Sorry that this isn’t fandom-related, but it’s something important.

Registering to the database could save the life of someone in need of a bone marrow transplant or of blood stem cells.

It won’t cost you a thing to register, and you only need to donate your bone marrow or blood stem cells if you’re a match for someone in need of a transplant.

It’s especially important for people of mixed ethnicity, because it’s harder to find matches. So please, consider joining, if you don’t mind.

I found them totally by accident (it turns out the blood stem cell thing is likely the thing Khan was doing for Harewood’s daughter in STID XD *obsession*), but once I read about how it works and how important it is, I had to join too. :D

Even if you can’t join, please consider signal boosting the existence of the database, so that hopefully more will join. :D

Star trek Office!AU

♢ Kirk is the coffee boy who somehow got promoted straight to CEO
♢ Spock is his PA - but we all know it’s a little bit more than that
♢ Bones is in charge of his own small section and everyone under him is scared of how mean he looks
♢ Kirk desperately trying to convince them that Bones is nice by covering him in glitter
♢ Chekov and Sulu being cubicle buddies and throwing notes over the walls
♢ Scotty the handyman fixing all the printers and lights and complaining about how he was meant for more than this
♢ Jaylah the apprentice - accidentally throwing coffee on all the douchebags
♢ Uhura wearing slick af suits and waistcoats and demolishing office stereotypes
♢ Uhura flirting with Spock and Kirk casually getting jealous - SPOCK COME HERE I HAVE WORK FOR YOU
♢ “ Ah yes Sir what is it?”
♢ “Nothing I want hugs”
♢ “Sir that’s a little -”
♢ Cue Bones “Why the fuck are you hugging?”
♢ Red shirts always getting laid off