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Plain, White Shirt

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Prompt: #7 “Isn’t that mine?” (Hotch x Reader)

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He didn’t notice it at first. It was subtle. Someone would have to really be looking to realise it.

He wore one of the many plain, white, button-down shirts he owned one Friday, not thinking too much about what he chose to wear in the morning. That day, after a mind-numbing afternoon of paperwork, he went to your apartment, after dropping Jack off with his aunt for a whole weekend, and spent it in its entirety with you.

It was the first time you had done something like that, spending so much time together ever since this romance had started a few months before. With the two of you being in the same office, along with a whole team of profilers, it meant discretion was of utmost importance.

However, you two excelled at the stoic-face act, although Aaron’s expression usually included his signature frown ninety percent of the time. You both managed to hide your feelings for each other. The only problem you had encountered thus far was not blurting out the other person’s first name, a natural change once your relationship progressed into something more.

The matter at hand here was that, in his haste to get home on Sunday due to Jack feeling slightly ill, he had forgotten that one particular shirt at your house. He didn’t think much of it. He didn’t even realise he had left it behind until he put his son to bed after giving him some medicine and checking his temperature. You would probably return it whenever you could, maybe during the weekend if the team didn’t get a case.

So, it was a bit of a surprise for him to see you with his shirt on Wednesday at the office. You had taken the precaution of putting on a baggy sweater on top of it, but he knew. He recognised it. He owned at least twenty of the same brand, in different colours.

He stiffened for a brief second before continuing back up the stairs to his office. You saw him and knew he had recognised it. You had debated with yourself whether it was a good idea to wear it to the office, which is why you waited a couple of days to do so. It was an indescribable feeling to be wearing something of his to work, even if it was just a shirt.

It reminded you of Friday’s activities, which had led to your burning the dinner you had been working on since you got home. Neither of you had cared in that moment, though. Now, every time you felt the fabric against your skin, you remembered how it felt under your hands when you grabbed onto Aaron’s shoulders to gain better leverage while on the couch.

It also made you giggle, thinking back to it; internally that is… someone would question your sudden laughter if you were to let it out. You had both felt like two teenagers who couldn’t control their hormones and had gotten down and dirty in the living room instead of moving to the bedroom.

So, yes. Your mind had kept on replaying that one moment, despite the fact that you had moved to the bedroom after having some Chinese takeout, and decided to put it on that morning out of impulse. Screw the professional and rational part of your brain. You wanted to show your boyfriend you were thinking of him, damn it. You just didn’t know how he was going to react.

You had an opportunity to find out about an hour later when you took the files you had been working on to his office. You knocked on the open door, and he asked you to close it, his tone normal. Once you sat down, you noticed that he had closed the blinds so no one in the bullpen could look into his office.

Interesting, you thought. What could he possibly be up to?

‘Thank you for the files, (Y/n),’ he said, to which you just rolled your eyes. Business first, as always. ‘I did, however, notice something peculiar about your choice of attire earlier…’

He trailed off with the ghost of a smile as he rounded his desk, perching himself on the edge of it, right in front of you. You smirked and decided to play dumb to humour him.

‘Oh, really? And here I thought I looked cute in this oversized sweater,’ you looked down and smoothed the non-existent wrinkles in said garment.

‘I wouldn’t necessarily call you cute in that,’ he commented, his voice low, as he grabbed you by the hand and brought you up to your feet, making you stand right in between his legs.

‘And why is that?’ you teased him by grabbing onto his shoulders and squeezing them, just like you had done on Friday. He put his head on your shoulder, and you heard him groan. You, once again, had to stop the giggle that was about to leave your mouth. ‘Aaron? You haven’t answered my question,’ you told him right next to his ear.

‘Isn’t that mine, (Y/n)?’ he mumbled, his lips moving down the length of your neck.

Well, I was not expecting this reaction, you thought as you allowed yourself to close your eyes momentarily and enjoyed the feeling of his mouth against your pulse point.

‘(Y/n)? You haven’t answered my question,’ he mimicked you, removing his head from the crook of your neck. You opened your eyes to find him smirking at you.

‘Was this the plan all along, you tease?’ you smiled despite the feeling of disappointment that settled on your stomach at not being able to continue what he had started.

‘Maybe,’ he looked at you from under his lashes and laughed lightly. ‘You should get down to the bullpen soon,’ he added regretfully.

Before he removed his hands from your waist, you grabbed him by the lapels on his suit jacket and kissed him. All tongues and not much finesse, but that was not what you were aiming for. That could wait until the weekend when you planned to tease him yourself.

‘Mmm,’ was all he said before you promptly smoothed the now-existing wrinkles in your sweater and exited his office, leaving the door open behind you.

That evening, while you were lounging lazily on your couch, still clad on your work clothes, with some home-made meal on your lap and an episode of the first comedy show you found on TV, you received a message from Aaron which read:

Jack is staying with his aunt tonight since he has to be at school early tomorrow for a trip and I can’t make it in time to take him myself.

Your heart jumped at the sudden change of plans but quickly messaged him back telling him to come over, already picking up the clothes you had left around the place from previous days and thinking of what you could wear that would look nice but not too over the top.

You had just put the clothes that had been thrown carelessly over different pieces of furniture a minute ago into your laundry basket, when the bell rang along with your cell phone. You picked up the phone first, hoping it wasn’t Garcia with a case and instead were surprised to find Aaron’s name on the screen.

You raised an eyebrow as you unblocked it and a flush came over your cheeks as you dropped the device on the coffee table, took off the sweater you had worn all day and almost tripped over your own feet trying to get to the door fast enough.

You were greeted by a smirking Aaron, who walked into your apartment and immediately started kissing you the same way you had done earlier in the afternoon. You didn’t even recall either of you closing your front door before he put his hands on your ass to hoist you up as you encircled his waist with your legs and he carried you into your bedroom, never breaking his kiss.

The message?

I want to see you in nothing but my shirt.

Yeap. Best decision ever.

Part 2: On

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Hi! I've been struggling with my nb identity for a while now, and I love your nb!alex fics, I was wondering if you would be willing to write an nb!kara one? I feel like Kara would be really likely to be nb just because I don't feel like gender would have been such a big thing on krypton? So maybe like her trying to adjust to the rigid gender roles of earth, and her friends helping her navigate it? Love you mom!

Kara likes being Alex’s sister.

Likes it, because it makes Kara feel more connected to this loud, strange planet that seems impossible to understand.

Likes it, because it makes Kara feel at least a little less lonely, even knowing that Krypton is now nothing more than ash and dust, that the people left there – family, friends – are nothing more than debris and whatever memories Kara can scavenge.

Likes it, because it makes Kara feel like family.

But the Kryptonian can’t understand the extra expectations – beyond love, beyond devotion, beyond care – that seem to come with that label.

With sister.

Kara doesn’t understand why Jeremiah is the only one to lead the blessings, the offerings to an Earth version of Rao, every Friday night; doesn’t understand why Alex, Maggie, and Lena are the only girls in the advanced science classes, why they get made fun of for it; why Lucy gets ridiculed for wanting to join the military like her father.

Kara doesn’t understand the extra expectations, the odd contradictions, the double standards, the degredation, that seem, on earth, to come with girl.

With sister.

Kara doesn’t understand why that word, that term, that box, seems so… limiting. Seems to not quite… fit.

Not quite fit everything Kara feels inside. Everything Kara… is.

It doesn’t fit Alex, either; Alex in her science classes and with her girlfriend that people also, oddly, seem to find unusual, or even wrong.

But somehow, the way girl doesn’t quite fit Alex and the way girl doesn’t quite fit Kara feels… different.

Because Alex seems to like it. Seems to like being a girl in science, being a girl with a girlfriend, no matter what other people say. Or sometimes, even because of what people say.

Being a girl makes Alex proud.

But Kara?

Kara just can’t seem to make the word fit, the label fit, the box fit.

It doesn’t sit right. It doesn’t feel right.

But on Earth?

It seems like there’s no other option, because man? Jeremiah, James, Winn, Kal-el?

Those don’t feel like they fit Kara, either.

Maggie notices first.

Of course Maggie notices first.

Maggie notices when she’s over for Shabbat dinner – she’s always over for Shabbat dinner – and Kara shifts uncomfortably as Jeremiah makes kiddush, makes the blessing, pours the wine, breaks the challah.

Maggie notices Kara’s eyes sink in confusion, sink in conflict. 

Maggie notices the twitch behind Kara’s eyes when Eliza tells Jeremiah what a great job Kara’s been doing at school, she this and she that and isn’t she progressing so beautifully, Alex?

“Hey, Kid Danvers, come here,” Maggie takes Kara aside after they eat, after they bench, after they clean up the dishes with a grumbling Alex.

“Yeah Maggie?” Kara asks, brow furrowed and glasses adjusting.

“Can I ask you something personal? I mean, you don’t have to say yes just because I’m dating your sister, I – “

“You can ask whatever you want, Maggie.”

Maggie nods and bites her lip and glances over to where Alex is laughing, is leaning into Jeremiah’s chest, is accepting his teasing about her being in loooovvvvve.

She smiles faintly and she turns her attention back to this new little kid in their lives; this new little kid who seems more like a little kid than anyone Maggie’s ever met, and yet somehow seems older than anyone Maggie’s ever met.

She supposes that’s what happens when you’re stranded on an unfamiliar planet after yours is destroys.

“Did you guys have… gender? On Krypton?”

“Like… boys and girls?” Kara asks, heart starting to race, wondering desperately where this is going, what thoughts are in Maggie’s tilted head, slightly furrowed brow.


“Well… yes. I told you about my mother and father – “ Kara’s eyes flood with tears like they still do at nearly every mention of home, of family. “– and that’s… gender, right?”

Maggie nods and thanks Eliza as she passes by for a wonderful dinner. Eliza smiles, thrilled that Kara is making another friend. Even if that other friend is older, is Alex’s… girlfriend.

“Yeah. Yeah, but was it… was it different?”

Kara stiffens. “Why are you asking?”

Maggie shrugs, deliberately casual. “You seem a little uncomfortable. With all the she pronouns and all the… all that. And I don’t know if you know this, but that’s okay. If it doesn’t feel like it fits you.”

Kara blinks. Maggie continues.

“One of the kids in your grade is a friend of mine. Everyone thinks he’s a girl, but they’re wrong. He’s a boy, and he’s thinking about telling everyone soon. And that’s okay.”

Kara splutters. “But I’m not a boy, I don’t – “

Maggie holds up her hands in surrender and shakes her head. “I wasn’t done, Kid Danvers.”

“You’re a kid, too.”

“But you’re a littler kid.”

They take a break from their serious conversation to stick their tongues out at each other, and they both giggle.

“It’s okay if you don’t fit either boy or girl, too. Like, you know. If you feel like, in between. Or more like a girl some days, and more like a boy others, or both at the same time, or like… like all kinds of possibilities. That’s okay. You know people can use pronouns that aren’t he or she, right? Did you… did you have anything like… like they or something in… in your languages?”

Kara doesn’t answer, eyes wide and full of unshed tears. 

“I can have people use they instead of she?”

Maggie smiles and nods. “You learned the word binary yet?”

Kara squints, thinks. Nods, always eager to know things. “The smallest unit of data in Earth computer technology.”

Maggie stifles a laugh. “Yeah! Yeah, you’re right, Kid Danvers. But also, it means – “

“Two! Something that has two things, two parts. Like bisexual! Like Lena.”

Kara beams and Maggie smirks. “Exactly. But you can have people who aren’t on that binary, too. For gender. People who might be, maybe, like you, Kara. Or maybe not. And that’s okay, too. But I just wanted you to know. Just in case.”

“A nonbinary person, then?” Kara says it seriously, then exhales out a giggle. “A person who doesn’t use Earth-based data storage systems. Like… like me!”

Maggie lets herself laugh this time, and she hasn’t seen Kara smile that big since Alex introduced them both to the wonders of s’mores roasted over an open fire on the beach.

“Can you… can you maybe try they pronouns for me? To see if they fit better than… than binary ones?”

Maggie smiles as Alex comes over to sprawl out dramatically on her lap.

“I’m so fulllll,” she sighs, and Maggie leans down to kiss her lips shyly, happily.

“You got it, Kara,” she says, and Kara beams.

“Kara’s got what?” Alex asks, and Maggie glances up at them with a quirked eyebrow.

“I’ll tell you in the morning,” Kara tells their sister with a smile, testing everything Maggie had said out in their mind and deciding that, so far, it seems to fit perfectly. 

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Mastermind being cruel to everyone except s/o reader, Elgang calls him out on it or reader noticing and thinks its cute

“Call me for breakfast once you have something actually edible.” Aisha’s eyes twitch.

“You? Yeah, that arm is a delicacy to look at… hm? Your outfit? Meh.” Raven sighs.

“Hoho… Elsword can do basic addition. I’m surprised.” Elsword laughs in pride, scratching his head. Then he growls at Add once he realizes it’s more of an insult than a compliment.

The scientist sips his coffee as he wobbles around the area, having pulled yet another all-nighter. As a result, he’s much more noticeably grumpy and insulting. It’s a pain in an ass to deal with. The El Search party has to wonder how in the world do you manage him.

And today they find their answer.

“Add! Honey!” You call out to him, hugging him from behind.

“What… honey…? What are you doing..?” Add mumbles, closing his eyes.

“Nothing! I just really wanted to say your name…” you chuckle.

The Elgang prepares for a snarky response to your statement, but they’re met with something entirely different. Add stiffens, and stares at his coffee with a flushed face.

“Right… then… let me call you sweetie.” Add requests.

Rena raises an eyebrow. “Add, you’re… surprisingly friendly to-” she gets cut off when Add sips his coffee loudly.

“Yeah, they’re my romantic partner. What did you expect, snarky and off putting bullshit?” he reasoned. The party stayed silent as you drag him off back to the lab.

Well. At least now they know Add is aware of having unlikable comments.

Sex Ready (MATURE)

“Baby,” Hearing Justin’s voice from the other room, I walked out to see him laid on the couch. “Can we talk?” The nervous expression on his face caused both dread and confusion to rush through my body.

“Uh, sure. What about?” I wiped my hands and slowly walked to sit down next to him, now feeling every single emotion filling up inside of my body. I sat down next to him cautiously.

So many problems and theories raced through my mind as he took my hand in his.

“You know our, uh, situation?” His eyes seemed to refuse to meet my face now; they kept steadily on my hand that was taken captive by his own. He played with my fingers.

“What situation?” I asked, frowning at him in confusion.

“The sex one.” He said bluntly, I noticed the way his cheeks were slowly turning pink and the hairs on his neck stood on end.

I sighed. “Justin, I’ve told you before. I get that you’re not ready and I respect it completely. I love you and I don’t want you to feel pressured to-”

“I’m ready.” He said, finally looking me in the eyes.

“What, really? Are you sure?” I couldn’t help but smile.

He nodded before letting his head fall forward again, clearly attempting to hide a smile.

My hand touched the back of his neck, I watched and adored the way he shook at the feeling of my touch. “How did you decide?”

Taking a large breath in, he let his hand rest on my thigh, squeezing it softly. The room was silent as I let him take his time to start speaking.

“I, uh, I was,” He paused for a moment before scratching the back of his neck. “I was, uh, jacking off the other day and I realised that I love you and I want to make you feel good, and I could do that if I just stopped doing that to pleasure myself, I could pleasure you too.” He said quietly, his touch was burning into my skin now.

“Aw baby,” I pulled him impossibly close. For some reason I couldn’t stop grinning. “You really wanna do this?” My hand stroked across his arm.

“I want to love you,” His eyes moved around my face. “I want to make you feel good. I’m not entirely sure how to right now but I’ll learn.” He said.

“Then let’s go.”

Before I knew it, his lips were on mine, connecting us and sharing each other’s electricity. His hand moved slowly up my thigh and I felt shivers run down my body. His lips were warm against mine and I found myself clumsily pushing myself closer to him.

My lips abandoned his and moved down his throat, leaving open-mouthed kisses. They slipped across his skin to his neck. He moaned as he craned his neck so that I had better access to his skin.

“Baby,” Justin moaned softly. I felt his fingers move further up my thigh sheepishly.

“Don’t be afraid to do anything. Just go with it and do what you feel is right.” I said, sensing the nervousness in his touch.

“I don’t know what to do.” He muttered, his hand still on my thigh. “I don’t want to do something wrong. I mean, I’ve watched porn but now that I’m doing it, I don’t know how to. It looks so easy but I’m scared.” He let out a deep breath as he finally looked up at me.

I sighed. “Justin, look at me. This is your first time. One thing, it’s not going to be anything like what you’ve watched in those videos, especially on your first time. And another, it’s me. I’m not going to judge you and I don’t want you to be nervous. It’s going to be fun, I want you to enjoy this.” I squeezed his hand while he nodded. “Let’s go upstairs.” I whispered, pulling him up.

He didn’t say anything as he simply followed my path across the room and up the stairs. I felt his hands becoming moist in mine and if I listened closely, I could probably hear the heavy beating of his heart.

Once we were in his bedroom, I shut the door behind him and pushed him against it. He looked down at me. Instead of speaking, I pressed my lips against his. He took a few seconds but eventually his lips moved against mine with sloppiness.

I took the end of his shirt and slid it over his head ever so slowly, his hands shook as he helped me.

“You okay?” I asked, letting my nails run up and down his chest, he let out a long breath.

“Mhm.” He smiled, looking me up and down before making a move; he took the end of my own shirt and indicated that he wanted to take it off. I smirked as I lift my arms so that he could do as he wished.

I watched as he bit down on his bottom lip, his eyes burning into the red laced bra that held my boobs. He took another breath through his nose.

“What do you wanna do, Justin?” I asked, watching him.

His mouth parted a little before shutting again. It opened once more but he didn’t speak for a few seconds later. “T-Touch them.” He stuttered. “B-Bite them.” He added

I had to refrain from gasping and instead, I took his hands and pressed them around my boobs. He looked between his hands and my face.

“Do whatever you want.” I said, loving the look of excitement mixing with nervousness that took over his face.

He took his time, but he squeezed my boobs, trapping them in his grasp. He groped them but seemed to frown.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.

“You’re not gasping.” He said making me chuckle. “In the porn videos the girls loved it when their boobs were squeezed.”

Without saying anything, he moved his hands around to my back and attempted to unclasp my bra. He struggled with it, and it took him a good minute to do it but eventually, the straps of my bra were coming down my arms.

This was already further than Justin and I had ever gone. The room became immediately hotter as we went further to being as intimate as ever.

“You’re so hot.” Justin whispered, he took his hands and rested them were they were before. This time, the cold of his hands hit my nipples and I gasped quietly. He rubbed and squeezed them and I whimpered.

While his hands were busy, I fumbled with the button and the zip of his trousers and jerked them down. He took his hands away to take them off completely so that the process was speeded up.

We were now both almost entirely open to each other and I had to take a moment to catch my breath before letting my fingers run up his arm.

I kept my eyes on him as we stood in silence. I made a bold action and looped my thumbs on the inside of my underwear and kept my stare on him before dropping them from around my body.

Justin watched intently, his eyes moved up and down my body cautiously, like he was scared he was going to be caught for doing something wrong.

“You’re allowed to look, baby.” I giggled, moving my naked body close to his half naked body. I took a hold of his boxers between my fingers and pulled them over the hard on that was starting to form behind the material.

I found myself getting hot, as well as nervous as I was about to see the whole of Justin for the first time.

Once he was uncovered for me to see, I held back a choke as my eyes landed on his length.

He chuckled nervously as my mouth fell open. His hand pushed a few strands of hair out of my face.

“Jesus, Justin. Where have you been hiding that thing?!” I asked, feeling myself becoming flustered.

“Baby, stop.” His head flew back as he laughed. I adored the way his face shaped when he opened his mouth to laugh.

“Okay, okay. Come on.” Just like that, things were serious again as I lead him over to the bed.

It was silent as I laid him down and he watched me expectedly. It was silent as I ran my hands up and down his chest. It was silent even when I let my forefinger run down his pelvis. But as soon as my hand touched the tip of his length, he gasped. His body stiffened at such a different touch to such an intimate part of his body that had only been touched by himself, until now.

Not wanting to put too much on him at once, I used the rather vast amount of precum that had been released from the tip and began to trail down the side of him, I pumped him slowly.

“Oh my God.” He whispered, already clutching the sheets beneath him. I grinned as I watched such a beautiful man been given such simple pleasure by my own actions.

“That good?” I asked, letting my other hand rest on his thigh.

“Y-Yeah.” He said, his eyes fell shut almost immediately then and I noticed he was breathing heavy still.

I took advantage of the fact that he wasn’t looking and pressed my lips around the tip of his cock. I slowly pushed down so that I was taking more and more of him every second.

He moaned loudly and I felt my thighs clenched together. “So that’s what it feels like.” He muttered, still not looking at me. “I always wondered what it’d feel like to have your lips around me.” He confessed and I smiled around him.

“[Y/N],” He whimpered, clenching his jaw. I found myself speeding up my head movements whilst sucking with even more force. “Shit.” He jerked his hips up and I noticed how worked up he was.

I hummed against his length and he seemed to appreciate it because he let out a noise that was a few octaves higher than his normal voice. So I did it again. And again.

“[Y/N]. I’m going t-to let go.” I watched as best I could as he took a sharp breath in and prepared himself as he came. “Oh my God, oh my God. Fuck.” The curse words and profanities that were leaving his throat were never ending as he arched his back off of the bed. His mouth fell open to form an ‘O’ shape and his eyes fell shut gently. He relaxed his body and released all the muscles he was tensing.

We laid in almost complete silence; the only noise being Justin’s breathing. I felt a layer of sweat separating us.

“Holy crap.” He panted, running a hand through his hair. “That was amazing.” He said, sitting up so his back rested against the headboard.

“I’m glad you thought so.” I said before kissing up his stomach to his chest and up his neck. He sighed softly.

“I want to do something for you.” He looked at me with so much passion as he took my hand in his.

“Yeah? Like what?” I grinned excitedly down at him as I kneeled in front of him. I noticed the way his eyes became distracted by my chest area every so often.

“Uh,” He gulped, suddenly looking worried and lost. “I-I wanna eat you?” He flinched as he spoke, looking as though he hoped he hadn’t just embarrassed himself.

“Gladly.” I smirked, falling onto my back. “And don’t worry about what you say. Just tell me what you want and what you’re thinking. Okay?” I said to which he nodded.

He seemed to stop and look at my body with a gaze that made my heart pound in my chest.

“You’re the most beautiful woman in the world.” He said in a low voice while his hand ran smoothly up my stomach, he watched his own hand moving.

With fairly steady hands he parted my legs so he could rest in between them. he looked somewhat awkward as he fell onto his front.

He licked his lips as he looked unsure. He kissed the inside of my thigh continuously, moving to a different spot every other second.

“If you need any help, just ask, okay?” I looked down at him as he was looking like the actual meaning of lost.

He frowned in confusion. “How would you know how to eat a girl out?”

I chuckled. “Ah, that’s another story.” I watched him awkwardly as he eyed me suspiciously for a moment. “Anyway,” I took an intake of breath.

His arms wrapped under my thighs and he pulled me closer to him. He looked down between my legs before leaning his head down with his tongue out. I felt subtle flicks of his wet, warm tongue hitting my clit. They were so subtle that it tickled. As he became slightly more and more comfortable, the pressure that his tongue was putting onto my clit was becoming more and more intense.

He had me arching my back when he used his thumbs to expose my clit to him and he wrapped his lips around it instantly afterwards. He seemed to have no idea how much pleasure he was giving me because he wouldn’t stop his actions, even when my thighs shook violently around his head.

“Holy fuck, Justin!” I hissed, feeling such a delicious feeling roaming my body, I was unable to open my mouth without letting involuntary noises fall into the air.

He moaned against me and I was certain that he wasn’t aware of what he was doing to me. He was simply letting the sounds of my pleasure fall into his ears.

“Baby,” I panted, feeling so much pleasure that it was almost too much. I couldn’t help but let my hand fall to his hair and begin to tug at it. Justin looked up at me then while he continued to work his lips. An unsure expression took over his face. “I-It’s good, Justin. Don’t stop.” I said in attempt to reassure him.

His mouth opened and closed against my clit and I felt my vision becoming shaky.

“J-Justin, I’m gonna cum.” I stated, he got excited by this (I noticed by the way his eyebrows raised and he repositioned himself slightly; ike he was preparing himself) and he pressed his lips impossibly closer to me and eating me with even more commitment.

I felt pure bliss creeping its way into my body and I could help but cry out loudly. My back left the bed while I rolled my hips up to meet Justin’s face.

“Oh my God,” I squealed, clenching my eyelids closed as my boys writhed against his touch. “Justin, fuck.” I gasped, letting my back fall back down on the bed. I fell limp and breathed heavily. Justin seemed to give my clit small licks up and down while I came down from my orgasm.

“Was that okay?” He asked, not moving from his position. His chin shined from my juices while he licked his lips.

“That. That was amazing. How did you learn to do that?” I was panting, still feeling the pleasure seeping out of my body.

He grinned. His cheeks turned a light pink.

I sat up and he was forced to release my thighs of his grip. He sat up also, and I noticed his length hardening slightly once more. I moved close to him and proceeded to press my lips onto his. He moved away.

“But I’ve just, I’ve just eaten you out.” The worried expression made a return. “You don’t want to kiss me after that.”

“Oh, but I do.” I chuckled, snaking my hand around his neck and pulling his face down to mine. My lips moved against his as he still seemed confused but didn’t want to refuse my kisses. “Mm.” I moaned into the kiss and he moved his hand under my arm and let his thumb and forefinger carress my left nipple. I pushed myself into him even more.

We continued this for a few more minutes until I decided that it was time to move on. I pulled away but he simply pulled me back.

“I like kissing you.” His lips smashed against mine again and I pulled him down so that he laid on top of me, our legs tangled together. He laid on top of me uncomfortably for a second before using his arms to hold himself up.

While our tongues touched each other, I reached my hand down to his cock that was beginning to stand tall. I jerked him slowly and he breathed against my face and his eyes fell shut.

“Oh God.” He whispered. “How does it feel so good?” He gulped.

“Fuck me. I promise, it’s even better.” I grinned, my hand still moving up and down.

“O-okay,” He said, examining my face. He didn’t move.

“Need some help getting in?” I asked, letting my free hand run up and down his arm. When he nodded, I guided him to my entrance. “Now, thrust your hips forward.”

When he did, the tip of him penetrated me. His hips shook as he kept moving into me.

“Fuck.” He whispered. “D-Do I keep going? I don’t know when to stop.” He said sheepishly.

“Just do what feels right.” I sent him a reassuring smile.

He jolted his hips awkwardly, as though trying to find a rhythm. He had a look of pure concentration on his face

“You’re so tight.” He moaned, pulling out unsteadily before slowly pushing back in. “Shit.”

I felt his length stretching me and I gasped at the feeling that I hadn’t felt in so long. My body needed to become accustomed all over again.

“I-Is that okay for you?” He looked as though he was experiencing pleasure he’d never witnessed before, but a worried expression stayed on his face.

I bit down on my bottom lip and nodded my head. I wanted him to speed up his movements but decided against it and let him grow comfortable.

He pushed into me once more and I whimpered. He seemed to be watching my face for signs; of pleasure or pain.

He grunted and groaned while abruptly moving his hips against mine. Although I adored the feeling of his rigidness moving against my walls, I needed something more to get my to my high. And I knew Justin was focusing so much on perfecting his hip movements that he wasn’t able to take in the true pleasure. I could tell by the expression on his face.

Deciding to help him, I pressed the palms of my hands on his shoulders. He looks worried as he looked down at me.

“You’re not getting the true feeling, lay on your back.” I said, already sitting up before he’d even comprehended what I’d said.

His mouth juttered open and closed before he pulled out of me and rolled onto his back. He let out a breath.

“What are you doing?” He rested his hands on his stomach, I noticed his hair was completely dishevelled and I realised that I loved the way he looked in that moment.

“I,” Straddling him, I carressed the skin on his chest. “Am going to ride you.” I smirked and his eyes widened for a moment.

“R-Really?” His chest moved up and down now and his hands rested on my thighs.

“Mhm. I just think it’ll be so much more pleasurable for you if you just lay back and enjoy it.” I leaned my head down and kissed his chest.

“You’re so good to me.” He let his head fall back and he closed his eyes. That was when I positioned him at my entrance and sat down on him so his entire length was inside of me.

I rocked my hips slowly, loving the way he let out small gasps. The way he reacted was enough to make me speed up my thrusts instantly.

“Oh baby,” He said, breathing out. “That feels so good.” I myself gasped when he thrusted his hips up to meet my own, penetrating me further. I was unsure if it was involuntary or not.

“Justin,” I moaned, continuing to bounce up and down at a high speed.

I threw my head back causing my hair to fall down my back. I felt something warm hit my left boob and looked down to see Justin had taken it into his mouth and he began to suck it gently.

“Oh my God,” I felt the unusual feeling seep through my body. I felt my hips jolt in result.

“Baby, I can feel it.” Justin muttered against my nipple that stood erect in the trap of his mouth.

“Are you gonna cum?” I taunted him, loving the look of panic on his face when he was close. I noticed a layer of sweat forming on his forehead as the room became hotter.

“Fuck, yeah.” He said, gripping the skin of my thighs in his hands.

“Cum with me when I say.” I rocked my hips furiously and I felt his body shake. I rested my hands on his shoulders.

“C-Can I cum?” He whispered. I adored him in such a state.

When I felt my stomach tightening and my movements becoming sloppy I knew it was time to let him let go.

“Cum, cum now, baby.” I panted, feeling my whole body going stiff as my vision turned black. “Oh my God!” I cried out loudly, that seemed to push Justin over the edge.

“Holy fuck!” He hissed, digging his fingernails into my skin, an enjoyable feeling of pain mixed with pleasure ran through me. “Shit.” He said, as he arched his back.

We panted together, staring at each other with a strong gaze. I climbed off of him and fell into his side. My hand rested on his chest.

“Did you enjoy that?” I looked up at him as he attempted to catch his breath.

“Oh my God, that was amazing.” He said, running a hand through my hair. “That was so worth the wait.” He was still panting rather heavily.

I grinned as I rested my chin on his chest. The room was silent for what seemed like the first time that night. I felt his body heat on mine.

He moved down and nuzzled his face into my neck, leaving subtle kisses. “Let’s go again.” He said as he smirked sheepishly.

“Is this what it’s going to be like now?”
I chuckled, running my hand along the back of his neck.

“Now that I’ve tasted it, I can’t get enough.” He rasped against my skin while his hand moved down my body.

anonymous asked:

Iwaizumi nd s/o have a fight, and Iwaizumi shows his scary side (like yelling, and slamming his hand on the table/wall) and s/o gets scared?

sounds angsty..,, i like it

-admin ushiwaka

requests are open!!

These winter nights were colder without him beside you; even with the cup of tea you had fixed yourself, it didn’t fill the void of him not being with you. The door swung open, letting in a frigid draft, sweeping over you, and encased you in the icy outdoors.

“Hey, I’m back.” He called out. The sounds of his feet shuffling echoed in the hallways as you blankly stared at the television.

“I can tell.” You replied, sipping on your tea. He froze in his spot, peering down at your form and you merely glanced up at him before, averting your eyes to the soap opera. Irritation washed over him as he continued to look at your expressionless face.

“What’s your problem?” He sneered.

Your jaw visibly ticked.

My problem?” Your patience for him was slowly starting to dwindle; the anger seeping into your system as you clutched at the soft blanket.

“Yeah, your problem. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you getting pissed at even the smallest of things I do.” He retorted.

Beyond furious you shot up from your seat, ripping off the fabric and invaded his space.

“Wow, I wonder why.” You sarcastically sneered. The bones of his knuckles strained against his tanned skin at the sardonicness dripping from your tone.

“You spend every waking moment practicing! You’re pushing yours–”

His fist slammed into the dry wall, causing your body to jolt and your heart to pounce at the the abrupt contact.

“I’ve heard enough!” You flinched at his harsh timbre .

His voice suddenly low, yet holding a new-found intensity “You don’t get it [name].”

“Don’t get what? I don’t get that you’re overworking yourself?”

His body suddenly stiffened, something different behind his onyx eyes. You took a small breath, clenching your fists and felt yourself brimming with a bit of confidence to keep going.

“I’ve seen it, Hajime. All of it. Don’t think I didn’t notice.” You practically mocked, though you didn’t want to push it to far. Though how could you not? Those late nights he’d come home, thinking you were asleep and would covered in bandage wraps. It hurt so much to see him like that.

Your voice suddenly broke into a whisper, “You’re straining yourself.”

As you reached toward him and he let you lay your hand on top of his shoulder. Your eyes brimming with tears as you spoke, feeling yourself slowly breaking.

“and you’re hurting me as well.” Your voice cracked and he bit his lips, body shuddering as he squeezed your hand.

“I’m so sorry, [name].” He murmured, pulling you into a tight, nearly bone-crushing hug, though you didn’t mind. His scent engulfing your senses as you let him bury his face into his shoulder as you knotted your fingers through his hair.

“It’s okay.” You repeated over and over again as you let his tears stain your sweatshirt. His clutched onto your warm form as he broke down completely, showing you a side of him you rarely saw. He pulled back to glance up at you. Truly a rare sight indeed. Vulnerable. That’s what he was as he grabbed your face, crashing his lips onto yours as he inhaled through his nose and you felt yourself melting in his hold.

Slowly but surely, he breaks the kiss only to kiss you once more as he murmured against your lips.

“Let’s go to bed.”

You’ve Got Mail (She Loves Me) Pt. 27

Re: re:  re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re:

It feels different.

Seeing Lexa.

Feeling a tug inside of her.

Wanting to touch, to hug, to see her smile.

It’s so different.

It feels even better than it did when Lexa came back from her work trip and shrugged her shoulders and looked up at Clarke with those eyes and that face and that almost-but-not-quite pout.

She walks up and pulls Lexa into a hug before she can second guess herself. Just needing to.

Remembering the words Lexa spoke so quietly in the car last night.

The ones that echoed in her head and kept her up all night.

That same feeling that’s been sitting in her bones and unnamed for so long.

For this whole time.

Finally Lexa was the one to say it out loud. To name it.

To put that If on everything.

So, it feels different today.


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