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So because I saw a wolverine in a zoo today (and they are damn gorgeous, beautifully coloured and kinda looking adorably clumsy when they run).

What if Stiles is a werewolverine.

Their only natural enemies are humans and wolves so as soon as he learns about werewolves he’s damn keen on keeping his secret.

And wolverines are kinda useless in the summer cause they are loud and clumsy but he’s a top predator when there’s snow so his comment about a seasonal abominable snowman is not all a lie.

(And they are able to fire a burning ichor from their anus glands, so there’s also that.)

I see a lot of posts about how Stiles is Derek’s anchor, but I’d also like to add that Derek is Stiles’ anchor: the one thing he can’t get off his mind.

At the end of season 3b, Stiles tore down all of the stuff on his walls, trying to clear his mind and make sense of everything he’d been through. 


But there was one thing he left behind, one thing he hadn’t yet made sense of or something he didn’t yet want to let go of: Derek. 

He still has the newspaper clippings, photographs and reports of the Hale House fire, all tangled up in red, but in the middle of it all is a string of blue. Red is unsolved, something he’s trying to make sense of and blue…

But there’s also something else: Season 3 is when Derek goes from being an Alpha to a Beta.

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Red and blue.

No matter how much he clears his mind, no matter how much he puts aside the cases and the mysteries he gets caught up in, no matter how much he searches for answers, his mind always comes back to Derek. 

looks like cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: scott mccall 

looks like he could kill you but is actually cinnamon roll: theo raeken 

looks like cinnamon roll and is actually cinnamon roll: liam dunbar 

looks like he could kill you and could actually kill you: derek hale

hasrax  asked:

Stiles being conceived in the Jeep is hilarious because in my personal headcanon Stiles and Derek had their first time in there, were probably caught by and brought into the sheriffs station for the illegal indecency and it’s probably, while just tired and so done because “of course it’s my own kid,” the truth of Stiles conception comes out by accident; “Claudia did say the Jeep was sexy...” Pin drop. Everything is hilariously awkward and the Jeep is scrubbed within an inch of its life.

John sighs and rubs his hand over his forehead. “Okay, while I’d prefer that my son and his boyfriend weren’t caught by my deputies in a compromising position in the jeep, it’s not the end of the world.” 

Stiles opens his mouth. 

“No,” John cautions. “There is nothing you can say to dig yourself out of this one.” He shakes his head wearily. “God knows you’re not the first couple to be caught screwing in that jeep.” 

Around them in the bullpen, there is suddenly dead silence. 

“Not the first couple caught screwing in any generic type of vehicle, you mean,” Stiles says in hopeful denial. “Dad? Dad? Isn’t that what you mean?” 

John winces. “Well, Claudia did say the jeep was sexy…” 

“Oh god.” Stiles swallows. “My jeep?” 

“It was your mom’s jeep first,” John says, and raises his eyebrows. “Although, if memory serves, you were conceived in it.” 

John’s never seen Derek Hale laugh before, but he only gets a few moments to appreciate it before Stiles, flailing with indignation, drags Derek away demanding they go and buy bleach and scrubbing brushes immediately. 

“You’re an evil man, Sheriff,” Deputy Parrish says approvingly. 

“I know.” John says, and decides to treat himself to a bacon burger for dinner tonight. He’s earned it. 

Stiles is chatty after sex. Derek was expecting it since Stiles is chatty a lot of the time. In typical Stiles’ fashion, he told Derek a bunch of random facts that he’d probably picked up by spending too much time on the internet, but he did it all while tracing patters onto Derek’s skin. 

He wasn’t expecting to like it. 

Derek liked the way Stiles filled the space with his voice. Derek was used to people leaving after, so when instead of leaving, Stiles had rolled off of him and started telling him about the migration patterns of South American tree frogs, Derek had felt something settle in his chest. 

Twenty minutes later, Stiles was still talking, which meant he was still there. Derek wrapped his arm around Stiles’ waist and wrestled him into a cuddling position. 

“Shut up Stiles,” Derek’s voice fond.

“Yeah, okay,” Stiles wriggled a little to get more comfortable. 

The next morning, Derek learned that Stiles isn’t chatty in the morning. It’s okay though, Derek filled the quiet with Billie Holiday’s voice just like his mom always had. It felt a lot like home. 

WHAT IF no one mentions Lydia getting shot to Stiles?? Like he knows shit is going down in Beacon Hills but he was never told that his girlfriend got shot?? And he only finds out after, when he sees the scar from the bullet wound on her body. His face would immediately go dark, he would get angry, a quiet quiet anger where he becomes uncharacteristically still and you can see his jaw clenching and just know that he is already running through the list of everyone who was against the supernatural and maiming every single one of them in his head, while at the same time crafting the speech he is gonna yell at the pack for not telling him about Lydia getting shot. But then he hears Lydia saying his name softly, trying to assure him that she is ok but it could have been totally not okay but it’s alright Stiles I’m fine now Lydia something bad happened to you and I wasn’t around to do anything about it shhh shh Stiles I’m here now and for a while the anger slips away and he goes soft and just hugs her, burying his face in the corner of her neck and shoulders. Later he will kiss the bullet hole and all the other scars littering her body but now he’s just going to appreciate the fact that she’s alive.

Christmas with the Stilinski’s Would Include...

  • Stiles waking you up at the crack of dawn, like a giddy child
  • Tugging you downstairs to the Christmas tree that held too many wrapped up presents underneath it
  • Noah walking into the room with a cup of coffee in his hand, dressed in striped pajamas that Stiles bought him
  • Sitting around the Christmas tree, handing each other presents and joking around
  • Going back to bed for a nap because Stiles woke both of you up too early

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  • Stiles keeping presents in his room for you to open when you two got alone time
  • One of them being a new piece of jewellery that goes with the one he bought you last year
  • Watching Noah’s favorite movies before dinner time
  • Ordering take away instead of having a full-on traditional dinner
  • Having drinks after dinner and listening to Noah tell you stories about when Stiles was younger
  • Noah having a little too much to drink, and starts to reminisce about the times Claudia was there
  • “Claudia would have really liked you, Y/n. You’re a true angel.”
  • “Dad, stop.” Stiles gets a little embarrassed
  • “No, really, Stiles. Y/n is a gift to this family.”
  • Kissing Noah on the cheek as a goodnight before retiring to bed with Stiles
  • “I love your dad.”
  • “He loves you, just not as much as me.”
  • Kisses, a lot of kisses that day
  • Stiles wants you to know that you’re cherished and deserve everything

This was just resting in my drafts, here you go. I think I cried writing this. Send me in requests, I’m almost finished all my assignments for Uni.

p.s this was a procrastinating project requested by @jlewiss

Do I tag in headcanons? sure why not

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Don’t you think Stiles would find inordinate comfort in Derek’s full shift? Like, the idea of curling up with him is so inviting that Stiles can’t resist. 

Derek’s never really been all that big on words. Usually, he’s all glare and growl, but when he’s a wolf, he’s just a giant puppy that needs love when he’s not ripping throats out with his teeth. 

The first time it happens, it wasn’t even Stiles that initiated the snuggle fest. 

Stiles had been hurt in a fight and Derek hadn’t brought extra clothes with him to change into, because really, who plans to be attacked? So Derek just hopped up on Stiles’ bed in his wolf form to check on him. Nudged him with his nose and whined a little. 

Or course, Stiles tried to brush it off with his usual ‘I’m fine, big guy, don’t worry about it’ spiel and a few flailing limbs, but Derek wasn’t buying it. Instead, he lay down with Stiles, head on his shoulder and nose tucked against Stiles’ neck.

It becomes common occurrence. When Stiles is hurt or feels down, he just buries his face in Derek’s fur because Derek won’t mock or judge him for the tears, and he listens. Wolf Derek is the best listener. He gives sympathetic growls, whines, and nuzzles in all the right places.

On more than one occasion, the Sheriff has walked into Stiles’ bedroom to find Derek curled up on the bed with Stiles. Stiles isn’t always awake, but Derek just sort of lifts his head to assess the intrusion, and then tucks his nose back under Stiles’ body because Stiles is draped over him.

But eventually, Derek starts seeking Stiles out on his own, or starts shifting just so they can cuddle. Derek deserves love and cuddles too.

And then one day, when Stiles walks into the loft, Derek was already stripping off his sweater so he could shift, and Stiles just hugs him with a soft ‘don’t.’ It takes Derek a second, but he wraps his arms around Stiles and presses his nose to Stiles’ pulse and whispers ‘okay.’

So I know we all enjoy the idea that Stiles bruises like a peach but have we ever actually seem him bruise?

I mean, even with the Gerard thing there was the scrapped cheek and busted lip, but no visible bruising whatsoever.

So what if Stiles doesn’t actually get bruises easily and he just always says he does, so that when he gets hurt, he can say it was nothing since it left no proof.

He doesn’t want people knowing that he got hurt, that he is continuously being hurt by the supernatural that is suddenly his life, and as long as he can make them believe that they would immediately see if he did get hurt, he’s happy.

Never mind the broken rips and mild concussion no one knows about

dating nolan holloway would involve...

requested by: anon

  • late night drives to the middle of nowhere and looking at the stars
  • awkward first kisses
  • but it gets much better after that
  • deep life conversations
  • holding hands under the table
  • baking together
  • nose pecks
  • lots of bear hugs
  • lots of forehead kisses
  • lots of cuddles
  • lots of “study” sessions
  • soft sex
  • him pushing you on swings at the park
  • cheering him on like an embarrassing mother at his lacrosse games
  • surprising him with a special present for winning a game ;)));;;);)));;);;;;))
  • you being the one person he trusts the most, even over his parents
  • you falling asleep on his lap
  • him falling asleep on your lap
  • running your fingers through his hair when he sleeps
  • going to every single carnival that happens
  • bumping noses when you try to kiss
  • overprotective nolan
  • inside jokes
  • always being there for each other

note: gif is not mine. also i highkey really want nolan to be a good guy because i feel really bad about feeling emotionally attached to his character but he’s just so adorable i can’t help it fCK me.


This looks like the missing scene we should of got where Stiles received his acceptance letter to George Washington University. Scott is obviously the first one to know. But right when Stiles opens it, he just throws it to Scott and starts running downstairs to tell his dad. I bet the Sheriff took Stiles and Scott to a high class- fancy dinner place that same night to celebrate.


dating nolan holloway would include:

  • having such a Soft Relationship™
  • seeing him as your whole world and him seeing you as exactly the same
  • him sending you a ‘good morning rise and shine ily’ text every morning
  • running your fingers through his hair
  • cuddles
  • so many cuddles
  • your whole relationship being built on cuddles
  • “come over?”
  • “to cuddle?”
  • “to cuddle”
  • him feeling safe and loved and not at all anxious or nervous or on edge when in your arms so it’s his favourite place to be
  • him always facetiming you because sometimes he misses your smile
  • date nights where it’s just the two of you and it’s quiet and you can be yourselves because no one else is around and you hold hands and kiss and be extra cute
  • heart eyes all round !!!
  • you keeping him calm and level-headed when he works himself up over the supernatural and working with monroe (unwillingly, in the end)
  • “you don’t have to do this; they’re good people. just please, try and see that - for me”
  • “but she’ll kill me if i don’t work with her”
  • “we’ll fix this. i’ll fix this. you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. you’ll be okay, i promise you”
  • being so supportive of one another
  • kisses kisses kisses
  • Soft™ kisses tho
  • forehead kisses
  • neck kisses
  • shoulder kisses
  • hours long phone calls late into the night
  • bumping noses
  • sleepy!nolan being your ultimate fave
  • “y-y/n… mhmm you’re really… really… pretty”
  • “you’re pretty too, now go back to sleep”
  • promise rings
  • study sessions (makeout sessions)
  • his parents loving you for making nolan so much happier
  • the two of you taking such cliche couple photos or your instagram
  • there’s way too many of him kissing your cheek as you squeeze your eyes shut and smile adorably
  • him squishing your cheeks between his hands when you’re grumpy 
  • “well, aren’t you a ball of sunshine today?”
  • not judging each other when you both cry when watching the lion king
  • despite the fact it’s a date night movie regular
  • buying each other flowers !!!
  • slow, soft sex
  • hickeys (despite the feign of innocence painting both of you)
  • “nolan, no, put them in places that no one sees”
  • you never missing a lacrosse game and always showing up to support him
  • usually dressed in his spare 68 lacrosse jersey that he let you borrow once and you never gave back
  • him being over the moon when he sees you cheering for him in the stands
  • spontaneous, out of the blue, nose pecks
  • “i miss you”
  • “nolan, baby, you saw me an hour ago”
  • “that’s too long, y/n, come over”
  • sitting next to each other in all the classes you have with each other
  • hand holding under the table (!!!)
  • you basically being ready to fight anyone wanting to hurt your angel of a boyfriend
  • you helping and being so caring and understanding when it comes to his anxiety
  • “i’m so lucky to have you”
  • the two of you being each other’s first everything
  • having never felt the way you both do about one another and while it scares both parties, neither of you want it to change or fade away
  • “i love you i love you i love you”

i absolutely adore nolan holloway pls send more requests

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Stiles knew he was in love with Derek when he started making tea for him in the morning while he made his own coffee.

He didn’t tell him until a few months later when Derek handed him a mug of coffee just the way Stiles likes it.

Derek got a sleepy little smile on his face and said, “I know. You don’t make tea for just anyone.”

“You made my coffee right,” Stiles said with a smile into his mug.

“I had to tell you I love you too somehow,” Derek said, leaning over and kissing Stiles softly on the lips before he goes to get ready for the day.

  • Stiles: I'm not having sex with Derek!
  • Lydia: No one is judging you. It's understandable.
  • Kira: Derek is strong and mysterious, and angry... very angry, but well muscled.
  • Erica: Look at him. Have you ever seen anything so deliciously masculine?
  • Stiles: I'm not having sex with Derek, but I'm starting to think I should be.
  • Derek: You know I can hear you, right?
First Wedding Anniversary with Stiles Would Include..

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  • Ever since you got with Stiles, he always enjoyed treating you to nights out for dinner and spontaneous presents
  • When your first anniversary came around the corner, you knew he was going to go out of his way to make it special, and that’s exactly what he would do
  • He’d wake you up with breakfast in bed
  • A single rose resting beside your plate
  • And a jewellery box, that held a pair of beautiful earrings
  • He’d cuddle with you in the morning, peppering you with kisses and you’d do the same for him
  • Maybe morning sex could be on the cards
  • Afterwards, he’d leave you to get ready for the day and you’d find him in the kitchen beside a massive bouquet of flowers, with a note tied around one of the vibrant color ones
  • Treasure Hunt
  • You’d moan, and groan about having to run around your house like an eight year old child but deep down, he knew you loved it
  • There would be clues in each hidden spot that led to the next but each spot contained a present
  • Concert tickets
  • Chocolates
  • Books
  • Everything you loved
  • Hints such as “My favorite place to watch you laugh is where?” Which was always in front of the television in the living room cuddled up in your duvet watching a comedy with him
  • “The place you made me the happiest man on this earth” in the bathtub surrounded by candles and bubbles, with flutes of champagne, where he asked you to marry him
  • Then there were cheeky ones that Stiles knew would make you laugh, “the first place we did it” with more than ten winky faces - the kitchen table, who said romance was dead?
  • The day would be spent with one another
  • Reminiscing on your time together as a couple, and as friends
  • And instead of going out in public for a meal, you ordered Chinese take away and put on your favorite movie and watched it together, cuddling on the sofa
  • Ending the night with sweet love making

I’m such a dope. I’m enjoying these a lot more than I thought I would, hopefully you do too. Leave feedback & requests to see more!

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Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include:

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  • him being so nervous on your first date that he spills his drink down himself 
  • he thinks you’ll think he’s a dork but you actually find it really cute and endearing 
  •  lots of public displays of affection, he loves holding hands
  • star wars marathons 
  • cuddles 
  • lots of cuddles 
  • him being the little spoon 
  • stealing his hoodie 
  • him complaining about it because it’s “his favourite hoodie" 
  • but he secretly likes seeing you wear it 
  • supporting him at lacrosse games  
  • nose kisses
  • forehead kisses 
  • cheek kisses 
  • lots of kisses 
  • worrying about him when he’s out with scott and the pack 
  • worrying about the whole pack because you became a part of the family 
  • always fretting when any of them come back with even a minor injury 
  • so much sass 
  • you practically out sarcasm each other 
  • scott being like a brother to you 
  • late night drives when neither of you can sleep
  • cuTE nicknames 
  • lots of take out 
  • cute photos together 
  • not even questioning his crazy theories because you’re so used to them 
  • lots of “i love you”s 
  • more pick up lines than is good for your health

written by jay

Being best friends with Stiles and Scott:

○ A lot, a lot, a lot of sarcasm
○ Pranking each other and blaming it on one another
○ Thinking up plans together and being the tricky trio
○ Being very protective of each other and supporting each other
○ Playing in/going to the lacrosse games
○ Going for rides in Stiles’ jeep
○ Being able to open up/reply on them in times of need
○ Thinking of/treating each other as family
○ Getting yourselves in and out of trouble regularly