NCT at Hogwarts

inspired by the ivy club photoshoot they did a couple weeks back, here if how the boys will be like once they received their Hogwarts letter on September 1 


  • Gryffindor
  • been a prefect and head boy since 5ever
  • altho he’s Gryffindor he takes care of everyone
  • practically Mark’s dad
  • he gives the boy study tips and helps with homework, advises him on which professors are good and who to avoid 
  • doesnt sleep sleep is for the weak
  • ok but seriously he is patrolling the corridors 24/7 for wandering souls and directing them back to bed safely (he’d prob tuck them in and give a goodnight kiss if he could) 
  • the house elves are always telling him to rest
  • “Mister Lee, you’ve been patrolling for 3 nights straight, please take a rest, everything is fine”
  • “im not sleepy at all, but thank you for your concern” *he smiles to stifle the upcoming yawn*
  • Madame Pomfrey dotes on him and makes it a routine to check in with him every night 
  • team captain of Gryffindor’s Quidditch team
  • perfect record except for one loss against Slytherin, costing him the cup
  • still salty about it to this day tbh
  • best subject is Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • an Auror in the making
  • Mcgonagall has edited her recommendation letter like 20 times now bc there’s always something to add ok LTY is that awesome 


  • Slytherin
  • at first glance you think he’s Ravenclaw but that underlying smirks tells you otherwise
  • prefect and head boy like LTY
  • Slughorn adores him
  • his picture is placed dead center in the wall of fame, polished daily
  • gets along surprisingly well w/ ppl outside of Slytherin
  • enjoys going out to the lake on warm days to tickle the giant squid
  • Moaning Myrtle has a crush on him
  • he accidentally walked into her bathroom once and couldnt find it in his heart to reject her offer for a conversation and they started talking
  • constant wailings for Jung Jaehyun can be heard every Tuesday and Thursday
  • for the sake of keeping everyone sane he was “requested” by the headmaster to spend every Wed. evening with Myrtle
  • tbh its not that bad 
  • he gets 10 House Points for every session spent with her
  • the best chaser on Slytherin’s Quidditch team
  • nails the Quaffle in every time
  • the only reason Slytherin loses to their biggest competition Gryffindor is bc Taeyong catches the Snitch first
  • Honeydukes is his paradise
  • he even sneaks out sometimes to get the newest samples of fudge and other sugary delicacies despite being a prefect/head boy
  • has a secret box filled with candy under his bed for late night snacking


  • Hufflepuff
  • Professor Sprout’s TA
  • he’s great at teaching the first and second years about magical plants
  • a bit hard on hearing tho after experiencing a live Mandrake scream session
  • usually needs to tell him the same thing 3 times before he gets it
  • have you heard this boy sing bc Flitwick has and Taeil is the only student member of the school’s frog choir
  • his singing has even captivated the mermaids by the lake and they always harmonize in response
  • lowkey a prankster tho
  • he cast a full body bind on Mrs. Norris once and blamed it on Yuta, who was walking by w/ Haechan
  • they were given detention and Moon Taeil got away scot-free
  • the type to always have a chocolate frog on him to give to others bc he’s a sweetheart like that
  • mark: “i bombed mcgonagall’s essay exam” 
  • *hands over a chocolate frog*
  • winwin: taeyong took off 10 points from me for sneaking out to feed the unicorns 
  • *hands over a chocolate frog*
  • haechan: got anything to eat im starving 
  • *hands over a chocolate frog*
  • #1 on Madame Pince’s hit list bc he checks out library books and doesnt remember to return them until they pile up on his nightstand
  • super scared of the ghosts even his 7th year


  • Gryffindor 
  • the baby of Gryffindor House tbh
  • Mcgonagall adores him and sometimes turns a blind eye on his essays when theyre three/four inches short on the required length
  • constantly trolled by the moving staircases
  • always running late
  • Taeyong constantly helps him study and checks over his hw my OG son and his father :’))) 
  • best friends w/ Haechan despite being in rival houses
  • always has his back even tho Haechan is the one who always messes up
  • a hidden rap god 
  • makes mixtapes and has Haechan review them before packing them to send home via owl
  • his friends from back home help him post it on the Internet and he’s a global sensation
  • best known as the guy who did “that’s a long ass ride” 
  • very interested in magical creatures
  • always asking Hagrid or the Care for Magical Creatures professor for more info after class or just to stay after to watch them 
  • the centaurs adore him and love making divinations to predict his future


  • Slytherin
  • the second-coming of the Weasley twins
  • dungbombs, ambushed with random charms while you’re walking down the hall? 
  • 99% of the time its Haechan
  • Filch and Mrs. Norris are like his homies 
  • they know him well after getting him sent in at least twice per week
  • against all expectations his best friend is Mark Lee from Gryffindor
  • they met when Haechan pulled him back from falling head-first off the carriage through the Forbidden Forest in second year
  • since then they’ve hit it off really well always looking out for each other in class and stuff
  • excellent in Charms
  • Flitwick praises him all the time for learning new ones in literally two tries
  • the only student Peeves is ok with 
  • the poltergeist has never met such a kindred spirit until Haechan came along
  • getting on Filch’s nerves is their life goal and theyre really good at doing just that


  • Ravenclaw
  • on point w/ his schoolwork you never need to worry about him falling behind at all
  • commentator during Qudditch games VROOM VROOM AT ITS FINEST
  • his voice is a charmer ppl love hearing him talk
  • “and Taeyong captures the snitch again what a steal!”
  • “i know we’re friends but can you just let us win once like we’re not that bad but you’re such an over-achiever that–”
  • mcgonagall usually has to intervene at least twice while he’s on the job
  • “Kim Doyoung if you can’t give proper commentary then I’m giving the mic to Haechan”
  • usually shuts up after that but finds ways to throw in shade without causing too much trouble
  • lowkey wants to become an Animagus
  • succeeded in 5th year but isnt registered 
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • i mean how do u think he gets such accurate administrative info to share with you all 
  • guess what his Animagus form is no hes not a bunny
  • jk hes totally a bunny 
  • loves History of Magic of all subjects what a nerd
  • each day in the Ravenclaw common room begins with “A Cool Thing about Hogwarts” courtesy of Kim Doyoung


  • Slytherin
  • there’s no better house for hot stuff him
  • a savage and also the deadliest manipulator in the entire school
  • how does he do it? 
  • that stupid healing smile of his o m g 
  • one flash of those pearly-whites and you’ll be melting into a puddle in 2 seconds
  • doesnt intentionally stir up drama tho
  • unless its Quidditch
  • that’s when his competitive streak as Slytherin’s team captain comes out
  • really tough on his teammates but they dont mind bc they know theyre the shit and they all want to win the cup for Slytherin a second time
  • his biggest competition + best friend is Lee Taeyong from Gryffindor House
  • their friendship started after Yuta won over LTY in 4th year and LTY kept bugging him for a personal rematch
  • if Myrtle cries for Jaehyun on Tuesdays and Thursdays then she literally floods her bathroom on Mondays and Fridays in order to attract Yuta after receiving a healing smile when he came to pick up Jaehyun one Wednesday evening
  • catching on that she likes him, he pops in every so often to praise Myrtle for doing such a good job at making ol’ Filch’s life miserable, causing her to blush silver and maintain high-quality floods and sink leakages each week
  • gets along with everyone, even those not in Slytherin
  • the one most likely to drift to another house’s table once dinner starts
  • favorite table to go to is Gryffindor’s to hang out with LTY
  • leader of the Dueling Club this boy can D U E L 
  • two seconds in and you’ll be expelliarmused OUT
  • also really good at Stunning like how he stunned me this sdlkjflsf
  • the first years admire him and want to be just like him


  • Hufflepuff
  • a transfer student from a wizarding school in China
  • despite not knowing a thing about Hogwarts, everyone took it upon themselves to show him the ropes so that hes in good hands
  • rooms w/ Taeil and the two of them hit it off really well
  • adored by all the professors, even grumpy Snape
  • they cut him some slack since 
  • 1) he’s a transfer 
  • 2) he’s a precious bean
  • favorite subject is Muggle Studies
  • fascinated w/ traffic lights and smartphones
  • he now knows a lot about proper ways to cross the road and how to download music to a small device called an iPod
  • loves unicorns
  • look i know unicorns usually like girls more but Sicheng is one of those rare chosen ones
  • one of the foals directly approached him first and he felt so honored
  • since then hes been approached by other unicorns too, from babies to full grown adult unicorns
  • nickname: unicorn whisperer
  • never alone
  • you will literally see him with at least one person E V E R Y W H E R E 

these shouldve been posted a long time ago my bad pls enjoy ^^ (i know ten was in the ivy club shoot too but i literally had no inspiration im sorry. pls let me know if u want more nct at hogwarts and i’ll see what i can do) 

Outfitting an Angel

@leaterandwinchesters asked: HEYYY how about a Cas preference and you take him shopping for the first time?!? :) also, congrats!! You deserve every single follower as more! ❤️

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“I know you don’t have to change Cas. That is not really my point. You shower with me all the time and you don’t have to do that either.” You smirked and looked to your side, but frowned as you realized your angel wasn’t there. You turned around and instantly covered your mouth to try and stifle a giggle as you watched Cas suspiciously eyeing one of the mannequins.

“Cas?” You walked up to him and slide your fingers through his, and he looked down on you; still frowning.

“Why are they faceless Y/N? Doesn’t that scare people away?” he wondered out loud.   You smiled gently tugging him after you into the store.

You spent the better part of the afternoon trying on clothes. You tried, at first, to make Cas feel comfortable in your new setting, and it seemed to work. You smiled and almost blushed as you watched his eyes practically devour you when you walked out from the curtain showing off a red dress.

“I guess I am getting this one.” You giggled as his lips attached to your neck, and his arms closed around your waist. Pushing him off took a lot of willpower, but you finally managed. “You’re next,” you warned and smiled as you watched your angel frown before you closed the curtain to get your own clothes back on.

A few stores down and about an hour later you got a taste of your own medicine as Cas walked out in tight fitting dark jeans and a salmon shirt that hung loosely over it, clinging to his body in all the right places.

“This seems to fit me, Y/N.” Cas eyes himself in the mirror, still unaware of the affect his change of wardrobe had on you.

“Oh it fits you, Cas. And you are wearing that home so I can be the one to take it off you!” you purred, and Cas turned around to face you with a questioning look on his face. Then the realization dawned on him. His eyes instantly darken before he grabbed his old clothes and wrapped an arm around your waist. Within seconds you found yourself giggling on your back on your bed in the bunker with your newly outfitted angel hovering over you.  

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“I don’t remember a fight, or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?” Nick is everything with this one

Honestly Nick is everything in all areas on life. Enjoy! 

Materlist | Prompts | Request

“I don’t remember a fight, or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?” | Nick Amaro

Your heart caught in your throat as you raised a hand to your chest, shock visible on your face. The surprise was enough to stifle your emotions; even you couldn’t decipher if it was anger or anguish or joy or nostalgia coursing through your veins. All you could do was stare and whisper the name that had once felt like a hallelujah; “N-Nick?”

He looked equally dumbstruck, jaw lax as he straightened his back and lifted himself off of the chair next to Sonny’s desk. He was silent as he approached you, eyes darting across your features to try and make sense of what he was seeing. He said your name softly, like saying it too loudly would mar the sanctity that it once held—still held—to him. “It’s been a while.”

You had both grown numb to your surroundings; although Carisi and Rollins and Fin were watching the exchange with morbid curiosity, you were both so caught up in each other that you didn’t notice them. You just couldn’t take your eyes off of him. 

He was just as gorgeous as you remembered him. The only difference was that he was somehow more sun-kissed and toned than he had been before, surely from the LA sun and perfect jogging weather. His eyes were still the same enchanting mahogany you’d been enthralled by on nights of pure passion. They were the same brown eyes you avoided looking into the night you left, the same brown eyes you had mourned losing for weeks before, and months after, the break up.

You thought you’d never see them again.

Nick could say the same about you. He’d thought he’d lost you forever; the day you told him you were leaving, he realized he had nothing in Manhattan anymore—his future with the NYPD was shot, both of his children were hundreds of miles away, and the only person he loved as much as Zara and Gil had left him. So he went, too. Away. He went as far away from that damned city as possible, with a gaping hole in his life were you had once fit so perfectly. The spot you had carved out for yourself, extending through every aspect of Nick’s life, completely unaware of your effect on him, was now chillingly vacant. The only thing that could heat away the ache was the warmth of the California sun and the love of his daughter.

They served as a great distraction, for quite some time, but now, seeing you again had made all the unanswered questions and loose ends resurface. He barely had the patience to sit through pleasantries, his curiosity too strong. 

“Yeah,” you nodded. “Yeah, it has.”

“I, uh… I didn’t know you were going to be here. Didn’t you transfer out?” 

“For a little while, yeah. But Liv was understaffed after her sergeant transferred to Joint Terrorism, so she asked me to come back for now.” You shifted your weight from one foot to another, letting out a sigh. “What about you? What are you doing back here?”

“Visiting. Maria took Zara on a cruise for the next three weeks, and things were getting real lonely out there. I didn’t know if I could… If I could handle three weeks alone.”

And, despite his attempts at levelheadedness, Nick was beginning to feel resentment well up. His loneliness was caused by you, after all, by your sudden departure from his life. He shouldn’t give you the satisfaction of knowing how you left him. 

You took a deep breath, fighting your body to keep your hand by your side, using every ounce of self-control to keep from cupping his cheek. “I’m sorry. I never wanted you to feel that way. I never want you to feel like that.”

“Then why’d you leave me?” He finally snapped, and you winced at the force of his words. Noticing your grimace, his voice softened. “I don’t remember a fight, or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?”

You let out a breath, shaky with the threat of tears. This was the question you had anticipated, just not so early in the conversation. At this point, you didn’t know whether to feel relief or more guilt. “I didn’t want to hold you back,” you finally said, lifting your gaze from the ground to look into his eyes.

“Is that all?” He laughed cynically. “I’ve been heartbroken for the past two years, pretending I was at home in a state I had never set foot into, making friends with pretentious assholes who find my loneliness amusing or talking to stoners who find my heartache stupid and funny, because you were scared of ‘holding me back’?”

The tears were rising, now, and you hated yourself for it. “Yes, Nick. You’re in LA with your daughter, with the person who makes you the happiest you’ve ever been, because I wanted you to go. After you got shot, your depression was terrible; all you ever talked about was Zara and how much you wished you could see her every night and how much fun she was having there. I felt like you were only here for me, miserable for me, sacrificing your family for me. I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t let you give up your pride and joy. I knew you wouldn’t up and leave me, so I made the decision easier for you.” Your tone grew slightly impatient, and you snapped, “Sorry for being such a selfish asshole.”

He was absolutely dumbstruck by your revelation, silently processing the information you had just provided him with. His loss of words only twisted the knife still stuck in your heart. Taking a deep breath to collect yourself, you turned and began to walk away. 

A tug on your wrist held you back. You turned to look at Nick in shock. “Let it go, Nick,” you said, mouth dropped open. “I’m sorry for hurting you and having to tell you like this.”

The look of guilt on your face was too much for Nick to bear. Unable to face the expression any longer, he closed his eyes. He closed his eyes, and then he leaned forward until he could taste home again. He leaned forward until he felt the familiarity of your lips against his. He leaned forward and took in a deep breath to relish in you, in the person he missed almost as much as he had missed Zara. He took in a deep breath and kissed you like there wasn’t two years separating you. 

He kissed you like you were home.

Half the reason I like Jess so much is that he doesn’t think Stars Hollow is the most magical and charming place on earth.  It’s a wonderful town in many ways, but it’s also incredibly small and can be stifling. It’s refreshing to have contrast in attitude.


After an hour of listening to Aili bitch about Tyler, Anika stifled a laugh with a yawn. 

“I think you’re becoming an old lady, it’s only one am.” Priscilla pointed out and Anika choked on her yawn and started to laugh again.

“You’re an asshole. I’m only… thirty-one..ish. I think you have no room to talk Mrs. Thirty-Eight going on ninety.” Anika reminded and Priscilla scoffed. 

“I’m only 21!” Aili announced as she sat back up right. She had been ranting while laying on the couch that housed who knows what germs and diseases. “But both of you are lucky, you’re both married.” 

“Your bother is an asshole, I don’t know how lucky that makes me.” Anika’s words left her mouth before she had time to think about it.

“Yeah but he’s your asshole,” Aili’s speech was starting to intelligible again. “You’re the only woman he’s ever made an ass out of himself for. He loves you, he’s just not good at showing it all the time. He’s a guy and you expect too much out of him without telling him your expectations and that’s not fair.” 

“Alright Dr. Phil, we’re going home.” Anika murmured. She knew Aili was right, everyone was right but her and it was becoming painfully clear as the night went on.

Can I openly express my annoyance that American LGBT people ram their own LGBT history down the rest of our throats, and stifle any attempts to correct it by saying what happened elsewhere.

Stonewall wasn’t that big to 95% of the planet. The rest of us have fought our own battles.

These photos only emphasize how incredibly stifled and trapped he was all those years, can you imagine that this was the Harry he wanted to be and can you imagine the things that were said to him when they told him, “no you can’t do that?” Can you imagine the reasons they gave, can you imagine the awful things they might have told him, about who he was, about what he wanted? Can you imagine how that felt?

I can’t. I can’t imagine. Yes, he’s Harry Styles, multimillionaire pop star with the world at his fingers. Except he didn’t have his own world at his fingertips, he had the world of a heteronormative, cash-greedy music industry at his fingertips and that was cruel to him. I’m looking at these photos, and I always thought I knew how special and gorgeous and unique and introspective he was, but I didn’t. I didn’t grasp the extent of that originality and beauty, of how different and extraordinary he is–and how much that individuality deviates too much from the image they wanted Harry Styles™️ to give. 

I’m crying over these photos, yeah, but what make my heart squeeze in my own chest is how it must have felt for Harry. He looks composed and free in the shoot but fuck. The relief and joy he must have felt, god fucking damn it. I’m almost upset that he must have felt that level of relief and freedom only because it shows how chained and used he was in the past. 

Harry deserves the expression and opportunities given in this shoot; he deserved that all along and the knowledge that he was given the opposite makes my head spin. 

How could anyone have been presented with this Harry, with Harry as he wanted to express himself, and lock it away as though it were shameful or strange? The level of confidence Harry has managed to build, despite what must have been said to him, is so admirable and astounding. He’s gorgeous and intelligent and clever and kind and I hope he never has to lock himself away like that again. 

A highlight of the game last night

Context: The party have fought their way through a dungeon to get to the meeting room of a group of cultists. They are approaching a corner around which the meeting room is but they are still out of view.

BBEG: (From around the corner) “AH the shattershield company approaches their doom!”

Tana: (whispering) “Wait…we should wait here and ruin his dramatic moment”

Party all stifling laughter around the corner as there is an awkward silence filled only by the warlock making magical cricket noises

god matt is such a physically affectionate person End Me. i mean, at first he tries to stifle it, since he doesn’t want to drive his friends away by being “clingy” (what his big brothers called him whenever matt sought affection from them when they were older), but after a series of more casual touches – a pat on the back, a quick hug, an arm around a shoulder – and they don’t push him away, he works his way up to ones that are bigger. he’s more so this way with some people than others (he’s the most physically affectionate with ashley because she’s the most receptive to it), but he cuddles with all of his friends at one time or another, even if it’s just their shoulders’ touching when they sit on the couch.comfortable, affectionate, loving touch is so important to him, and he doesn’t even really consciously realize it.

im reading these posts, wondering at the abuse that i suffered. i wasn’t physically harmed, but emotionally neglected and stifled. i wasn’t allowed to feel hurt or angry without being told i was acting like a “fucking bitch,” especially by my sister who i think was the most abusive towards me and from whom i have the most emotional trauma. now, i internalize so much of my anger that i get into such a rage when i do express anger or i turn my anger onto myself and cut.

i also think about my mother. i see all these posts about abusive mothers and i don’t know how to feel. my mother hardly yelled at me and very rarely hit me, but that’s the thing. she wasn’t overtly abusive, she just didn’t pay me any attention. she didn’t care about anything that i did or wanted. she still doesn’t. she might love me as her child, someone she birthed, but she doesn’t actually care about me at all. i did and do and probably will always feel like an afterthought, the youngest and least important.