes to his pleading ones and sunk to her knees before his lap, spreading her legs carefully behind herself and blinking up innocently at Stiles. He practically devoured her with his gaze, as she did him, her focus shifting to the hardened shape beneath his boxers. She spread Stiles’ legs apart and sunk her face between them, dropping little kisses over his clothed cock. Her palms reached up, dragging little circles over the fabric and having little luck to grasp him all between them.

He shifted uneasily in his chair, but she forced him down again, unable to resist any longer as she ripped his shorts from his body, her mouth watering as she caught sight of his size.

“God, you look so good,” she whimpered, diving between his legs and licking a slow stripe up from his base to his tip. She moaned gently, her hand grabbing for his balls as she fondled them and made an O shape with her lips as she took his dripping head between them, his pre-cum salty on her tongue. She made a soft and desperate noise that made Stiles groan in anguish, her mouth working wonders on his cock.

“Let me go,” he breathed again. “Please, so I can fuck you properly.”

She shook her head against his rod, only driving him more crazy. A soft gagging noise spilled from her lips as he hit the back of her throat. She bobbed her head back, unable to fit him all in and instead using her hands to pump what couldn’t be held in her mouth. Liquid mess spilled down her chin as she more forcefully worked her hands on the warm member that hollowed her cheeks. Stiles pushed forward in the chair with agitation, making her pull her mouth from him. His nostrils flared dangerously, meaning she knew she’d have hell to pay later, but for now, he was hers. She dove back between him, lightly swirling her tongue against his tip before delving all the way in, showing no restraint even when he was forced to her throat. Stiles’ moans of combined pleasure and agony drove her faster, no mercy as she took him in and out, over and over. A series of profanities tumbled from his parted lips, his head rolling back and fingers leaving nail marks in his palms. Her eyes locked to his as he began to convulse, and they were sparkling with innocence despite the circumstance at hand. She gagged and wrapped her hands around his shaft, finishing him off with harsh breaths, Stiles taking everything in his power to keep his eyes to hers. Even when his hot cum went shooting in her mouth, they never broke their gaze. She sucked off of him with a faint popping sound, swallowing down the hot liquid in her throat and drawing her tongue over her stained lips.

She stood gingerly, wrapping her legs over his right one and dragging her clothed heat over him as she bent into his lips, their chests heaving in sync.

She tilted her face to his mouth, surprised when he opened it against hers and spoke softly, “untie me.”

“Kiss me,” she ignored him.

“First,” his voice came hoarse, “untie me.”

His breath was hot over her face, and she tilted back with narrowed brows.

“Or what?” her lips twitched daringly.

“Or there’ll be hell to pay when I get out,” he barked, his purple shadows casting attractive rings under his eyes.

“I think I already have that coming though, don’t I?” she grinned nervously.

“Fuck you,” he breathed as he went for her lips, attaching his gently to her own.

She smiled into his mouth, kissing him slowly and passionately while adjusting her legs over him. He didn’t even take notice, so engrossed by the taste of her that he didn’t catch her moving. He dipped hungrily into her mouth, letting out a slow sigh into her as his tongue found its way between her salty lips. She cupped his freckled cheek in her palm, sucking on his tongue with a low groan that echoed into his lips. Stiles’ eyes flew open in shock when he felt himself enter her, his hardened cock sliding between her dripping folds and into her pussy. She sat atop his lap, never once pulling from his chapped and intoxicating lips as she slid down on his cock. Stiles went still, his mouth freezing open as he dragged his mouth away from hers with an extended groan of pleasure.

Her face contorted as she took him in, her nails sinking into the small of his back and leaving red crescents as she released a small noise of discomfort.

His purple ringed eyes softened at the sight, aching to soothe her, “(Y/N), sweetheart-”

“It’s okay,” she drew her unblinking stare to his as she rested comfortably against his base.

She moved her fingers to the back of his head, grasping soft strands of his chocolate hair to her palms as she touched her forehead to his and gently slid up his cock.

“Fuck,” her voice broke as she slowly brought herself back down, growing comfortable around his size as she was stretched wide around his shaft.

She drew up, faster this time, her eyes fluttering closed as she focused on Stiles’ irregular breathing, and soon enough, she was bouncing steadily up and down on his cock, thick waves of pleasure rolling across her body with every motion of him inside her. She pulled at his hair, her figure bobbing roughly on his size as she drew out his name through a slow sigh. Again, Stiles’ fingers were grasping at the binds around them, his charcol eyes locking with her distinguished ones, their faces inches apart. Steady slapping noises came as she’d hit his base, the sound rhythmic as she rode her body into his with soft exclamations of his name. Her forehead glistened with sweat, lips trembling and only steadied when he locked his mouth against hers. The combined intensity of his throbbing cock and swollen lips was enough to almost drive her over the edge at once.

“God, Stiles,” she gaped, burrowing her head to his collarbone as she rocked her pussy on him, his tip brushing right over her bundle of nerves.

“Fuck, my name sounds so good coming off your lips,” he blinked up at her, working at the binds again.

And then her beautiful and fragile form, its purity shattered against him, became too much. He let out an infuriated growl and ripped his hands backwards, the chair shaking from their movements, fabric fraying at the base of the wood before snapping altogether.

They both heard it, the breaking of the cloth, the silence that followed, and at once they were still. Stiles’ hands swung loosely forward, his wrists raw and red, his eyes widening with surprise at his own success. And then, slowly, his lips twitched into a tantalizing smirk, his darkened eyes flickering up to her shocked ones, and he didn’t need to say anything for her to know what was coming.

“Stiles,” she croaked softly, “Pleas-”

But he was up in a flash, nails digging harshly into her things as he scooped her fragile form against his and slammed her back against the large wooden desk, causing her to cry out. He pulled his throbbing length from her, forcing her hands above his head as he climbed atop her and snaked over her menacingly, his voice a low whisper. He marked her flesh instantaneously, enjoying how she writhed beneath him as he left his chain of purple bruises circling her neck.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be so dominant,” he admitted, eyes crackling with lust as he bent across her collarbone and trailed his mouth to her exposed skin. “You know what you want,” he breathed his mouth against her before settling for a patch of skin which he worked his tongue ruthlessly against.

She whimpered quietly, locking her fingers into his large veiny hands, “Stiles-”

“So do I,” he hushed, grinding his body into hers and smiling as her back went arching for him. He sucked at her skin and pulled away slowly, satisfied whilst blinking down through his lashes to look at her. Her face was bent aside, eyes closed. He grumbled with dissatisfaction, tilting her face up so she had no choice but to meet his gaze.

He shook his head in awe, bending down to her breasts and leaving a trail of soft kisses down her belly and to the arch of her hips. She whimpered softly, earning a smirk on his face as he dug his nails deeper into her wrists, “I don’t know what it is about you,” he admitted huskily. “I just know I want you.”

Her mouth fell open, no words escaping her lips as Stiles dipped himself between her dripping folds, one hand placed to her hip, another pinning her wrists above her head. He tilted his head to the sky, electricity crackling like fire across his skin as he absorbed every nerve and buzz of her body. Then, without warning, he went slamming forward, causing her to cry out in mangled desperation as he rhythmically fucked her with no mercy. He easily spread her wide, loving how she felt clenching around him, his skin alighting with heat as his hips went knocking so hard to hers that the echoes of their bodies coming together as one filled the whole room.

“Sti- GOD!” she practically choked on the air, her head rolling back.

Her hands itched for his skin but found no way out, and Stiles, able to multitask, flew his freed hand to her mouth and forced his slender fingers over her lips so her pleas came as muffled screams.

Her eyes widened as she strained against his flesh and shook her head trying to free any part of herself but found no way out of his overpowering grip, her only option to grow defenseless and limp as he fucked her into that table until she saw nothing but stars.

“Shh,” he smiled crookedly through broken breaths, dipping his nose into her neck and feeling the lurch and squeak of the surface they lay upon. “Good girl,” he littered kisses on her neck before pulling back to meet her gaze.

He found her spot effortlessly, watching as she grew more panicked, wrists bruised from his grasp, eyes welling with tears as she desperately broke like glass beneath him.

He brushed her bundles of nerves, once, twice, three times, before she shrieked into his palms, her tears catching on his skin and her body convulsing. Stiles’ face, contorted, hands loosening as he weakened under the sensation, waves of pleasure rolling over his body, giving her just enough time to free her fingers. She yanked his mouth to her lips and sucked on their nicotine, hands moving to his back as he gave short and hard thrusts, his hot waves shooting inside of her as she dragged her nails down his pale flesh, leaving burning red marks across his skin while he filled her to the brim. She collapsed, body convulsing as she came around him, back arching, Stiles pulling her face into the crook of his collarbone and cooing into her flesh as she shook unsteadily in his muscular arms. Her ragged whimpers slowed, watery eyes raising to his shockingly gentle ones. He wrapped his arms around the small of her back and cradled her to him like she was his lifeline, brushing his veiny hands soothingly against her until she recovered from her high, her core aching.

Stiles pulled from her, fingers gently swiping at her heat, causing her to shift sensitively away. He smiled and dipped his grin momentarily in to latch his lips against her clit, shifting his tongue inside of her, and drawing away again with satisfied wet lips. His eyes crackled lustfully as he tilted her lips down and dipped two fingers into her mouth. She obeyed his movements and gently popped her mouth off his slender fingers with a hesitant smile, tasting their mingled flavor with a small sigh. Her eyes were red, cheeks flushed, and lips bent as she took him by surprise and touched her finger gently to the monsters lidded eyes. His breath caught in his throat, heart racing under the gentle movements of her skin.

“It’s more than that…” she whispered under her breath, blinking through her lashes.

“What?” he pondered quietly.

She shook her head lightly and closed her eyes, snapping away from him with a sudden pang of guilt. Being pressed to him, completely bare and vulnerable, suddenly faced her with the reality of what she’d just done, which sent fear coursing through her bloodstream. She shielded her body as she hopped off of the desk which had suffered dents and cracks from moments earlier.

“(Y/N)?” he arched his brows.

“I have t- have to- go” she stammered to herself, grabbing her clothes and holding them up against her as she fumbled for everything.

“What are you doing?” he said, genuine concern in his voice.

“I can’t find-” she panicked, looking for her skirt, unable to physically walk properly, her knees buckling.


“God, what did I do?” she mumbled frantically, her voice cracking.

Stiles vanished momentarily before reappearing in front of her, hand reaching for her cheek which she turned away from at once.

“LOOK AT ME!” he barked, sending a deafening echo through the room.

He snapped his fingers and their clothes resumed their place on their bodies.

Then she ran.

His magic locked her in before she could reach the doorknob.

She stopped dead in her tracks.

“What are you doing?” he whispered uneasily.

“You don’t understand-”

“I might-”

“YOU DON’T!” she cut him off and whipped around, hair flying into a halo around her guilty face. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Stiles, or whatever you are.”

“Talk to me, then,” his voice lowered as he backed her into the door so she went bumping against it. “I’ll only bite if you ask,” he tried weakly.

She laughed pathetically, “that.”

“What?” his pink lips twitched.

“That,” she said again. “You.”

His shimmering orbs seemed to lighten at her laugh, flickering in and out through pitch black and golden haze, but she failed to notice this.

“You said you wanted me?” she whispered shakily.

Void nodded, chewing at his inner lip, the stirring emotion in his cold chest causing him utter confusion.

“Well, it’s more than that,” she tried again, tucking her strands behind her ears with a shallow breath. “Cause’ I don’t want you, Stiles.”

He short circuited, brain going blank, a hollow darkness grabbing at him when-

“I need you.”

“What?” he stammered with surprise.

“So bad,” her voice cracked. “I can’t think, o-or breathe, or control myself at all around you. And I don’t know why. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I know you’re-” she paused. “I know what you are. B-But then it’s like I’m not even in control, I can’t stay here because the longer I do, the more you get a hold on me. And I have to run, to get as far from you as I can, because I fear that you’ll touch me one more time and I’ll go over the deep end and not come back. Being with you is terrible, it’s not…me.”

“And you feel guilty, to like being consumed by a demon?” he mumbled, caging her into the wall and sending shivers through her body.

“I do. By you. By Stiles. By it all.” she sighed, innocent eyes welling with moisture.

His eyes flickered again, catching hazel rays for a moment. The void let out a soft groan, chocolate locks spilling over his forehead as he shook his head and opened up his charcoal colorless orbs again.

“So please,” she gulped, “let me go. I don’t know how much longer I can be around you before I break.”

“Aren’t you already?” he flickered his gaze longingly over her, something changing in his demeanor. “Broken, I mean.”

She pulled her lower lip between her teeth and darted her eyes to the ground.

He crawled his fingers under her chin and tilted her jaw back to his tantalizing stare.

“You’re so drawn to me because a part of you feels that same hollowness inside as we do,” he realized. “Why are you so scared of being whole?”

“Because I don’t know what that will make me,” she murmured.


Her walls crumbled, skin turning to ice when he brushed his thumb over her cheek, “don’t.”

“Why?” he begged, eyes flickering in and out.


He cupped her with such tenderness that she never would’ve guessed the cruelty of the person behind that touch. But his lips were so soft, gentle, warm, safe, that she found herself lost in them with no way out. She reached her hand to his wrist and caressed his arm, feeling him sigh into her mouth, and tasting the goodbye in the kiss. The monster’s skin seemed to warm, his lips softening, touch becoming cautious. He pulled back, taking a moment of hesitation to delve in for one more brief second before sliding his hand from her face.

Her eyes were closed, afraid that when she opened them she’d really lose him.

But then she caught that voice.


Her eyes snapped open to his face, toned, smooth, familiar. And those eyes. Those glittering hazel eyes didn’t flicker black anymore. Only sunshine and honey seeped from his iris’. And he blinked as if awaking from a slumber, awoken only by her lips, and she knew.


Part three here

Invisible // Teen Wolf Pack x Reader

Apparently Invisible got deleted so; Enjoy this was my first one shot on here:

“I think she’s Supernatural,” Lydia stated, pointing at the popular (h/c) haired girl. The said girl looked over and smiled at the group.

Stiles smiled, saying to the pack,“ There’s no way she could be supernatural. I mean she’s the popular who loves fricken kittens of all things.”

“So? You can likes things and be Supernatural. I like cats,” Lydia purses her lips,“ After school she always goes missing. Never hangs out with friends, never calls or texts anyone. She’s invisible.”

“Well maybe she’s just keeping to herself?” Scott suggested, keeping an eye on (Y/n).

“ Maybe Scott’s right. She could just be there all the time after school,” Allison agreed with her boyfriend.

“Well,” Isaac smirked,“ There was this one time on the weekend a while ago. I saw her and she was acting suspicious so you know, I followed her.”

“You followed a high school girl without her permission like a creep?” Stiles laughed,“ Great if she isn’t supernatural she’ll probably call the cops.”

“Let me finished,” Isaac glared at the sarcastic teen,“ Anyway she knew I was following her so she turned. When I turned she was gone but her scent was still there. It was like she was next to me but she wasn’t.”

“ I don’t know about you guys but I’m following her after school,” Lydia stated,“ Who’s coming with me?”

(Y/n) stretched her arms out,’ Finally schools over.’ She started walking out of the school, unaware that Isaac Lahey was following her, the others setting up traps.

She looked back, making eye contact with the tall teen,’ Great, he’s following me again,’ she started walking back into the school, him following her. She turned a corner, turning invisible.

He turned the corner, sniffing the air,“ (Y/n) I know you’re here.” She stayed silent. “What are you exactly?” he asked,“ I can keep a secret.“  Her scent faded away.

The next day at lunch a furious (Y/n) came to their table. "Isaac Lahey you stalker,” she hissed. “Woah what did I do,” he asked ‘innocently’, smirking at her.

“You know what you did,” she glared at him. “Well,” Stiles looked at her with a bitch face,“ What did he do?”

“He keeps following me after school and on weekends. It’s creepy and it’s scaring me,” she stated,“ If he keeps doing it I will report him.”

“Welllllllll,” Scott looked around her, not making eye contact,“ He really likes you and wants to take you on a date.”

“Yeah,” Lydia joined in,“ He really thinks-” “ I have a boyfriend,” (Y/n) cut her off,“ Also I’m not interested in people like him.” “People like him?”

“You know,” she pursed her lips,“ Stalker, creepy, he smells like a dog. Oh also I thought he was dating Stiles.”

“You thought I was gay?” He asked in disbelief,“ I would never date Stiles I have standards!” “Yeah thanks,” Stiles glared,“ Anyway lunch is over.”

The (h/c) haired girl rolled her eyes and stood up,“ See you last period Allison.”

Allison nodded and waved to the girl. “Idea,” Scott’s eyes lit up,“ Allison you’re gonna take her folder off her desk or out of her backpack. Leave it on her desk when she leaves and she’ll come back for it. We’ll set up a trap on top of the door. Like put a bucket of paint, which will reveal her if she’s invisible. So Isaac you have to follow her again.”

‘When will Isaac Lahey stop following me?’ (Y/n) thought to herself, turning the corner and turning invisible.

Isaac stood still. “I know you’re here (Y/n),” he stated.

She stood still, opening her backpack. She could wait for him to leave. As she looked in, her folder was missing, she panicked,’ No I could’ve left it in last period. Right?’

She quietly closed her backpack, walking towards the window of the classroom, which was thankfully open.

She hoisted herself up, looking at her desk. “Thank God it’s here,” she whispered, opening it up. 'All pages are here,’ she opened the classroom door, red sticky paint falling on top of her. It revealed herself.

The pack came out. “(Y/n). What are you,” Stiles asked, handing her a towel to get the paint out of her eyes.

She stayed still for a second before angrily grabbing the towel, wiping her face. She looked at her once white folder, now painted a blood red. All the papers in it were soaked with the paint.

“Go away,” she muttered, glaring at them. “We just wanted to know what you were,” Scott tried to explain.

“You could’ve asked Derek Hale,” she glared,“ Hell you could’ve asked Peter Hale. Do you stupid werewolves think before you do something?”

“It was an accident,” Lydia explained. “An accident which you planned for? Something that you set up. Because it was 'accidently’ my folder. You all were 'accidently’ in the perfect hiding spots. You 'accidently’ took the story I worked on for almost a year now. Every. Single. Day. Because this is what you 'accidently’ do to everything you’re suspicious of. Right,” she cried out, tears streaming down her red face.

The paint was probably in the stage where it was half dry and half wet. “(Y/n) we-” “Save it,” (Y/n) stated coldly.

Part Two