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For the end of season 5, can we just have a nice graduation episode for our seniors { Malia, Lydia, Scott, Kira, Stiles and maybe even Theo.) Because even bad guys deserve a diploma. And when the episode begins we see Jackson and Issac coming back together for graduation. We see Derek, Braden, Momma McCall, Sheriff, and Deaton all driving together {in two cars of course}, to go see their babies graduate. Then we see bad ass Chris Argent driving with Parrish sitting next to him because he agreed to help Parrish learn more about himself. The next generation is already at the school sitting in the front rows. {Liam, Hayden, Brett, Mason.}. And so graduation finally starts and everyone walks down grabbing their diploma and shaking hands with Mrs. Martin & Coach. And soon its time for valedictorian Lydia Martin to give her speech, and she mentions the past seasons, how much she’s changed, and her own pack. The hats are soon thrown into the air. And then Scott walks over to Liam and says “ Take care of the school for me. Take care of your pack.” And they hug and I cry. Coach walks up to Stiles as they tell each other one more smart ass comment. Scott’s dad arrives and he goes and talks to both of his parents and the McCall family are all hugging and crying. Lydia walks up to Chris and he hugs her, he says “ Allison would have been very proud of you, of all of you.” Everything is happy and perfect. Until season six’s new villian pops into the screen and we see the very Allison Argent possessed by the Nogitsune spirit. So the episode ends with a terrified look on Scott, Lydia, and Stiles’s face. As Allison says…“ Did you miss me?”


Stiles being defensive of Lydia.

“If you harm one perfect strawberry-blonde hair on her head, I’m gonna turn your little werewolf ass into a fur coat and give it to her as a birthday present.”



Shallow Roleplay Au: Derek and Stiles are celebrities

(Happy Birthday Hilary!)

Derek and Stiles were the inspirational couple for many during the beginning of their careers but like many couples the stress of the lime light and it’s rumors got the best of them. They decided the best solution for both of their lives and careers were to end their relationship for the time being.

As time went on Stiles involved himself deeper and deeper into his roles to the point that it became detrimental to his health while Derek sought comfort and companionship with another woman.

Though Derek’s time was occupied by his new lover the moment he heard of Stiles becoming the thought of anyone else was soon forgotten as he made his way to the hospital to be with the person he truly cared for. 

Imagine: Getting Drunk with Stiles

You downed the rest of the fruity cooler and stumbled into Stiles’ bedroom with handcuffs hanging off your finger. “Lookie what I foouund!” you sang sloppily, staggering over to him.

He was seated on his floor, legs crossed and eyes wide as he stared at pictures of him as a child. “I was do cute as a baby! I wonder what happened…”

“Hah, you’re cute now, doofus,” you giggled, sitting next to him and clipping one of the cuffs over his wrist. You clipped the other one over your own and grinned, leaning on him. “Now we’re stuck together and you have to listen to me ramble about politics!”

“Nooo!” he stood and fell back down, face right in front of yours. You could smell the fruit on his breath and the slight tinge of vodka. “Mmph, sorry…”

You laughed and slid a hand into his hair, kissing him hard and messily before helping both of you stand up. “I dunno where the key is.”

He stared at you. “Are you insane!? Oh dear god…” he rushed out of the room, you tagging along. “Oh god, oh-ho god.”

“Calm dooown! We can go to the station and tell your dad and get the keys, problem solved!” you exclaimed.

“Noo not problem solved, y/n! We’re drunk off our asses!” 

You shrugged and grabbed Stiles’ hand, yanking him out of the house. You knew not to drive, you weren’t that stupid, so you both ended up stumbling and tripping all the way to the station. When you got there, you tried to compose yourself before you went in, fixing Stiles’ hair and checking your clothing to make sure it was on right.

Inside, the sheriff was pouring over papers from an unfinished case he had been stressing over for months. When you and Stiles entered, he looked up and furrowed his brows. “I thought you two were studying…”

You held up your cuffed hand and Stiles’ came with it. “I tried to play a prank on Stiles and it did not go as planned…we don’t have the keys.”

“Jeeze, guys, really?” the sheriff stood and pulled keys out of his pocket. As he was unlocking you from Stiles, he sniffed and stood back. “Are you two…drunk?”

“Pffttt no!” Stiles said, looking away.

“Stiles!” the sheriff yelled.

You giggled and covered your mouth. “Sorry sir, it was my idea.”

Stiles nodded and waved awkwardly as he tried to lean on his dad’s desk and missed completely, falling on his face.