*:・゚✧ ♥ ♥ HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! ♥ ♥  ✧ ・゚.*

I will never stop drawing these two idiots failing at Valentine’s Day. NEVER. You’ll have to pry this tradition out of my cold, dead hands.

Poor Stiles… he just wanted to give Derek a surprise, and ended up arrested for public indecency… *cackles*

Valentine’s Day 2013
Valentine’s Day 2014
Valentine’s Day 2015


                                                   I’m an atom in a sea of nothing
                                                   Looking for another to combine
                                          Maybe we could be the start of something
                                                   Be together at the start of time.   ♡

Not cool.. :)

Can I just say something? Like real quick.

“Scott x Kira will never be Scott x Allison.”

“The new cast will never be the old cast.”

“Kira & Lydia (or) Kira & Malia will never be Lydia & Allison.”

Why the hell do you think it’s called a NEW season? With NEW people?

Did you think they would keep the old cast for 8 seasons and play with the same storyline/have the sAME characters with the sAME personality/reactions constANTLY being played on screen so you could get tiRED of IT??


so stooooppppp. STOP THINKING that the show is TRYING to replace old relationships/cast members. tHEY ARE NOT. They are bringing in NEW things for you to see and appreciate and if you don’t like it, seriously why bother because NUMEROUS amounts of people DO like it!

I LIKE Kira. I LIKE Malia. I LIKE new Scott. I LIKE new Stiles. I LIKE new Lydia. I LIKE Liam. I LIKE Mason.

Fuck, I even like Corey!!

But I also MISS old Derek. I MISS Jackson. I MISS Isaac. I MISS Allison. I MISS old Stiles. I MISS old Scott.

But guess what, things change. Now I bet you’re all like

because you forgot that people grow up, and that there isn’t just one soul mate/love of your life–you can have multiple until you find THE ONE, and that friendships are made and broken and that’s what happens.

And honestly okay… Allison is dead. Am I sad?


Allison is never coming back (to stay) and that’s something i am honestly fine with. With the challenges they have faced now, she probably would’ve died another way. Arrows/explosives might not be the best weapon at the moment honestly. So seriously?? I’m NOT hating on Allison– I am JUST being realistic.

k thnks. bye.