22, Stiles Stilinski? (“Come over here and make me”)

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Stiles was getting increasingly annoyed at the way you were blabbering about Theo, like you had known him forever. Stiles had been crushing on your for years and seeing you with Theo angered him.

You and Stiles weren’t dating, hell you only spoke to Stiles outside of class when a project that required you to work together outside of class as you were his lab partner.

However you had welcomed Theo back to Beacon hills kindly by showing him around town and around school and Stiles wasn’t pleased. He didn’t trust Theo one bit. So when you showed up at his house to do work with him on your latest project and you finished early, he told you to stay and have dinner with him, which resulted in where you were now, going in and on about how hot your thought Theo was when you were interrupted.

“Y/n, shut up, just…just shut up"Stiles exclaimed, his anger getting the best of him. ”Come over here and make me“ you tested with a smirk. What happened next you didn’t expect.

Stiles hopped off his bed and took three large strides in your direction. He cupped your face in his hands and pressed his soft lips to yours, your lips moved perfectly in sync and you loved every second. When you pulled away, Stiles leaned his forehead against yours, "I think you should shut me up more often” you whispered, making Stiles nod vigorously and press his lips back to yours.

Will She Wake Up?

Aiden x Reader

Warnings: Reader attacked by Aiden

“And then Scott came out of nowhere and…. (Y/N)?” Stiles trailed off his rambling monologue when you were yanked into a room and he was left alone.


“Hello sweetheart.” Aiden chuckled as he lifted you up and slid his hands up your thighs.


“Aiden I missed you.” You hummed and kissed him.


“I know, I missed you to, I couldn’t get away from the family.” He smiled as if the best thing in the world was to hold you in his arms.


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“Dude my jeep, No one touches my jeep"Stiles shouted after Scott banged his fist against his car.

You popped up from behind Stiles’ precious baby covered in paint.

“I’ve already started painting it"you whined.

“You’ve already started painting it? Great. Marvelous work y/n"Stiles said sarcastically before fainting when he saw the paint color.


Being stiles’ guardian angel and confronting the Nogitsune because you want stiles back.

The Nogitsune is confused and threatened by you because of the memories that you and Stiles shared and your feelings for eachother are strong enough to kill it.