• Josh:If Tyler can't perform I'll just strap on a headset mic and do it all myself.
  • Me, to grandchildren:And that is the story of how Twenty One Pilots became Twenty Dun Pilots.

Are you looking for trouble, Guardian?

For one week only, from September 8, 2015 to September 14, 2015, all Destiny players can preview the new maps and modes available in The Taken King. (x)

anonymous asked:

If Zayn supposedly scuppered Larry's coming out, what is the then actual reasoning to have Louis hop from girl to girl and get another girl pregnant? That doesn't make sense. What makes sense is: let Louis come out, either keep him single for a while or build a guy narrative in for him specifically, post Eleanor. This has not been done. They have dramatically gone the other, eh, direction, so I don't believe Zayn's leaving had any bearing on it. I think that is an excuse.

1. Louis’ name is now much bigger than before, thanks to this story–and they had been building his name in the lead up to this with the clubbing, but this story pushed the name building to a whole other level.

2. Bizarrely, I know, they have been spinning this pregnancy story to be as coming out-friendly as possible, lots of undermining of the story from the very beginning, lots of larry larry larry. They have also continued to push larry to the general public. The pregnancy story turned into a larry media blitz. Which is bizarre and not something I would have ever predicted! But there you have it.

3. Whether this is evil genius or just a result of the fucked up politics behind the scenes, I don’t know. But with Simon Cowell being the first to give an interview about this and then we get all these indications that Simon Cowell is on the way out, I’m inclined right now to ‘fucked up politics’ that the new team is spinning the best they can.

4. Zayn leaving would obviously have a big impact on the other big stories they can pull right now. Which is fine! Zayn shouldn’t have to sacrifice himself for others, he needs to take care of his own life! But…. it would have an obvious impact on the other big stories they can pull in a short frame of time.

So no, not an ‘excuse’.

By the way, what pr lines have they been pushing for months now.

1. Rainbow Harry

2. Louis is important, pay attention to him

3. Larry larry larry (there’s a reason why I stopped treating larry stories like a one-time media blitz and more like ‘standard protocol’ by now–which have been getting more explicit).

Which they’ve been pretty consistent about.

Sounds to me that you just believe that Harry is coming out alone and you thought that 1. ‘there’s a baby story!’ would be enough to show me the errors of my ways–with zero consideration of everything I have ever written on the topic, or 2. just felt the need to express ‘I don’t like this, stop saying things I disagree with’.

My dad is black excellence.

Back in 1975 when my dad was in the military, him and 2 Latino friends of his military friends invented the braking system military vehicles use. But their white supervisor/general took the credit for it.