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Sterek Reversebang 2017

Please find my submission of art for the reverse bang and make sure to check out the amazing fanfic to go with it. Written be the ever talented @acaranna, we have so much fun working on this together, and there are talks of making it into a series.

So please enjoy

Feathers (Teen and Up Audiences)

Four murder victims with no sign of outside influence. Each one with is found with a feather. Three burned and one intact. Then Lydia finds a feather on her windowsill. What does it mean?


“He’s the one, the hunters favorite throphy. Found in the deep woods of Poland, a Nöck, Nix or like the old high german word: nichessa. He’s a old and rare water spirit and guardian of rivers and lakes, son of the forest. The hunter has found him, trapped him and made him a part of his numerous collection of creatures, monsters and spirits he seeks after all over the world. 

And here the Nöck is waiting in his prison of glass..” 

Well, I’m not a writer, but that was one of the ideas behind this work.  Uff, it was a nice experiment.  



@ritarmandi​ : Sooo, how about my favourite topic (i’m very calculable xD): magical!Stiles in action, doing some cool battle spell, while Derek is in a total shock that where and when the heck became this guy so badass. (He totally falls in love with Stiles of course. :D)


                              Happy Pride Month of 2017!

Be happy. be proud. remember that you are valid. loved and amazing.
never doubt yourself and never let others dictate your life and who you are.
Be there for those who been there for you and remember that no matter who we love we will always stay us.

(Love you lil cupcakes♥)

oh yeah also @pale-silver-comb had one of her usual cute idea where Stiles buying pride sheets for him and Derek.

Aka Bonus:

You know, when you’re drowning you don’t actually inhale right before you black out. It’s like no matter how much you are freaking out, the instinct to not get any water in is so strong that you won’t open your mouth until you feel like your head is exploding but then when you finally do let it in that’s when it stops hurting. It is not scary anymore, it’s actually kinda peaceful.
—  Stiles, Teen Wolf

Sterek Hogwarts AU

“Stiles are you sure about that last petal?” Scott crouched under the table.

“Nope” stiles answered, sweat dripping down his forehead, hand shaking over the bubbling cauldron.

“Maybe you should ask Harris?”

“Maybe you should own up to that Gryffindor tie and help me” Stiles hissed back at him.

“Or Derek?” Scott whispered making Stiles jump.

“Why him?!”

“He’s looking this way like he wants to help us” Scott nodded his head towards the table to the left where Lehey and Hale were working on their cauldron.

“He is?!”

Was the last thing the class heard before the petal slipped from Stiles’s fingers and into the cauldron. started sizzling in exactly 0.2 seconds and exploding into green slime over the entire 3 rows surrounding it.

One good thing that came out of this entire failure was that Derek Hale was the first one to run up to Stiles and help him clear the slime out of his face, while holding him in his other arm to his chest.

Stiles dreamed about those arms for the next week.

“What do you think, did I get it right?”  Stiles asks, turning the pad around to show Derek.

Derek looks away from his orchid.  He smiles at what he sees on the paper.  Reaching out, he touches Stiles on the arm, saying,  “It’s perfect, except for one small thing.”  Derek points to a small pencil mark, then to the actual orchid.  “The column is attached to the lip, like so, you’ve drawn it so it’s part of the sepals.”

Stiles frowns, pulling the drawing closer, until his nose is barely an inch away.  “Huh, I don’t see it.”

“If it helps,”  Derek pulls the pad towards him, flipping to a few pages back, “This is how I drew them,”  he says, pointing to a couple of misshapen blobs he tried to shape into orchids, but failed terribly.  “As you can see, you’re a much better drawer than I am.”

“Point made,”  Stiles says with raised brows, “how about you stick to growing them, and I’ll stick to drawing them, deal?”

Derek grins.  “Deal.”

(From a fic sitting in my drafts, about botanist!Derek and beekeeper!Stiles falling for each other in Derek’s brownstone where he grows some of the rarest orchids in the world, just for kicks)