stiles x heather

Stiles’ first kiss is with Scott McCall. It is not ideal. There’s too much saliva and Scott does this weird thing with his tongue where it pulsates to the beat of what Stiles is pretty sure is Stayin’ Alive.

So he takes this experience into consideration when he kisses Kelly Horowitz at their eighth grade graduation. She pulls back with a giggle and asks, “What are you doing?” When he asks her what she means, she says, “Well, it helps if you move. Kissing you is kind of like kissing my own hand.” He’s pretty sure someone calls him a limp fish behind his back that night. He pretends not to hear it.

He’d rather not think about Heather. The kiss itself was kind of spectacular, but he can’t think about it without feeling guilty and sick. So he doesn’t think about it at all.

He wishes he remembered Lydia’s kiss more. He knows it was a sweet gesture, but only figured that out after the fact. While it was happening, all he could think was oh god my dad is dying those are lips they’re really sticky why is this happening? He tells Lydia this once, their junior year of college while they’re incredibly wasted. She clumsily pats his cheek and says, “Lipgloss is a bitch to maintain.”

Malia is a whirlwind. Her kisses are straightforward, aggressive. Exactly what you’d expect. He tries to copy her one night, a few weeks into their relationship, and ends up needing stitches in his bottom lip. He makes her stay to hold his hand, but the soft kisses to everywhere except his mouth when they get back to his house are all her idea.

The circumstances surrounding his kiss with Jordan Parrish are, through an unspoken agreement with his dad, never to be discussed. Stiles is all too happy to comply.

Stiles’ last first kiss is with Derek Hale. Befitting his track record - and, let’s be honest, Derek’s too - it is a disaster. It tastes like blood (not either of theirs, and he doesn’t know if that makes it better or worse) and their foreheads knock together painfully and he somehow manages to accidentally elbow Derek hard enough in the ribs to make him break away abruptly with a pained grunt. “Sorry,” Stiles says, wiping away a little bit of the blood with his thumb. “We should try that again. Get it right this time.”

They do.

The problem with Stiles/Heather is that on the show it’s just nothing. There’s nothing there and it’s so unimportant.

But in my head? It was gorgeous.

I’d already started mentally writing their story together before the season premiered, so by the time Heather was introduced, I was already totally invested in their relationship, and when she died, even though it was nothing on the show, in my head it was a tragic end to a beautiful relationship. A relationship that canon cut short long before it could have been started, and now I’m sitting here, with all that potential in my head, knowing what it could have been, and it’s so disappointing. 

And I’m just having a hard time reconciling the Heather and Stiles in my head with what Teen Wolf did.