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Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz - Inglourious Basterds 

The reason for Hugo Stiglitz’s celebrity among German soldiers is simple.As a German enlisted man, he killed thirteen Gestapo officers, mostly Majors. Instead of putting him up against a wall, the High Command decided to send him back to Berlin, to be made a example of. Needless to say, once The Basterds heard about him, he never got there.

Inglourious Basterds: How They Respond If Someone’s Flirting With You/If They’re Jealous

Anon: Hey! Could I maybe request two inglourious basterds head cannons please? The first one’s their favourite thing about you and the second one’s how they respond to someone flirting with you/if they’re jealous

Aldo Raine: He’s a quiet passive aggressive type of guy. Like, he won’t flat out tell a guy to back off, but he’ll walk up to you and wrap his arm around your waist, kissing your cheek or neck. It’s a gentle warning with an intense glare at the end.

Donny Donowitz: He will actively force a man to back off. For example, if the guy doesn’t get the picture when Donny tells him to leave, Donny has been known to; punch him, throw him out the window, smash a bottle on his head, and use bar stools in creative ways. Take your pick.

Archie Hicox: He gets frustrated, and will probably sip tea angrily in a corner, but unless the guy is being very aggressive, he won’t intervene. He knows that you can take care of yourself and he respects that.

Hugo Stiglitz: He has hit people in the face before and he’ll do it again. He’s not good at dealing with jealousy, and even worse at expressing that jealousy in a non-violent way. So, rather than a verbal warning, his first chance is much more… physical.

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The Kind Of Women The Inglorious Bastards Would Fall For...Part 2

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•Hugo Stiglitz- The Quiet/Caring One. Because he’s not outgoing and not very much a people person, he would definitely fall for you. It’s not easy for him to open up to people, but with your kind and caring nature, it’s not as hard for him to share his feelings with you. When he first said he loved you, you almost fell over in shock. He also loves the fact that when he shares something with you, you won’t judge him or share anything he’s said with anyone else.

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•Hans Landa - A Bossy Woman. He won’t admit it to anyone, but he secretly likes being told what to do. After a long day of him ordering his men around and hunting down the enemy, he likes to come home to someone who will tell him what to do for a change. He will let you do whatever you want to do with no complaint as long as he doesn’t have to think or take initiative on anything. To him, you are the boss of the relationship and nothing could make him happier.