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Imagine Stiles goes blind.

It takes a while for the pack to adjust but they do, making sure to say things out loud instead of nodding or shaking their head, and making sure that Isaac stops Stiles before he walks into something that could hurt him instead of sitting back and watching on for a few laughs. They still occasionally slip up and ask him “Did you see that?” to which his only reply is to blankly stare at them.

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A lot of the time he makes the best of it, often teasing Derek about how he can just imagine him naked all day every day and he doesn’t have reality to break that illusion.

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Stiles adjusts to his new way of living, learning how to memorise things in his house and walk about them and when he needs to read something, Derek reads it to him (stories, case files, the latest supernatural research, everything).

On their wedding day, Derek forgets his tie and has to run to Scott’s to get it (Because Scott was in charge of the suits and Cora was too busy trying to get into her dress to make the run for him). When he gets there, Scott tells him to wait in the door while he runs to get the tie. Stiles hears him and shouts hello. Derek tells him “It’s bad luck to see the groom before the wedding.” To which Stiles teasingly replies, “Then it’s a good thing I can’t see you.”

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During their wedding, Stiles and Derek wrote their own vows about how they don’t need to look at one another in the morning to know that they’re waking up to each other, they don’t have to see one another to know that the other is there for them and they don’t have to share loving gazes at the alter to know they are standing before the man they love.

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When Stiles and Derek adopt a baby, Stiles is terrified and heart broken. He’s scared that because he can’t see he won’t be able to care for the baby but he does his best. And he’s heartbroken because he never gets to see their child. Except for one day, when Scott heals his sight just long enough that he can see the smiling face of their baby and then look up at Derek’s loving gaze. The vision doesn’t last long, but that’s perfectly okay because now he can hold onto that image forever.

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No Matter What

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

 Pairing: Stiles x Reader


 A/N: I’m actually kind of proud of this 🙈 Let me know what you think! 

A huge thank you, to my favorite co-pilot Em @fillthevoid-stilinski, for editing again 💖 

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so i just discovered your fic list and oh gawd u don't know how happy i am with this discovery. thank u for this. anyway i just finished reading ur alternate meets canon fic and. i want to roll and jump and. oh my gawd i really wanna know what happened next?? do u have some other headcanons/ideas for this? is it ok with u to divulge them? no pressure if u don't want to though! just really wanted to thank u for it! i adore alternates meeting with canons so it was really a joy to read. thank u!


Oh anon, thank you <3 I loved the idea for that fic, had plans for it floating in my head for months before the ask got me to write it down. It was going to be this huge epic, like 100k words probably, switching between Derek and alt!Stiles in the canon universe and Stiles trying to make sense of the warped landscape of the alternate world he’d been thrown into. 

Derek’s just standing there in his bedroom doorway, looking softer than Stiles has ever seen him: his hair loose and ungelled, hanging over his forehead.

“Hey Derek,” he says, trying to blink his way back from the visual. “You look…”

“What?” He seems totally lost on what’s making Stiles stare, and after a few seconds Stiles decides not to even try explaining it. You look nice keeps running through his head, but that’s not close enough. It’s not that Derek never looks nice. (Hell, Derek always looks nice, but that’s a whole other issue.) He looks happy sometimes too, and that’s the only other word Stiles can pull up that edges close to accurate. You’re in my bedroom is the third, half-formed option, but that’s happened before too. It’s just something about the combination of those things right now, and the comfortable way he’s standing in the space  –– hands not in his pockets, shoulders not slumping in like he’s offended by the general pressure of someone else’s air –– that’s catching Stiles up. And there’s no way to fit any of that into words.

“You’ve got flour on your shirt,” he says instead, and Derek glances down with a soft laugh. Brushes the powder off so it wafts out in a soft cloud between them. The open smile he’s wearing when he looks up again is enough to make Stiles heart tug with how devastatingly dreamlike this all is.

“I was making breakfast,” he answers, and Stiles blinks. Ok, yeah. So, definitely a dream.

I had an entire timeline listed out for the alternate universe –– how things had all gone differently, in a chain reaction starting with Laura surviving Peter’s attack (link to that scene, if you’re interested) and just cascading outward, through the fracturing of Scott and Stiles’ friendship when a very human Scott was lured into the Argent side of the divide (via his interest in Allison and, ironically, concern for Stiles and the dangers of “vicious werewolves”) and Stiles sided with Laura and Derek. 

“Wait… I still got with Allison, even if I wasn’t…”

“You two are so together it’s disgusting, alright? Apparently she hit a dog with her car and you guys got to know each other at the animal clinic and right after that you two were like, destined. A week in I could see like… wedding bells and white picket fences going on in your head. It was obnoxious and I was thrilled for you, dude. And then all the hunter crap happened.”

How Laura being alive kept Derek from being quite as dark and broken as he was in the first few seasons, how she made the executive decision to bring the Sheriff in early to earn his trust and support against hunters and supernatural threats alike, and how the town more or less broke down into a cold war zone between the werewolf and hunter sides of the conflict.

The tragedy is that somewhere in all that planning and preparation my detailed notes and timeline completely vanished. I have no idea how. Pages of details and alt!character development and plot planning… and all I have left is a page or so of scenes and stray quote segments, and I just don’t remember enough about the details to make it the way it originally would have. I can tell you a few details, though, and maybe throw in a few of the excerpts too.

I know that it still took a long time for Stiles and Derek to come together. Stiles had sided with the werewolves mainly because Laura had come to the Sheriff (and the Sheriff, remembering the fire and the lost kids the Hales had been when he’d told them the news, and appreciating finally being handed answers to all the mysteries that don’t quite add up in this town, agreed to work with them at least to stop Peter… and then the bond just built from there), and because it had been the right thing to do. And Derek wasn’t shattered the way he was in canon season one maybe, but he was still Derek. Laura’s skeptical, snarky, and untrusting little brother, the cynic to her careful optimism. And Stiles is sarcastic and blunt and, in this version of reality, also hurt and bitter from losing his best friend to the enemy, so he wasn’t exactly super open to bonding with one of the reasons Scott wasn’t around anymore. (It was easier to forgive Laura, who was more sympathetic, but Derek’s general if he sided with hunters he’s not worth having around anyway attitude did not help relations early on.) Stiles and Derek butted heads and snarked constantly at first but their alliance against Peter and the hunters, various life-or-death situations, and Laura’s friendship with the Sheriff (especially when he took her on as a deputy), kept them close, and eventually they fell together just like they’re always going to.

Beacon Hills is a constant danger zone, though, because the hunter threat still hasn’t died. Scott reaches out to Stiles from time to time, earnestly believing every Argent lie that wolves are dangerous monsters and that Stiles is going to get himself killed for being with them. But he’s basically a hunter at this point, believes their philosophy because he’s been on the Argents’ side in every showdown, and honestly thinks Stiles and the Sheriff have been seduced by the Hales’ supernatural wiles (Kate has indoctrinated Scott and Allison with a very different version of her history with Derek) and he needs to do whatever he can to save his former best friend from them.

“Scott’s not a werewolf?”

“What?” Stiles starts to laugh, before his brows arch sharply. “Oh my god, you’re serious. No. No, Scott’s practically married in with the Argents; he’d probably kill himself if he got the bite.” Bitterness floods his features; he fights and fails to smooth it away.

And Stiles is wounded and bitter and cuts off any attempt at contact from his old friend because they’ve both chosen their sides, there’s too much bad blood, and thinking about Scott as anything more than the enemy or the creep who’s allied with killers is too painful at this point.

Lydia’s also in with the Argents, from virtue of being Allison’s best friend and having been smart enough to catch on after a couple months that something decidedly supernatural was going on. She’s a very different Lydia, though, having never had her banshee powers awakened (she was never bitten by Alpha!Peter because… well, there was no Alpha!Peter) and is likely still more similar to her pre-Peter-possession self. I had a lot more details about all of the side characters and how they fit into the developing arc, but most of it’s sadly lost now.

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Hey there ! Do you know any good fic with teacher!Derek and student!Stiles ? (Or the opposite, I reaaaally don't mind haha) Thank you, you're making a great job with this blog :)

Hey, thank you so much!!!!

We just added a new tag in our tag navigation dedicated to you. You can check our Teacher/Student AU tag now for some fics to read!

However, have some other ones (I’m a big teacher/student fan so I’m here to fulfill your needs -C)!


Intro To Art For Non Majors by otatop

Derek has one more class to pass before he can finish his degree but he can’t bring himself to give a shit about art. He can, however, give a shit about his professor.

Paper Airplanes by RemainNameless

The road to unfortunate, accidental, and possibly career-destroying relationships is littered with good intentions, snark, bad timing, and not a few paper airplanes.

Quakin Aspen by popfly

College!AU where Stiles is a fine arts major who decides to take a sculpture class because the instructor, Professor Hale, is hot. He spends a lot of time sketching Derek instead of paying attention to the lecture parts of the class, but he still aces his final project.

i want to say all those things that would be better unsaid by aeneapsych

Derek is a lonely professor who decides to call a phone sex line.

Stiles is a poor grad student who needs to make a living somehow.

“One night stands were never this good. Hell, his previous relationships were never this good. Derek was so screwed, but right now he didn’t care.”

Circle Yes or No by blacktofade

Stiles is a TA for Professor Morrell’s class, where Derek happens to be a mature student.

Put Down in Words by paintedrecs

“Oh,” Stiles said, his voice coming out low and breathy, “fuck me.”

“I don’t think that’s on the syllabus, but we can check to see if there’s a spot open in any of his classes,” Scott said, grinning.

“This isn’t an actual professor, though,” Stiles insisted, unable to resist brushing his thumb over the sharp line of the man’s bearded jaw. He was laughing at something off-camera, the shot taken in three-quarters view, his coat collar casually rumpled and opened to reveal a sliver of a simple grey t-shirt. The whole thing was deliberately calculated to lend him a more accessible feel, and god help him, Stiles was falling for it.


When Stiles signed up for Dr. Hale’s intro to history class, he had two goals: knock out the credits his advisor was bugging him to complete before he graduated, and spend a few hours a week daydreaming about his sexy professor’s salt and pepper beard.

Derek, a few months away from turning forty and not sure when his life had started feeling so damn lonely, had never encountered someone like Stiles before. Bright-eyed, sharp-tongued, determined to throw Derek’s carefully cultivated world into disarray…and absolutely the last person Derek should be falling in love with.

Teen Wolf Imagine- Stay Single


“I’ve broke up with him, for good” you sighed, flopping onto Scott’s couch. “You said that last time” Lydia shook her head, staring at her manicured nails. “But this time I mean it” you sounded convincing. “Keep it that way, boys are nothing but trouble” Stiles claimed, looking up from one of Scott’s Mom’s magazines. “You’re doing it again” you retort. “How many times do I have to say, I’m not the pack mom” Stiles grumbled. You pulled the magazine from out of his hand and stood up. “I am officially single” you beamed. “Stay single this time” Scott breathed, remembering the countless times this has happened. “I assure you, I will” you told.

“When I said I would join you, I didn’t think you literally meant we were going ‘household’ shopping” you whined, slamming the jeep door shut. “Y/n, the old pillows don’t match Scott’s Mom’s new curtains” Stiles shook his head.  “I’m not even going to say it” you held your hands up and joined to walk beside Malia. After about an hour of searching the furniture shop, and watching Scott and Stiles compare the shades of pillows to an image of the curtains, it was safe to say you had enough. “ Malia don’t drink that” you told, after walking past the isle of her contemplating drinking the water out of a flower vase. You wondered around, running your hands along the contents of the store aimlessly, when you saw the most attractive guy in the world. You came to a halt, fixed your hair and picked up a pile of closest thing near you, before strutting towards him. “Excuse me” you said sweetly. He turned to you and smiled. “Would you be able to help me carry these- rugs. The pile of rugs I am currently holding” you said, realising how weird it would have looked mid sentence. “Sure” he claimed, taking them from you. “No that’s too purple, we’re looking for more of a lilac- for god sake” Scott interrupted himself. “Has Malia put an employee in a plant pot again?” Stiles huffed. “Do you work out or something?“ you asked, ignoring the sheer look of agony on the guys face as he struggled to hold the rugs any longer. "A little- hey can I get your number?” he asked. "Shut him up" Stiles whispered. Before you could respond you were being dragged away by the two. “Sorry” you called over to the guy, standing with four rugs in his hands. “Let’s go” Scott sounded like an exhausted father, as he then also grabbed Malia- who was about to put the annoying employee from last time into another plant pot. “Never again” Scott and Stiles said to one another. “Id rather go grocery shopping with Liam and Lydia anyway” you claimed.

“Thanks for letting me come with you” you beamed again. “Anytime” Liam returned. “We forgot the beans” Lydia sighed, as you arrived at the car, with all of the bags. “I’ll go and get them, I’ll be two seconds” you didn’t sound very convincing. “Go and get her” Lydia said out of routine and being stood waiting for over fifteen minutes. Liam let out a sigh, before entering the store you were in. He looked around a few of the isles, before he saw you. “Thanks again” you smiled at one of the employees. Liam didn’t ask any questions, before throwing you over his shoulder and starting to march you out of there. The poor guy looked confused, you simply rolled your eyes from behind Liam’s back, to show that you weren’t being kidnapped or anything, just greatly annoyed. He put you on the ground outside and you huffed, flattening out your now creased top. “What the hell was that about?” you whined at the pair of them. “Sorry, Scott’s orders” Lydia shrugged. “I asked him to pass me a tin of beans- that I am yet to pay for might I add!” you complained, waving it in their faces. They both looked awkward for a second, after clearly misjudging the situation. The employee and a security guard then walked out and joined you all. “Don’t worry, it’s just my friends being total idiots” you diffused, not turning to look at them. “That’s her, she hasn’t paid for it” the employee told. “Miss, you’re going to have to come with me” the security guard spoke, gently grabbing your arm. “No, it’s a total misunderstanding, I’ll pay for the beans” you shook your head at the stupid situation. “Miss, I’ll ask you again nicely” he said, opening the store door. You looked at Lydia and Liam and saw them trying to hide their amusement. You flipped them off from behind your shoulder, as you and your beans were escorted back inside the store.

“Banned for life” you simply announced, walking into Scott’s house with Liam and Lydia trailing behind, rather pleased with themselves. All of your fellow pack members sat and stared at you. “For stealing a tin of beans?” Stiles asked in amusement, clearly they had already been informed. “I didn’t steal the fucking beans!” you retort, after spending the best part of your day arguing with security. All of your friends then proceeded to crack up laughing, while you stood there like a complete idiot. You had stop yourself from laughing along with them, your pride would not allow it. “Look I’m sorry Y/n” Liam apologised, half sincere. You stared at him blankly for a second, before smiling and pulling him into a hug. “I hate all of you guys, you know that right?” you let out a small laugh. “We love you too” Stiles spoke with a false sweet smile. “Thanks mom” you mumbled quiet enough, so only the werewolves heard- causing them to snigger. “She’s doing it again Scott, she’s talking about me in wolf” Stiles sounded like a child. You rolled your eyes as you phone buzzed. “It’s my ‘ex’ boyfriend, he wants to make up” you read. “NO!” Shouted everyone at once. Words couldn’t describe how much you loved their overprotective, annoying selves. You wouldn’t change them for the world.

Sorry I’ve been so inactive, but in 26 days my exams are over and I will be all yours, thank you for being so patient. Requests are closed x

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Do you know if a "Swan Princess" AU exists? King John and Queen Talia are eagerly trying to marry their boys off, and Stiles and Derek hate it until they don't?

There are indeed!  (I love the cartoon movie lol)  -Emmy

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The Wolf Prince by orphan_account 

(5,541 I Teen I WIP) 

Long before they met, Derek and Genim were destined to be wedded. However, anyone could see the only point on which they didn’t disagree was that the very thought of summertime was dreaded.

This Isn’t My Idea of Fun by ohanotherday 

(16,712 I Not Rated I Complete)   *implied non-con

Swan Princess AU: Once upon a time there was a king named William who ruled a large and mighty kingdom, but he was very sad because he was growing old and had no child to inherit the throne. Then, happily, a son was born. A prince. And he was given the named Genim. Kings and queens came from all over the land. Among them was Queen Uberta and her young son Prince Derek.

A Wolf’s Ribbon by Dexterous_Sinistrous

(36,091 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek had been coached on how to approach the child heir apparent while hundreds of eyes watched him. He kept his eyes focused on the cradle, leaning over the edge as best he could to see the baby everyone had been talking about.

Stiles smiled when he saw Derek, kicking his legs out as he reached a hand up for him. He cooed at Derek, his fingers grabbing at the older boy in an attempt to touch him, all to no avail. He gurgled out a laugh when Derek reached a hand down into the cradle, snatching hold of his fingers as best he could.

Derek offered a small smile in response, allowing Stiles to playfully tug on his hand.

The two children made an adorable sight before the Court and their parents. That was the moment Queen Talia and King John decided to arrange their marriage. Every second was planned out without the voiced concern of the children.

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Prompts #43 #98 you get hurt but you don't die. Can this be with Stiles :)

Stiles Stilinski - “I feel like I can’t breathe”

“(Y/N)?” Stiles squeezed your hand. He squeezed your hand over and over and he kept on praying to whatever God wanted to listen that you would open your eyes, that you would say something, that you would squeeze back, that you would survive. He wouldn’t forgive himself if you wouldn’t survive. He wouldn’t forgive himself if you would die. “(Y/N)?” His voice was barely a whisper and he sat down on the edge of the bed. “Please?” He pressed a soft kiss on your forehead. “Please, wake up…”

Stiles still didn’t know what had happened. He had thought that you were at home, that you were safe, that you were asleep or reading a book you couldn’t put away. He had not expected you to call in the middle of the night that something had happened in the woods, that you needed help. He had also never been this afraid in his entire life.

Somehow you getting hurt was different from him being in danger. Somehow you lying here in the hospital with your eyes closed was different from him taking all those risks day in day out. Somehow not knowing whether you would wake up was worse than facing all those monsters and bad guys himself.

“Stiles…” You opened your eyes and a soft moan escaped your lips.

“Don’t move…” Stiles spoke softly and he pressed the back of his hand to your cheek. “Don’t move, okay?” He held his breath while he stared at you, at your open eyes, at the pain, visible on your face. “How are you feeling?” He had a thousand other questions he didn’t know the answer to, but somehow it felt weird to ask them without asking this one first.

I feel like I can’t breathe…” Your voice was soft and breakable and a tear rolled down your cheek, even though you probably didn’t even know why you were crying in the first place. “It’s like…” You tried to inhale and a few more tears escaped your eyes. “It’s like something is standing on my chest.”

Stiles kept his eyes locked with yours for a short moment and then he stood up. He didn’t want to leave you alone. He hated having to walk away from you, but he also knew that whatever had happened to you was not something he could tell a normal doctor. “I will find Melissa for you. She’ll help you. She’ll make it go away, I swear.” He waited until you nodded and then he left the room. “She’s awake! Melissa!” He rushed towards the counter and Scott’s mother looked up from her paper work.

“Thank God…” She let out a deep sigh and pushed herself up. “Do you already know what happened?” She cocked her head a little, but Stiles shook his. “We’ll find out and then you and Scott can do something about it.”

Stiles took a deep breath and he followed Melissa back to your room. He stood still in the doorpost and he took a deep breath while he watched Melissa asking you all those medical questions and checking your vital organs.

“What were you doing in the woods in the middle of the night, (Y/N)?” Her voice sounded soft and friendly and you curled your lips up into a smile.

The store ran out of easter eggs.” You swallowed and then another moan escaped your lips, while Melissa frowned her eyebrows and looked over her shoulders to look at Stiles.

“What? Is it bad? Is something wrong? Is (Y/N) going to die?” Stiles widened his eyes, but Melissa smiled a calming smile and shook her head.

“No, but I do think (Y/N) might have a concussion.”

Fandom Poem

OTP is such a strange phrase

It gives you feels at every possible case.

You will cry and laugh and scream

And ships will even appear in your dream.

Gays are slowly taking control

And you don’t care at all.

You light up candles for fallen gays

And wonder if your life will ever be okay.

You swear to never watch any TV show again

But at the end you do, because… well - gay.

And you are as happy as you never thought you would

While watching Sanvers propose like all ships should.

Tension between Kara and Lena is killing you

So you may re-watch Wayhaught scenes, because they are les too.

You are listening as I scream, because my lovely Mickey is back

And you laugh when we create a Mick-fanfiction-crack.

I talk about Destiel, that they are meant to be

And how Stiles should tell Derek that he is bi.

We both complain at Oli for breaking Connor’s heart

And hug our gay babies, while waiting for better part.

There are good and bad moments in the fandom

But none of our feeling are random.

You’ve seen Britana wedding so many times

And your eyes get wet when Clarke whispers and cries.

And I know that your heart will never move on

At least not untill you visit Clexa-Con.

Just remember in every depression that fandom will be there

To make you feel better after death of ones you use to care.

We are in this together,  we cry and laugh and scream

Even though fandom life may seem like a weird dream.

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Is there a fic out there were Derek and Stiles are dating and stiles thinks that he was Derek's first gay experience and finds out otherwise? Angst with a happy ending.

ooooooooh….I really wish I found more of these!!  Love the concept.  It’s not really something “tagged” so it’s hard to search for, and the 2 we came up with were by the same person, lol.  Readers, if you know any fics where Stiles mistakenly thinks he was Derek’s first dude, comment below and let us know!  -Emmy 

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No Homo by RemainNameless 

(84,064 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles’ sophomore year starts something like this:
3 FourLokos
+ 1 peer-pressuring cat
- 1 best bro to end all best bros
= 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads “str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic”.
Derek is the fool who replies.

Starts with F Ends with U (Series) by RemainNameless 

(115,390 I Explicit I Complete)

An alternate (but compliant) canon wherein Rafael McCall and Stiles hook up pre-werewolf shenanigans. When McCall comes back to Beacon Hills, it quickly spirals out of Stiles’ control. Derek becomes his sole confidant, his anchor, and maybe something more.


Tom Holland:

-having to leave earth because of a deadly radiation, only one of you can take the last suit (in the midst of writing). *In My Drafts*

-Famous in love; Tom and reader have been together for 2 years, but he breaks it off because his career is starting to develop more, unbeknownst that the reader is pregnant with his child.

-Accused of murder; reader witnesses the murder of her father and older brother at a very young age, although everyone thinks she is at fault, so her mother decides to lock her away. Only to be released years later and stumbles across a much older Tom.

-Reader is apart of this “perfect utopian society”, but Tom shows her how real their utopian life really is.

Peter Parker:

-Peter ask reader to homecoming, yet a turn of events prevents them from having the best night ever.

Stiles Stilinski:

-Stiles is having a hard time controlling his shift, so he turns to his anchor for help, the reader not knowing she was his anchor.

Transformers: The Last Knight (Based on the trailer)

-Reader x Sister Izabella Imagine, they don’t want to leave behind Bumblebee.

Um these are just some of the ideas I had racking in my brain. Tell what you think. I’m in the middle of writing the first one, but I don’t know if I should write the rest. If you think I should let me know and I will get started right away. I have one more request I have to do, so let me know. :)