stiles fan for life

My Life 😂

Friend: Hey you free today?

Me: ahh no I’m sorry I’ve got a date

Friend: WOAH REALLY?! Omg with who? I’m so excited for you

Me: thanks, it’s going to involve me, a bucket of chicken and the new episode of my tv show

Friend: and let me guess, your otp

Me: haha how did you know! Well I don’t want to keep myself waiting, BYE

Friend: uh wha-

Me: Now time to partay

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Ok so I was just thinking about this. The photo of Holland and Dylan with a fan is a behind the scenes photo. So what if that was around the time they were filming a dream or hallucination that Lydia was having of Stiles. So what if we actually do start off with a hallucination/dream of Stiles and Lydia.

I can’t even omg