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Puppy (Derek Hale x Reader)

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My first Derek fic? It’s kinda short but whatever

You tacked Derek to the ground as he rounded the corner, pinning him with your hands and knees. Sliding your palms under his shirt, you purred as he focused those sharp eyes on you. You buried your face into his neck and sighed, breathing in his scent. “Please.”

His voice held warning as he spoke. “(Y/N), we already talked about this. I have to go help Scott.”

You ground your hips against his. “So? You could help me instead. Fuck Scott. Tell him you have an emergency.”

He pressed a searing hot kiss to your lips but even that was over too quickly. While you were distracted he maneuvered himself off the floor and dropped you onto one of the sofas in the living room. “I’ll be fast. Be a good puppy and wait.”

You watched him go with a frown on your face, but as soon as the sound of his steps faded off into the distance you dashed out of the loft and traced his scent to the McCall house, making sure to keep a safe distance between the two of you.You climbed through Scott’s window to find a nervous Stiles seated on the foot of the bed, computer on his lap.

You came up behind him quietly, taking the opportunity to surprise him by pressing the length of yourself against his back, hands sliding up his chest. He jumped at the sudden contact and nearly threw the laptop across the room. You giggled as he turned to face you with an utterly shocked expression. “(Y/N)? What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” You traced your fingernails over his back lightly and he shivered.

“Derek will be pissed if—“

You leaned in closer to his neck, voice dropping to a murderous tone. “If what, Stiles? Don’t mention that sourwolf right now.”

He stiffened. “(Y/N)—”

At that moment the door to Scott’s bedroom slammed open, Derek standing in the doorway. You shot him a look over Stiles’s shoulder and he released a growl so tiny only you could hear it. A smirk played across your lips.

“Stiles, get out.” The gravity in his voice made you shiver, but you held your ground.

You wrapped an arm around the front of Stiles’s chest as the teen jumped to stand. “We’re having fun, Derek. Stop being such a buzz kill.” The man sent a dark, warning look in Stiles’s direction and he slipped out of your grasp, darting towards the door. “Sorry (Y/N), I just… Bye!”

Derek’s gaze seems to bore holes through your torso but you ignored its instead choosing to flop back onto Scott’s bed and sigh. “Too bad. He was cute all flustered like that.”

You ignored Derek’s gaze as he slowly walked over to the bed, a petulant pout placed dramatically across your lips. His hand slid up your leg as he continued his advance. “You’re so damn stubborn. If you keep acting like this you’re going to make me angry.”

You made an indignant sound and rolled over. “Maybe you should get angry. You’re always being such a good guy and helping Scott now, I’m bored.”

The barest hint of a smile was creeping up over Derek’s lips. “You’re such a jealous little puppy. I guess I’ll have to deal with you before you cause too much trouble.” you felt the bed dip as he settled his arm over you, looking more animalistic than normal.

You draped your arms over his neck and pulled him closer, surrounding yourself with his scent. “I’m tired of being patient.” You could practically feel him grin.

“You’re never patient.”

The door to Scott’s bedroom flew open. And lo and behold, the True Alpha himself stood in the doorway, glaring at you. “Really guys? In my bed?.”

Imagine Stiles always messes with his kids on movie night: he tells them that if they don’t call dibs on a seat, they don’t get to sit on the couch and eat popcorn with their dads. Derek rolls his eyes but he can’t help but smile every time he does it becasue the kids move really fast - their little feet thumping on the floor as they run to the couch - and jump on the cushions and shout “Dibs!”

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But Stiles also messes with Derek. He shouts “Call dibs!” and chases after the kids. Derek is already sitting on the couch with the bowl of popcorn, waiting for them. The kids jump up next to their dad and call dibs on the cushion, laughing and telling Stiles he has to sit on the floor but Stiles climbs into Derek’s lap, straddling his waist as he leans close to his ear and whispers, “Dibs.”

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Sometimes he sits on Derek’s lap, other times he picks a cushion up and sits on the floor between Derek’s legs. Either way, he sits down with a smirk because he knows he always gets Derek flustered and excited.

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Hello! So i just finished reading the available chapters of "through his eyes" by littlestwolf (I cannot wait till it's updated again) and I really loved it. So do you have something like it? With Stiles being a mastermind criminal and Derek being an FBI agent or cop (and maybe them working together)? Thank you, and love your blog!

Can’t promise how close these are, but they all feature FBI/Cop/Deputy!Derek and Criminal!Stiles.  Enjoy!  -Emmy

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Here’s the referenced fic, if anyone else wants to read it:

Through His Eyes by LittlestWolf 

(63,628 I Not I Rated I Complete)  *sterek

A (kind of) psychic Stiles gets offered a deal to leave his 8 year prison sentence early and be a criminal consultant with the FBI. Agent in Charge Derek Hale is assigned to be his handler on his first day back after a four month leave due to an undercover case going wrong and resulting in the death of his partner. Derek keeping his job as Agent in Charge relies on the success of Stiles and Stiles’ eventual freedom depends on their success together. Simple enough.

Now onto the others

Can I Steal You by Rena 

(4,920 I Explicit I Complete)  *deputy!Derek, pickpocket!stiles, sterek

One day Derek will learn how to not be affected by a cheeky, barely legal, pick-pocketing brat. Today is not that day.

Unfinished Business by Nival_Vixen

(7,704 I Mature I Complete)  *fbi!derek, criminal!stiles, sterek

The FBI has sent Agents Lahey and Hale to investigate a pair of grifters who are supposedly operating out of a high school in California. Apparently the fact that Isaac’s a newbie and Derek has impulse control issues means that they get saddled with all of the lame cases. What could possibly be that interesting about a pair of teenage miscreants?

Absolute by amaranta 

(21,767 I Teen I WIP)  *thief and forger!stiles, fbi!derek, sterek

The first time he really met Stiles was back when his name was still unpronounceable, and the worst he could do was pick pockets.

Sort-of White Collar AU

Catch Me If You Can by illusemywords 

(32,470 I Teen I Complete) 

Before Stiles Stilinski is 20 years old, he successfully cons millions of dollars’ worth of checks posing as a Pan Am pilot, doctor, and lawyer. This is the story of him, and Derek Hale, the FBI agent chasing him.

Based on the movie Catch Me If You Can.

Delinquency Is an Art Form by Aaeris 

(39,446 I Explicit I Complete)

When pickpocket Stiles stole Deputy Derek’s wallet, his dad gave him two choices:

A) The Sheriff can’t bend the rules for his wayward son anymore, so he will have a criminal record to his name.
B) In order to walk away freely, he needs to attend Derek’s sister’s wedding and pretends to be his boyfriend during that time.

An AU where Stiles is a delinquent, with a lot of issues, steals people’s wallets with no remorse and Derek, the newest Deputy in town who has to fake his own relationship status in order to be left alone by his too nosy family, doesn’t put up with Stiles’ shit.

It’s my own twist on the fake/pretend boyfriend tag.

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"Have anyone told you you have the most intimidating nostrils I've ever seen?"

“Yeah, I won an award, junior year,” Derek answers, frowning at his new IKEA (bought and built, all in a soft Henley sweater; Stiles knows, he supervised) book-shelf, like he hasn’t just finished a seven hundred page tome on Egyptian artefacts. A seven hundred page tome on Egyptian artefacts alone.

Derek Hale: epic nerd and assembler of easy-to-build IKEA products. Of course, Stiles thinks, cursing his stupid Professor and DIY kinks. Why not? The worst part is, he doesn’t even think those kinks are sexual. It’s just….a thing. That he has. A Derek thing. The Butterflies That Live In His Stomach were trying so desperately to move on with their lives, too. They’d shopped around. Hired a real-estate agent. They were ready, goddammit!  

Derek settles on a book - Stiles is pretty sure it also has the word ‘artefacts’ in the title - and sighs, all feigned nostalgia, and glances over his shoulder. “It was a golden nose, too. Across the bottom it said,” he pauses, grinning, “Stiles Stilinski needs to get a life.”

Stiles opens his mouth, clutches his chest, because rude much? Is it his fault Derek’s nostrils belong in some kind of anatomy museum? Is it his fault his Saturday nights are spent playing video games in his underwear, when his week days are spent chasing down monsters and researching things like how Scott and Erica managed to contract chicken pox when stabbing them does, like, nothing? (Except get Erica excited because she’s a beautiful, terrifying weirdo.) The moment he tries to tell Derek this, however, a copy of - is that Pride and Prejudice? - is thrown at his head. 

Stiles doesn’t know if he’s more offended when Derek rolls his eyes when it misses him, or the concerned look that crosses his face when the book sails past him and lands in an empty pizza box, like Derek is worried if it’s okay or not. 

And to think, Stiles was going to screw up his courage and finally invite Derek to see a movie this weekend. In an actual theatre. Where people go to be normal. Well, the laugh is on Derek because Stiles is going to buy the big popcorn and he’s going to enjoy it all on his own. 

Yeah, that’ll show him. 


“Has anyone ever told you your eyebrows could star in a disturbing kid’s movie about caterpillars?” 

Stiles is drunk. No, he’s wasted. Hammered. Loaded. Completely and utterly shit faced. Which is probably why instead of ending up on his ass on the floor, Derek just pinches the bridge of his nose, tips his head against the back of the couch and says, “what.” Not even a hint of inflection.

This dude, Stiles thinks, and then laughs because, ohmygod, Derek is this dude now. Not that dude or whoa, what are you doing crawling through my window, dude? but this dude. And that’s kind of beautifully heart warming, in its own way. 

Really, Stiles should write into Hallmark. It could be a trilogy. A Gay Trilogy ™. Bisexuals on ice. Except, without the ice because Stiles doesn’t know how to skate. Can Derek skate? Stiles totally bets Derek can skate.   

Speaking of Derek, he’s got this little crinkle on his forehead now, right between his eyebrows, and man, they really are very nice eyebrows. Animated but nice. A little dramatic but nice. Murderous but nice.

“What,” Derek says again, looking more confused than annoyed by the second. Stiles really wants to kiss him.

Instead, he stares. Stares and stares and stares.


Slapping a hand over his mouth, he begins laughing uncontrollably and before he knows it, he’s clutching his sides and has his face pressed against Derek’s chest, because the hilarity is killing him. 

Because this is them now. Drinking peach-snaps at Derek’s loft, on a couch filled with throw pillows. Throw pillows. One is even soft and pink and frilly and another has a picture of the pack on it. Granted, no one is looking at the camera but Derek, Boyd and Kira and Derek is not so much looking at the camera as yelling at Stiles (holding the camera) for eating his secret stash of cookies, but it’s nice. It’s a nice picture. There is a plain black pillow too, of course. Somewhere. Stiles might be sitting on it, actually. He figures one can only expect so much when it comes to sour-wolves but Erica glued little cat ears on it last week and Derek said nothing. Fuck, he’d even smiled.

It says a lot about what a secret softie Derek is when it comes to vulnerable, drunk-ass people, because he doesn’t push Stiles away; just lets him laugh and laugh until he passes out, drooling on his chest. 

When Stiles wakes up, Derek’s sweater is pretty soaked through but he hasn’t moved an inch. He does, however, tell Stiles he snores like a deranged goose and that he owes him a pastry later.

He doesn’t even ask for a specific kind, Stiles chastises in his head, falling back to sleep. He’s in love with a pastry idiot. 


“Do you know when you smile, you brighten up the whole damn room?”

The question clearly catches Derek off guard because he falls head first…into a duck pond. 

Stiles’ first reaction is to jump in after him - he hates to admit it, but he gets a little nervous around water when Derek is with him; there have been several incidents where he’s unconsciously grabbed Derek’s hand in order to drag him away from pools and, one time, a very large puddle - but when Derek emerges, wearing his someone is about to die face, Stiles can’t be held accountable for the way he falls to the ground because, yup, that’s a tiny, outraged duckling perched on top of Derek’s head.   

“Oh my god,” he yells, rolling onto his back and kicking his legs in the air. He feels like a kid, grabbing his stomach, water practically pouring from his eyes. This was, quite possibly, the best day of his life.

Normally, Derek would be yelling threats - several, in fact, some in Spanish because he’s a show off - but he just stands there….in the middle of a fucking pond. The duckling is still sitting on his head, like he or she plans to set up home there and it’s so adorable Stiles thinks he actually coos out loud.

Still, Derek still doesn’t say anything. Not even when Stiles coos again, very, very deliberately. (And Scott said his middle name could never be Danger, pffft.) Stiles can’t actually guess what Derek is going to do but he doesn’t care. He looks a strange cross between wanting to murder someone - namely, Stiles - and a little kid who was told they couldn’t get a puppy only to get one on Christmas day anyway. 

Mostly, he just looks lost. And wet. Very, very wet. Somewhere out there, someone is playing It’s Raining Men and Stiles wants nothing more than to share this glorious moment with them. He’s just in the process of taking out his phone to at least snap a photo to send to the pack when - 

“Did you mean it?” Derek asks, and man, those water droplets just keep on running, don’t they. 

Stiles grins. “Did I mean for you to fall into a pond and adopt a new feathered friend? No but I think we can all agree-” 


Derek growls and it would be effective - at least in getting Stiles to help him out of the pond - if it wasn’t for the fact his ears were turning a little pink. A lot pink, actually and - 


Sitting up, Stiles drags his butt over to the edge of the pond.

“Yeah,” he says. “I meant it. I mean, smiles can’t literally light up rooms, I know that, but when you smile it’s like…” He sighs and flaps his arms, suddenly nervous, hitting Derek in the process. The duckling practically glares at him and Stiles briefly wonders if he has competition here. 

Right. Better make this good then. He clears his throat. 

“It’s like, everything just makes sense for a little bit, you know? I look at you and it’s not that smiling is rare for you, at least not anymore, but it’s still pretty thrilling to see it and when you do I’m like, that’s some quality shit right there but then I get confused because it’s like, do I wanna punch it? Kiss it? Pet it? Who knows. Usually it depends on what you’re wearing.” 

Derek blinks and Stiles groans because, yeah, he just said that out loud. In real time. To Mr McGrumpy himself. Who is currently not reacting.


“Uh, I mean,” he attempts to correct himself but it’s too late. Derek is already slowly pulling him in and pressing his lips to his in what is the single most innocent, chaste kiss of Stiles’ life - because, you know, duckling and head movements - but somehow, it still manages to be perfect. 

“Nice,” Stiles whispers, after, waggling his eyebrows.

Derek snorts and kisses him again.


“Turn it off,” Derek whines, nuzzling further into Stiles’ neck. “This is why I leave my phone in the kitchen. Like we discussed.

Stiles tries to swat him, ends up kissing his temple. Sue him, he’s tired. “Says the person who can afford to leave their phone in the kitchen. We don’t all have supernatural hearing, asshole.”

Derek whines again. “You also have the worst taste in ringtones.”

Stiles gasps, suddenly sitting up. Well, he tries to. When your boyfriend is made of muscle and is half lying on top of you, it makes moving a lot more difficult. Not that Stiles is really complaining. Much. “I’ll have you know Bushes of Love is a Star Wars parody classic.”    

Derek rolls his eyes, Stiles can feel it, says, “just answer it, sweetums.” 

“Ugh,” Stiles grimaces, “I already told you I’m sorry for the pet-name thing. It was an accident!”

“Calling me your ‘slutty buddy’ in front of your dad was meant as a pet name?”

“It sounded better in my head!”  

Derek groans and wraps an “exasperated” arm around Stiles’ waist. Oh. So. Exasperated. Stiles grins. “Answer. Your. Phone.” 

Stiles finds his phone on the fifth try.

He has fifteen missed calls, all from Erica. Texts too. Every single one is a link to some article online, followed by a string of heart and eggplant emojis.   

Young Love and the Ugly Duckling’,” Stiles reads, clicking on the link. “Uhhh, Derek?” He prods him. 


There’s a picture of us in the online Beacon Gazette,” looking into each other’s eyes, like a pair of love sick fools, Stiles wants to add because, wow, is he really that obvious when he looks at Derek? To be fair though, Derek isn’t much better and he is the one with an angry bird on his head.

He prods Derek again and again until he finally gives in, makes him look at the phone. 

“Huh,” he says, blinking at it. “Fred looks pretty pissed that I’m kissing you.” His face breaks out in a smug grin and Stiles rolls his eyes. Hard. 

“You are aware Fred is a duckling, right?” 

“Yes.” Derek grins harder, showing all his teeth, although his cheeks do colour slightly when he catches Stiles’ eye. 

Stiles sighs, totally not fond. “They couldn’t have come up with a better title, though?” he asks, brandishing his phone. “The Ugly Ducking, really?” 

Yeah,” Derek says, frowning. “I mean, I wouldn’t go as far as to call you ugly.” He laughs and Stiles smacks him across the chest with a loud, “hey!”

They both turn back to look at the picture. 

“We look so stupid,” Stiles whispers, shaking his head and biting his thumb. We fit, he thinks. We look like we fit. 

Leaning in, Derek smiles at him. “We do,” he agrees, burying his face back into the warmth of Stiles’ neck, muttering something about home and content and stupid Star Wars parodies.

Stiles snaps a selfie, captions it goals, and sends it to Erica. 

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okay but what if Derek was a hug deliveryman and Stiles ordered a hug

“Stiles Stilinski?”

Stiles looks up, his mouth dropping open when he reaches the pinnacle of stubbled beauty that is the man’s face. 

“Oh wow,” he says, “wow, I would not have called the leather.” 

“Excuse me?” 

Stiles kind of wants to marry his eyebrows. There’s something kind of Bronte about them, dark and brooding, like they could carry him across a windswept moor. He might be wearing a dress in this scenario. He’s comfortable in his masculinity. 

“You’re a little later than I was expecting -” he raises an eyebrow, his pause expectant. 


“Derek, right. I am running late for forensics, Derek, so we’ll do the whole getting to know you thing next time, okay?” Stiles pushes his chair back with a hideous screech and regards him for a second. He figures, first time, he should probably go with the clasped hands back pounding bro-hug, only under the leather jacket there’s a forest-green henley that just looks like it smells really good, and Stiles has never been good with temptation. He slides his arms between the henley and the jacket, steps in close, presses himself against body heat and a certain rigidity that melts pretty quickly into Derek’s arms around his back, perfect pressure, snuggly bliss. 

Stiles steps back and beams

“That was - shit, perfect. Thanks, Derek.” 

“Yeah,” Derek says. He looks bemused, almost dazed. Stiles’d go in for round two only he catches sight of a clock over Derek’s shoulder and swears, slings his bag over his shoulder, runs


He honestly does know better than to hang out on Craigslist, Scott, he does, but where can you go wrong with a hug delivery service? That’s like hating puppies, Scott. Why would you hate the puppies? 

Scott, sounding frustrated and a little worried and kinda reluctantly amused, insists that he doesn’t hate the puppies. 

Right, Stiles agrees, because all of his plans are amazing and a hug delivery service couldn’t possibly be wrong. Right? 

It’s so much easier to read agreement into everything Scott says when they’re only calling. There are unexpected advantages to college. 

(There’s a weird email, apologising for the mix up at the coffee shop. 

Hey, Stiles sends back, I didn’t mind that you were late, no worries. And then, greatly daring, so about getting to know each other…

He honestly does know better than to pass out his actual address on the internet, okay, he does, but… y’know. Puppies.)


Derek’s early. 

No leather this time, though, which is thoughtful of him, just a dark red sweater with thumb holes that should possibly be illegal. 

“Hey,” Stiles says, eager and happy and grinning all over his face, and this time it triggers a tiny smile in return. “Hey, Derek.”

“Stiles,” Derek says. “Look -” 

“Are you okay to do this sitting down, this time?”

Derek’s eyebrows huddle together for warmth (the windswept moors will do that to you) but he doesn’t look exactly averse, so Stiles tugs him by the sleeve towards the sinfully comfortable eyesore of a couch, getting him situated in the corner and then leaning back against him, pulling Derek’s arm around him. He tips his head back against Derek’s shoulder and moans, faintly. 

“I swear, Derek,” he says, “you were made for me.” 

Derek doesn’t respond. His arm maybe tightens, a little. 

(A little while later, halfway into Serenity, Stiles thinks he maybe hears knocking at the door, but frankly he’s in the best damn hug of his life thus far and nothing short of fire alarms is getting him out of it.

Derek huffs into his hair. Stiles is taking that as agreement.)


Laura turns around when the door opens, cocking her head to one side at her brother’s appearance - he’s flushed, and a little rumpled, and almost smiling

“So,” she says, “did you give the neighbor kid the parcel we took in, yet?” 

Derek glares at her, eyebrows lowering, a wash of bright color cresting on his cheeks. 

“I’m working on it.” The tilting of his mouth looks almost involuntary. “I’ll try again tomorrow,” he says. 

Listen up, this one goes out to @imagine-sterek and literally everyone in this fandom that has not made this a thing because I have needs dammit!

Alright so try to stay with me cuz I am about to take you all on the most magical god damn ride you’ve ever had on the fandom fluff train and you all are going to like it!

The pack are turned into wolf pups cuz why not and the sheriff is left to take care of far too many wolf pups than he signed up for so he calls the one and only Derek Hale who goes over to the Stilinski house immediately and agrees to help John for the next couple of days until the spell wears off. Derek shifts into his wolf form and stays like that the entire time cuz only a wolf can rally a gang of wolf pups John I know what I’m doing.

John thinks the angels have heard his prayers and that Derek is his saving grace and he won’t have to miss a week of work after all. HE IS WRONG! Not only is Derek less helpful than a bowl of rice, Derek only pays attention to Stiles, cuddling the little shit like he didnt just pee all over the carpet when he knows he’s supposed to use the puppy pad.

So John is left to take care of every other wolf pup there is besides his son and what does the fucker do? He gets jealous! Giving the sheriff this look of betrayal whenever he sees him petting one of the wolf pups before whimpering over to Derek for more cuddles and pampering. But that’s not all! No! Instead of Derek being the grown adult that he is and putting an end to Stiles’ jealous behavior he comforts him and glares at John! The asshole nearly bit his hand off when he went to grab Stiles for his bath!

It gets to the point where the rest of the pack actively turn on Stiles and bully him at every turn cuz believe it or not the rest of the pack want Derek cuddles too and its not fair that Stiles is the only one getting attention. They trip him, they push him off the couch, they jump on top of him, they steal his food, they push his head into the water bowl, and Jackson even tried pushing him down the stairs one time.

Point is, it took all but 2 days for Derek to never leave Stiles’ side and Stiles was a smug little shit about it. He sits on Derek’s head while the older wolf walks around looking down at the other pups and John already knows his son is calling them peasants in that fluffy little head of his. The sheriff needs a drink.

Boyfriend Vs Brother

Theo x Reader

“You know she’ll be pissed.” Theo sighed when Stiles refused to leave.

“You think I’ll let my sister go anywhere with you?” Stiles scoffed.

“Oh, trust me she’s been places with me.” Theo smirked as he got out of his truck, slowly swaggering over to the gym where your team was pouring out.

“Theo!” You squealed and skipped into his arms.

“Hey babe, you do good?” He asked as you leaned up to kiss him.

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Doggie Play Date

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3800

Author’s Note: @mf-despair-queen gave me this idea (as usual) and I thought it was good and decided to write it. It’s super adorable and I hope it doesn’t seem like, rushed. I hope you guys really enjoy it :) Mal has also proofread this for me ‘cause she’s amazing.

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I was tangled in my comforter as I slept, dreaming about what it’d be like to be in a relationship that I’d be happy in when I heard my door creak. I ignored it, turning around as I pulled the comforter up to my chin, breathing heavily through my nose. I felt a hot breath fan over my face as I furrowed my eyebrows, moving my face into my pillow. I groaned when I felt a tongue lick my face and I sat up, seeing my adorable black lab standing at the side of my bed, wagging his tail. I sighed, rubbing my cheek of his slobber before running a hand through my hair, checking the time. 10:20. I pet his head as he jumped up on the bed, laying his head in my lap as I picked up my phone, looking at notifications from different apps, finding nothing super important. Coal whined, nudging my hand as he hopped down off the bed, heading to where I assume is the kitchen. I place my hair into a quick bun, following him out as he sat by his dog dish, wagging his tail and breathing heavily, tongue hanging out and all.

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I’m thinking about a Sterek HS AU and just imagine Stiles being scared of Derek at first, because Stiles is like the lowest of the low right? He wears graphic tees and doesn’t like to hang out with people and is flaily and people generally don’t like him.

And then Derek one day just starts talking about the DC universe and how he’s a DC guy and Stiles is like “oh.”

And they kinda start talking and he gets to know Derek a lil better and he realizes that Derek has 3 big hobbies: basketball, reading comics and playing video games.

And they become really good friends and start to geek out together and suddenly one day Derek says something in Spanish and Stiles is like, “Dude, you speak spanish?”

And Derek blushes and goes, “And a little French and Italian and German.”

And Stiles is like ’oh my god that’s so hot I’m dying

°nd then he convinces Derek to teach him Spanish and Stiles is horrible at it. (Not because he doesn’t want to learn it or anything, because he can learn it, but because he’s distracted by Derek’s mouths forming the words and how passionate he is about it and how patient he is with Stiles)

And then one day Derek asks Stiles to come to one of Derek’s basketball game and Stiles kinda gulps because he’s not good with people and Derek just teases him and goes, “Aw, don’t worry I’ll be there.”

And Stiles just turns beet red and his heart’s beating out of his chest.

So Stiles goes to a basketball game and he’s sitting at the back but he’s on his feet every time Derek scores and at the end when BHHS has won, Derek runs to Stiles instead of his family and hugs him and picks him up and Stiles has never felt happier in his life.

And usually the basketball team has a post-game-celebratory pizza thing but Derek blows them off to hang out with Stiles

(He blows his friends off to hang out with Stiles what is this universe oh my god he’s going to die)

And Stiles has to wait until Derek comes out of the locker room and his hair’s all damp and ruffled and his eyes widen and he looks so much like an adorable puppy that Stiles almost cries

And they walk outside to the jeep but Stiles forgot his coat and Derek gives him his jacket and Stiles is just !!!!!!

(He’s wearing Derek Hale’s jacket oh my god he’s wearing Derek’s jacket and it’s soft and smells like him and Stiles can die happy now)

And they go to Stiles’ house - mostly because it’s always busy in the Hale house - and they do a round of celebratory video games with pizza

But Stiles can’t focus because Derek’s warm and pressed up against him and they’re so close and if they both turned their heads at the same time they’d be in kissing distance

And then Derek goes, “Hey Stiles?”

And Stiles just hums and pretends he’s still concentrated on the game

And Derek just says, “Can I kiss you?”

And Stiles drops the controller because Derek Hale! Just asked! If he could kiss Stiles! Does god want him to die!

And he’s barely nodded before he has Derek in his lap, mouths pressed together, lips sliding against each other and Stiles can’t keep in the soft moan because this is all he ever wanted and more

And Derek laughs and kisses him again

They kiss until they’re breathless and then Stiles pulls Derek on top of him and they rearrange themselves until they’re comfortable

It’s quiet until Derek says, “Hey Stiles? I really like you.”

And then he grabs Stiles’ hand and laces their fingers together and Stiles can’t even because this boy!!! This fucking boy!!! Who’s laying on his chest and being adorable!!!!!!

And Stiles goes, “I like you too,” and presses a kiss to the top of Derek’s head and Derek squeezes his fingers softly

And they fall asleep cuddled together and Stiles has never been happier

And well, when Derek’s still there when Stiles wakes up? He’s the luckiest freaking guy on the whole planet because he gets Derek Hale, nerd, jock and part time marshmallow