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Second Chances - Isaac Lahey Imagine

Second Chances – TW Imagine

Prompt: You’re a teenage model and your photoshoots are all over the magazines and the cover of products for advertisements. You start to go to a public school, Beacon Hills High and it’s hard to adjust from home schooling. With everyone always gathered around you, you feel like you have no privacy anymore. On the first day, you meet a boy name Isaac Lahey outside during a free period and you talk to him. Turns out, he sometimes models too. But soon after, a misunderstanding happens and your feelings towards him are negative, until he tries to get to know you and you start developing feelings for him.

A/N: This is a very long imagine and I really hope you guys like this! I put so much time to this although the mid-end isn’t my strongest writing. Please as always send feedback! Thanks so much for your time reading this, you’re awesome!

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Word Count: 2962

Your POV

“Okay, she’ll be ready in 5!” Your stylist and makeup artist yelled back to the photographer. “Don’t worry about it, Lydia. Take all the time you need.” You comforted her, trying to make her feel less stressed about her job. “No it’s fine, I’m still learning to be a faster makeup artist but if I get fired from this job my career won’t branch out.” She was obviously still stressing, making you feel bad that you couldn’t help her. “And, you’re, done! You look stunning Y/N. Let’s hope the crew thinks so too!” Lydia said as she finished applying your makeup. “Wow, Lydia. You’ve really outdone yourself! You’re going to keep the job, trust me!” You got off your seat and wore the dress Lydia asked you to wear. After fitting in your shoes, you walked out to the studio and started preparing yourself to model. You saw in the background behind the camera man Lydia giving you a thumbs up, mouthing “Good luck!”

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Last Night's Episode Went a Little Like This... (Letharia Vulpina Edition)

Deaton and the moss of poisonous poison

Isaac walking into the water electricity of death

Kira being a total bamf

Stiles has been missing for two days

The text from Stiles to Papa Stilinski

Scott and Allison going to see Isaac in the hospital and Scott taking his pain away

All the hot men in the locker room and coach

The emitter going off and finding Stiles still being creepy and ya..

Chris Argent and Derek

Coach getting shot with an arrow. First I was like

Then I was like ( I loved how it was still funny)

Peter is a freaking father

The hot ass deputy (my friend and I called a joint custody dibs)

Derek protecting Chris from the blast

Stiles and Scott at the sheriff’s station (I’m sorry but their facial expressions were amazing!)

Malia is Peter’s daughter

Stiles, who was the nogitsune the whole time, twisting the sword in Scott’s gut

Deaton injecting the nogitsune with the poison moss

And I may have missed some. But the acting in this episode was so superb! And not just on Dylan’s part but everyone acted amazingly especially Tyler Posey!

And next week looks so good! It’s like they’re trying to bring ships together by making us all hate Stiles and Malia. I love it! Until next week!

I think at this point, I’m experiencing Teen Wolf withdrawals. Everything else is coming back on TV this month, but no, not Teen Wolf. I wonder why I’m having withdrawals…

Such a difficult question…

God, you’d think I would know…

I think I might have figured it out…

YES! It has to be the great special effects! That’s it :)

Good old special effects.