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On the eve of finishing Senior Year, Stiles Stilinski commits suicide, leaving his loved ones in limbo, none of them sure why he did what he did or are they?One day, Malia Tate comes home from school to find a box of tapes on her front door step, messages from Stiles, her first love and she is listed as one of the reasons behind his suicide. Based on Netflix original ‘13 Reasons Why’


Thank you to the anon who suggested the idea  and @mieczyslawstilestate & @celestallison for helping me form some of my ideas and read parts, especially the dark parts, you are both blessing to this world.




Scott, Stiles, Isaac, Derek - In Public 

Scott, Stiles, Derek, Aiden, Peter, (Isaac) - Cheating / Revenge  

Stiles, Derek, Aiden - Valentines Day 1

Isaac, Peter - Valentines Day 2

Stiles, Derek, Cora, Peter, Aiden -  Battleground 1

Scott, Boyd, Isaac, Liam - Battleground 2

Stiles Stilinski

The New Girl


Distracting Him

First time


Possessed (Nogitsune) (Rough Warning)

Isaac Lahey 

Coming Back Like Rain

Chasing The Nightmares Away 


The Bite Is A Gift

Lacrosse Game

First Time


School / Jealous  (Rough Warning)

Heat  (Rough Warning) 




Derek Hale

The Woods

Fight  (Rough Warning) 

Distracting Him

First Time


Heat  (Rough Warning)

I Hate How I Don’t Hate You

 Scott McCall 


More Than Friends

5 Times

Liam Dunbar 


7 Missed Calls

Jealous (Rough Warning)

Baby Beta

Brett Talbot 

  • Game Night Series

Game Night (Part 1)

Just A Break (Part 2) 

Lucky Charm (Part 3)

Theo Raeken

  • King of Everything Series 

King of Everything (Part 1) 

King of Everything (Part 2)

  • Big Bad Wolf Series

Big Bad Wolf (Part 1)

Big Bad Wolf (Part 2) 

Big Bad Wolf (Part 3) 

Big Bad Wolf (Part 4) 

Peter Hale

Cheating / Revenge  (Continuation to that story)



Cora Hale






Jealous  (Rough Warning)



Not Always Blind


Isaac x Stiles x Reader

Isaac x Derek x Reader 

Cora x Isaac x Reader

Isaac x Scott x Reader

Brett x Liam x Reader


Daniel Sharman - Play The Part

Daniel Sharman - Clubbing

Dylan Sprayberry - Fanfiction

Dylan O’Brien - Set

Tyler Hoechlin - Movie Awards

Tyler Posey - ComicCon

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The idea of the Shadowhunters (Mortal Instruments) AU is haunting me.

Just imagine Allison as Clary - her father is an ex-’hunter who ran away to keep Allison safe from her grandfather (Gerard as Valentine). However, Allison hates constantly being uprooted and moved from house to house. She and her dad settle down in a small apartment in Beacon Hills. She and her friend, Scott, (who has an unrequited crush on Allison and is secretly a werewolf who watches over Allison - so a mix of Simon and Luke) go out to an all-ages club one night because they’re holding a neon party and Allison really wanted to go.

When there, something catches her attention; a girl (Lydia) flirting with an unsuspecting young man. Something seems off so she follows them and finds them with another young girl (Cora) and two other guys (Isaac and Derek) in a supply closet, arguing and fighting. She witnesses the fight that ends with the lured guy being killed. That’s when the others seem to notice her. They’re shocked; she shouldn’t be able to see them. Scott finds her and she begs him to leave.

When she gets home, her dad is mad at her for staying out so late. Then he drops the news on her that they’re moving again, which makes Allison furious because she only just finished unpacking and she likes where they live. She runs away and stays at Scott’s ignoring her father’s persistent phone calls.

She stays up all night, the memory of the guy in the supply closet being murdered burned into her brain and her stomach churning with guilt after fighting with her dad. Unable to sleep, she sits up and goes to sit in the window and stare at the stars. Se sees a guy down on the street: the guy from the club (Isaac). 

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She pulls her jacket on and runs downstairs to confront him, barraging him with questions about why she can see him and no-one else, about why he and the others murdered someone in the club and why he’s following her. Isaac begins to explain a few things when Chris calls. Allison caves and answers. Her father is panicked and the noise behind him sound ominous and threatening. She runs home to find her dad missing and her house trashed.

She gets attacked by a demon and has to fight them to the death. She gets bitten and is slowly dying when Isaac comes to her rescue. He takes her to the Institute where she is cared for while she recovers. 

When she gets back on her feet, she goes to meet their tutor: Deaton.

Allison desperately tries to find her father, uncovering secrets about her family, her best friend and her heritage.

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Along the way they need Stiles, a super-powerful warlock who Chris used to go to when Allison remembered her past, and things between him and Derek begin to blossom.

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In the end, she embraces her Shadowhunter lineage, training with Lydia, Cora and Isaac (Derek doesn’t like her much) until she becomes a badass ‘hunter.

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Maybe there’s a little bit of a love triangle, but definitely not as suffocating as the canon triangle between Clary, Jace and Simon (and maybe they just end up together, all three of them, idk), and no incest scare - just her grandfather wanting to corrupt her.

Reminder that Jeff Davis is a piece of shit who queerbaits, treats female characters like shit, and can never own up to his bullshit!

He had yet another opportunity this evening with the #AskJeffDavis hashtag on twitter to actually respond to some valid criticism - not just about Sterek, for those of you who like to pretend Sterek fans only care about our ship - but about the fact that they baited us with the possibility of Stiles being bisexual, had him asking Danny questions about if he was attractive to gay guys more than once, the disrespect for female characters/actors - Gage, Arden, Adelaide, etc. - pretending to be such a progressive show, acting like they have so much representation for lgbtqia community, yet Danny was never given proper storylines and just disappeared after season 3 with no damn explanation! And none of their MAIN characters are canonically lgbtqia. The horrible treatment of poc!!

Then there’s styd!a. Not only have the romanticized and glorified the panic attack “kiss” - calling it beautiful, romantic, making THAT be the moment that Lydia supposedly fell in love with Stiles?!? But you know what else really bothers me? THE ABSOLUTE REFUSAL TO ADDRESS HOW WRONG STILES ACTIONS WERE IN THE S1 EPISODE WHERE LYDIA WAS ON PAIN MEDICATION! This scene is honestly triggering for me because I was assaulted back when I had just recently been put on new pain meds, but I feel like I need to discuss how wrong that scene was… Lydia was HIGH ON PAIN MEDICINE. HER MOTHER COMMENTED ON IT, STILES EVEN CALLED IT OUT. Yet when Lydia started getting handsy, beckoning him to stay, Stiles not only didn’t try to stop her, he didn’t even appear to show hesitation. The fact that this young woman was intoxicated and unable to give consent? Apparently not an issue for Stiles or the Teen Wolf writers.

This has been a source of contention for anti styd!a’s and styd!a’s since the beginning. Styd!a fans flat out refuse to acknowledge how utterly wrong this scene is, declaring that “Stiles would never do that to Lydia!” / “Stiles is such a nice guy, he loves Lydia and would always protect her.” They resort to nasty insults towards people that call out Stiles’ behavior in that scene [and other questionable behaviors as well, but that’s another story] and act as if we’re crazy for being uncomfortable with what would have legally been sexual assault…

All these things I’ve mentioned were brought up on the #AskJeffDavis hashtag - I know because I asked a majority of them, and witnessed others asking as well. Rather than answering questions of importance, questions with merit and substance, Jeff chose to as usual ignore us, to cater to those who are kissing his ass.


Daddy Derek-(Derek Hale)

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Characters- Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey, Cora Hale, Derek Hale and reader

Warnings- none

Pairing- Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 1069

Request- Can you do an imagine where (Y/N) notices the pack acting weird and treating her like a mother and then Derek confronts them about it? Thank you!:)

Ever since Derek and I got engaged a few weeks ago, every member of the pack has been acting differently around me. Not a bad different though, and they act like that around Derek too. They never used to act this way when me and Derek were just dating, but that changes as soon as we told them of our engagement. 

“Dinner is in a few minutes, help me set up the table.” I shout through to the living room of the restored Hale house. Within seconds, everyone is crowded around the kitchen table helping. I have always admired their eagerness.

“Should I get Derek?” Scott asks just as Derek walks into the dining room. A small smile comes to my lips as I see just how relaxed he is. It’s a rare yet delightful sight.

Derek wraps an arm around my waist and kisses the top of my head. He takes the plate of two dozen burgers from me and sets it in the middle of the table for everyone to slaver over. 

“Nope, he always comes running at the smell of food. Kind of like Stiles.” Cora laughs at her older brother, but she couldn’t have said anything more truthful. Despite looking like a Greek God, Derek eats so much shit it’s incredible to witness. Same goes for Stiles.

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Finale Headcanon

Lydia goes to MIT and then on to law school.  After graduating, she forms the country’s first ever Supernatural Rights Organization and spends the rest of her life representing and protecting supernatural creatures around the world.

After a few years at the FBI crusading for the rights of werewolves, Stiles breaks off and forms the Supernatural Protection Agency.  The Agency has branches all over the world (one run by Cora in Brazil, Isaac in France, and Ethan and Jackson in England).  Stiles lives in DC with his boyfriend…

Derek, who forms Hale’s House for Wayward Werewolves (named by Stiles), which finds and assists young supernatural creatures who have lost their packs.  HHWW is headquartered in DC, but has a branch in California run by Peter and Malia.

Scott and Chris team up with Braeden and travel the country sitting on panels and giving speeches in support of supernatural rights.

The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 3) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Coffee Shop Talk”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Isaac Lahey, Malia Tate, Cora Hale, Ethan,  & Reader/OFC

Summary:  There had been two more attacks since the first night they encountered the vampires. Scott and Stiles have devised a plan for capturing the dangerous creatures of the night. They gather the gang at a coffee shop on campus to break down the threat, and Lydia gets jealous of Stiles flirting with Y/N.

Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four

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“And then she walked away before I could tell her about the merits of being a long suffering Mets fan over being a Yankees fan. It was borderline offensive.” Stiles lectured to Isaac Lahey, who was sitting across the coffee table from him, on the opposite couch, with his mouth agape. He wasn’t sure how Stiles had managed to move the conversation from Isaac’s shitty first test in his environmental science class to you not being a Met’s fan.

“Is he talking about her being a Yankees fan, again?” Scott asked as he brought over cups of coffee for his friends. He sat down next to Isaac and pushed Stiles’ coffee across the table.

“Yea, he is, and now I’m really curious to see what this girl looks like.” Isaac commented in a hushed tone.

“She is actually really pretty in Stiles’ defense.” Scott said.

“I’m just saying.” Stiles exclaimed, pointing his hand in Scott’s direction in agreement. “So how did Cora close up the shop?”

“I told my boss that I was the only one able to work tonight and I didn’t feel comfortable walking home alone at night after the third attack.” Cora Hale said in a pretend weak tone, knowing full well that she could beat the hell out of any vampire that tried to jump her. She pulled up a tattered armchair to join her friends around the massive coffee table in the center of three worn-down couches in the dimly lit and cozy campus coffee shop.

“When is everyone else supposed to get here?” Isaac asked.

“I said 6PM in the text, so about ten minutes.” Scott replied, wiping the whipped cream off of his lip.

“Y/N said she’d come after her class, so she should be here soon.” Stiles said, staring at his phone, his leg jiggling in nervous anticipation.

“You are so obsessed, dude.” Cora said, as she shook her head.

“Listen, Sassywolf, I am not obsessed. I just think she’s cool and gorgeous and… She’s a witch, and that, you cannot deny, is awesome.”

“Yea, okay, Stiles.” Cora teased.

“Yea, okay, Cora, whatever.” Stiles mimicked her.  

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Goodbye is not forever.