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Not Wanted - Void Stiles

 Prompt: Can you do a Void Stiles where the girl gets abused emotionally and physically by him and she has to learn to move on from it?

A/N: Sorry it’s a bit late but something came up. Hopefully you enjoy it. My ask box is open so feel free to request an imagine!

Word Count: 1,517


**Your P.O.V**

I remember being at a pack meeting at Scott’s house and stepping outside to get fresh air because of all the arguing about what was going to happen with Stiles. It was peaceful outside besides the pack inside still arguing. There was a slight breeze and then I saw him… Stiles, he was standing right across from me.


“Y/N what are you doing out here”

“Come inside I have to let the pack know you’re here” I said smiling and getting up.

“Oh no I wouldn’t do that if I were you”

“W-What do you mean, I should go inside and tell them you’re here”

“Why are you going to go inside and tell the pack, who don’t even like you by the way, that I’m here” as soon as those words came out of his mouth I realized that it wasn’t Stiles is was the Nogitsune who had possessed Stiles. 

“You’re not Stiles” I said 

“Yes I am”

“No you’re not, Stiles would never say that”

“How do you know that? are you in his mind” he asked with a smirk “come with me”

“Scott” I yelled turning around attempting to run inside but I was pulled back by Void and he covered my mouth with a rag that had chloroform.I slowly felt myself becoming unconscious. 

**Lydia’s P.O.V**

The pack meeting we were having was becoming stressful. We were all so tired, none of us had much sleep. Sheriff Stilinski kept coming by to see if we had found anything about Stiles or if we heard anything from him. 

I noticed Y/N from across the room rubbing her temples from all the arguing. She looked like she got less sleep then most of us, she looked exhausted and like she was in pain. Stiles was one of her best friends and most of us think she might even like him. 

“Guys we need to figure something out”  Scott said frustrated

“We kill him” Isaac suggested

“We’re not going to kill him” Y/N said 

“Well then what are we going to do? Lure him into the house and knock him unconscious tie him up and do what” I said

“We’re not sure Lydia” Kira said from across the room finally speaking up.

“I’m going to step outside, let me know if you guys figure something out” Y/N said to me and Allison and we both nodded

We kept arguing after Y/N walked out, then it got quiet inside the house”

“Scott” we heard Y/N from outside, but once we got outside she was gone

“Where did she go” Scott said looking at me 

“She said she was going to step out to get some air” I replied looking shocked

“Do you think it was Void” Allison asked looking worried and scared

“Most likely, we need to find her” Isaac said behind Allison

“Okay Lydia, Allison and Isaac you both go look for her in town, go to all the places where we’ve gone before like the abandoned bank and all those abandoned places. Kira and I will go look in the woods, call us if you guys find anything” Scott said and we all split up.

** Your P.O.V**

I woke up in a basement that I had never been in. I was sitting in a chair with my hands and legs tied to the chair and my mouth was covered by tape. 

I looked around the room and saw a couch, stairs leading up to somewhere. I tried to wiggle my hands free but in the process I heard a voice.

“Don’t even try because you’ll fail” he paused for a second “like you always do” he walked towards me and said “I’m going to remove the tape if you scream I’ll torture you” he said and I nodded as he removed the tape I whimpered in pain.

“Please don’t do anything” I said

“Shh shh don’t say anything, I do the talking here” he said putting his finger to my lips all I could do was nod

“You know Y/N, I never thought that I would have to, what’s the word, kidnap you, but you’re so pathetic you know that right” he paused again “No one in the pack cares about you, they won’t come look for you because they think you’re always in the way of everything”

“that’s not true” I said a bit loudly with a tear coming down my face

“What did I say about not talking” he said angrily “I don’t want to have to do this” he picked up a knife and shoved in in my left leg. Before I let out a scream he covered my mouth..”shh they’ll hear us” he smirked 

Tears kept coming down my face I had never experienced so much pain in my life. He soon reached for the knife and pulled it out of my leg which made me yelp and then he brought it back down to the same leg just above the other scar.

“Please Stiles I know you’re in there just stop please stop” I whispered 

“Y/N do you ever shut up, god you’re so annoying” he knelt down in front of me “Did you know that no one wanted you to join the pack, they all said they didn’t want you there because you were so immature” 

I knew he was lying yet every single one of those words hurt so much. I had to try and ignore what he was saying to me. I felt myself get light headed once I looked down to my leg I noticed ho much blood I had lost and it was a lot. I sat there hoping someone from the pack would find me by catching my scent.

I woke up and it was still dark but I noticed that I wasn’t tied up anymore. I was lying on the couch with my long sleeve shirt wrapped around my left leg. I heard people and voices come down the stairs. I tried getting up but I failed.

“Guys she’s down here” I heard Scott’s voice 

“Scott” I asked

“Yes I’m here, we’re all here Y/N” He came to me and hugged me while I cried a little bit.

“We need to get her to the hospital” Isaac pointed out

“What did he do to you Y/N” Lydia asked 

“We shouldn’t of let you go outside alone” Allison said helping me up 

“Guys we need to get out now, the security is coming” Kira whisper yelled from upstairs.

* hours later *

I woke up in the hospital with an IV on my arm. I tried to get up but winced in pain because of my leg. I turned my head to look at who was sleeping on the chair and I saw Isaac sitting there surprisingly

“Hey how are you feeling” he asked me getting up and coming closer to me

“I’m feeling better but my leg does still hurt, a lot” I laughed a little 

“Hey sweetie how are you feeling” Mrs. McCall  walked in with my chart

“I’m doing okay, a bit better” I said smiling lightly 

“I’m glad, we had to do some surgery because there was too much damage to your nerves because the scars were deep, but we fixed it, you will need to stay off that leg for a while so we suggest you use a wheelchair for a while and then switch to crutches” 

“Okay thank you so much”

“No problem sweetie, are you hungry? I can go out and get you some food”

“Allison is coming with some food she just texted me” Isaac said bringing his phone up 

“Thank you Melissa” I said 

“It’s okay feel better” she smiled and walked out.

“Thanks for staying with me” I told Isaac 

“Don’t worry about it, what are friends for” he said with a small smile

“Void was telling me that you guys didn’t want me to be in your pack and that I was just some immature annoying girl who got in the way of things, a part of me knew it wasn’t true but it just hurt a lot”

“Y/N don’t ever think that, you’re actually the one who’s more mature than all of us, don’t ever think that we didn’t want you in the pack, you deserve to be here and you’re not annoying either” he hugged me and went back to sit down.The door opened to reveal Lydia, Allison, Scott, and Kira.

“ Y/N you feeling better?” everyone asked and I nodded

“Well you know what would make you feel better” Lydia asked

“What would that be” I asked curiously

“Food!” Allison said handing me a box from ihop with pancakes

“Thank you guys” I said laughing a little bit.

I looked over at Isaac and he gave me the I told you so look which meant that they don’t feel like I shouldn’t be in the pack. They were my friends and they cared for me.


It’s More Than Just Us Now

Author: @dylanobsessed
Prompt/request: Could you do a Stiles x reader imagine and the reader finds out she’s pregnant and doesn’t know how to tell Stiles cause she thinks he’ll hate her and break up with her, but it’s really cute and fluff towards the end pleaseeeee❤️
Warning: mild arguing/yelling, baby talk (idk if that needs to be a warning but just in case), and some fluff
Pairing: stiles x reader
Notes: thanks for this request!!! i had a good time writing it honestly! i hope you enjoy it and if anyone else wants to send some requests my way, please do.
Words: 1,798

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Date Outfit // All The Boys from Teen Wolf [this won't be the first date]


-He took you to a simple romantic picnic at the edge of the Beacon Hills cliff.- 


-A cute movie night at his place when the sheriff wasn’t home.-


-He was a gentlemen. He took you out to dinner at a fancy restaurant right outside town.-


-He took you ice-skating at his old job.-


-He told you it was a surprise and ended up taking you to a waterfall a couple miles away from beacon hills.-


-He tried to make dinner. Didn’t work out so you guys ordered pizza and watched movies.-


-Simple date to the local fair and it was pretty hot out- [I know that Jackson’s lacrosse jersey number is 37 not 36 but I couldn’t find a 37.]


-A breakfast date, in a place similar to iHop.-


-He took you to DisneyLand.-


-A cute little road trip away from Beacon Hills for the weekend.-


-You guys went to his place and had some dinner with some wine.-

Betrayed - Theo Raeken Imagine

Prompt: your in Scott’s pack and the dread doctors recently turn you and end up being a failure. And the pack are helping you out. And Theo brings you back when they kill you and Theo expects you to be in his pack and do all these things for him. But you say your in Scott’s pack and that will never change. And he gets mad and threatens you but your not scared of him and yea. Thanks

Word Count:


**1 month ago**

“Y/N maybe you shouldn’t come tonight” Scott said

“What why?” I asked shocked

“We don’t know what we’re dealing with yet” Malia said

“We just don’t want you to get hurt” Stiles said putting a hand on my shoulder

“But you guys know I can defend myself right, I’m a hunter, Allison was a hunter she would always go, I’m going”

“She does have a point” Lydia said

*fighting the dread doctors*

Malia was fighting The Surgeon, Scott was fighting The Pathologist and Liam was fighting The Geneticist. Scott was thrown against a brick wall pretty hard and I saw the Pathologist walk towards Lydia and Stiles but he was soon kicked in the stomach by Malia. 

As they were fighting Scott started to fight the Surgeon. The Pathologist defeated Malia and started walking towards Lydia and Stiles so I started shooting at it with the arrows. He turned around and it started coming towards me. Malia still wasn’t up and I had to fight it so I got knives that I had in my boots and started to try and fight it.

“Y/N don’t!” I heard Scott yell and I was thrown against the wall as well Scott was thrown again, and then Liam was too.

I felt two people grab me and put me on my knees. I heard the noise they made through their masks. Suddenly I felt them push my head back and needle injecting me. The person who injected the needle in me was Theo. I didn’t even know he was there.

“Theo no” Stiles and Lydia yelled

When they noticed that it didn’t turn me into a Chimera they declared me a failure and killed me then and there.

The last thing I had seen was the look on everyone’s faces including Theo’s who looked shocked. Lydia who was on the verge of tears was being hugged by Stiles, Liam, Scott and Malia all had the look on their face as if they were blaming themselves for what happened. Theo didn’t think they’d kill me at all as I heard him yelling at the doctors before I fell to the floor and I was gone.


“You did this to me Theo” I yelled at him

“Yeah but I also brought you back when they killed you” He yelled back at you “This means I need you to be in my pack”

“What if I don’t want to Theo do you not understand that they killed me because of you! You took me away from Scott’s pack to be in yours and now I’m back with Scott and that’s not going to change” 

“Listen you’re either with me or I can kill you Y/N” he said with anger in his voice

“You don’t scare me!” I said through gritted teeth and he scoffed

“Really who’s going to protect you huh? Scott? Lydia? Liam? Stiles and his bat?”

“I think you must’ve forgotten that I came from a family of hunters, I know how to defend myself.”

“Really because it didn’t seem like that a month ago when you died”

“They told me they weren’t going to kill you, just know that if they betray you I won’t be here for you”

“They would never betray me, they’re not you” and with that I left.


Hope you like it! Ask box is open for imagines or if you’d like to just talk! I might publish another imagine tomorrow. 

                              Stars Align (Stuart Twombly x Reader )

 Your team was losing all the hopes of winning the contracts at Google . Yesterday Graham’s team won the Quidditch match , but it was a complete injustice because they played dirty . It was a waste of time to think about all of this , right now you have to think about a new app that will surprise the consumers . You were drawing some things in your skecht pad while Lyle and the others were trying to make Bill understand that people don’t say ‘on the line ’ that it is 'online’. “We can create this app where people take a photo and it will be published on the line immediately. It will be named Intercagram ,” Bill explained excited about the idea. On the other hand all of us were tired to tell both Nick and Bill that it is an app that already exists , and that Facebook bought the right for thousand of million of dollars . “You know what? , we need to have a night out . To get to no each other .” Nick says and it was matter of seconds for the others with the exception of Bill to refuse about his plan . 1 hour later you were at the Bus that Google allowed your team to used . You were looking at the window . Neha was sitting next to you talking about something you weren’t paying much attention to until a familiar voice said your name . “Hey , Y/N … May you please come here ? ,” he says pointing to the seat next to him . Neva right away understood what was happening so she stood up to let you pass . You did what Stuart asked you to . At first you were kinda surprised because he hadn’t talked to you since the kiss you gave him at the park , but maybe you took him by completely surprised . “So… How are you ?,” he asked and scratched the back of his neck . Definitely he was nervous , you thought . It was something that you found pretty cute . “I’m fine , thanks for asking . What about you ?,” you tried to make room for conversation. “A bit worry about all of this , actually .” Stuart said . “Yeah , I’m also worried about it ,” you replied . “So .. There’s something I’ve been dying to ask you ,” . Oh my god this is it , he was going to tell you he likes you , you’re not mentally ready for this now . “Did you mean it ..,” he says and it confused you ; you were pretty silly to think about him confessing his love to you . Stupid silly girl , was the phrase being repeated in your head . “Sorry , but I don’t know what you’re talking about . Can you be more specific, please .” “The kiss ,” he pauses , sighs and looks at the window .“Did you mean it ? or you were just playing with me ?,” you were taken by surprise, out of base . “Yes , I did . Why are you asking that Stuie ?,” you tried to catch his gaze . “I just wanted to make sure , a lot of girls have played with my feelings before ,” he says. . “Well , Stuart . I’m not like any of those girls ,” you say and stand up . “Y/ N , wait …,” another pause ; if he continues doing those kind of dramatic pause I’ll punch something . It makes me so nervous to wait for what he has to say . “I know that you’re not like the other girls … You’re way too much better than all of them together ,” Stuart said and gave you a bright and sincere smile . Gosh , that boys destroys all of your confidence in seconds . After going to eat to a restaurant , and discovering the talent that Bill has to communicate with people , he carried all of you to a supposedly 'Dance Club’ . It has nothing of dance , well it has but not in the way you were imagining it . It was a club full of men looking and having fun with women’s that were almost completely naked . In other words it was a Stripper Club . At first you were like ’ hell no !’ , but after having a talk with Nick about it you felt more comfortable. It was pretty funny to see all the team having fun . Yoyo was receiving a lap dance while Neha and Stuart were dancing with some of the strippers under what seemed as a cage with water falling from the top of it . On the other hand , Lyle was flirting with the dance teacher that works at Google . It made you happy to see that he finally got his chance with her , he’s an amazing guy . “Come with us ,” Neha said grabbing your hand and carrying you to the place that was like a cage . At first you were being shy , but it didn’t take you a lot to start dancing with the others . Actually , it was pretty funny . And Stuart had been checking you out more frequently. You acted as if you didn’t noticed it . Everything was fine till that asshole tried to punch Lyle , and as a team everyone went to the rescue of our dear friend . The fight began , a guy tried to take you by the waist but your reflexes were fast enough allowing you to hurt him in the family jewels . You jumped to show your victory against the man , and hi five hands with Neha that did something similar with another man . Both of Neha and you were lifted by the police guards to stop you from hurting other client . All the team was taken out of the Club , but you didn’t care because what you just did was awesome . And you did it as a team . Nick and Billy decided to carry the team to the lookout . The view was amazing , you could watch all the city from this place . It was a beautiful night full of stars decorating it . As if someone had thrown glitter in a deep blue paper . You sat down on the benches and stared at the beautiful sky . You took out your sketchbook from your bag , and a pencil . Your plan was to make a drawing of all this amazing view , at least it will be a good memory to conserve. Before starting you noticed that everyone was busy in their own thing . Neha and Billy were having a motivational speech , Yoyo was trying to calm down . Stuart and Nick are having a talk about a 'cool kid pass ’ . Lyle was missing. Time was passing fast but you didn’t notice cause you were really focused in your drawing . Sometimes you would feel the brightness coming from any of the other rooms when the light was turned on , but that wouldn’t make you take your eyes from the paper. Minutes passed and suddenly you saw a shadow on the floor . You looked behind you ,finding Stuart looking at your drawing . Your first reaction was to close the notebook ; let’s say that you didn’t use to share your art with others . It was something very personal , just a few people had the opportunity to see them without you getting nervous or feeling weird about it . But the other persons that had seen it , was because they had caught you in the act or when you were in art class , the professor would show your work to your classmates . “You’re amazing ,” he said looking at you . You couldn’t help but blushed ; “thanks , is there anything you want to tell me ?.” “Actually , yes …,” he does the dramatic pause again . “I like you a lot , y/n . If you don’t feel the same way about me ; you don’t have to worry about it I’ll understand .” He looks at the bridge . “I only wanted to confess it ,” he says and you notice there’s a beautiful sparkle in his eyes . Not even the starts would be able to ignite my heart as this boy does . “ I… I like you too .” you told him , it was as taking away a big weight from your body . You felt so reaped now that both of you confess to each other . In matter of seconds Stuart’s hands were touching your cheeks softly as if you were made of glass . As if you the most valuable treasure if the entire world and then it happened . Stuart kissed you as if you were air and he was dying to breath. As if you were a flower that needs to be treated like a royalty , as if you were the only person left in this entire world that is becoming a total disaster . Like you were a piece of glass and he was scared to hold into it to hard ,that you will shatter . 

 🌟🌟🌟 Hey guys ! . Here’s the new Stuart imagine :) , I hope you enjoy it .


Lydia Martin is too G L A M

To Give a D A M N

I Don’t Want To Be Your Girlfriend - Theo Raeken

A/N: Hey guys I wrote this quick imagine. It probably sucks but I’m working on a different imagine based on “Dive” by Ed Sheeran. Hopefully you guys like this one. My ask box is always open and requests are open as well. Sorry it’s short.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1273


**Your P.O.V**

It’s Monday, the beginning of the weekdays, the day everyone dreads the most. Which only means getting up early for school. 

I had set my alarm for 6:30 am. I wanted to hit the snooze button but realized that I had promised Lydia I’d be at school early to help her with her History paper.

I got up and put on a satin off the shoulder purple dress, some cream colored ankle booties, I had straightened my hair and put on my silver arrow necklace my cousin Allison had given me for my birthday two years ago before she died. I always wear it because it makes me feel safe for some reason. 

I heard a car honk outside and I knew it was Lydia letting me know she was here. I quickly grabbed my bag, my physics and pre-calculus books I had taken yesterday for homework and my cell phone. I ran down the stairs and out the door before my mom said anything.

“Good morning Y/N” Lydia said as I got into her car.

“Good morning Lyd’s” I replied with a groan

“Wow you are not a morning person” she said as she handed me a coffee. 

“No I am not, but since I have coffee now I am”

“You’re a caffeine addict”

“Only when I need to be”

“So every morning”

“Yeah pretty much” 

“Well thank you for agreeing to help me with my history paper, I don’t know why but recently I haven’t been able to write good and since you’re interested in journalism I thought maybe you’d be able to help me”

“Journalism is one of my favorites which is weird because not that long ago I hated writing”

We pulled up to the school and there were literally only three cars there.Mostly because it was 7 am. We got off and made our way to the library, once we opened the door we realized we were the only ones in there. 

“Lydia just choose a computer already” 

“Fine I guess we can sit in this one”

“All of the computers suck anyway”

“I should’ve brought my laptop” 

As soon as we sat down we heard footsteps in the hallway and suddenly the door opened. Both Lydia and I looked up and saw Theo Raeken and we both groaned.

“Good morning to you too ladies” he said making his way over to us

“What do you want Theo” Lydia asked annoyed

“Just came to school to finish my paper before class starts” he replied sitting next to me. 

“Come on Lydia let’s just finish so we can get out of here” 

“Ouch that hurt my heart” Theo said putting his hand over his heart.

“Funny didn’t think you had one” I replied without looking at him

“Y/N does this make sense” Lydia asked me and I looked at her computer reading her paper. 

“Yes it does, see I told you, you could do it”

“Okay let me just print it out” she said hitting the print button and walking towards the printer across the library.

“So Y/N, how would you like to go on a date with a handsome guy on Friday”

“Are you getting me a date with Dave Franco” I asked sarcastically, clearly he didn’t get it

“No I meant with me” he said 

“Oh I ‘m sorry I thought you said a handsome guy” I said joking

“Wow, you’re mean” he said

“Don’t take it up the ass Raeken, I’m just not interested” I said getting up and grabbing my stuff.

“We’ll see about that” he yelled after me as I had walked out of the library

When I reached my locker, I opened it put away my physics and pre-cal books inside and reached for my Econ one. As I closed the door I saw Scott, Liam, and Lydia walking towards me 

“What was that about” Scott asked me

“I’m guessing you heard the conversation” I asked rolling my eyes a little

“Only the ‘we’ll see about that’ part” Liam said

“Theo asked Y/N out and she said no because she’s not interested” Lydia said walking towards us

“Theo did what” Stiles said coming up from behind Scott and I. “Why did he ask you out”

“I don’t know Stiles, but I said no” I replied confused and with that the bell rang.

‘Come on Y/N, we have to get to Econ” Lydia said annoyed and I followed her tilting my head back and groaning.

“I wouldn’t mind Econ it if wasn’t for Coach always making us do pointless stuff, like the essay on where we see ourselves living in a couple years and then him reading them all to the class and making fun of our choices ”

“Yeah me too but at least we’re not stuck Mrs. Johnson, I heard she’s tough and she’s giving them projects every week” Lydia said 

“Yeah you’re right plus he makes class a little more interesting because he’s always picking on Greenberg, we still don’t know why he hates him so much” I said laughing slightly. 

Once we walked into class we heard Coach yelling at Greenberg like any other normal day. We took our seats next to each other like usual and the bell rang. Coach started to teach and then Theo walked in.

“Sorry Coach” he said as he walked in and I groaned as he took his seat behind me. 

“Nice of you to join us Raeken, don’t make it a habit walking in late”

“I won’t”

“Okay now back to Economics, the law of supply and demand are very important. “ he said writing it on the board. After an hour the bell finally rang. “Don’t forget to do the charts as homework” he yelled as everyone walked out.

“Hey Y/N” Stiles came up to me

“Please tell me we’re skipping” I asked whining

“Nope but you get to spend a whole period with me” he said smiling

“As much as I love you Stiles I’d rather skip” I said 

“Ouch fine where do you want to go”

“Literally anywhere but here” I said 

“Y/N” I heard someone yell my name as I turned around I saw Theo

“Oh god what do you want” I said

“How bout that date on Friday”

“I already said no”

“Come on just give me a chance”

“Dude she said no, do you want to hear it in Spanish? No” Stiles said

“Back off Stilinski” Theo said getting close to Stiles

“Make me” Stiles got closer and I could tell they were about to fight 

“Guys stop” 

“Tell him to back off”

“I’m trying to protect my friend from an asshole who seriously won’t stop begging her for a date after she keeps saying no” 

“Guys what’s going on” Scott said running towards us

“Theo here won’t take no for an answer” 

“Theo you seriously need to stop, she said no already why don’t you just drop it”

“I need to know why and I need to here her say it”

“You need me to say what”

“You need to say that you don’t want to be my girlfriend”

“Theo I don’t want to be your girlfriend, I don’t like you because you’re not a good person, I mean you almost killed Scott” 

“Is that really how you feel”

“Yes, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be telling you”

“But I’ve changed since then” he said 

“Theo I already told you I don’t want to be your girlfriend, leave me alone please”

“Fine, just know that I won’t give up on you”


I Miss Her - Allison Argent Imagine

A/N: This is an imagine on how every character feels about Allison’s death, Reader is Allison’s cousin. She’s been in the pack since Allison was still there, Reader was distant to the pack after Allison’s death and they all finally talk about it.This was in my drafts and I haven’t had time to write because of school. I’m still going to upload the “Dive”  Scott Imagine, it’s in the works but I’m not done with it yet.

Warnings: Meantions of Death, Self Harm

Word Count: 1,444

P.S: If you guys ever need to talk about anything, my ask box is always open. Don’t hesitate to ask, I’m here if you want to talk.


**Reader’s P.O.V**

Ever since Allison’s death, I locked myself in my room, crying non stop. I was angry at her because she had died but she didn’t know that it was going to happen. I miss her a lot…

It’s been a week, my Uncle Chris left to France with Isaac. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t seem sad about his daughters death. He had lost his wife and now his daughter. He was always a serious guy but I guess I expected him to show a little emotion.

He had given me an option, to go with him and Isaac or to stay here in Beacon Hills where bad things happen. I had chosen to stay because I couldn’t imagine starting a new life in a new country. I remember the argument Uncle Chris and I had before he left.


“Y/N you should come with us” he had looked fine like nothing had happened.

“I won’t run away from my problems”

“You’re not going to be running away from your problems”

“I see it as running away from your problems” I said crying “How could you show no emotion? Your daughter just died” I yelled at him.

“Do you think I don’t care about losing Allison?” he asked as his eyes started watering “ I lost my wife, then I lost Allison. The only people I had left. God, I hate myself for not being able to protect her, If only I had gotten there earlier this wouldn’t of happened.” at this point he as already crying. “If you stay everyone will be talking and feeling sorry for you and it’ll make you feel even worse”

“I’m sorry Uncle Chris but I can’t leave, I’m going to face everyone, sure people will talk but I don’t care, I want to stay”

“Y/N please come, It’s not safe for you here”

“I’m not going anywhere” I said walking over to where he was standing and I hugged him. We had stayed like that for a while.

*flashback ends*

I’m sitting on my bed with a razor blade on my right hand, holding it over my left hand. I slowly start to cut my wrist in a horizontal line and put pressure on it. I was crying as I did this, thinking about Allison and how now I felt alone.

I repeated that five more times and dropped the razor on my bed while crying to myself. I hadn’t slept in days because every time I closed my eyes, I saw Allison get stabbed and fall to the ground. I heard my phone buzz a couple of times before I dozed off. I knew it was the pack calling me but I didn’t want to pick it up.

**Scott’s P.O.V**

Stiles, Lydia, Kira and I were at my house. We all tried calling Y/N but she hadn’t picked up any of our calls. We had all started calling and texting her since the beginning of the week. Lydia was currently in the kitchen calling her, Stiles was talking to his dad, and Kira was texting Y/N.

“She won’t pick up her phone” Lydia said walking back to the living room and sitting on the couch.

:“Maybe we should go to her house” Sties suggested

 “Maybe she just wants to be alone” Kira said getting up from the couch

“I’m worried about her” I said 

“I am too, maybe Stiles is right, we should go to her house” Lydia also got up, grabbed her purse and headed out the door towards her car

“Are you guys coming or what” Stiles asked Kira and I

“I have to go home, my dad already texted me telling me he wants me home” Kira said grabbing her stuff.

“I’m coming” I said as we all walked out of the door.

Once we got to Y/N’s house we noticed that the whole house looked dark. There were no curtains opened, no lights were on, it had looked like no one lived in the house anymore.

**Reader’s P.O.V**

I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on my door. I got up from my bed and remembered what I had done to my wrist. I mentally cursed at myself ad reached for my black cardigan that was on my chair and walked down stairs to get the door. 

As soon as I got to the door, I looked through the peep hole and saw Scott, Lydia and Stiles standing outside.I opened the door and they all started asking questions all at once.

“Y/N, what the hell” Stiles said

“Why didn’t you answer our calls or texts” Scot said walking in and closing the door.

“We’ve been worried about you” Lydia said hugging me 

“Guys, I’m fine” I said lying and remembered that Scott could sense it.

“Y/N how are you really” Scott asked walking towards me “and be honest”

I looked at all of them as they waited for my answer. I started crying.

“Honestly” I began “ I feel angry and sad. There are so many emotions that I’m feeling. Everything had gone to shit, I don’t sleep anymore because every time I close my eyes I see Allison getting stabbed, she didn’t even see it coming”

At this point I was practically sobbing. I felt Lydia’s arm on my back and then she spoke.

“Y/N. I can’t imagine how you feel, she was my best friend, I miss her too, a lot.” She was rubbing my back, I looked at her and she was crying too, so I hugged her “just know that we will all be here for you”

“I blame myself” Stiles said from across the couch

“Stiles it’s not your fault, you were possessed. I know for a fact that Allison doesn’t blame you either” I said getting up walking towards him and giving him a hug. 

“I pictured her in my arms every time I close my eyes, I don’t sleep either” Scott said tearing up

All of us were either crying or starting to cry. It felt good to let out everything, there’s still that dark hole inside me that isn’t going to go away. I had also blamed myself for not being able to do anything to save Allison. I hadn’t noticed that Scott caught scent of something.

“Scott what is it” Lydia asked and I looked up at him

I mentally cursed myself for not cleaning it or washing the razor and throwing it away. I felt my heart beating faster, I didn’t want to tell them but I knew they’d find out somehow.

“I smell blood” 

“It’s me” I said hesitantly 

“What’s wrong” Stiles asked

I just raised the sleeve of my cardigan and showed them my scars, the blood had already smeared. I looked down scared of what they would think of me.

“Oh Y/N” they all hugged me.

“Why did you do this to yourself” Lydia asked me

“I’m not sure, I guess I was just feeling alone and all my feelings were all over the place”

“You could’ve talked to us about it” Scott said

“I know but I just didn’t want to bug you guys”

“Hey you wouldn’t of been bugging us Y/N, you could talk to us about anything, please don’t do that again” Stiles said hugging me again.

“I won’t”

“If any one of us are dealing with stuff like this again we should talk like having pack meetings but like feelings meetings. We should probably get together once a month and talk about how we’ve been feeling” Scott suggested and looked at all of us to see what we thought about his idea.

“I think that’s a great idea” both Lydia and I said

“Yes I’m okay with that” Stiles said nodding his head

“Great! Well I’m starving, do you guys want to go the pizza parlor,or the diner” Scott said getting up causing all of us to laugh a little “What I’m starving and I haven’t eaten anything all day”

“I’m starving too, let me just go change really quickly” I said running up stairs

“Hurry up I’m hungry too” Stiles yelled after me, sounding a bit desperate, that’s how he always gets when he’s hungry.

“I’m coming” I laughed at how he acted when he was hungry.

I made my way down the stairs braiding my hair in a fishtail. “Okay I’m ready, where are we going” 

“Come on Y/N, the guys are waiting in the car” Lydia said laughing and reaching for my arm in the process. 


I’ve been crushing on you

Prompt: Scott and i are best friends and then we get into this huge argument and he admits his feelings for me my name is Kirsten


Right no I’m getting ready for my date with Jason. Jason is on the lacrosse team with Scott, Stiles, and my brother Liam. He’s a really sweet guy and I am excited to go on a date with him. I never expected him to ask me out because he is always shy and I never thought that I would ever say yes to him. Mostly because I have a huge crush on Scott.

Scott an Kira had broken up two months ago because she had cheated on him with Theo. After she told him he was really devastated and he kicked her and Theo out of the pack. This was before we had found out he was the bad guy and Kira ended up moving back to New York. 

“Kirsten can you hurry up please! Scott needs to use the bathroom!” Liam yelled banging on the bathroom door.

“Why can’t he use yours?” I yelled back starting on my makeup.

“Because Stiles is in mine and he won’t be out for a while” He yelled back and I opened the door. 

“Woah your hair looks nice! Where are you going?” asked Malia 

“I’m going on a date with Jason” I replied letting Scott inside the bathroom. 

“Jason? The cute shy guy from the lacrosse team?” asked Mason

“Yes that one” I replied walking into my room 

“woah woah woah.. who said you can go on a date?” Liam said raising a eyebrow and leaning on my door with his arms crossed and with Mason doing the same thing behind him 

“Who are you? My dad? My mom knows” I replied showing Malia my outfit 

“Kirsten how do you know that he’s not going to take you to some weird place where he’ll torture you or kill you?” Liam asked

“That’s cute.. where is he taking you?” she replied 

“We’re going to the carnival and then since his uncle owns the ice skating rink we’re going there after and then we’re going to go midnight bowling” I replied and heard Scott scoff and I looked at him.

“I’m sorry do you have a problem? and Liam you’re being ridiculous” 

“No it’s just that I think Liam is right.” Scott said “Hey guys could you give us a second please” 

“What do you want McCall? To tell me not to go on this date because you’re jealous?” I asked 

“I’m not jealous Kirsten I’m just looking out for you” 

“I may not be a werewolf but I can tell that you’re lying”

”Fine I am lying But I have a good reason for it” he raised his voice

“Oh yeah and what’s that?” I asked rasing my voice as well

“IT’S BECAUSE I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU OKAY!” he yelled “and you’re just to blind to see that. Damnit Kirsten you always make me happy and you’ve always been there for me! how could you not notice?” 

“How could you not notice that I’ve been crushing on you before you even dated Kira?” 

“Wait you what?” 

“Scott-” he had cut me off with a kiss and then we pulled away because Liam had walked in 

“Okay what is goign on in here” Liam asked coming in “Scott I thought you were trying to get my sister out of going on that date?”

“I did” he replied looking at me smiling

“What did I miss?” We heard Stiles walk in and we all laughed because he had been in the bathroom the entire time. 


Sorry if it sucks! I wrote this in a rush because I still need to pack because i’m leavig to Mexico tomorrow and I’m rushing with the imagines because there won’t be any wifi where i’m staying. 

The Golden Snitch (Stuart Twombly X Reader)

Things weren’t going well with your team . Graham’s team had won every trial ,and that was stressing .Your future and the one of other 6 people was in risk .

You can not stop thinking about it . It was hard to pay attention to Lyle’s speech about which is gonna be the next trial , and how hard you’ll have to prepare if you really want to get an official job at Google .

“Hey y/n , is everything alright ?” Stuart whispers into your ear because you don’t look good.
“Yes .. I think ” you shrug and clear your throat “where are the others?” .
“I think that Neha went to the restroom , I don’t know about the other four” Stuart answers .
“Do you think that we are gonna win the Quidditch match ?”he ask trying to make conversation.
“Quiddicht match? What are you talking about Stu?” your facial expression changed from concern to astonishment in matter of seconds .
“I believe that you weren’t paying attention to Lyle’s news . the next trial is gonna be a Quidditch match ” Stuart replies as if it was something without any kind of importance.
“Omg! I’m screwed..” You pass your hands through your hair .
“Why do you say that?” The boy with brown caramel eyes ask.
“Why ? because I’m a total disaster at sports , well at most of them ” you stare at him directly in the eyes ” I haven’t play Quidditch in my life . Only at videogames but that’s it”
“Don’t worry . I’ll help you with that , everything is gonna be fine ” Stuart says standing up and taking his backpack to leave .
“We’ll practice today at 4:00 in the park that is close to Google.”

That was the last thing he said before dissapearing through the door without even letting you accept his offer .

At 4:00 p.m you were sit down in the green lawn of the park waiting for Stuart to appear . Suddenly you distinguish someone approaching to you when the person was closer you could see that it was Stuart .

He was carrying a couple of broomsticks , and a big black side bag is hanging from his left shoulder. Stuart smiles when he saw that you were there .
“Hey , Stuie” you greet .
“Stuie?” He says , leaving the bag next to you on the lawn .
” yeah , Stuie . I’m gonna call you like that since now ,and I’ll be the only that can call you Stuie” you answer with a cheeky smile .
“If you say so …” He says ignoring your comment . “Now get up , we’ve got a lot of work to do.”
You stood up and he gives you one of the broomsticks then open the black bag , and takes out a set of balls .
“The first thing I’m going to do is to explain a few things to you about the game . Okay?”
“Okay” you stare at him .
“So… well , there are seven players on a team. Three chasers score goals worth 10 points each with a volleyball called the quaffle. They advance the ball down the field by running with it, passing it to teammates, or kicking it. Each team has a keeper who defends the goal hoops. Two beaters use dodgeballs called bludgers to disrupt the flow of the game by ‘knocking out’ other players. Any player hit by a bludger is out of play until they touch their own goals. Each team also has a seeker who tries to catch the snitch. The snitch is a ball attached to the waistband of the snitch runner, a neutral athlete in a yellow uniform who uses any means to avoid capture. The snitch is worth 30 points and its capture ends the game. If the score is tied after the snitch catch, the game proceeds into overtime.” Stuart explains this to you in matter of minutes .

“Are we gonna play , right ?” You ask
“How we are only 2 , we will practice each position separately . First , we are gonna practice throwing the quaffle to that hoop and after that we’ll continue with the other 6 positions left.” Stuart tells .

It was funny practicing with Stuart ; you were having a great time with him . Sometimes you failed but he continued cheering you up .

You really like him , and you wondered if he has the same feelings for you .
Finally it was time to practice being a seeker , and Stuart was going to put the golden snitch on his waistband ; you’ll try to capture him.
“Ready?” Stuart asks and you nod .

The boy with brown caramel eyes starts running . You follow him ,’ Damn he is fast and sneaky’ you thought .
It took you 8 times to finally catch him , and when you did it you had to jump over him .
You were on top of Stuart. Your face was so close to his , both of your breathing and his started to get more heavy .
You wanted to kiss him so badly .

Stuart was gazing at you , his hair was messy and he was completely exhausted . But he still looked handsome . He removed a strand of hair from your face , and placed it behind your right ear .

Suddenly Stuart muttered “you are so beautiful” making you blush.
You stayed in that position for almost 3 minutes, until you realized what was happening.
You lie down next to him, looking at the sky that was getting dark.
“Thanks, Stuie” you say taking his hand. Stuart realizes what you did but doesn’t say anything. He only keeps looking at the sky with a smile on his face.

When you finished practicing , Stuart offered to escort you back to the building in which the female interns are leaving . But you denied his offer , by telling him that you didn’t want him to come back too late , and that he needed to rest for tomorrow’s match.

Still, that didn’t stop you from leaving Stuart with a kiss in the face region that is close to his mouth .

🌟🌟 I’m gonna try to write more about him but every imagine will be like the continuation of the last one . Also I’m accepting suggestions for outfit preferences or ideas for imagines about teen wolf , the maze runner , the internship ☺️. Love you ✌️.
What he does to get your attention [Preference #3]

Derek Hale:

For the past couple of days Derek had been flirting with Erica as much as possible in front of you. Sometimes it was just the two of them talking (while Erica ate an apple and made eye contact with him the whole time) and then other times, like today, Erica would run up to Derek and kiss him so hard that you thought their lips were going to fall off. 

Whether he was trying to get your attention or not(judging by the way he looked at you every time they kissed you would say that yes, he was trying to get your attention) he had it now and you found yourself wanting his attention back.

Isaac Lahey:

You’re at one of Lydia’s parties and you can’t help but notice Isaac look over at you and smile every so often. You want to go up to him and see how he is but there’s something about seeing him outside of school that makes you feel nervous.

Leaving the center area of Lydia’s backyard, you head into the living room to get away from all the noise but Isaac is waiting for you there with the biggest smile on his face.

Scott McCall:

Sitting in your health class was both entertaining and boring. You never really learnt anything in this class because Coach babbled on about useless information for the whole lesson.

Scott and Stiles were sitting in front of you. Usually the two of them would just lean over to another and talk but instead they were passing a note back and forth today. Each time Scott handed the note back he looked over at you and smiled a bit before going back to pretend that he was listening to whatever Coach was talking about.

“Stilinski? Why are you passing notes in my class?” Coach asked, raising his voice.

Stiles looked down at his hands and saw that Scott had handed him the note back and you watched him quickly think of something.

“To keep my literacy rates up Coa-” Stiles was cut off by Coach taking the note from his hands and opening it in front of the whole class.

“Well it seems as though Mr. McCall was going to ask Y/N out on a date after school,” Coach said, reading over the note once more before riping it up.

You looked over at Scott, feeling yourself blush. He waved at you awkwardly and then buried his head in his hands.

“Sorry man,” Stiles sighed, patting his best friend on the back.

Stiles Stilinski:

Stiles asks you to come over to his house to study for tomorrow’s chemistry test. You knew something was up, seeing as Stiles hated chemistry but you agreed to go over to his house anyway and study with him for the upcoming test.

That night the two of you made no effort to even open your books. You both ended up watching movies in the living room and eating popcorn while you both moved closer was subtly as possible.

Lonely hearts Club (Stuart X reader)

It was your 2nd day at google. It was an amazing place , everything irradiated happiness . The people working in that place were really nice.

You couldn’t wait to start working there officially ,but first you’ll have to gain the opportunity to do it by spending the summer as an intern . 
When you passed through the big entrance you found yourself in front of a giant crowd of what seemed as other interns forming groups 

You wondered what had happened a few moments ago . It was question of minutes when the room was almost empty , you looked around .

There was a guy checking his phone , another one with a backpack walking around , a girl with a red dress looking by the window , and 2 old men speaking with a guy . You overhear that they were talking about a team they didn’t have . 

You walked toward them ,and interrupted their conversation.

 ”Excuse me . My name is y/N … I was wondering if any of you may help me . Please” you said a little bit ashamed .

“Welcome y/N . I’m Lyle and they are Nick and Bill . Are you an intern , right?” the young guy with glasses says . 

“Yes , I am . I was late because of the traffic .” You state.
‘What matters is that you’re here now . You didn’t missed a lot ” Lyle says giving you a warm smile .

“But we gotta go now . Come with us Y/N . Let’s get going guys !” He comments, and leaves the room followed by the other interns you saw a few minutes ago . 

Half and hour later you found yourself in a room with the guys that followed Lyle . Who seemed to be like the leader of the group . You sat down on the couch next to the boy that checks his phone as if his life depends of it . 
You looked around and the ambient was pretty tense . Lyle went to look for something saying that he’ll be back in a few minutes .

No one talked so you decided to check your phone maybe your BFF texted you . 
As you thought your BFF had texted you , and you had a lot of Tumblr notifications . Suddenly someone was speaking to you . 

“Nice cover ” the boy next to you comments .

” Thanks “ you grin.

“It is pretty original . I like it “
Sweet as sugar 
Hard as ice 
Hurt me once 
And I’ll shoot you twice .
Stuart recites the words in your phone case .

“Is your personality like that ?”He  says raising an eyebrow ,and looking at you with intrigue . There was something about this guy that you like .

“Maybe … you’ll have to figure that out ” you replied with a cheeky smile .
He hums “Mmn.. I guess that I’ll have to do it . Without the part of being shoot obviously” Stuart states making you giggle . 
“And I’ll start now . By the way my name is Stuart , which is yours?” 
“Well , Stuart . My name is y/n . It’s a pleasure “ 
“No . It’s my pleasure” he says .

You wanted to continue talking with Stuart but both were cut off by Lyle who has just appeared in the room . 

After that it was time for the introductions . You discovered that the name of the girl with the bright red dress is Neha and the guy with backpack is ‘YoYo’ also that he was breastfed .

Lyle explained that you are gonna be part of different trials in which you’ll have to work as a team .

After that you went to a conference of the ‘Google traductor’ with the other guys. When the conference ended you went with Neha to eat .

It was amazing how well you get along . You sat down with her in one of the tables to eat and start talking about almost everything . Music , tv shows , College , high school etc.. Until the topic ‘boys came out’.

“So ..y/n . ️Do you have a boyfriend waiting for you at college ? or home maybe ” Neha says taking a sip to her iced tea. 
” No . I wasn’t so much into boys ..” You replied .
“I don’t believe any word of that sentence , you have to be kidding me ; a girl like you have tons of boys behind her all the time ” Neha says making you laugh.
“Well I did have a boyfriend . But we broke up 5 months ago because it was really hard to keep a long distance relationship . He moved to the Uk to study ” you shrug .
“Ooh that’s shame” she says and in that moment 3 more people joined to the table . 
Stuart sat down next to you at your left , and Lyle sat down at your right . While Yoyo was next to Neha . 
“What are you talking about , beautiful ladies?” Lyle asks making both Neha and you giggle . 
“We were talking about y/n’s boyfriend” Neha answers .
“Really ?. Do you have a boyfriend y/n” this time Stuart is the one asking without taking his eyes from his phone screen. 
“Sorry , I meant ex-boyfriend” Neha corrects herself .
“Yeahh . Ex-boyfriend … We broke up 5 months ago because it was very painful for both to keep a long distance relationship” you state
“What about you guys ..Is any of you currently in a relationship?” Lyle asks .
The question was followed by a chorus of ‘no’ . 
“Well I think we’re the lonely hearts club” you say joking and everyone laughs .
“I think you’re right , y/n” yoyo affirms .
“For the lonely hearts club ” Neha says raising up his iced tea . The boys raised up their drinks and you did it too . 
You had a really nice time with your group . They were all pretty funny and each one had a different and interesting personality .

                                  ⭐️ I saw The Internship a few days ago and I totally fell in love with it . It’s so funny and I had to write an imagine about Stuart Twombly . I hope you like it , also I’ll like to know if you want me to continue writing about Stuart .