stiles figuring shit out as usual

I see so many people saying Lydia was being mean to Stiles in last night’s episode. And that things aren’t good between them…

But like what show are you watching? LOL Take a look at Scott’s pack right now. IMO Stiles and Lydia have the most solid bond in the pack at the moment. The rest of them are barely talking to each other. But Stiles and Lydia are still trying to figure shit out. So what if she’s sassy? That’s Lydia in general. I didn’t think it was any moreso than usual.

Stop with the drama where there isn’t any lol. If anything she seemed more exasperated than annoyed or angry. Also let’s remember Lydia knows what it’s like to be lied to about everything, which is probably where her real issue lies with not telling Parrish.