I swear, Stiles and Chandler are like the same person, omg!  (Bonus points because Dylan loves Friends ^u^ But seriously, I love these two and that they are so damn alike :D)

They’re random and funny.

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They’re sassy and loud.

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Like, really. A lot.

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Incredibly sarcastic.

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They’re fidgety and spastic.

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They get annoyed so similarly

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Seriously, they’re the same person when they get annoyed

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They’re sometimes childish and immature

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They’re clumsy and restless.

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And they can be so sweet too, they’re pretty much cuties.

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Besides, Chandler and Joey kind of remind me of Stiles and Scott’s friendship too.

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BROTPs, dude!

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check out my new stydia showing their story from 1x01 to season 6 :)

Title: A Touch of Color Pt. 5
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Trigger Warning: None
Plot:  In a modern world like this, finding your soulmate was nearly impossible. There were only few people who had the potential to ever meet their soulmate - people who normally saw in black and white, but once they saw their soulmate, color would start to appear all around them. You were cursed as being one of those people. You had never met your soulmate until you see your best friend from high school through strange ties. And your soulmate? Your best friend’s fiance.

Previous Parts

Ever since the kiss with Stiles, you felt confused. He was in fact your soulmate, but it didn’t make it any wrong to kiss your friend’s fiance. 

On Sunday, you invited Scott over, who would be coming over right after visiting his mother. Naturally, you told him not to come over since he would be exhausted, but he insisted. You were guessing that he knew about what happened with Stiles, but he was probably wondering about how you felt.

You sat on your couch with sweatpants and a tank top. Your hair was pulled up into a messy bun. 

When you heard a knock on the door, you yelled, “Open the door, Scott!”

Scott waltzed in with a box of pizza and some soda. 

“You didn’t,” you said with a gasp, opening the box of pizza. You took it from his hands and placed it on the coffee table. 

“I did,” Scott said, standing awkwardly in your living room. Your ceiling was incredibly low, so Scott was nearly reaching it. 

You laughed and motioned toward your couch. “Please, sit down. I’m going to get some cups and plates.” You left the living room and toward the kitchen. 

Soon after, you returned and handed him a plate while also placing the cup on the table near him. “So you probably found out, huh?” you asked, plopping down near him. You both grabbed some pizza and munched on it.

Scott looked at you guiltily as he chewed. “Kinda, yeah.”

“So you know about the kiss?” 

Scott choked on his pizza, but nodded. “Yeah, Stiles told me.”

You could only sigh and chew thoughtfully. “I don’t know what to do,” you mumbled, looking down at your floor. 

Scott put down his plate and scooted closer to you. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him. 

Craving comfort, you leaned into him. In response, Scott rubbed your arm comfortingly and said, “I just think that if you guys really were meant to be, then, it’ll happen. There’s no way soulmates don’t end up with each other,” 

You nodded and pushed yourself off of him before giving him his plate.

You turned your head to Scott when you heard a knock on your door. Scott was avoiding eye contact with you and instead was looking down at his pizza.

Skeptically, you headed over to the door and pulled it open. When you did, the black and white of your door turned brown. You sighed and internally cursed at Scott.

“Stiles,” you said when you fully opened the door and saw him standing there. He was holding a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.

When you invited him inside, he handed you the items. “Look, I know I messed up…like a lot,” he rambled, “and I don’t know what will happen between us, but I want us to at least be on good terms. You’re really cool. We had a great time. I don’t want that to go to waste.” All the while, he was making rapid arm movements and talking fast. 

You put the flowers and the chocolate on the table that was nearest you two. You grabbed his arm and pulled him to you. You wrapped your arms around his torso and buried your face in his chest. “It’s okay, Stiles.”

The three of you lounged on your couch and watched a horror movie on your TV. All throughout it, you were finishing up the pizza Scott brought and every now and then, eating the chocolate Stiles brought. You were sitting between the two.

Normally, during the scary parts, the three of you would laugh, considering that it was poorly edited, but at some points, there were times that it took you off guard. 

When there was a face that popped onto the screen, you hid yourself into Scott, who would pat you on the head. When you looked up at him, you saw that he was looking at Stiles apologetically. Your eyes shifted to the boy in question and saw that he had his lips in a tight line. 

Stiles saw you looking at him and moved his eyes back toward the screen. 

You awkwardly sat up and grabbed the pillow from behind you before hugging it. Maybe then you wouldn’t jump onto Scott and make Stiles angry. 

It felt like only minutes that the movie was over. As the ending credits rolled, you turned your attention to Stiles. 

“When’s the wedding?” you asked, suddenly, causing him to look at you bewildered.

Stiles cleared his throat and roved his eyes around the room to avoid looking into yours. “It’s a few months away actually,” he mumbled. 

As you nodded, you turned your head back to the screen. 

It was Scott’s turn to clear his throat. He stood up and said, “I’m going to…I’m gonna go to the bathroom.”

Without any other words he headed off and purposely left you two alone. 

“Y/N…” Stiles whispered, grabbing your hands. “Listen, I know that this is a given, but with you, I just…I don’t know. I have this…there’s this deep connection. And I just can’t keep myself away from you.”

You looked at him with tears shining in your eyes, but you didn’t dare let them fall. 

“I care about you a lot and even if we didn’t know we were soulmates, I would know that we’re…that you and I are something special,” he said.

At this point, you could barely look at him. You couldn’t bear hearing it. You felt your every reserve cracking under the pressure. “What are you getting at Stiles?” you whispered, finally getting the courage to look him in the eyes.

“Say the word…and I don’t know…I’ll figure something out. I’ll do something to make this work,” he said, his eyes pleading you to accept his offer.

But no matter how hard he convinced you, you couldn’t betray Kira like this. Not when she let you cry on her shoulders, not when she let you stay at her house when your parents were mad at you, not when she protected you from people who were bullying you. “I can’t, Stiles. No matter what angle you look at this from, she’s still your fiance and I’ll just be the girl on the side. She’s happy with you and you both clearly love each other.”

Stiles looked at you, pain evident in his facial expression. “I know what I’m doing is awful. I know that this could only land us into more trouble…but I’m willing to fight for this because there’s something that between us that we can’t deny and you feel it. I know you do.”

“I know, Stiles, I know,” you whispered back. 

The Notebook

Pairings: Stiles x Reader
Words: 753
Warnings/Notes: I wrote this awhile back for a fanfiction so I might have missed a few errors with names but I’m pretty sure I fixed it.
Stiles asks you out with a scene from The Notebook.

Stiles stands at the door with his hands tucked into his pockets with a smile, blood rushes to my cheeks, suddenly embarrassed at my lazy clothes and lack of makeup. “I’ll call you back, Lyd.” we say our goodbyes quickly and I place the phone into my pocket.

“I, uh,” he clears his throat into his hand nervously, “Do you wanna go somewhere?” he speaks with a not-so-confident smile.

“Okay.” I smile walking out the door next to him, “Where to Stilinski?” I ask as he leads me to his blue Jeep.

“It’s a surprise,” he says opening my door for me, he waits until I’m seated comfortably before getting in himself. The drive to wherever was mostly silent except the moments when I beg him to tell me where we were heading, he’d only brush it off with a smile but responded with silence. Ten minutes later we arrive in Derek’s front yard, confused I step out while Stiles walks over to me, a smile not leaving his face. “Wait here.” he scurries off into the broken down house leaving me alone only for a minute, his head pops out of the doorway and his arm reaches out to me, beckoning to follow him indoors. My head shakes with a smile but I do as he says. When inside I catch glimpse of a quilt thrown on the floor with a laptop in the middle with snacks scattered around and candles lit high enough to where we won’t catch the place ablaze. “I’m gonna buy it one day and fix it up,” his voice was shaky, “All it needs is a new floor, and walls… And a roof… Plumbing and electric as well.” heat creeps onto his cheeks, eyes pleading for me to say something.

“What?”- my eyebrows furrow together not understanding his sudden interest in Derek’s old home.

“This happened in the Notebook, right?” he clears his throat awkwardly.

“Well what about me, don’t I get a say?” I ask following along with the script trying to mimic Allie’s voice.

“Do you want a say in this?” Bronze eyes beam from across the room when I finally catch on, not missing a beat to his next line. I started to circle around the front room letting my hand run across the blackened walls.

“Yes, I would.” I smile, turning my head away from the collapsing scaffolding and over to the boy who hasn’t left his spot in the middle of the room.

“What do you want?” he questions watching my every move.

“I want a white house, and blue shutters.” I grin, saying every memorized line with ease. “And a room overlooking the river so I can paint.” even though there wasn’t a river or even a pond nearby, the scene worked well with our surroundings.

“Anything else?” Stiles takes slow steps forward until his frame was directly in front of me, so close I could feel his breath tickling the tip of my nose.

“Yes,” I pause, straining for the line to find it’s way to the tip of my tongue, “I want a big ol’ porch that wraps around the entire house, where we can drink tea and watch the sun go down.” It may have been a staged moment, a moment based off fiction, but when we said it aloud to each other it felt so real, so genuine, honest, and pure.

“Okay.” his voice was just above a whisper, his face inching closer towards mine.

“You promise?” I ask, or lips nearly touching.

“I promise.” his lips mold to mine so softly I second guessed if he was even there.

“Good.” I whisper once we pulled away, our eyes gleam as we look into one another’s, happy that this moment finally came upon us.

“Will you be my Allie?” He asks guiding me towards the quilt, slowly laying down holding out his arm for me to join him.

“Only if you’ll be my Noah.” we find our comfortable position, my head on his shoulder with a free hand on my chest, his fingers twisting the tips of my hair between his fingers, with the laptop on his stomach playing a movie we weren’t paying attention to. The computer dies not an hour into the movie leaving us in a peaceful silence.

“I think I’m gonna fall madly in love with you.” Stiles blurts. His heart rate quickens and his fingers stop twirling, I chuckle with a smile tugging at my lips.

“I think I’ve already started falling.”

New Look (Teen Wolf Preference)

Requested by anon:

hi! how ‘bout a teen wolf preference (stiles, scott, theo,derek) how they would react when their gf changes their look/hair color/eye color

Stiles: For a moment, Stiles gawked at you when you suddenly appeared with another hair color. He was just shocked, and you stared at him in expectation wondering what he would think. But then, you noticed a huge grin slowly growing on his lips as he fidgeted in excitment. ‘Are you kidding me, Y/N? That’s so cool! It suits you so much, how can you look so stunningly beautiful with any hair color?’ And he would smile at you and hug you, all excited. He sure wasn’t expecting it, but he completely loved it.

Scott: ‘Um… it’s… nice…’ Scott can’t really hide his surprise and confusion. Not that he disliked your new look, not at all. But he just found it so strange to look at you and see such change! He would show you a tiny and shy smile as he tried to be supportive even if he was so taken aback by your new appearance. Scott just needed to get used to your new look, but he actually really likes it on you. And you feel relieved that he got over the inital rejection and likes it now.

Theo: ‘I don’t like it…’ He would just frown and stare at you, trying to get used at your new look. He tries to be supportive, but he just can’t get used to looking at you and seeing you so differently. There’s something weird about that change, it doesn’t completely suit you or at least he doesn’t like it on you personally. So it kind of annoys him even if he tries to be supportive for your sake. Even if he probably would start to like it eventually.

Derek: With the smallest smile, he would wrap his arms around you and nod his head. ‘I like it’ would be all he said, but you could tell he actually liked it by looking into his eyes, he wasn’t lying. Derek would stare at you often, still weird about the change, but it was obvious by his expression that he genuinely warmed up to the new look.