stid deleted scenes


(The only deleted scene of Khan to have been released so far.)

Tumblr is messing up and claiming video unavailable but if you click to watch it on youtube it plays just  fine.

If it hadn’t been deleted this scene would presumably have been set while he is waiting for them to come talk to him at first, just after he takes his shower in the brig and gets changed into the Starfleet black clothes.
The shower scene was never released. (I hope this might mean they are saving that, and possibly a more complete blooper reel, for a future blu-ray release, hopefully one day.)

The camera right at crotch & butt height is so interesting… 8D


Captain’s log, stardate 2259.55. We’ve completed our survey of the newly discovered Class M planet designated Nibiru. Intelligent life was observed. The species is primitive; indications of early language and even religion were noted. I thought it wise to stay off the planet altogether lest we somehow interfere with their way of life. If there’s one word I would use to describe this mission, it would be “uneventful.”


That scene is so feels-inducing. ;-;

I couldn’t help write a meta post about Khan’s attack on the conference room.

It’s of course super tragic that Pike died, but it’s also epic to notice how clearly you can see that Khan is only killing admirals.
In the movie you already see that if you stop frame by frame etc., but it’s even more obvious in the deleted scene version.

You see one admiral get shot against a wall, then the camera shows another admiral on the ground, with Spock is tending to him. Next, we see Kirk tending to the woman whose leg got injured (unclear whether by a stray shot or if just broken glass/things flying everywhere, but we see her in the trailer also, she’s not an admiral, and so she wasn’t hit with a kill-shot).

Pike gets shot, and Kirk runs to him passing right in front of Khan’s guns. Despite that, Khan avoids shooting him.

You can see the targeting system of Khan’s weapons sweep all over Kirk, and yet he never shoots him, because Kirk isn’t wearing an admiral’s uniform. (In the final cut version in the movie, it’s the same when Jim is running out of the room to go counter-attack, Khan’s targeting system is on his head and on other one-hit-kill areas of his body but Khan never fires.)

He had various occasions to kill Kirk, and other people in the room and elsewhere who weren’t wearing admiral uniforms, and yet he passed on all those chances. It could only be deliberate.
Just how Khan dodged the shots from the anti-air turret rather than shoot the soldiers manning it –because they were just innocent people.

His intent was very clearly to shoot down Marcus and other admirals, while trying to avoid as much as possible collateral damage to the innocent members of Starfleet not high enough in the food chain to potentially have anything to do with Section 31.
He had Harewood blow up the fake archive (total dead 42) because everyone there was Section 31 and it was specifically the place where his crew had been held hostage, but during the HQ attack any soldiers etc. in the building would have likely been normal Starfleet and not Section 31, so he didn’t want to kill them.

It’s all the more amazing that Khan was able to control himself this much even though this happens right when he’s thinking he just lost his crew. It shows that he cares a lot about minimizing collateral damage, or he would never have bothered being careful and would just have gunned everything on sight. But this is the man who, even in the historical records told by those who had destroyed the augments and who deeply hated them (and you know how it is when victors rewrite history), was praised as the most benevolent of the augment rulers, and the only one who had never committed massacres.
Khan cares about the civilian population, we know that (there was peace where he ruled up until they were invaded), but I was surprised to see that the mercy in his heart could extend even to enemy soldiers, despite the fact that in all logic, in his eyes Starfleet and him are at war, they took his family and he’s fighting back, first to get them back, and once he thinks he’s lost them, to avenge them.

After the explosion on the Vengeance, when he lives through losing everyone he has a second time and even sees the torpedoes blow up right before his eyes (so no hope left that time), he is no longer able of such self-control, and tries to crash into the HQ, but even then the plan was to hit the HQ and not the city, and he only hit the city because the ship was too broken down and fell way too early into the bay, thus ramming the buildings on the edge of the water.

And when he is trying to exit the Vengeance and looks down, seeing the destruction and the ruins in flames, he has that look of utter horror on his face. It’s Khan, so obviously he wasn’t making that face because he was scared of the height…it was clearly because of what happened to the city, even if it wasn’t what he was trying to do.

Khan is unlike any conventional “villains”. He is so much more a hero (or at least an anti-hero) in the wrong  place at the wrong time, and often ending up cornered and doing horrible things, but all along trying for a good cause and trying to minimize the damage.
(This applies to both reboot!Khan and tos!Khan, though it’s more obvious in reboot!Khan perhaps. I’ve written meta about tos!Khan on that subject as well. Twok is a complicated situation because all that happened in Ceti Alpha V screwed with his mind, but it’s more obvious in Space Seed, where he threatens to kill people but then blows his bluff by saving them from suffocating when they refuse to give in.)

And because of that (and many more things), Khan is so much more interesting and lovable than if he was a conventional “villain”. :D<333