Tsubasa no Oka no Hime -Grim Hakkaku Capelthwaite-
つばさの丘の姫王 -グリム・八角・カペルスウェイト-
Tsubasa no Oka no Hime -
Grim Hakkaku Capelthwaite-
Photo Stills Set 6

Below is definitely not safe for people under 18.


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“i just don’t see it”

the comic:

-hazeapalooza: “so is no one going to talk about c’s mad flush right now?” so is no one going to talk about how nursey 100% checked out chowder’s mad flush right now? also: c. c!!!! C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- hazeapalooza cont. “nursey i’m not a lightweight i can drink three whole beers and stop all your dumb shots.” translation: “nursey i may be drunk but i can still impress you, look-”
- shinny: “wow, c -” [C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] “- seriously never seen a frozen lake before?” - “it’s not just some lake it’s the pond! and it’s not like it happens every day in san francisco, nursey.” me: stares at my horrible wood checkered ceiling trying to regulate my breathing while i imagine chowder and nursey showing each other their home cities with a big ol road trip in between
- shinny AND junior show feature a classic. a fav…… the same fond nursey smile-smirk that always seems to crop up when he’s teasing chowder. 

how often does this happen??????????????????????????????????

- if you look close enough in ‘post I: roadie’ chowder and nursey are both team attic. enough said
- taddy tour: we witness our confident sophomores mentoring the taddies :’) this has nothing to do with them together but it just warms my dead heart so it’s going on the list

the tweets:

- “chowder: hey jack are you going to watch the sharks game or the kings game if youlike LA uh i’m from san francisco so–
nursey: dude. chill.”
[holster voice] oh my god i’m so sorry but i sTIILL GEEET JEEALLOUSS
- “NOOOO NURSEY DON’T TELL HIM COME ON NO NO NO”/nursey found out it was chowder’s birthday and immediately told bitty and probably EVERYONE ELSE SO THEY COULD ALL CELEBRATE THE GREATEST DAY OF THE YEAR ! 
- “chowder: we tried to get nursey to take intro programming with us!” at the point this was tweeted in the check please time line………..i guarantee you 10000% this was chowder’s idea. he just wants to spend more time with nursey :’) :’) :’’’)
- i just like these tiny faces together, look at em

- “chow: oooh!! so if nursey & i prove you’re superstitious, we win!
dex:…shit. win what?
nurse: yo i don’t even know bro but you shook on it”
- “in other news, dex and nursey have found the one thing they have in common: their love of chirping chowder” i believe on this same twitter account someone said something along the lines of ‘chirping and flirting are variants on the same idea’ so…………………..yea
- “well, two samwell [winter screw’s] down, two more to go.”/”i hope the frogs had a good time. well, chowder and nursey aren’t here, so they probably did.” 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
-”from row 6 on the bus to NY
chowder: …and we all had quiche!!
nursey: and i wasn’t invited, c?? yo, CHILL!
oh, nursey. you’re so not chill.”
……………………….bitty said it not me
- nursey and chowder were in charge of bringing bitty to the haus to surprise him with the oven can you imagine them smiling at each other like a buncha goofs behind bitty’s back while nursey tweeted!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-”dinner talk
nursey: some netflix and chill
chowder: ohhh I love netflix”

i dedicate this post to @omgcphee who encouraged me to do it in the first place. there’s probably more that i missed and i’m sure there’s stuff in the extras too but please……….it’s there.. . for all to see. i’ve witnessed it and now you all have too. feel free to add to this post 

You still a Boy if you wear dresses o “girly clothing”

You still a boy if you like commonly “girl” stuff in general

You stiill a boy if you shave your legs

You still a boy if you have long hair 

You still a boy if you like makeup and/or nail polish 

You still a boy if you dont like wearing a binder or cant wear it

You still a boy if youre okay with your body

It doesnt matter what kind of stuff you like, how you dress, how does your voice sounds

You are a boy if you identify as one.

anonymous asked:

hold up m8,,,, you're going to a con? shit, which one? and are you cosplaying?

stiill colossalcon haha going there tomorrow, and yeah I’m going as Keith! also probably as Jake for a little while but I’m gonna decide when I’m there, mostly Keith tho because the other one will be p casual

Guys, space pyjamas. Space pyjamas! 
They do exist!

Last Day Drama

Its my last day of work before moving out of state.

My manager had just brewed a pot of decaf (which we normally dont have at this point in the day), like JUST brewed, barely not boiling, when a car comes through the drive through and orders some food and a decaf.

I ring up the customer, give her her food, and go to hand her her cup. Instead of just handing it out, my hand clips the edge of the window, and the lid pops off, and (barely not boiling) decaf spills all over my left hand.

(There’s a time skip that I dont really remember, my manager told me about it later) Apparently I screamed and she ran over and saw me crying and holding my hand.

(Back to what I do remember) She runs to grab some mustard to put on my hand (???) and as shes going to get it, I turn and notice a guy standing at the counter. Im still sobbing, but I don’t know what else to do, so I take his order.

This guy, this guy right here, did not remotely acknowledge me, outside of me asking what he wanted. No are you okay. No nothing.

Manager finds the mustard, and tells me to smear it on the burns (again, ???) which I start doing and she sees the guy and finishes ringing him up.

One of the cooks sees me crying through the window, somehow understands my explanation even though I’m still crying, and tells me to go back into the kitchen while she gets the first aid kit. She treats the burn with burn spray, and im mostly calm at this point aside from the occasional sniffle. I go back to work and joke about it cause I hate when people worry about me.

My manager is filling out an incident report and I (one handed because duh) take out the same guy from earliers food. He STIILL doesn’t acknowledge me.

Anyways, that was my day.

Tldr: burn myself really bad on my last day, still have to take some jerkwads order

The Path is Never Straight

Fandom: Overwatch
Characters: Genji Shimada and Tekhartha Zenyatta
Pairing: Genyatta
Length: ~6,000 words, one shot
Warnings/Tags: Mental Breakdown/Dissociation, mentions of bodily dysphoria, otherwise mostly fluff and friendly banter. 

Summary: Genji Shimada follows the road to self-acceptance with the help of Zenyatta, his first year under the Shambali’s care already under his belt–but he still has much to learn. 

A/N: Haven’t seen anyone try to tackle Post!Overwatch Genji in this context, on the road to healing and self-acceptance but not quite there yet. I wanted to give it a try, so here it is–enjoy!

Genji notices it the moment he wakes up.

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singlemanmedia  asked:

I've seen people ask you about actors portraying Sokka and Azula, what about the rest? Which actors will you choose for Iroh, Zuko, Ozai, Ursa, Mai, Ty Lee, Rui Shi and Suki?

Alright, alright, alright. I’m going to try and answer this thoroughly, with a nigh complete dreamcast for Gladiator… feel free to make any suggestions, I know I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to casts, so I’m open for ideas :)

Azula: Zhao Wei

Sokka: Chen Kun

Iroh: Sammo Hung (gotta get him a proper beard and his hair would have to be whiter, but stiill…)

Zuko: Hu Ge

Ozai: Andy Lau (kinda odd choice but at least he can grow the beard, eh? ^^U)

Ursa: Gong Li (definitely want another choice for her but for now…)

Mai: Liu Yi Fei

Ty Lee: Shu Chang

Rui Shi: Lin Geng Xin

Suki: Misaki Ito

Toph: Zhang Ziyi

Song: Han Hyo-Joo

Haru: Yuan Hong


Aang - Sungwoong Yoong

Katara -  Lee Hyori 

(I’m not entirely happy with this one because further searches gave away that her skin tone might not be as depicted here… but I’ve lost my patience .____. I can’t find the perfect Katara! If someone else can help with this, I’d be very grateful)

And I really think I’ve had this post on hold for long enough, I know we have way more characters but after having spent months with these ones as it is, I’d rather leave it alone for once and for all .w. here goes nothing…


Holy crap!!

THIS IS THE FULL PROPER VERSION and I can’t stop freaking out over it.

W..hy are we stiill here? Just to suffer? The bodyy I’ve  lst….thhec o;mrades I’ve lostt…it won’t st op hu,rting. It’s li;;ke they'ree  all dstill there. You feel  it too, doon’t y,,yoou?

Being Jax’s little sister would include:

Author: Johannah

Originally posted by murphyhatesme

✦ You being nicknamed the Princess of Charming, and the Princess of SAMCRO

✧ Jax is super protective of you, he always has been especially since your dad died

✦ Yes, he’s got into plenty of brawls for you - Nobody touches his baby sister and get’s away with it

✧ Not just Jax - The entire club adores you, you’re like everyone’s daughter and you’d be hard pushed to find a single member that hasn’t kicked the shit out of some dickhead for looking at you the wrong way

✦ You having the same genetic heart disease that he, Abel, and your mother have

✧ Him sleeping on your couch when he and Wendy are getting divorced

✦ You not trusting Tara at all when she returns to Charming. She broke your brother’s heart once before, and you and your Mom are sure she’ll do it again

✧ (Tara calls you and your Mom the wicked witches of West California for a while)

✦ It’s you that comes around to Tara first, and if you’re on your good side then you’re not only on Jax’s but on Gemma’s

✧ You operate by Gemma’s gospel: ‘Love deep, hate deeper. Betrayal is unforgiveable.’

✦ Basically stepping up as Abel’s mother when Wendy has to go to rehab

✧ You go to Belfast with the uys when your nephew is kidnapped

✦ You can tell when Jax is upset, even if he can hide it from the rest of the world

✧ When you were little you used to be inseparable from him. In a way you stiill are - you’re so close and you are the only one Jax can be completely honest with

✦ Being like a maid of honour at Jax and Tara’s wedding (That’s a little difficult in a brothel, but you did Tara’s hair and makeup and stood by her side as she became your sister-in-law

✧ Having a bunch of inside jokes with your big brother

✦ Standing by his side no matter what

✧ Being each other’s shoulder to cry on