stid rewatch

I’ve seen so many people commenting about Scotty’s watch as if it was some epic new thing only present in Beyond, so I’m going to have to point out that he’s been wearing it all along, not only in 2009 but also in STID… :P

If you rewatch them looking for it, you will spot it several times.

In 2009 it’s hard to see while he’s in his winter clothes, because of so many layers, but you see it might be there peeking out sometimes:

You see it best when Scotty is manning the transporter later in the movie:

And again in STID, on various moments, such as during the Space dive:

And later while the Enterprise is going down:

So now we can wonder whether the watch will survive the events of Beyond, but it certainly isn’t a new prop for Beyond only… :D

[ so, ignoring the fact that Abrams torpedoed the shit out the Federation and literally blew up the pre-established world-building, I can appreciate the layering of deceit and personal betrayal he sets up here. None of the new characters are who they say they are, all of the established characters flaunt their character flaws all at once (Pike reprimanding Jim, Spock being Spock, Bones forcing a medical exam, Scotty refusing to play along). I guess the main issue is it’s all Jim-centric, so instead of utilizing the diverse cast everyone else has their character development nuked ]


I was rewatching this today and it’s just as glorious as it was last year… *-*

Earth looks really dreary in both reboot movies but especially stb. i mean what do we see? hyperurbanization of London and San Francisco, the seemingly endless quarries and shipyard in Iowa, the facist-inspired dress uniforms (NO HATS). The desaturated colours all create a drab opressive air that seem counterfactual to the…idea of the era.