Hallucination (Liam Dunbar Imagine) - Requested

Request: can you write a Liam one shot where you have one of those hallucination/memory type things from 5x06 and he like gets you through it & lots of fluff bc fluffy liam is my fav

A/N: I had a hard time thinking about where the hallucination should be about, but I think it turned out pretty well. Enjoy reading! :)

Words: 930

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“Can you please stop poking me?” I said to my best friend as she was prodding my upper arm with her pen. “This class is boring as hell.” She murmured and placed her pen on the table.

She was right though. Biology wasn’t exactly the most exciting subject, neither was the teacher we had. My best friend and I always ended up doodling in our notebooks or on the table. This lesson wasn’t an exception. Our teacher kept rambling about all sorts of molecules, which was a topic from last year.

“What did you just draw in my book?” I asked and my best friend giggled. “That, my dear friend, is a butt.” I drew a figure under the butt, making her laugh a little harder. “No way, did Y/N just draw a turd?” Now we were both giggling, and our teacher turned around. “Y/N, is there something you need to tell us?” I could feel my cheeks turning scarlet out of embarrassment. “N- No.” God, I hated the fact that I always stutter when I get nervous. “You can come here, in front of the class, and tell us where you and your best friend were talking about.” Our teacher threw the piece of chalk on her desk and crossed her arms in front of her chest. I slowly stood up from my chair, my hands shaking as I pushed it against my table. My breathing fastened with every step.

I never liked standing in front of a classroom, being the center of attention wasn’t my thing. I always started panicking that I’d say something wrong and people were going to laugh at me. Sometimes I was thinking I was going to wolf out in front of everybody. Since the pack thought it was a good idea to read the book about the Dread Doctors, strange things had been happening to some of us. Scott and Lydia both had a hallucination this morning and we think it happened because we started reading that book.

I finally stood in front of everybody. My pulse increased dangerously fast. I tried to grab the desk, but my sight got blurry and I was losing my balance. “She’s having a panic attack!” I heard my best friend yell as she stood up from her chair as well and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. She dragged me towards the girls’ bathroom and lowered me to the ground. My breathing was uneven and my whole body started to shake. “Get…Liam…” I said to her before my sight got blurry.

I opened my eyes and saw that I was in my old house, back in New York. My breathing was still a bit irregular and my hands were still shaking, but I could walk, which was a good thing. I remember everything about this house, the fact that almost every wall was white for example. Screams were coming from our old kitchen and I knew what was going on. Mom and dad were having an argument. “Why can’t you do anything good?” My dad said as I was peeking around the corner. He had an empty bottle of beer in his hand and my mom had her body pressed against the fridge. “You’re drunk-” My mom tried to say, but my dad cut her off. “I’M NOT DRUNK!” He grabbed my mom by her throat and squeezed. Her head turned as red as a tomato. She pointed her finger at the door. And then I realized she was pointing at me. My dad’s head turned and let go of my mom’s throat. Her body sunk to the floor as she was gasping for air. “Go away, you little runt!” He yelled and rose his hand to hit me, but before his hand made contact with my body, my sight went black.

“Y/N! Y/N, it’s me. Don’t worry, it’s me.” My eyes shot open and I took a deep breath. My head was moving around like crazy, trying to figure out where I was. Two hands cupped my cheeks and made me look in someone’s eyes. The eyes I would always recognize.

The eyes of Liam Dunbar.

“It’s okay, you’re back.” His thumbs were caressing my cheeks. “Wh- What happened?” “You had a hallucination, just like Lydia and Scott.” The images of my hallucination were playing off in my head and I felt the tears pricking in the corners of my eyes. I wrapped my arms around my boyfriend’s neck and sobbed into his shirt. “Shh, I’m here.” Liam cooed while brushing his fingers up and down my spine. We stayed like this for a long time until I stopped crying. “Do you want something to drink?” I nodded after wiping the remaining tears off my cheeks. “Do you want to talk it?” Liam asked while pouring water into a plastic cup. I thanked him and took a sip.

“It was about my parents. My dad was drunk and he strangled my mom, just like when I was 10.” I said, my voice a little shaky. He sat down next to me, wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into his body. “You and your mother are safe here, he will never get to you. He’s under lock and key, and if he comes out of jail, we have a whole pack of werewolves waiting for him, including you.” I smiled and snaked my arm around his waist. Liam kissed the top of my head and squeezed my shoulder. “You’re going to be fine.” “As long as you’re with me Liam, I’m always fine.”


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Y/N: If you care about me at all…you’ll let me do this, Stiles…you’ll let me be happy…

Stiles: I…fine..I can’t control you, Y/N, but…I don’t like him…I don’t trust him. So don’t go thinking I do. 

Y/N: Okay…