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Don't think about smol bby Stiles hugging on the wolf fam SO TIGHT, like, everyone thinks it's just a little TOO tight? So all the kids kind subtle are 'doing other things' when he comes over. Everyone but Derek, because Derek thinks they are all crazy, Stiles gives THE BEST hugs, they're perfect.


whatever you do, do not think about baby!Stiles hiding his lil face in baby!Derek’s leg when he’s upset because Cora stole his wolf plushie…

DON’T think about baby!Stiles following Derek around like a lost duckling with his lil blanket on one arm with his thumb in his mouth and calling “Dewek!” around his thumb…

Don’t think about baby!Derek crying every time Auntie Claudia leaves the Hale house with Stiles, because even if Stiles is a smol baby he is Derek’s bestest friend…

But PLEASE do not think about baby!Sterek holding hands all the damn time because Derek knows it is safer to hold hands, he KNOWS it because his mama said so, Stiles is just happy to tug Derek around to show him all the things that makes his baby heart happy so he can share his baby heart happiness with his favorite person…

Im a fucking mess now i hope you’re happy.

I have to share this with Emma @pale-silver-comb because I know she’ll like these feels!!

My Little Man

Requested?: Yes @thejulietfarciertlove

Hi can I request mine its about me being a single young mom (17) and I keep it a secret from the pack and one day they find out and are shocked and hurt because I never told them but I explain it to them and I also add that stiles is the dad and he is shocked but happy happy ending thanks 😄😁😄😇

Stiles x Reader

So I made the reader 18 in this. I used Stiles’ real name for the kids name so if you don’t want spoilers (I’m sure everyone knows what his name is) then don’t read. Also, there’s like, one cuss word lol. Idk how to feel about this one but I did a decent job lol. So anyways, enjoy xx 

Leaving for school today seemed harder because Kyler didn’t want you to leave and you didn’t want to leave him either. You’d take him to school if you could, but the pack (especially Stiles) could not know about Kyler because you didn’t want them to think differently of you. You knew they were your friends and would most likely be understanding, but you didn’t want to risk it.

                It was exactly three months since you came back to Beacon Hills. Your family moved to Seattle two years ago for your father’s job as a surgeon. During the time in Seattle, you found out that you were pregnant with Stiles baby and you had no intention of telling him (mentally you slapped yourself for the bad idea.)

                Time went by and you had your baby at the hospital your father worked at. You were grateful when no one asked who the father was or questioned why you were pregnant at age 16. The labor went smooth and your mother was in the delivery room with you. The day when your water broke, you had a beautiful baby boy that same evening, you named him Kyler Mieczyslaw (Y/L/N). His middle name named after his father.

                Kyler was two when your family moved back to Beacon Hills and that was when you decided to keep him a secret. You kept your pregnancy off of social media and when you connected to the pack, you acted as normal as ever.

                You reached your locker and started pulling out the books for your morning classes when Scott came up to you, “Hey, (Y/N), pack meeting tonight at my house.” He turned his attention back to your locker door and saw a photo of Kyler. Scott did not know who Kyler was, “Who is that?” He asked, pointing at the photo.

                You quickly came up with a lie, “That’s my little brother.” You zipped up your bag and slung it over your shoulder.

                “Oh,” He said, his eyebrows furrowed and he slowly nodded while Stiles was the next one to pop up.

                “Hey, babe.” He said, giving you a quick peck on your cheek and leaned against the locker next to yours. “How goes it?”

                “Hey, did you know (Y/N) has a little brother?” Scott asked Stiles before you could reply.

                Stiles’ eyebrows furrowed and he looked at the photo Scott was pointing at in your locker. You mentally kicked yourself and should’ve put that photo somewhere else. “You have a little brother? Why did you tell me?”

                “I thought I did,” You mumbled and shut your locker door, “I have to get to chemistry. Bye, babe.” You gave Stiles a peck on the lips and bid a goodbye to Scott, telling him you would be at his house for the meeting.



                After your last class of the day, you couldn’t wait to get home and cuddle with Kyler. Some days at school were easier than others. You were on your way out when you heard a voice behind you yell your name.

                You turned around and spotted Lydia speed walking to you in her heels. She finally caught up to you and both of you began to walk again, “You need a ride to Scott’s tonight?”


                You completely forgot about the pack meeting, you told yourself that you really had to be there but you also really wanted to spend time with your son. “I need to go home and change first,” You lied to give yourself some time with Kyler before you had to go to the pack meeting.

                “I can give you a ride,” You heard Stiles say as you looked to your left, he had caught up to you and Lydia.

                You were in the middle of denying them up they both insisted to come to your house. Lydia was almost ready to give up when Stiles mentioned that you had a little brother and they just had to meet him. Again, you mentally kicked yourself with the picture of Kyler in your locker.

                So, long story short, the whole pack ended up at your house to meet Kyler.

                You opened the door and your mom had been playing with Kyler when you walked in. He happily ran to you and you picked him up, feeling the same excitement as him.

                “Mama.” He said excitedly.

                Stiles stopped, “Did he just call you mom?”

                Your eyes got big and you looked to your mom as a silent cry for help. She knew that you didn’t want to tell the pack that you had a son, but she felt like you shouldn’t keep secrets from them either.

                Your mom got up and took Kyler from you, “He calls everyone that, even his dad!” She chuckled and started heading towards the kitchen with him until Kyler spoke up again,


                “(Y/N)?” Stiles asked, his hand on your arm. “Why is he calling you mom?”

                “My mom just said he calls everyone that…” You said, getting nervous that they’re starting to catch onto something.

                Scott shook his head, “Don’t lie, please? I can hear your heartbeat and it’s fast.”

                You took a deep breath and told the pack to sit down. Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira, and Liam all took a seat on the couch.

                “When we moved to Seattle, I found out I was pregnant…” You looked at Stiles, “With Stiles’ baby.” You waited for a reaction and when you weren’t going to get one, you continued. “I had him in Seattle and-“

                “Why didn’t you tell us?!” Stiles asked, shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me?!”


                “I have a kid and you didn’t tell me? My dad is going to kill me-“

                Before he could go on, Kira interrupted him. “Let her finish!”

                You nodded a thanks to Kira and continued your story of how you had him in the hospital and that you wanted to tell the pack about your baby but couldn’t bring yourself to do it. “I know I should’ve told Stiles but I was scared… I don’t know of what but I was scared.”

                The pack all got quiet, they were hurt that you didn’t tell them in the first place. No one was mad at you, just hurt. The silence loomed in the room for several minutes before Lydia asked if they could meet your son. Surprised, you nodded and got up to find him.

                While you were getting Kyler, Liam said, “So she was my age when she had him since he’s two now?”

                Scott replied, “Yeah, so you better not get pregnant.”

                “I physically can’t.”

                “Let’s keep it that way.”

                Before Liam could ask what was wrong with Scott, you appeared in the door way with Kyler, who was smiling at everyone.

                “Everyone,” You began, “This is my baby, Kyler Mieczyslaw (Y/L/N).” You set him down to let him meet the pack. Lydia was the first one to scoop him up. Kira was next, then Liam, and then Scott. The last one to meet him was Stiles, who was a little cold at first, but once Kyler started baby talking to him, Stiles couldn’t say no and scooped him up.

                While he was holding him, Lydia made the comment how he looks just like Stiles and it melted his heart instantly. He didn’t know he had a dad side in him until Kyler looked at him like he just knew who Stiles was.  “Hi, little man.” He smiled.

                You smiled too, maybe you should’ve told Stiles sooner because you knew that he would be a great dad to Kyler.


“You see, death doesn’t happen to you. It happens to everyone around you, okay? To all the people left standing at your funeral, trying to figure out how they’re gonna live the rest of their lives now without you in it.”

A Crystal in the Depths


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‘…in a single day of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea.’

– Plato, 360 B.C.              

The sea was calm and still, the scintillating azure stretched across the horizon like a sheet of rippling fabric. The sloshing water gently caressed the gleaming sand of the beach and lapped at the rocky cliffs, thick bricks of sea-side buildings, and the wooden planks that held the piers upright. Thin streams and rivulets wove through the lush emerald fields like thin ribbons, all drawn into a central point further inland. Gulls soared overhead, their wings beating every so often to keep them in the air as they glided through streams of air.

There was no sign of danger, no precursor to the tragedy that was to follow.

A piercing light split the horizon, a loud boom shattering the air as the silhouettes of a fleet of ships broke flew into view.

The engines hummed and revved as they tried to outrun the unseen imminent danger.

The tide pulled back and the horizon began to ripple and rise.  The tidal wave rose, creeping up on the fleeing ships like a predator stalking its prey and drawing closer and closer by the second.

“You fool!” one pilot shouted to another. “You’ve destroyed us all!”

“The wave is gaining!” another pilot howled, drawing their attention back to the imminent threat that was catching up to them. “We have to warn Atlantis!”

“We’re too late,” his co-pilot muttered, glancing back one last time as the wave caught them and tore their ships from the sky.

Their cries were muffled and suffocated as they were pulled beneath the foaming water.

A few pilots escaped the wave, their aerodynamic ships gliding through the air and cutting paths through the rocky paths and pastural fields. They flew past one of the guard towers on the outskirts of the city, shouting to the man who patrolled it. But their words went unheard.

The guard’s attention was drawn to the dark shadow that crept over the land as the wave dragged itself forward. He grabbed the horn of the announcement system and began to shout, “Everyone to the shelters. Everyone to the shelters.”

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Braided - S.S

Stiles squirmed between your legs as you chuckled. His shoulders lifted so that they were level with his ears and he let out a whine.

“ Stiles, hold still. ” Your fingers tangled in his hair as you crossed the three pieces over one another, adding a new section every time you did so.

“ It hurts, Y/N. I don’t know how you do this all the time. ” His hand flew up to where you were tugging, which was at the top of his head.

“ Beauty is pain, my love. ” You wrapped your legs around his torso as his hands pinched your skin.

“ I cannot believe I agreed to this. It hurts so bad. ”

“ Oh, come on. If you want it to stay then I have to pull at least a little bit. It’s just gonna fall right out if I don’t. ”

He huffed, replying with ’ fine ’ before stiffening his back and letting you continue. The process carried on for no longer than thirty seconds before he was wincing in pain.

“ Stiles, stop. ”

“ I can’t help it. It feels like- ouch, Y/N! ”

You rolled your eyes, sighing as you finally got to the base of his head, where you ran out of hair to add in and could braid normally.

“ Hand me an elastic, please. ” He reached for the clear tie, passing it over to you as he sighed in relief.

Within a few seconds after you wrapped the hair tie, he was looking into his front camera, examining his new hair-do.

“ Can you take a picture of it? ”

You snapped a photo of his brown hair, which was now separated into two french braids.

“ Stiles, it looks so cute. You should let me braid your hair more often. ”

He slightly jumped between your legs as someone entered the home without knocking. The two of you knew it wasn’t his father, being that he was working late and wouldn’t be home for several hours.

“ Scott, Derek, you scared me half to death. ”

Scott bursted into laughter as Derek stared at Stiles, confusion written all over his face.

“ You braided his hair? ” Derek asked, crossing his arms and looking at you like you were the stupidest person on the Earth.

“ Mhm, I did. ” You ran you fingers down the braids and admired the simple work.

“ You look like a seven year old girl. ” This time, his attention was on your boyfriend as he teased him about his braids.

“ Does not, I think he looks adorable. I’ll have you know that I worked very hard on his beautiful hair and I don’t appreciate you making fun of him. He’s cute, and that’s that. ” You looked straight into Derek’s eyes, joking around with him as you placed a kiss on Stiles’ cheek.

“ Whatever you say, mama bear. ” His hands flew up in defense as he threw himself onto the couch.

“ So what did you really come here for? I’m sure it wasn’t to make fun of my braids, which by the way are awesome. ” Stiles took a seat on the same couch, you following close behind.

“ Just to hang out, we were bored and as of right now, there’s nothing for us to worry about. ” Your eyes diverted towards Scott, who had finally decided to stop laughing and talk.

Stiles’ hand ran up and down your arm as he placed a kiss to your head, smiling down at you as he listened to Scott and Derek’s conversation.

Even if he did look goofy to his friends, you thought that it was adorable and loved him no matter what.

Sterek Week 2016 Day One: Scene Stealer.

Hi everyone! Today is the first day of Sterek week and I’m super excited! Today’s theme is Scene Stealer, and I decided to write a Pete’s Dragon AU. 

Stiles’ Wolf [2,432 | 1/1] 

Warnings: Major Character Death (not Derek or Stiles) | Age difference | Pre-relationship | Mentioned Kate Argent

Stiles watched with wide excited eyes as the trees flew by. They were so tall and there was so many, he imagined what kind of animals lived in there. Deer, squirrels, bunnies, and maybe even foxes! Stiles loved foxes, they were his favoritist animal in the whole world. 

“Mama?” He asked excitedly, “Where are we going?”

 Stiles’ mom turned in her seat grinning brightly, “We’re going on adventure!” Her amber eyes twinkled with mirth as she answered. Stiles’ daddy grinned at their antics.

“I love adventures!”

 “I know you do my brave boy, and when we get to our new home we’re going to go on tons of adventures!” Stiles’ mom smiled brightly, her eyes lighting up as she laughed. His mama was the prettiest, and Stiles loved when she laughed. Stiles’ daddy said he had mama’s eyes, and daddy always said that mama had Bambi eyes. That meant Stiles had Bambi eyes, too. 

“Can I come on these adventures?” Stiles’ daddy asked seriously, glancing at Stiles in the rearview mirror. 

“What do you think, Stiles?” Stiles mama asked conspiratorially, “Should we let him come with us?”

Stiles nodded clutching his wolf plushie, “Daddy can come too!” Stiles said nodding seriously.

“Hmm, okay, I suppose,” she answered shooting a wink at her husband.

 “Well thank you, Stiles,” his dad said huffing out a laugh.

 Stiles looked out of the window again watching as the sky began to change colors. His mama said that was called sunset, and his mama was the smartest. Mama loves sunsets, she says they’re her favorite because she met daddy at sunset.

 “John look out!” His mama shouted before his daddy swerved.

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Teen Wolf AU: Chris Argent corners Stiles, in an attempt to intimidate him. The reaction he gets, though, is very, very different.

Idea and gifs taken from here (x). I just did the writing. I also changed a couple of things of the show, I hope you don’t mind. Oh and sorry that Argent is the bad guy here. 
If you want to request an imagine or a one shot go  ahead and leave your request in my ask box! x

Argent cornered Stiles between him and the hard, cold concrete wall of the hospital.
Boyd, the youngest member (14 years old) of Stiles and Derek’s pack, got hurt very badly in a fight against another alpha and had ended up in the hospital. Normally he would’ve been at Deaton’s, but when he had been laying unconscious on the floor a police officer found him before Derek could. So Stiles and Derek had been trying to get Boyd as inconspicuous as possible out of the hospital, when suddenly Derek’s phone rang. Scott had called his alpha because Erica and Isaac had gotten into a fight and he needed Derek’s help to separate and calm them down. 
So now Stiles was alone, in the third floor of the hospital, with Chris Argent pressing him against the wall and threatening him.
“What is your problem now, Argent?” Stiles sighed, trying not to show his slight nervousness. He might be the mama of the pack, but he was still no werewolf and wasn’t really the strongest (Derek wanted to wait until the next full moon, so Stiles’ days as a human were almost over), so he was still a little bit afraid of people who were stronger than him and wanted to hurt him. And a angry Chris Argent didn’t really look like a man who wanted to have a small chit chat.
“I don’t like the fact that you and Derek started playing family. We know that werewolves get stronger than normal when they have a pack. I’m getting sick of seeing you and your family acting all innocent over all these years.” His grip on Stiles’ collar loosened a little bit, but not enough for Stiles to escape.
“We’ve told you hundred of times that all we wanted was a family. No war, just a family and there is no rule that says that we can’t start one. We might have a pact with you hunters, but it said nowhere that we can’t start our own pack.” Stiles shot back with a smug feeling. He knew the rules, knew that the werewolves or anyone from their pack aren’t allowed near a hunters living. He knew that Argent would say something against Stiles and Derek adopting abandoned werewolves, so he read the whole contract to make sure there was nothing they would do to break the rules.
Argent squinted his eyes and let out a small growl. “If you and your pack won’t leave the town in let’s say two weeks, I’m gonna hunt everyone of your pack down and rip them apart with my own hands. Think about it.” Chris let go of Stiles with a dark smile and turned around, thinking he won this battle. But oh how wrong he was. Stiles’ breathing got heavier and his face started to burn from the heat of anger that was boiling up. He balled his fists together and cracked his knuckles.
“What did you just say?” Argent turned around, the small smile still on his lips. Stiles walked up to him, slowly and in a threatening way. 
“Did you… Did you really just threaten me? My pack? Are you really so stupid to actually threaten me about my kids? Ever heard of ‘never threaten a mama with her children’?” Stiles let out a humorless chuckle and flexed his jaw as Argent’s smile disappeared. Stiles might’ve just called himself a mother, but he didn’t care about it at all right now.
“What are you gonna do now?” Argent asked. “Attack me? Kill me? Go ahead!” He laughed and met Stiles halfway. He pushed Stiles again against the wall and laughed as Stiles grit his teeth and tried to get free. He hated being so physically weak, and he knew he most probably wouldn’t have the slightest chance against Argent in a fight, but he had no intentions of just giving up.
“They are my babies. Their pain, is my pain. Their happiness, is my happiness. And you can hurt them,” Stiles leaned in, very close to Chris’ face, who seemed surprised and even a little bit impressed because of Stiles reaction.
“I dare you to try to hurt them, because Derek and I will always protect our pack.”
Argent was surprised, because that was not at all what he was expecting to hear. he thought Stiles would cave in, be afraid, but it didn’t work. He didn’t want to let Stiles see that he was slightly impressed and shocked, so he played it over with a loud laugh.
“You’re Stiles. Skinny, defenseless Stiles. You might be engaged to an alpha, but you’re still human. Still fragile. You, Stiles,” Argent shook his head. “You can’t even hurt a fly.” And that was it for Stiles. He had no other ideas to win this, had no moves left, he lost. Or so he thought.
“You’re right, he can’t,” Argent turned around and Stiles looked over Chris’ shoulder, only to see Derek standing there in all of his glory and a small smirk on his lips. “He can’t, but I can.” And with that, Derek grabbed Chris off Stiles and held him up in the air, growling at Argent to not mess with his fiance or pack anymore, and threw him against the other side of the hospital wall. Argent didn’t move but Derek knew he was unconscious, because he still heard his heart beating. He turned around to see his fiance sitting on the floor, panting lightly because of Chris’ hard and strong grip.
Derek walked over to Stiles and helped him up. “It was about time you got here.” Stiles complained and brushed the dust off his pants. Derek rolled his eyes and reached out to grab Stiles’ waist, to bring them together. “Erica and Isaac fought over some stupid new video game. Scott almost started crying because he couldn’t get them to shut up.”
Stiles laughed into Derek’s neck and pulled away. “Sometimes I really wonder if they’re actually 16 or just look like 16 and are actually six in their head." 
Derek smiled at Stiles and stroked his fiance’s cheek. "You do know that Argent is wrong, right? You’re not weak. You’re strong and loyal and you’re stronger than anyone of us when it comes to your mental strength.” Stiles shrugged. “I know, but it would be cool to finally have physical strength too, you know?” Derek nodded and told him to be patient, the next full moon would be coming soon.
“Well we better get Boyd out of here until Argent wakes up, or someone from the hospital staff comes and sees us kidnapping our son with Argent laying unconscious on the floor.” Stiles suggested and Derek agreed, opening the door to Boyd’s room to throw him over his shoulder and bring him home.

Home, where they ate dinner all together that night and enjoyed each other’s presence. 


“But what if it just gets worse?
What if it’s agony now… and it’s just hell later on?”

Bareback Mountain [Excerpt]

This is Stiles’ dreamscene in my long fic Bareback Mountain, which if everything goes to plan I’ll have done by the new year! I’m at 20k words right now and I’m not even halfway done! I did want to give you guys something to savor until then. Other excerpts can be found on my blog under the “sterek fics” tab. 

Backstory to Bareback Mountain: Derek leaves with Cora after the Alpha Pack, unable to handle the stress of Beacon Hills anymore. Stiles takes a gap year from college to get away. Somehow both Stiles and Derek find each other in a tiny town in Colorado where Derek is building a house. They heal together.

Warning: mild gore, nightmare

…“Promise to be gentle with her?”

Stiles looked up to his father, nodding with his chest puffed out, “I promise Dad! I’ll be like super gentle, like always.”

His dad’s hand reached out and ruffled his floppy hair with an “I know you will kiddo” before turning to open the hospital door. Stiles followed his father into the white room, the smell of icky chemicals hitting his nose, and the sound of the heart machine going ‘beep-beep-beep’. By now Stiles was used to it and knew that this wasn’t about him, this was about Mom and their time together. Passing the curtain she sat on the bed, her legs crossed and covered with brightly colored mismatched socks.

Those were her favorite.

“Hi Mama!” Stiles smiled, his tongue poking out from where his two front teeth were missing. 

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People living with frontotemporal dementia, are unaware that they have even changed. But for loved ones, sometimes it’s like living with a stranger. What it steals are the things we value most as human beings. The desire to tell our family we love them, the ability to control our behavior, the very essence of who we are—our personality.

Head Canon:

Stiles’ mother was probably much like he was before she got ill. He’d make jokes and she’d always laugh at them. When his dad was skeptical about something Stiles said he’d go to his mom and she’d tell him that she believed him but not to be mad at his dad. Stiles’ mother used to hug him and tell him how special he is and that she loved him and then one day she stopped doing those things. she started to become a person he didn’t know anymore. She didn’t get his jokes anymore. she didn’t hug him anymore. she couldn’t remember who she used to be. She had strange thoughts and started to believe the people closest to her were out to get her. Claudia Stilinski was the victim of a disease that robs her of everything she used to be and then claims her life too. Sometimes life is just a tragedy.

Let You Go

Authors Note: WALOOO GUYSSS send in more requests P.S look out for my fake texts coming soooonnn hope you like them and this one shot x This is gonna be a flashback.

Listen to this while reading cause I made it while Listening.

Anonymous asked:Could you please write an imagine where the reader and Isaac are friends and they both have feelings for each other but neither will admit it. The reader is tired of waiting for Isaac and gets really close to Liam, Isaac tries to win her back over. You can decide how it ends x

Word Count: 1200 I’M BACK BABY

Warnings: Swearing 

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notenoughgatorade  asked:

done!! it's with my real name over there, silvia m. when you can i'd love to read more mermaid!AUs or kid!sterek AUs, you can do the setting you like best

thanks for the help, I hope you like this!


Talia’s in the kitchen when she hears a sharp yelp.  Dropping the sheet of cookies on the counter, she rushes out into the backyard.  “Derek?  Stiles?  What’s going on?”

“Nothing!” come the answer, a little too quick for Talia’s liking and she follows Derek’s voice until she finds them hiding behind a tree.  Stiles has a hand wrapped around his arm, and there’s blood seeping from between his fingers.

“Stiles, what happened?” she asks, kneeling down and gently prying Stiles’ fingers off so she can examine the wound.  “Are these… bite marks?”

“No,” Stiles says, shaking his head, his jaw set stubbornly.  “Got cut.”

“Uh huh.”  Talia shoots a look at Derek.  “Derek, is that true?”


“The truth, Derek.”

“He has to be pack, mama.”

Talia sighs, reaching down and gathering Stiles up, resting him on her hip.  “Come on,” she says, looking down and taking Derek’s hand.  “We’ll talk about this at home.”

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Teen Wolf Meta: Fanon vs Canon

((or, why calling them ‘adorable puppy’ and 'sassy uncle’ is a disservice to their characters))

As with any show, Teen Wolf has had its hiatuses, which have left the fandom with time to think.

Which is the worst thing for any fandom, really. Because, invariably, things get twisted around in one’s head (whether due to fan fiction or metas or just plain remembering incorrectly/forgetting things). No one’s fault. And I’m guilty of it myself.

But these tidbits of mis-information, though seemingly small, can lead to large character misunderstanding, and cries of OOC when the character doesn’t match up with Fanon’s view of them.

So here are the 2 characters I feel have taken the brunt of it:

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enablelove  asked:

You still taking titles? This is a cool meme! The One With the Chicken Pox!

The One With The Chicken Pox 

(kid!fic, part of a whole au I have in my head where the Hales & Stilinskis are long time friends and nothing terrible happens)


“But why aren’t we getting Stiles, mama?”  Derek scuffs his foot in the dirt outside the house and looks up at his mom with wide eyes.  ”Is he never coming to school again?”

"He’s sick, honey and it’s the kind of sick that could make other people sick, so he has to stay at home.”

Derek frowns and tugs on her sleeve until she bends down to listen.  ”He can’t get me sick,” he whispers, even though there’s no one around to hear him.  ”He knows he can’t get me sick.”

“Oh Derek.”  Talia smiles and brushes a hand over Derek’s hair before straightening up.  "I’ll call Claudia while you’re at school and find out if you can go and see him after school, okay?“

"An’ I can stay with him forever!”  Derek nods, clutching his coat with one hand.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because it’s Stiles, an’ me and Stiles are always gon’ be together.”

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